Silver Hits Fresh Post Hunt Brother High Of $34.43 On News Saudi Has Sent Tanks To Bahrain

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If RIA Novosti's update on the Middle East escalation is correct, the Middle East's worst kept secret, that Saudi Arabia would interfere militarily in Bahrain before the country fell, has just been confirmed. From RIA: "Saudi Arabia has sent dozens of tanks to Bahrain, where anti-government protests continue for about two weeks, Egypt's Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper said on Tuesday. Eyewitnesses reported seeing "15 tank carriers carrying two tanks each heading towards Bahrain" along the 25-km King Fahd causeway, which links the small island nation of Bahrain to Saudi Arabia." And while nobody expects the DXY to do much if anything on this news, now that the dollar is irrelevant in the FX realm, the same can not be said about silver. Silver just hit $34.43 minutes ago, the highest print in the last 31 years.

More from RIA:

Protestors are mainly Shiites account for about 70% of the Bahraini population, but have long complained of discrimination and other abuses by the Sunni Khalifa dynasty that has ruled the tiny Gulf nation for more than two centuries.

In the worst unrest in the kingdom since the 1990s, a wave of protests swept across Bahrain in the past weeks. At least six people were killed and hundreds injured in clashes with police.

Opposition threatens to hold more protests and a nationwide strike if the government refuses to resign.

And a confirming report from Press TV:

Pro-democracy protests in Bahrain have shown no sign of decline after almost two weeks. The protesters are demanding the resignation of the government, constitutional reforms and the king's abdication.

Witnesses said that the causeway was blocked as "15 tank carriers carrying two tanks each were heading towards Bahrain," Egypt's al-Masry al-Youm daily reported in its latest edition.

Given the popular protests in the Persian Gulf kingdom, the transfer of the military hardware from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain seems highly unusual, commuters traveling along the 25-km causeway said.

The development follows a decision by the Bahraini military on Saturday to withdraw their vehicles out of the capital's Pearl Square after a deadly police attack on protesters, a condition the opposition had set to begin talks.

The arrival of tanks from Saudi Arabia also occurs on the eve of yet another scheduled pro-democracy rally on Tuesday organized by the Bahraini opposition and protesters in Manama's flashpoint Pearl Square.

Massive protests in Bahrain, which hosts the US Navy's Fifth Fleet in the region, have shown no sign of a decline after almost two weeks.

The protesters are demanding the resignation of the government, constitutional reforms and the king's abdication.

Fears of Saudi intervention in the ongoing Bahraini uprising first came to the fore last week when unconfirmed reports emerged on Wednesday.

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camoes's picture

37 till the end of the week??? Commercial Signal Failure bitchez!!!

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Rosie coming up on Bloomberg Radio 7:33 am ET



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Hopefully $137 by the end of this year and then we can see JP Morgan change its name to JP Morgue.

Ray1968's picture

I would love to see one of two things: Jamie Dimon in handcuffs... or Jamie Dimon diving off a high-rise.

Lloyd, you're next. You, my friend, get the Gillotine.

eigenvalue's picture

I'd rather see Blythe Masters lose all her wealth to settle all the lawsuits and finally have to work as a prostitute in Las Vegas since nobody wants to hire this criminal any more...

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Vegas?  Too good for her.  How about day stripper in Watford City ND?  She can stay afloat giving BJs to roughnecks on their lunch breaks.

Real Estate Geek's picture

She can work Vallejo--a bankrupt city for a bankrupt whore.

eigenvalue's picture

Come on. She can never go bankrupt because she still has some human capital-her mouth, boobs and vagina. I think she is SIZE C or she could never reach the current level at JP Morgan.

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Another unsubstantiated rumor has moved the price up fifty cents!!!!!!

It's going to the moon!  Keep buying!  

Never mind that it's up 70% in six months, or that producers are so worried that the price isn't sustainable that they've started entering in to large hedge programs --- so large they are causing backwardation in the market.

It only costs $5 bucks an ounce to dig the sh*t out of the ground....  silver miners can make a guaranteed $27 bucks an ounce by hedging.  Which is TWICE the $13/oz profit they could lock in six months ago...  

The price will be back below $20 soon enough and they know it.  Shit, it was below $20 six months ago.

H. Perowne's picture

If you're going to troll on multiple threads, try to avoid the cut and paste action. It's making your status as a paid shill even more obvious.

akak's picture

Not to worry, he's just our old "friend" JohnnyBravo, back once again under yet another new alias, only this time attacking the new precious metal de jure, silver, instead of gold like he did last year.

Like a case of genital warts, he may disappear for a while and bring some blessed relief, only to inevitably reappear in a new and even more virulent form.

DosZap's picture

Why don't you tell us all again?
You sound like a Tard, a broken record.
As for the gain, take it anywhere you get it you do dont you METHMAN?.
Blah,blah,blah, sound like a damn bleating sheep.

akak's picture

Blah,blah,blah, sound like a damn bleating sheep.

MouthMan is not like, he is.

BrianOFlanagan's picture

no commercial failure likely this month - silver March open interest now down to 3,085, only 15.4 million ounces.  

On to May!

UGrev's picture

So close, yet so far away..

eigenvalue's picture

Indeed. The SIFO has become less negative these days. Not a very good sign for silver bulls.:(

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

"no commercial failure likely this month - silver March open interest now down to 3,085, only 15.4 million ounces"

Wynter's group said they would take a hefty premium for this months longs and then roll over to next month..damn if it does not look like they are doing just that.

HamyWanger's picture

William the bastard and Biggus Dickus are arriving.

I hope they will join me in the anti-silver fight.

william the bastard's picture

Silver's the greatest bet of the age. $60 by spring.

Rusty Shorts's picture

Karl Hungus will be here any minute now...

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Hamy, you will need some help, this is how is the anti-silver fight going:

U.S. Mint American Eagle Bullion Sales Totals:

 Jan & Feb Total

2010 (6,002,500) 2011 (9,662,000)  
Quintus's picture

Why stop at just fighting silver?  The whole goddamned periodic table is acting like it needs a good kicking, if you ask me.  Just give me the word, Hamy, and I'll come around with my 'Associates' and teach those elements not to get uppity.

Urban Roman's picture

I'll kick the Promethium for you.


... there, it's gone.

equity_momo's picture

Watching trolls trying to win an anti-precious metals fight is like watching a one legged midget trying to win an ass kicking contest.

Harmonious_Dissonance's picture

Paging Biggus.....I mean Meth Man! Where is Meth Man he gets $5 / oz silver with a shovel in his front yard. The Meth Man Can...

Kaiser Sousa's picture

and so it begins.......

there r only 2 forms of real money...

Silver & Gold....

Sudden Debt's picture


there's a 3th more powerfull currency : SEX!!




Haywood Jablowme's picture


better yet, sex on a bed sprinkled with gold maple, koala, buffalo, and kangaroo rounds :) 

rolling around in a bed of worthless fiat is sooooooo 1980's..


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hey just blow me, P A N D A s, bitch on bed†

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correct!  pardon the brain-fart.  Blood flow to the other head often induces it.

Now where were we?  Ahhh yes...20 pumps hard, 10 pumps slow.  Then repeat.

baseball, baseball, baseball.  fat chicks, fat chicks, fat chicks...

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Gold is for Kings

Silver is for Gentlemen

Barter is for Peasants

Debt is for Slaves

Cash_is_Trash's picture

It's just a matter of time before we see another video of Bahraini soldiers shooting the general populace.

These fucking cowards, killing and maiming their own people.

The protests cannot be stopped.

DosZap's picture

I dont get it, the people outnumber the soldiers, overun the bstds, and denut them, make them wipe their ass first with their right hand, and smear pig fat all over their screaming asses.

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Forgive me if you've heard this but most of you will like this

Fox News will not be moving into Canada after all! The reason: Canada regulators today announced they would reject efforts by Canada's right wing Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, to repeal a law that forbids lying on broadcast news.

Canada's Radio Act
requires that "a licenser may not broadcast....any false or misleading news

Hammurabi's picture

Right wing, what you stupid,

Hollow_Point's picture

At least you didn't spell any words wrong this time.

AN0NYM0US's picture

you are forgiven

but next time please post a credible link


some huffpuke opinion from of all people RFK jr, which is a speculation based on an obscure special interest news source is laughable

Hollow_Point's picture

Oh, I see your point. Won't happen again. Thanks

Arkadaba's picture

Oh, I see your point. Won't happen again.

What???? Where's the fight????

I read this article this morning and while the headline may be misleading (I don't know if the ruling will keep Faux News out of Canada or not), the reporting on the ruling is correct. Canadians overwhelmingly rejected the PMO's efforts to repeal a law that prohibits the dissemination of false news.

HuffPo is biased as are most, if not all, news sources. And a majority on this site have a knee-jerk reaction to anything that comes from HuffPo but I have come across and posted links from there on occasion. I guess my point is that if you think the article has value - defend it. Zerohedge is not a popularity contest. Almost any comment or link will have both detractors and supporters.

ColonelCooper's picture

I thought the whole thing was satire.  Ripping on FOX by sourcing HuffPo?  Next we can rip on MSNBC by sourcing Hannity. 


UninterestedObserver's picture

LOL they all lie so is huffpost taking the suite next to Fox up there?

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Wynter Benton you magnificent bastard!

jus_lite_reading's picture

Only $5 and change away from my 3 week initial target for silver ain't to shabby.

The implications of course mean a global war is imminent but at this point, a global war is necessary to flush the corrupt corportate trash from the system as roving mobs come knocking on their homes...

johnQpublic's picture

while you celebrate the rise in silver, you'd better be mourning what this means

jesse livermoore's picture

just    BTFD   I said,  what are you stupid