Silver Shorts Bloodbath

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In what can be only described as a total gutting of all silver shorts everywhere, including those with infinite Fed funded balance sheets (wink wink Blythe), all one can do is commiserate. With silver hitting $35.55 intraday, not even a last ditch attempt to spread the ridiculous Chavez rumor once more (this time the two dictators will really get peace ironed out, we promise) will prevent a battery of margin calls from forcing all the silver market timers to liquidate assets to keep their primer brokers happy. That's ok: all those market timer will sooner, or much, much later, get the top right.


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I told ya. Its the metaphorical "train" being pulled on Blythe, the JPM metals whore. Baby, bend over and take it like a man.........

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shoulders, head, outstretched arm with extended middle finger

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+1. Just can't go wrong with a good FMJ reference.

"Just don't lead em so much"

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Damn it feels good to be a owner.




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Vertigo bitches.

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who exactly are these silver shorts?  who the hell would short silver in this environment?  clearly shorts aren't being forced out yet as the big banks would exit en masse and cause a truly parabolic move....thoughts?

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JP Morgan is the big dog.  They have access to free money, so they literally CAN'T be forced out, no matter how high the move.

Of course, they will have to deliver the silver sooner or later, as longs continue to stand for delivery, though perhaps not in the volumes hoped for by silver bulls.

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and Don't forget BAC and C!

They are in the same mess!


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crash jpmorgan buy silver



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I recently read an interesting thesis that it is in fact China and not JPM that is the big silver short.

The purpose is because the PM's tend to move in tandum and by surpressing silver they can supress gold.

Why not directly short gold? - silver is a much smaller market and more easily manipulated.

Why supress gold? - So you can continue to accumulate as mush as possible at lower prices to one day back your currency with it, replace the dollar and become the world reserve currency.

China plans in centuries and is willing to accept short term silver losses to accomplish their goal of global domination.

See:      This person has written for the DOD.

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That is Ted Butler's theory.

If they are doing it, they are doing it through JPMorgan.

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Reasonable theory. But the problem is that the cost of holding silver short is far more than the benefit gained by buying gold slightly cheaper...

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The cost in toilett paper USTs and FRNs.  What are they going to trade them for?  New seasons of reality shows or transformers 3?

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I disagree...  they could sacrifice one of their tier 2 investment banks (a Chinese Bear Stearns) - Lard it up with more and more derivatives, billions of ounces synthetically shorted, until the thing explodes. Then simply walk away.

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 That's diabolical. You're a dangerous man.

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That was part of Ted Butler's theory.  They are long SLV and short silver futures.  They are redeeming SLV for physical metal, and intend to simply default on the silver shorts.

Not terribly far fetched.  I had thought of a similar scheme myself, but I don't have sovereign power to back up such a nefarious plot.

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But, why would Gensler et al be under pressure to let the Chicoms keep making a joke of their commodities exchange by holding absurdly sized positions?  That doesn't make any sense.  Their being ordered to let JP Morgan abuse the market, that makes sense, at least as far as having understandable motivation.

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Trade off on the beating china is taking on their treasury holdings.

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+1 AR.

They'll crash & burn...I stopped by my dealer yesterday, he's out of 2010's...he had to root around in the back of the safe for 04's at the same premium over spot.

He always asks if I'm sellin or buyin when I walk in...I just give him a wink and smile.

G/S ratio is at 40.16 now and falling like a rock...lookin good Billy Ray ;-)

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"Free and unlimited coining of silver at a ratio of 16:1."

Maybe we'll get there.

Some day.

Some how.

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that's what I'd do. hahaha good one! but IMHO too crude for the chinese politburo. they like balance not kaboom.


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40Million+ starved, dead, Chinese peasants would beg to differ with that statement...

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Sorry, I can't seem to find the exact link right now, but FOFOA makes a pretty good case that the gold price is suppressed to hold down the price of oil. The idea is that the Saudis have a grams-to-barrel ratio that they try to maintain. If this is the case, then the benefit of lower oil prices might well be worth the cost of holding silver short. And it probably was, until the whole thing blew up in their face.

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The article is called "Flow" IIRC.

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The international priesthoods plan in millenia.

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Dont kid yourself, China is SCARFING up all the silver they can get.

Rumor has it they took 2 million Silver Eagles off the market here, last month.

Just like Japan, prior to WWII, they bought everything they needed to engage in War.

China is likewise, for a different kind of war.

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Now, where are those three wascally wabbits who have been dissing us for the last month. Oh, there you are! Hiding in amongst the comments as junk. Come out, come out, where ever you are!

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so, the ubiquitous addiction of chinamen to opium 100 years ago was all part of a centuries-long plot to trick us into letting them counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags?  WTF?!?

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Those weasels think waaay ahead!

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Even Nixon can't go to Goldman's china.

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With all do respect to Ted Butler and all else who hold this theory, have you noticed the ratio?  We were 60:1 three months ago, today we are 40:1.  I realize that silver is a much smaller market but wouldn't the fact the silver is increasing faster negate this theory.

The Chinese are advising their people to invest in silver so wouldn't it be better to all buy in at once and be on the correct side of the trade?


Cheers, I got white trash mimosa(box wine and orange juice) and Beastie boys are on the radio!

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HSBC is a very small actor, compared to JPM.

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HSBC?  yes, quite a nimble playa, in spite if it's diminutive "size".

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March 29th is the big day I guess....when physical delivery will be demanded.  

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even the end of feb  deliverys

cash was used by morgan to buy positions

as much as $50 bucks was paid to settle in cash/

either take the cash or we make an offer you will not refuse



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If that's really the premium to put off delivery - the precident will only delay the inevitable.  The COMEX is all but blown. 

This is f'n beautiful.

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This is what you get for fking&$&#^^# with Paper ETF's.

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This 'free money' can only be freshly printed (the FED has no personal value-assets). 

So it can only push inflation -- and the price of silver -- higher. 

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I believe the Fed now has a lot of CDO and MBS garbage they own depreciating RE if that's something.

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Chinese government to JPM. Where is my fucking silver?

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JPM to Chinese government. To quote Mister Cee-Lo Green (love the outfit).

Fuck you! Oo, oo, oo,