Simon Black's Take On This Weekend's Shooting, And What It May Mean For America's Future

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There are plenty of great options out there... dozens of places where you could feel more alive, more at home, and more at ease; it simply starts with the willingness and courage to take action, start the research, and develop relationships with like-minded people.

Name one.

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The middle of the great swamp

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Shooter was nuts. Nevertheless when small town banks were

ripping off their depositor/shareholders, which are usually one and the same,

you get what we have now. Green shoots in the news but despair on main street.

here is but one example.

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When right-wing radio programmes, TV shows and websites are openly inciting against elected representatives who voted in favor of health-care, violence is what you will evenually get.

What else did you expect? You can paint cross-hairs over your opponents just so many times before some supporter of yours takes you by your word and follows your hints and winks. Not everyone realizes it that right-wing politicians are dishonest hypocrites.

This culture of non-tolerance on the right, this absolute fascination with broken thinking and the fearful hate-mongering is fascinating to observe in a way (I did not know that were this many idiots on the planet - let alone in a single country!) but it is also troubling - it will inevitably lead to more atrocities like this one.


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Glen Beck and O'Reilly, indeed.

They should apologize to the Gifford family and should stop the hatemongering already.

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You should apologize for all your hatemongering and generalizations towards conservatives, and libertarians.  It's the Neocons that you should be going after.

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Yeah right Bammy says we should punish our enemies, find an ass to kick..

Bammy says "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun"

You leftist asshats should go away, America is in the process of firing the lot of you..

Stop junking it and disprove he said it, but you cannot can you?  How about this one?   Bammy says "Get out there and "punish our enemies”

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I'm including libertarians and in general conservatives in my condemnation for several reasons:

  • They have not spoken up against the hate spewing from Beck and O'Reilly when they had the opportunity to do so.
  • They repeated many of the false "big government, health rationing, ..." zombie lies against health-care, pretending as if those lies were true, helping promote the climate of hate and fear.
  • In this very article proponents of health care reform were blamed for the situation. Even if you have no shed of decency left, does the concept of electing representatives and accepting that they have the right to use that legislative power their constituents vested in them mean nothing to you?

So libertarians and 'other' conservatives are complicit with the neocons in creating this situation. Very, very few have spoken up on the right, and those who have were taken down with brutal, decisive force.  Dissent, thinking differently is not tolerated. (Remember David Frum who dared to speak up?)

That brutality was the sign of things to come ...


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Why does failing to speak up mean that there is agreement?  A lot of people avoid discussions that involve nonsensical arguments based upon assumptions, unless those assumptions are being tested for the sake of argument.  My feeling is that people who consistently fail to reason logically are not worth trying to convince of anything.  That describes most political discourse as far as I can tell, people who can't get over their emotions.


The thing you need to start with is: What does all of that have to do with Jerrod Laughner?  For example, what reason is there to believe that he ever paid any attention to conservative media?  Based on everything that has been made public (which we can't assume is all that there is to know of course), isn't it more likely that this man couldn't string together a coherent argument and thus any explanation of his actions has to include his mental competency?  I mean, have you seen/read his youtube video creations?  How can you dismiss actual evidence while making connections based on nonexistent evidence?

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Why does failing to speak up mean that there is agreement?

Ask the jews (and the rest of the world) why it was a bad idea that conservatives in Germany did not speak up when Hitler was gaining political foothold ...

[ They thought they could control him and they also remained silent for pragmatic reasons: Hitler's accomplices were doing the dirty job for them getting rid of social-democrats, communists, unions and other annoyances from the left. ]

So yes, if a political party or movement stays silent about something that should be condemned it means they were passively complicit, down the line if shit hits the fan.


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These ass holes are neo cons big statist who are not libertarians. I hate them but do not pin these guys as the same as us Constituionalist,Libertarians,or folks who do not trust govt.

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More Critical Thinking Wanted? Start with yourself.

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Ever think that maybe the Dems sent one of their own to do this, like when they attacked their own offices, and lied claiming that they were called racial epithets despite such behavior never being caught on camera?

These guys really like false flags and infiltration ops.  There have been numerous examples of such activity over the last several years.  Something like this is merely the logical progression.  You think it is a coincidence that this happened to one of the most "conservative" democrats in office?

I generally don't like conspiracy theories, but this one seems in keeping with my observations of what these nut jobs have done lately.  It's certianly no more nutty than blaming right wing talk for the actions of someone who enjoys the Communist Manifesto.

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You lost me at Michelle Malkin.

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So any aggregator of information that you dont like invalidates the information. Is that correct?  Oh yes, please post more we all have so much to learn.  Sure your name is not "Alwayswasted"?

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If you clicked on the Malkin link you would first cringe, because what is at the link starkly and irrefutably repudiates everything you believe in, stand for, wish and believe is true. You and your like-minded cohorts, mentally unbalanced loudmouths all, are of such low character, are so mentally warped and diseased, that those of you who do visit the link will be so angered by the reality that would smash you in the face there that instead of altering your own views to conform to reality you would instead redouble your efforts to attack the truth that waits to confront you there.


You and your deranged comrades are vile creatures and this fact is seen and known by all of us, including yourselves. You can't but hate yourselves, but being weak, gutter-dwelling creatures propelled by forces which seek to encourage your destructiveness, your hatred is redirected at the truth, the good. You believe that you can eradicate the good, the truth, by ignoring it, mocking it, but most of all by lying about it. But your lies are seen for what they are.


You live in a tolerant society. You have been permitted, even encouraged to spread your hatred and lies and the great majority has accommodated your madness because they don't recognize it as a danger, because while your voices are loud, they are relatively few. But you are becoming successful in spreading your mental disease to the point that you are beginning to threaten the peace of the nation. Jared Loughner is one of you. His actions are what you would carry out yourself if you were just a bit more unbalanced, had a bit more encouragement, if circumstances were just a bit different.


No, don't visit Malkin's site. It will enrage you, and you are unstable enough as it is.


Visit these sites instead:




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Thanks for leading me away from the hate and vitriol.

I don't suppose you have a site with nice pictures of kittens and puppies, do you?

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I did but some leftist watermelon banned them as useless carbon emitters and sentenced them to death. 

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Wow  that is an eye opener!  I don't know who michelle malkin is so I viewed that site without any bias and wow!   we have a lot violent  haters on the left! 

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I'll bet the federal judge was also giving the 'rats more than their money's worth.

Smells like a another routine false-flag op as justification for protecting us from subversive anti-gubmint speech and the right to keep and bear the means for resisting domestic tyranny.  Well planned and executed, with media piling on and responsive bills already drafted.  More surveillance cameras, internet control, more FeRNs for the MI complex, and thought police in black riot gear should take care of the problem.  Bag several birds with one stone.

Let's hope Zero Hedge or some other truthful non-lamescream media sources painstakingly research the Congresswoman's legislative disputes with her fellow jackasses and the judge's controversial rulings and public comments.

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Cut back on the 'roids they will shrink your brain too..

Check out Michelle Malkin's headline "Progressive Climate of hate an illustrated primer.

Look and weep for your conflationary crap. 

The left alwys initiates violence their thought and ideas cannot stand against true debate and fact.  It has never worked and it never will as it is against human nature it must be implemented by violence.

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Left v. Right.  What an intellectual conversation we got going here.


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I agree they are both in hock to their patrons.  But, not being able to discern whether one represents you better or more fully than the other is the height of intellectual vacuity.  Thanks for coming down from the mountain to pass judgement, now climb back up.

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It was Sarah Palins website with the scope crosshairs painted over PARTICULAR CONGRESSIONAL REGIONs that they had "targeted" for special attention.  I am sure that you have proof that the mentally deranged individual who was responsible for this act of terrorism was a member of the "Far Right"?

"(I did not know that were this many idiots on the planet - let alone in a single country!)"

I suppose that your count begins with Number One (the face that stares back from the mirror)?

By your own silly reasoning, wouldn't we all be in danger for shopping at a Target department store?

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Here, let me make that 30 junks. There you go you politically ignorant douche.

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More Critical T

 Most ALL of our political leaders have proclaimed political assassination as righteous when they do it,

and have denigrated the deaths of the children of others as acceptable collateral damage to their bombardments and drone attacks.

And ALL of them have thereby lowered the bar for what is considered acceptable morality.

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Are you still spouting that same LYING Left Wing Liberal  horseshit?.

Newsflash Gonzo, the more Stifling Laws they put on the books, the more problems they will have.

The tighter our nuts are squeezed, the more your threatened the more vendictive/violent it will get.

Take it, bank it.The democrats are theior own worst enemies on this issue.

Tell an adult American what they can and cannot do, and see what comes into play.( Esp when they have played by the rules, and are still getting screwed).

This is a game they do not want to play, grab a rattler by the ass, and it will nail your ass.

Plus, you seem to be listening to the MSM, they are the ones fomenting the hatred and violence.Not the ones with the HIGH ratings.

That should give you a MAJOR clue right there.

Also, what brand of politics,did this man espouse, and who did he vote for, and who did he campaign for????.

Who did he meet personally?,who invited him to her meetings (the woman he shot), who was a member of  Team Obama 2007 Team?,

The murderer, same one at the top.


 He is not a Repub, or a conservative, he's a glowing member of the most viscious,hate filled group on the Hill.

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You realize you're committing one of the most basic logical fallacies right?  correlation does not imply causation ("if a, then b, therefore if b, then a").  Why do so many people mess this up?

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"Green shoots"

kind of eerie - the little girl's last name is Green...

"Green Shot"

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I don't know, but I bet its nice. No debt, stocks and home prices only go up, and everyone loves their job.

But just over the horizon lies doom and despair, where the evil King Bernank is looting and pillaging all the poor peasants.

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"Violence is the answer for those who lack the intellectual merit to win a battle of ideas and can only resort to more animalistic behavior to impress their point."

Mr Black is too romantic.

Thats the point; When even the best, well intended ideas are not heard. People try to make their point in other ways, they get tired of yelling.

This is a reason people fight revolutions, people feeling not being heard other ways.

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Canada. California

A meme is essentially a life form. It's created, has a body, it grows, reproduces etc. A meme once mature, universally manifests as human action.

Guns, violence and intimidation as a method of persuasion is here to stay in the US of A. It runs much deeper than most people realize.

Leaders whom take advantage of this meme are dangerous threats to the value of human life.

It hurts to look in the mirror, so let the junking commence.


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Guns, violence and intimidation do run much deeper than most realize and Palin knows this and is capitalizing on it.  And she may well be chosen by the owners of America to be the next president.  Dumb as Bush the twig and ideal for distracting the masses from the real issues.

If you think this will hurt her popularity, think again.  When I returned from Army service in West Germany to the US in the early 70s, the first thing that impressed me was the American male proneness to violence.

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Ev'rywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet, boy
'Cause summer's here and the time is right for fighting in the street, boy
But what can a poor boy do
Except to sing for a rock 'n' roll band
'Cause in sleepy London town
There's just no place for a street fighting man

Hey! Think the time is right for a palace revolution
'Cause where I live the game to play is compromise solution
Well, then what can a poor boy do
Except to sing for a rock 'n' roll band
'Cause in sleepy London town
There's just no place for a street fighting man

Hey! Said my name is called disturbance
I'll shout and scream, I'll kill the king, I'll rail at all his servants
Well, what can a poor boy do
Except to sing for a rock 'n' roll band
'Cause in sleepy London town
There's just no place for a street fighting man


Just sayin'.

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Exactly.  The US isn't perfect, but it's not beyond repair either.  We can start at home and build our community one person at a time.  Seems like Zerohedge is a good start.

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>> A shooting took place this weekend in Arizona which was devastating, to say the least...


Good Lord, a few people get shot and everyone thinks revolution and crazy shit is around the corner.   Until this is happening everyday and/or truck bombs are going off around the country in front of politicians' offices this is a non-event.

99% of Americans have no stomach for war/violence or any sort of conflict outside of TV.


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"Until this is happening everyday and/or truck bombs are going off around the country in front of politicians' offices this is a non-event."...

i suggest u follow events around the country more closely...shootings between citizens and involving law enforcement officers who r members of the state r happening daily...

truck bombs??? be careful of what u may become reality sooner than u think given the the rapid dissolve of the republic and the continued abuse n all forms of the citizenry....

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WTC I, Murrah Building, OKC are two truck bombs that come to mind.

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TV and movies are to a great deal (not all but a great deal) basically violence porn. Check out the top 20 shows on TV and in the movies if you don't believe me. I've seen studies showing that it desensitizes people to violence while at the same time offering people an outlet for their own inner anger and frustration at being impotent.

While I don't know if either view is correct, there is little doubt about this one. By the time a child hits 18, she or he has seen over 10,000 TV and movie deaths. If advertising has been proven to be effective, what does that say about TV/movie violence?

We talk about removing the violent words from the (political) vocabulary. Let's start with the TV and movies if we're really interested in cleaning up our act. But of course we aren't......interested in cleaning up our act that is.

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Cognitive Dissonance

The Desensitizing part is BULLSHIT!

As someone once said Jack the Ripper didn't have video games ( Or movies, or Comic books).

Anytime children are interviewed about where they learn violence it is always "at home". They learn it from Parents, from Grand parents.

Children can distinguish tv/cartoon/video game violence from it's real world counterparts.

How many here took a saw to a siblings head after watching a Three Stooges short? Dropped an anvil on someones head after watching Bugs Bunny?

People want an EASY target that does not require they examine their lives and actions.

This is similar to the Shaker Heights study that caused so much trouble for John Ogbu.

Check out the documentary Comic Book confidential for early associatians between Comic books and violence. It all boils down to the crap this guy, Fredric Wertham, started.

Seduction of the Innocent described overt or covert depictions of violence, sex, drug use, and other adult fare within "crime comics"—a term Wertham used to describe not only the popular gangster/murder-oriented titles of the time but also superhero and horror comics as well—and asserted, based largely on undocumented anecdotes, that reading this material encouraged similar behavior in children.

Comics, especially the crime/horror titles pioneered by EC Comics, were not lacking in gruesome images; Wertham reproduced these extensively, pointing out what he saw as recurring morbid themes such as "injury to the eye" (as depicted in Plastic Man creator Jack Cole's "Murder, Morphine and Me", which he illustrated and probably wrote for publisher Magazine Village's True Crime Comics Vol. 1, #2 (May 1947); it involved dope-dealing protagonist Mary Kennedy nearly getting stabbed in the eye "by a junkie with a hypothermic needle" in her dream sequence[5]). Many of his other conjectures, particularly about hidden sexual themes (e.g. images of female nudity concealed in drawings of muscles and tree bark, or Batman and Robin as gay partners), were met with derision within the comics industry. (Wertham's claim that Wonder Woman had a bondage subtext was somewhat better documented, as her creator William Moulton Marston had admitted as much; however, Wertham also claimed that Wonder Woman's strength and independence made her a lesbian.)

Given the subsequent emergence of organized fandom for comic books among adults who grew up reading them during Comics' Golden Age, it is ironic Wertham at one point in Seduction (pp. 89–90) asserts "I have known many adults who have treasured throughout their lives some of the books they read as children. I have never come across any adult or adolescent who had outgrown comic-book reading who would ever dream of keeping any of these 'books' for any sentimental or other reason."

What is often overlooked in discussions of Seduction of the Innocent is Wertham's analysis of the advertisements that appeared in 1950s comic books and the commercial context in which these publications existed. Wertham objected to not only the violence in the stories but also the fact that air rifles and knives were advertised alongside them. Also rarely mentioned in summaries or reviews of Seduction of the Innocent are Wertham's claims that retailers who did not want to sell material with which they were uncomfortable, such as horror comics, were essentially held to ransom by the distributors. According to Wertham, news vendors were told by the distributors that if they did not sell the objectionable comic books, they would not be allowed to sell any of the other publications being distributed.

The splash made by this book and Wertham's previous credentials as an expert witness, made it inevitable that he would appear before the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency led by anti-crime crusader Estes Kefauver. In extensive testimony before the committee, Wertham restated arguments from his book and pointed to comics as a major cause of juvenile crime. Beaty notes "Wertham repeated his call ... [for] national legislation based on the public health ideal that would prohibit the circulation and display of comic books to children under the age of fifteen." The committee's questioning of their next witness, EC publisher William Gaines, focused on violent scenes of the type Wertham had decried. Though the committee's final report did not blame comics for crime, it recommended that the comics industry tone down its content voluntarily; possibly taking this as a veiled threat of potential censorship, publishers developed the Comics Code Authority to censor their own content. The Code banned not only violent images but also entire words and concepts (e.g. "terror" and "zombies") and dictated that criminals must always be punished—thus destroying most EC-style titles, and leaving a sanitized subset of superhero comics as the chief remaining genre. Wertham described the Comics Code as inadequate, while most in the industry found it draconian.

That lead to the attacks on video games.

2. Scientific evidence links violent game play with youth aggression.

Claims like this are based on the work of researchers who represent one relatively narrow school of research, "media effects." This research includes some 300 studies of media violence. But most of those studies are inconclusive and many have been criticized on methodological grounds. In these studies, media images are removed from any narrative context. Subjects are asked to engage with content that they would not normally consume and may not understand. Finally, the laboratory context is radically different from the environments where games would normally be played. Most studies found a correlation, not a causal relationship, which means the research could simply show that aggressive people like aggressive entertainment. That's why the vague term "links" is used here. If there is a consensus emerging around this research, it is that violent video games may be one risk factor - when coupled with other more immediate, real-world influences — which can contribute to anti-social behavior. But no research has found that video games are a primary factor or that violent video game play could turn an otherwise normal person into a killer.



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Just think "Reefer Madness", bitchez

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Bullshit...please read the following from someone who doesn't think he is a genius because he slept in a Holiday Inn. 

Murder Simulators

Michael Carneal, the 14-year-old mass murderer in the Paducah, Kentucky school shootings had never fired a pistol in his life. He stole a .22 pistol from a neighbor, fired a few practice shots, and took it to school. FBI data shows that trained law enforcement officers average around 20% hits in real world situations at an average distance of 21 feet. In the 1998 Amadu Dialo shooting, four NYPD officers fired 41 shots at an unarmed African immigrant, at point blank range and hit him 19 times. This is about the level of accuracy you will find from trained marksmen in real world situations. In Los Angeles, in 1999, a neo-Nazi walked into a Jewish daycare center and fired over 70 shots, wounding five helpless children. This is the norm from untrained shooters.

Michael Carneal fired eight shots, in a large foyer, at a high school prayer group as it was breaking up. Firing at a milling, screaming, running group, he hit eight different kids with eight shots, five of them head shots and the other three upper torso. I trained the Texas Rangers, the California Highway Patrol, and a battalion of U.S. Army Green Berets. When I told them of Carneal’s accuracy, they were stunned. Nowhere in the annals of military or law enforcement history can I find an equivalent “achievement.”

Where does a 14-year-old boy who never fired a gun before get this “skill?” Video games. He came from a well-to-do family, and had all the access to arcade quality, pointand-shoot video games that any kid could possibly want. A hundred things can persuade someone to WANT to take a gun and go kill, but only one thing makes him ABLE to kill: practice, practice, practice. Not practice shooting bullseyes or deer, but practice shooting people. All witness statements claim that Michael stood, never moving his feet, holding the gun in two hands, never firing far to the left or right, never far up or down, with a blank look on his face. He was playing a video game, simply shooting everything that popped up on his “screen,” just like he had done countless THOUSANDS of times before. As an aside, it is interesting to note that it is not natural to fire at each target only once (the norm is to fire until the target drops) but what most video games teach you is to only shoot once, since the target will always drop after being hit. Many of the games give extra credit for. . .head shots.