The Silver Curtain

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the united states is an oppressive fascist regime ripe for revolution.....

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Tony- Are you talking about the executive branch that took over last year?  A REGIME?  They haven't even served one term yet!

Please keep your eye on the ball son.  The crooks who run this game work through the goverment, they are not the government.

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                  Thank you Good Sir for the fantastic Truth made available for all to see!

On a similar note I offer... Who owns the Whore "You!" Voted into office?

The Lobby moves whoever "You!" vote into power. The person(s) Voted into power are interchangable with any other "You!" Vote into that very same office. Money is like water, it will always find a away thru... 

Next time Vote Conservative Republican instead of Liberal Commie Democrat, NOTHING! will change. Lie to yourself all the live long day, NOTHING but more of the same.

Independant(s)??? Until they get on the Lobby Money Train, they will tell you what you want to hear!

WOOOOOT!!! WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!                                  ALL! ABOARD!!

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You can say they own the government.

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Superb work, Marla.

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"Who are you?"  Mordecai asks the Stranger (Clint Eastwood) at the end of High Plains Drifter.

Anne Coulter cannot write this well. Hmmm, puts thinking cap on ...

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Yeah Marla! It's all that faggot Barney Frank's fault!

(...sorry, couldn't read this article after the sentence that blamed him for everything...)

WaterWings's picture

Woah. One piece of the puzzle. Did a troll hijack your account?

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A classic example of an ego response. Someone reads something that ruffles their feathers and rings Pavlov's bell. The brain then shuts down and they can't go any further because in their own (egoic) mind they've already figured it all out.

pan-the-ist's picture

Could be the bell indeed.  Maybe an early drink will fix things.

Ripped Chunk's picture

Maybe. But I would grind up an anti-psychotic and stir it into that drink just to make sure.

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Hmm.... Not just that, there's more


"In fact, the failure of the Iron Curtain to contain what Thatcher called "the essence of the human spirit and desire for freedom" seems to be a lesson well learned by what can only be termed "the left" in these pages.3

Avoiding direct assaults on this essence is a lesson the left have transformed into a most adept mastery of and adroit affinity for the more Machiavellian elements of political science."


The left... Barney Frank... ¿The American Left? Is there such a thing, because when compared on a global scale, what some call the "American Left" is just a little less "right wing" than the generally called "right".

I wonder what goes through the mind of those who complain about "the left" as the seed of destruction of everything they yearned, while not bothering to watch (probably ideologically blind) to the other side of the debate.

When it's about the financial crisis it's all about Barney Frank giving money to its constituency, the left (eeeevil ACORN) forcing the good ole banks to give loans to people who can't afford them, or the left attacking their individual freedoms.

But nobody looks at the corrupt incentives created by the deregulation from the right, like the end of Glass Steagall or the prohibition to regulate derivatives passed by Gingrich. Or the secret spying programs created by the so lovable right to spy on your financial movements among other things. Or the wars, for that matter. Or the revulsion for taxes then converted in less taxes for the most affluent, or the so called fiscal conservatives blowing away superavits for record deficits and record low interest rates punishing savers in favor of a speculative frenzy.

The so called American-left (which in fact is a right wing movement a little more moderated than mainstream American-right) has done lots of mistakes, of course. But don't forget the intransigent right part of the debate.

But hey, I guess that it's a lot worse to transfer trillions to Barney's constituency in Massachusets rather than transferring trillions to the "real" constituency of every member of congress in Wall Street. I would hate those trillions to be sullied by the dirty hands of a Mort.

pan-the-ist's picture

I just found this blog article from 2007.  Guy seems to be dead on regarding recent estimates of the 7.5 trillion (4 trillion.. 7.5 trillilon what's the difference) loss in property values.  His solution?  When it happens mow your foreclosed neighbor's lawn so it doesn't effect your property value as much.

I find this response fascinating.

JW n FL's picture

***** “It is almost impossible not to smirk just imperceptibly in admiration when contemplating the achievements of Rep. Barney Frank.  He did, after all, manage in the short span of fifteen years to transfer several trillion dollars from the middle and upper classes to his constituents (and if you think these are limited to Massachusetts residents you aren't paying attention) right under the nose of an opposition party via the DeBeersian invention of "The American Dream of Home Ownership." ******

this is a quote from You Love...


December 16, 2003. The American Dream Downpayment Assistance Act authorizes up to $200 million annually for fiscal years 2004 - 2007.


HOME is the largest Federal block grant to State and local governments designed exclusively to create affordable housing for low-income households. Each year it allocates approximately $2 billion among the States and hundreds of localities nationwide. The program was designed to reinforce several important values and principles of community development:


Which was part of: HOME is authorized under Title II of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act, as amended. Program regulations are at 24 CFR Part 92.

Which Daddy Bush pushed thru...


Did you see Barney signing anything into law? Did you see Barney continuing His daddy’s push?

Sorry Marla, in the one specifc of Barney verse Bush damage and to skip Bush to bash the lil, fat, bald, gay (not that there is anything wrong with two hot gay girls… I mean anything wrong with being gay.) guy did not play a bigger role than Bush, IN ANY CAPACITY! Sorry Love. I love you writing, I may even Love you… But you are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy off on this push, Please make the adjustment for the facts presented going forward. Or not, you are after all a Woman…


Bush upped it $440 Billion dollars… NEW DOLLARS! On top of the Liberal’s monies… WOW! Austerity and Conservatives running things, gangsta of love that Bush was…


Sorry Marla, but no passes on this one…


My best to you and yours Marla as always (right or wrong), JW

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

There you go Marla, you're being called out.

All I want to know is, can I watch?

pan-the-ist's picture

I think it's helpfull to put the zeros on numbers:

12,000,000 - Barney Frank

700,000,000,000 TARP - Who cares about Barney Frank?  He's polishing the brass on the titanic.  I agree that he needs to go, but placing that much blame on him is a tad severe.

WaterWings's picture

So do we divide the blame up, weighted by tenure, or by 100? 435? 300,000,000?

I think treason has only one penalty - too bad it can make up the for the damage in this case.

pan-the-ist's picture

Here it is - why specify Barney Frank at all?  Why put that name in this misery? Why not make a list of a hundred names, or a thousand names, or as Mako says, 6.7 billion names.  The article strikes me as sensationalist.

WaterWings's picture

Sensationalist is kind of a boring term if describing the rape and terror the US Congress has "allowed" upon the face of the Earth. But sure, it was just an accident. Decades over.

pan-the-ist's picture

Just the US Congress this US Congress or every past US Congress?

Who directly benefits from the US foreign policy? The congress critters or the corporations who pay them?

Who directly benefits from these bailouts?  The congress critters or their handlers?

I don't understand what your point is.

WaterWings's picture

My point is this poll. You might be surprised by the results:

The safety of our children depends on it!

pan-the-ist's picture

A reminder of true sensationalism.

Thanks for the shot in the arm. :)

pan-the-ist's picture

I took the quiz and now I am bewildered.  Time for beer.

WaterWings's picture

Have a good weekend. Enjoy the beer.

velobabe's picture

does marla pick on girls?

she hasn't picked on me yet.

glad, i was forewarned.

do you know what IM means, maybe referencing something

in regards to sexual orientation?


oh by the way, this has to be the most fascinating page alive†

WaterWings's picture

Velo! Hello!

IM? Hmm. In Me? Instant Messaging?

Marla made a Cheeky comeback. She's back in the fight! She was hurling thunderbolts and then it went silent for a while. Like waking up at the daycare and all the adults are gone. It's been kind of Lord of the Flies with comment scrubbing and waves of trolls on gold posts. I'm all about freedom of speech, but freedom from abuse is also in the Bill of Rights!

Sorry, didn't mean to rant, Velo. Don't worry if Marla never addresses you - she's a busy gal and it's usually only when she must that I've seen her. She's kind of like S. Weaver when she's a demi-god in the first Ghostbusters and we all want to be Bill Murray. Bunny says: rawr.

Marla 2012!

velobabe's picture

WW, i have been on this page for about 3 hours now. she is one brilliant thinker and cute, too†

but it is fascinating to read these posts. i am assuming majority male. it is rather captivating for me. i read slowly but i believe i retain it. i am in love with her mind. plus i have been hanging with my daughter and she has been a marla emulator since the movie came out. she has been making me repeat all the rules every night. didn't know that about her. didn't approve of her tattos either, but she is getting more. glory glory hallelujah for forward thinking HOT chicks. we sure can help shepherding the male species as they try to screw up everything.

Uncle Remus's picture

Why the fuck NOT Barney? Everybody knows who congressman Barney "Media Whore" Frank is. Barney's problem is that he is, well, Barney and unfortunately he is in a political position to negatively impact citizens who are not his constituancy. He is not alone, but he is high profile and one of the many poster boys and girls in DC that represent part of the fucking problem and absolutely ZERO of the solution.

Beating the "poor Barney" drum makes it sensationalist. And Christ almighty, you drag out GWB like the readers here are in a fucking vacuum and totally unaware of his very considerable part in the clusterfuck. Who the fuck cares? GWB is gone, Obama grabbed the baton and ran with it. And Barney is still there, festering.

pan-the-ist's picture

I never mentioned GWB.

Barney Frank is part of the problem, but if he wasn't there his replacement would likely be exact thing he is -- a tool of the banks.

It is easy for you to put the 'media whore' face on the problem, but the problem is unregulated crony capitalism and corporate dominance of the political power.

Uncle Remus's picture

"I never mentioned GWB." By proxy in mentioning TARP.

"[T]he problem is unregulated crony capitalism and corporate dominance of the political power." Of which Barney is a poster boy and tool of, among other things. That he is a media whore enhances the poster boy/tool use.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Blame them all!!!!  But blame the system, blame the system first and last.

downrodeo's picture

LOL, that's much like looking at a Rembrandt and saying,

"Anne Coulter cannot paint this well..."




ISEEIT's picture

I'm in awe. Marla is fucking brilliant.

desgust's picture


So sad and hopeless.

floydian slip's picture
Marilyn Monroe - One Silver Dollar


Love is a shining dollar
Bright as a church bell's chime
Gambled and spent and wasted
And lost in a dawn of time

One silver dollar
Worn silver dollar
Changing hearts
Changing lives
Changing hands

Miss Expectations's picture

Applause.  Fade to black.

i.knoknot's picture

"In short, the United States has come to be governed by Farscism."

i assume you've coined this brilliant term? if not, kudos for inscribing it indelibly in my brain.


brodix's picture

Lost in all of this is the fact that money is "invested" by loaning it to someone else. We have been creating a cheap illusion of wealth by lowering loan standards and betting against each other with easy credit, rather than finding ways to actually expand broad productivity and the access to  income for it to be affordable. The government didn't cure inflation by raising interest rates back in the eighties, it did so by the treasury borrowing the money, not just the Fed and distributing it in ways that kept everyone busy, but didn't cure the underlaying problems. It isn't malice, Marla, but stupidity, that is the root of our problems.

huntergvl's picture

I don't believe it is stupidity. It is a mistake to believe that those who make the rules don't understand the consequences of their actions. There might be some malice, but the overall theme I see is simply self interest and greed with a complete disregard for the 80% of citizens (the ones who have never heard of zero hedge and don't invest). Or would you have us believe that the legislators who repealed Glass-Steagall didn't understand the long term consequences? That CEOs of Billion dollar investment banks could not understand and quantify the risks inherent in unregulated and non-transparent derivative markets? Our corrupt legislators and greedy CEOs might be a lot of things, but to believe they are stupid is a form of denial and could lead to investment decisions based on a faulty premise. No one involved is stupid, no one involved is innocent.

Gully Foyle's picture

Dylan saw this

Darkness at the break of noon
Shadows even the silver spoon
The handmade blade, the child's balloon
Eclipses both the sun and moon
To understand you know too soon, there is no sense in trying

Pointed threats, they bluff with scorn
Suicide remarks are torn
From the fool's gold mouthpiece the hollow horn
Plays wasted words proves to warn
That he not busy being born is busy dying

Temptation's page flies out the door
You follow, find yourself at war
Watch waterfalls of pity roar
You feel to moan but unlike before
You discover that you'd just be one more person crying

So don't fear if you hear
A foreign sound to your ear
It's alright, Ma, I'm only sighing

As some warn victory, some downfall
Private reasons great or small
Can be seen in the eyes of those that call
To make all that should be killed to crawl
While others say don't hate nothing at all, except hatred

Disillusioned words like bullets bark
As human gods aim for their mark
Made everything from toy guns that spark
To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark
It's easy to see without looking too far that not much is really sacred

Our preachers preach of evil fates
Teachers teach that knowledge waits
Can lead to hundred-dollar plates
Goodness hides behind its gates
But even the President of the United States
Sometimes must have to stand naked

An' all the rules of the road have been lodged
It's only people's games that you got to dodge
And it's alright, Ma, I can make it

Advertising signs that con you
Into thinking you're the one
That can do what's never been done
That can win what's never been won
Meantime life outside goes on all around you

You lose yourself, you reappear
You suddenly find you got nothing to fear
Alone you stand with nobody near
When a trembling distant voice, unclear
Startles your sleeping ears to hear
That somebody thinks they really found you

A question in your nerves is lit
Yet you know there is no answer fit
To satisfy insure you not to quit
To keep it in your mind and not forget
That it is not he or she or them or it that you belong to

Although the masters make the rules
For the wise men and the fools
I got nothing, Ma, to live up to

For them that must obey authority
That they do not respect in any degree
Who despise their jobs, their destinies
Speak jealously of them that are free
Do what they do just to be
Nothing more than something they invest in

While some on principles baptized
To strict party platform ties
Social clubs in drag disguise
Outsiders they can freely criticize
Tell nothing except who to idolize and say, "God bless him"

While one who sings with his tongue on fire
Gargles in the rat race choir
Bent out of shape from society's pliers
Cares not to come up any higher
But rather get you down in the hole that he's in

But I mean no harm nor put fault
On anyone that lives in a vault
But it's alright, Ma, if I can't please him

Old lady judges watch people in pairs
Limited in sex, they dare
To push fake morals, insult and stare
While money doesn't talk, it swears
Obscenity, who really cares propaganda, all is phony

While them that defend what they cannot see
With a killer's pride, security
It blows the minds most bitterly
For them that think death's honesty
Won't fall upon them naturally
Life sometimes must get lonely

My eyes collide head-on with stuffed graveyards
False goals, I scuff at pettiness which plays so rough
Walk upside-down inside handcuffs
Kick my legs to crash it off
Say, "Okay, I have had enough, what else can you show me?"

And if my thought dreams could be seen
They'd probably put my head in a guillotine
But it's alright, Ma, it's life, and life only

brodix's picture


 I didn't say greed wasn't a factor, but they are destroying the very system they are exploiting and that is stupidity. Holed up in some third world country, hoping it doesn't sign any extradition treaties with the US when all this is over, is not the outcome these people really want. What does happen when the monetary system collapses? These bankers and politicians are not going to be the ones in power. It will be a much more hard minded group.

huntergvl's picture

Hey Brodix,

I feel ya. But, I am not sure the monetary system will collapse; there is risk, but I'm not sure, 'the people,' have an appetite for collapse. I was really pissed off in 2007. I ranted about what idiots they all were and how they were being reckless and didn't have a fucking clue. When Housing was doubling and the DOW was at 14,000 I just said hell with it and sold all my stocks and sat back and watched the collapse. Since then, it has only gotten worse. I think I am playing a bit of a semantics game here, but I am careful not to use the word stupid anymore. Deliberate, corrupt, machiavellian, or even just bad intentions, suits my frame of mind better.


As far as extradition, there is no need to run for them. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Paulson, and Larry Summers, are not only still in power, but still in charge or at least have influence. In 2007, I threw investing fundamentals out the window and while it has been a rough 3years or so, I am becoming somewhat more comfortable with the new rules (there aren't any), and I keep my absolutely justified outrage separate from my investing. For instance, I want to buy gold. The 'fundamentals,' are screaming that gold is a buy. But, did you see that 30 point take down on the London exchange on Friday? The new administration has levied a basket of accusations and charges at various banks, CEOs, etc. So far, no legislators have been called to account. Accounting rules for just about every corporation on Wall Street have been suspended. There are no rules, there is still no accountability, but it makes for good propaganda to keep the 80% from burning down the banks, so far. The people can and likely will rise up when things get really bad, but last time I checked, the People don't have tanks or machine guns.


With the EU falling down the rabbit hole with the FED as far as QE to infinity, just WHO will they have to account to? This charade could go on for decades. (China is the only game changer I see, but they are many years from having an impact). The U.S. strategy is the same as it's always been, Mo Power, Mo Money, Mo influence, and fuck the little guy.


Just don't be the little guy and, "...never underestimate, the other guy's greed!"

Stevm30's picture

Great post - thanks!  I guess we'll all just have to wait and watch for act 4, when the debt catches up with the artifice of the farscists. 

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Nice work Marla, but, uh, got any *good* news for me?  I'm seriously starting to feel like dropping out, packing it in with a stack of great books in say, Thailand or some other outpost.  Or someplace where they aren't rioting.  Yet.

Ripped Chunk's picture

Perhaps, but I know a number of people that are taking steps to move there permanently.

I think I will stick around to watch the entire train wreck myself so I can hopefully point my kids in the right direction for the aftermath.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Recognizing your oppression and its injustice is one thing. Doing something about it is another. We seem to be resting too comfortably to risk the chance of increasing our discomfort by interrupting the process, thus ensuring its continuation.

In fact, mostly because of the illusion of prior investment, nearly all of us feel we have too much to lose to revolt, thus assuring us we will lose everything before we revolt. Thus we continue to voluntarily wear the chains that bind us to our masters.