The SNB Is Now Actively Dumping Euros

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Short Euro Bitchez! (but not today)

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I'm Standing at the cross roads.. tired of standing by myself..

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What a job CB's have. An impossible battle.

I believe, as opposed to some here, that Forex will make the biggest millioners/paupers when the big move finally comes.

Meanwhile, the SNB/ECB/FED(up) dance continues, apace.

Happy trading, though if I were you, I'd sit this time out.

Get some metal!


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SNB is now the world's 2nd largest (totally unhedged and unhinged) hedge fund

FRBNY is, of course, still #1.



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My guess is the SNB is buying the dollar with euros so they can pay back a bit of the double secret swap facility with the Fed.

Looks to be a day for watching the FX crosses as the speculative imbalances continue to grow.

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DOW daily chart posted at blog, showing two megaphone wedges . . .