Silver Passes $30.50

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Now that risk assets once again are trading purely on monetary stimulus vapors, and broad dollar weakness, we expect that precious metals will continue generating better beta than the S&P. Sure enough, this morning silver is up nearly 2%, with gold spot also just passing an all time high of 1,428.85. At this point every uptick in stocks is offset by a grater loss in purchasing power, and after various commodities opened limit up earlier, it is only a matter of time before the hot topic of mid-November: margin collapse, is back on the radar screen. But, as always, at least the wealthiest 1% of America which has the bulk of its net worth in the stock market, and recently, in gold, is making off like a bandit.

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papaswamp's picture

Think you mean $1428 on Au.

snowball777's picture

Gave a me a 2 second infarction; you're supposed to wait until April for that shit, TD!

qrad's picture

I hope you're not waiting until april to get your physical silver. Over 147,000 ounces are pledged to be delivered by Dec. 29th at .

SilverRhino's picture

Damn, it peaked at 30.70 this morning and now it's 29.66 two and a half hours later .... no fucking manipulation here.  

Hephasteus's picture

That's tough to say. Barely got used to it being 1300 now gotta get used to it being int the 1400's. Then everybody have to reset brain and get used to 1500's very very shortly.

snowball777's picture

I think the shit-eating grin will help me cope somehow.

HarnyWanger's picture

I purchased my most recent BMW M3 (parchment leather finished in Mica Black) with money I earned from selling expensive items to lower middle class people (and a few shares of AAPL that I sold). Last I checked, my local BMW dealer wasn't accepting bullion for payment.

packman's picture

Sorry to hear that Harny.  Otherwise if your dealer did accept bullion, and you had some, you probably could have gotten a 750i.

My condolences.


TheGreatPonzi's picture


Always catches me, this imitation.

Astute Investor's picture

So what's your point?  Your BMW dealer wouldn't accept cheap home chatzkies for payment either.

I would have thought you could have afforded more than a 3-Series given all your braggadocio...

Shinrai's picture

When gold surged last month I sold my used M3 and bought a Maserati before the upcoming inflation swept through the European auto market.  When my friend told me I was being impulsive and spending too much on a car, I reminded him that in gold terms my Maserati was only about 10% more expensive than the Mercedes he bought in early '09.  He had no reply to that...

LongSoupLine's picture

Wow, with the debasement of currency, hence loss of purchasing power, you got fuked! 

CPL's picture

Yes but with the 4000 ounces silver I bought last year I can cash it in and get the same car in terms of real money and get it for half the price.


My gold and silver as a currency can be exchanged for any paper currency and at my benefit and allow me deep discount even at retail prices.  That's how you get rich.


Take care of the dollars and the penny's take care of themselves.

Pladizow's picture

Whats the difference between BMW's and a Cactus?

A cactus has its pricks on the outside!

Bill Lumbergh's picture

Then why do you claim you have been holding gold for years...why not sell now so you can afford the maintenance costs on your vehicle...time to admit you are performing PSYOP for a larger organization.

CPL's picture

There is a reason they have to keep paying civil servants more and more money.  Because it just isn't worth anything.  Let him believe the car is worth anything...until it has to get fixed...filled with gas and oil...and in his particular model the suspension rides hard and the barings have to be replaced nearly every year after two years and the fuel injector in them is flaky.


Both are very expensive.  Let him believe.

TheGreatPonzi's picture

This is HarnyWanger, not HarryWanger. The first is a good imitator, the second is the real.

CPL's picture

Just noticed that...mental tricks the mind plays when scanning.


Thanks.  Thought it didn't sound like Harry.

Bill Lumbergh's picture

I did not even notice that until now...the real Harry is no doubt flattered.

Yardfarmer's picture

this type of hauteur reeking of class privilege and snobbery begs for a nasty comeuppance which we hope and pray will not be long in coming. "selling expensive items to lower middle class people" indeed. your most recent BMW, the vaunted emblem of your insensate greed, won't save you from the approaching cataclysm as your worthless FRNs are incinerated in your bankers hyperinflationary blast furnace. your's is the smug and self satisfied ignorance of the fool. better that you had wisely invested your obviously ill gotten criminal gains in  solid golden and silver bullion bars than your soon to be worthless status symbol with its much prized parchment leather. a word from the psalmist "in his riches, man lacks wisdom, he is like the beasts that are destroyed"

DosZap's picture


I'm  sorry your wasting your money on a horribly depreciating purchase.

Turd Ferguson's picture

We'll probably see another EE "intervention" soon. The question is, will EE interventions  have shorter and shorter effective half-lives, similar to recent BOJ interventions?

I suspect that will be the case. Another margin hike would shake the markets but instead of postponing new highs for a month like the last one, it may only slow us down for a week or less.

Things seem to be rapidly spinning out of control for Blythe and her minions.


erik's picture

If they really wanted to stop the silver moonshot, all they have to say is there will be no more QE.  Look at silver's chart.  Started going exponential on Aug 27th, the same day Bernanke hinted at QE2.  That is not a coincidence.

Granted, that means all commodities and stocks would drop precipitously, but at some point they'll be forced to rumor at tightening.  They won't tighten, just drop a rumor, and that'll be enough to chop commodities again, until their next moonshot begins.

KTV Escort's picture

the silver moonshot can be slowed, but not stopped... the peeps of the world want their physical and there's not enough of it

go Dawgs

Kaiser Sousa's picture

Turd -

why do u expect an attack?  any reasons other that the ordinary??

Turd Ferguson's picture

No. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But they'll try to jack with thing soon. Probably up near the $33 level.

A_MacLaren's picture

Turd - Good call on the attack. 

I thought it might be a little later, closer to $1450 and $32.

But Blythe must be feeling the squeeze.  Choke on it Bitch!


eigenvalue's picture

According to my schedule, when silver breaks $30, I will go and look for a girlfriend. When silver breaks $50, I will get married. Hopefully, the move will not be too hyperbolicotherwise I will have to have a "flash marriage"... Guess I should postpone my wedding till the day when silver breaks $70.

duo's picture

$50/oz, and the wife will let me buy one of those new A8's.  Silver, of course.

Remember, 1 oz of gold for every month you plan to be retired.

Clark_Griswold Hedge Mnger's picture

you laugh, but SLW & GDX options trade are fully sponsoring my Jag XJL purchase in about 1 hour..... Santa came early this year.

taraxias's picture

No, not laughing, but I hope you don't end up crying with the repair costs on that thing, reliability is atrocious. A lot better choices out there IMO.

Clark_Griswold Hedge Mnger's picture

extra fat warranty.

My father has had many over the last 20 years, they have all been exceptionally well... with minimal issues....not worried in the least


Quintus's picture

Actually, the new generation of Jaguars are extremely reliable according to the JD Power surveys.  My wife's had one for couple of years now and it's been flawless.

I think in many people's minds though, Jaguar are still stuck in the 1970's when they really were crap, thrown together by communists during those rare moments when they weren't on strike about something or other.

taraxias's picture

I wish you the best with it. My Lexus LX570 makes me sleep a lot easier at night. My partner bought the XJ last year and it has more vertical miles going up and down a hoist than horizontal miles. 

Clark_Griswold Hedge Mnger's picture

My wife drives that, we got it covered.... but jeez that thing drinks gas....

Dagny Taggart's picture

SLW just passed $42.05. If you hold out longer, you can scratch the Jaguar (no pun intended) and just buy a jet.

Enjoy your new ride and remember... gotta keep kids and the party off the leather seats.

duo's picture

Gold $2K, and I'll consider trading my Flight Design CTSW for a Diamond DA-40.

Clark_Griswold Hedge Mnger's picture

You been riding the SLW train?

Between that and hoping in and out of GDX and GDXJ, its been a hell of a two month stretch.....


the jet is next, I need Blythe to pull it back about 10%, after China does its rate hike over the weekend, then off the the moon.


Happy Trading!

gmrpeabody's picture

I don't know about you guys, but the SLW shares that I own just got slammed. And then slammed again. Oh well..., win some and lose some. I just bought some more.

eigenvalue's picture

To be honest, I think agricultural products are also an attractive alternative. Arable land in China is rapidly decreasing while China's population keeps growing. The Chinese government has been manipulating the prices of agricultural products in China for too long just like JP Morgue. Huge pressure is building up...

Max Hunter's picture

when silver breaks $30, I will go and look for a girlfriend. When silver breaks $50, I will get married

Interesting.. When silver hits $50, i'm dumping my girlfriend and buying the playboy mansion.. LMAO.. j/k sweetie.. ;)

bigdumbnugly's picture

please allow me to help readjust that schedule, eig.

silver passes $30, you can move outta your mom's basement.  At $35 get a girlfriend.  $40 means two of 'em.  This can increase by one gf per $5 move to infinity.  (that's why jim sinclair calls it "QtE's to infinity," right?) 

And think about selling at  $69.99!   lol.

NewThor's picture

Get the hottest gift of Christmas! The Ben Bernanke Home Printing Press!!! 

Need some food? Print some Dollars!

Got a house you can't pay for? Print some Dollars!

Want a 3rd luxury get away home? Print some Dollars!

Need an extra gold toilet seat? Print some Dollars!

Would you like to win 6.6.6 secret society points? Print some Dollars!

* (Helicopter not included.)



NumberNone's picture

Speaking of printing ironic is it that the first $100 bills with Geithner's signature on them are all fucked up and will cost the taxpayers millions if not billions to fix. 

trav7777's picture

but...but...these masterminds planned and executed 911 and got away with it.

Vergeltung's picture

excellent point.  :-)


Al Gorerhythm's picture

Did someone shove their naked ass on the photocopier. Dollar moon-shot?