Silver Reaches New 31 Year High At $38.50/oz - Backwardation Ends But COT Data Is Bullish

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wow that was fast...bullish for sure

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LOL... Good one Turd! The Witch and Warlock to Venesuela... sounds right.

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I am looking into this backwardation ending...according to my observations about whats going on in the vaults, I cannot see how this is possible.  Actually, I have NO idea how they are settling either with metal.  This is fishy.'s picture

I am long on silver but I think it may be time for some profit taking.....

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I know....reading is a pain.

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Went to the coin guy for my payday junk silver purchase. A kindly older couple were walking out with some very heavy white bags. TOO LATE! they got it all! first time in three years I've been skunked! Bought generic rounds instead;)

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The Mint is back selling the 2010 silver quarter sets after taking them down from the website.  (Mint product: SV2)  The previous price was $32.99 as I recall.

The pricing is still very attractive for several reasons.  You all can figure out most of them, but for the tin-foil-hat crowd these are numismatic coins.   The possibility that they would become illegal to own is very slim to nonexistent.  

There is a tad  over 0.90 ounce of silver in the set (regular content of silver for pre-1965 coinage).   The Mint charges $4.95 for any purchase so that is all the charge for any size order. At $39.95 per set there isn't much downside.

I've got mine, so get what you want:

2010 United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set

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Whoops my bad I thought the date was forward dated...

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Long on foreclosures "bought 35" and now long silver but about time to sell.  Your positioning is about perfect..

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FLUSA : don't be stupid


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Bens jawboning isn't working on silver.

FLUSA... You are going to 'take profits' in silver and invest in what?'s picture

I need a Prius...seriously...that is my thinking anyway

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If you need one you need one. Makes sense to me.

Wife and I have 5 vehicles, which makes little sense, but two are big old Harleys, one is a 72 Chevy pickup frame of restoration with big block, etc, two are ten years old with less than 40K miles and maintained perfectly. One thing I don't need is more stuff in need of oil changes. Prius? is that an electric or hybrid?

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a boulder cab company, has a prius vehicle.

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Snidely, I'm with you.  I'd rather walk right now than sell an ounce.

Silver for the people!

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I don't work steady anymore...retired some time ago and work part time at what I enjoy now.

If a person needs a vehicle to get to work and selling a little PM is their only option I understand. People do what people have to do.

Besides, one American selling a little silver is not going to effect the market a lot. It's the Chinese/East Asians and Mid East that are really making waves in the PM markets.

China is hedging their US Ts with PMs and they are not going to stop. If Ben raises rates and PMs fall along with everything else except the dollar you can bet the Chinese will continue to buy at new low prices... but PM prices will not stay down for long.

Get popcorn and PMs... enjoy the show.'s picture

Not very would one walk 50 to 100 miles a day?'s picture

it is a hybrid...I already have one but my wife always takes it and Im stuck with the gas guzzeling Durango....I guess the question is what will go up faster...gas or silver?  I really don't know....I just hate ploping 80 bucks into the tank each week..I guess when the system completely collapses....someday...gas will fall like a rock...and silver will be even in more demand...

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Trade silver for a Prius - that's a good one! So, its off to work I go, laughing all the way.

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You can buy a Ford Msutang with 305 HP that gets 31 MPG and you would buy a Prius full of heavily polluting nickel cadmium batteries to get 45, why?

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Many Prius faithful believe in feelings, not facts.

An extra $20K over a used VW diesel to save maybe 20% in fuel?

& don't forget higher repair costs for the duplicate power-train.

Might pay for itself in 10+ years, maybe.

No thanks.


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Buying Prius in developmental stage means they are using your money for R&d. Bmw deisel got better fuel milage.

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Silver, use it and it won't tarnish.

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Hey, GoldCore...Get a friggin' clue...many, many contracts were settled at HUGE cash premiums...NOT PHYSICAL, since the amount required COULD NOT BE OBTAINED AT PRESENT settlements - many times under threat - IS A FRIGGIN' DEFAULT and it SCREWS THE PHYSICAL HOLDERS...pull your damn head out of your worthless ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes, but is a gift to the buyers.

Dr. Impossible's picture i gotta reclassify my gold mine to a silver mine......again...

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Notice the nice little compression wedge buildup in the futures chart?

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Actually was referring to the blue yearly futures chart TD posted above.  If you mentally draw the trendlines over the last 10 years or so, there is a real nice looking wedge there.  All of the built up energy is going to release soon, I would not want to be caught short when this puppy pops.

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Agreed. Lots of pressure built up after recent expiry and this might be the week that it pops. I'm looking for a few days of sustained close above $1450. What line will the BBs defend next... $1500?

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Judging from past silver price movements in relation to the futures contract chart above, I'm guessing the move in silver will by far outmove the rise in gold.  We haven't hit the levels of speculative calls as in '04-'06 (which silver spot hit a roughly 55% fiat gain shortly after the move in calls in late '05) and with the compression wedge formation (strictly chart speaking) 40's will be a lock and 50's an extreme possibility maybe this year one this wedge breaks.  Just because the backwardation might have currently subsided, no way do I see silver spot retreating to low 30's again.

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I hope you're right. We bought large physical quantity at $7, 12 and 17... no paper. Also mostly gold... no paper.

If Ben has the nads to jack rates we might see a temporary pull back, imo. We will back up the truck but will be bidding against the Chiness/SE Asians, Mid East and India. Of course we are not in their league but will give it a whirl... if any physical is to be had at anywhere near spot.

BTW, looks like war broke out in the oil pits this am about the time London opened...

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That's a tough one.  If they do raise rates it will crush the fake recovery and possibly push PM's even higher do to the safe haven since the market is sure to correct but given the extreme amount of leverage in the market (all time highs) it could pull everything down temporarily.  Should that happen we wll have major problems, imo.  That will present a huge buying op in the PM physical market which many will take advantage of no doubt.  Going to be an interesting ride this year for sure.  Oil, I'm betting 120 crude.

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Yeah, I see it the same way in PMs. I like oil at 120 or above. Oil is the only commodity that I play paper games with.

That frickin Ben has us guessing again and there is nothing he likes more. I'm betting that he doesn't jack rates. He has spent too much effort and dollars buoying equities and crashing those markets would be difficult for him to explain. He would catch major heat from all directions. He might be asked to 'return to teaching to spend more time with family'.

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beware (and prepare) the ides of June.

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Financials are going to start cracking soon. 

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Blythe's team need to order their coffee to go on Monday mornings... laggards!


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Time to raise at the table on the open!

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Any opinions on solid silver mines?

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Opinions?... I wish I owned one... Or more... Literally owned, that is...

Dagny Taggart's picture opposed to liquid or gaseous miners? I highly recommend you power read the past month of posts and comments at and then do your own due diligence.

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lol... thanks, I've been reading Turd's site for a while. I have also been long gold since 1968, probably before you were born...seen about everything but a total, permanent collapse of the dollar as currency most world trade is settled in...Waiting for that one if Ben doesn't wriggle out somehow.

Crude? The one commodity that I play paper games with. Hey, isn't the internet great?


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Mines where Silver is produced is about to undergo a period of strikes by the workers even if they are not in unions. Their wages have been stagnant even as Silver has increased in price. Miners do not care that the mine owners sold forward at too low future prices. The Miners want a substantial increase in pay and  are willing to strike until their demands are met. 

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First Majestic is pretty solid. Steady gainer and up about 7.9% today on silver's spot rise.

Will liquidate some once spot get's over $39.00 take some profits then wait for the dip... the inevitable dip....

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I don't see how the COT data is bullish.  When sentiment moves to the extreme in either direction, the opposite usually happens.

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Silver miners striking in Bolivia and Mexico.... industrial demand far outpacing the rate which its pulled from ground and recycled combined.  Nothing to see here, please move along.... while I go out and buy a little more silver.

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This is how India will be screwed over. The more they tell people India is gold crazy, the more people believe it. And the more they buy. Many large Gold only retailers. That is a tell for me. Silver is being saved, for what? Quite a severe shortage of physical silver here.

Blinded by the golden light.


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"Wealth" still has to "hide" somewhere Ori. I expect more deleveraging - housing is dead but its taken its lumps  , deleveraging is largely going to focus on stocks now.  Where does that money run to? Sov debt --> US Govvies? EM? Its a crap shoot. Cash in the bank? Theres huge tail risk with that.

I think gold , silver and to an extent , other finite assets (land, fine art) will outperform handily in the next deleveraging wave. The rich will sell stocks to meet margin calls. They wont be selling Gold and nor will Central Banks. Any retail selling gold to pay the monthly bills will be irrelevant.