So Much For John Burbank Turning Bearish On Gold

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Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:33 | 1256073 Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson's picture

Interesting stuff but this guy is crazy if he thinks that QE is going to end.

I like this analysis more:

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:38 | 1256089 Thorlyx
Thorlyx's picture

QE to infinity, bitchez......

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:56 | 1256162 speconomist
speconomist's picture

Are you really TF?

I've to admit that I've recently discovered your blog and really enjoy your analysis.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 15:31 | 1256556 Banjo
Banjo's picture

Turd Ferguson: I think QE might end as a sort of warning, let us print or watch the system start calling in loans.

Thats the beauty of our current predicament. Deflate or Inflate both are equally plausable due to how much debt we have on the books and depending on which trigger the bankers decide to pull. Of course they know in advance and position themselves to profit accordingly.

Get out of debt buy physical hard assets, land, gold, silver, food have some cash on hand too because in a deflaiton cash will be valuable. Anyhow interesting times.

When I say gold and silver above it's always physical. Would you accept an IOU for a house, land, car, groceries? I doubt it real asset, hard asset means get your hands on it.


Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:41 | 1256075 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

Buy and HOLD PM's, neither the FED nor Clowngress will not stop the QE printing Maniacal Monetizing fest until the whole thing falls apart in complete destruction, and the Golden Rule stands today is it has all thru history- 'He who has the gold makes the rules'.

Also dont forget good firearms in your metals shopping.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:43 | 1256109 traderjoe
traderjoe's picture

The trouble with trading PM's and waiting for a better entry - all while he believes in their long-term proposition - is what if he can't get back in? That one day gold pops $100. When an EU country officially defaults or some false flag changes the world - ya think you'll be able to buy the open?

Trading physical PM's entirely misses the point. Trading paper, sure - play that game against the casino.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 15:30 | 1256564 Rynak
Rynak's picture

In the case of gold and stocks, i'm not that concerned about rapid moves in the short-term... the relation between both will become explosive in the future, but i think not yet.

What concerns me more, is the availability of physical itself. Who the heck knows how much is truely in the market left, worldwide? There may still be some reserves for a few months, or it may already be close to drying up.... and then we have all kinds of players buying physical like nuts.

So, to me the higher risk seems to be short-term physical scarcity, instead of short term paper volatility.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:36 | 1256078 Ahmeexnal
Ahmeexnal's picture


Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:09 | 1256223 Imminent Crucible
Imminent Crucible's picture

Is that you, Bombur?

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 19:06 | 1257301 Al Gorerhythm
Al Gorerhythm's picture

No, that"s Satan.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:36 | 1256080 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

'Liquidity' will be written about in the future as the biggest farce of all time. 

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:39 | 1256096 RobotTrader
RobotTrader's picture

QQQ, IYR, XRT, et al all pinned at 2-year highs.

Wonder why the HUI is near annual lows?

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:01 | 1256201 tmosley
tmosley's picture

Nobody gives a fuck about the HUI. We care about the real metal.

But that doesn't conform to your bias, so it will be ignored.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 15:14 | 1256480 DaBernank
DaBernank's picture

And what about the physical silver I've bought at 18, 22, 28, 32? I'd put them up against the NASDAQ 1999 BS of QQQ.

Been playing waves in AGQ/ZSL since and made good profits, to fund monthly buying of physical gold. Happy as a (gilded) clam, thank you.

Cost averaging, bitchez.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 15:22 | 1256531 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

RobotTrader now apparently fighting to keep his 'most irrelevant and useless ZH poster of all time' status protected.

Tue, 05/10/2011 - 13:49 | 1259740 LooseLee
LooseLee's picture

The only plausible answer I can come up with is that the buyers of QQQ, IYR, XRT et. al ARE MORONS!

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:40 | 1256100 QEsucks
QEsucks's picture

Turd, your thoughts on a pullback in gold this summer? How low? My DCA is 1050. Do you see a 2008 repeat rout? I generously bought silver@49 ensuring a top and drop for my colleagues ;>).DCA 28.10

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:41 | 1256105 suckerfishzilla
suckerfishzilla's picture

Despite the resentment arrayed against the practices of the central banks there is no shortage of investors who are playing into the hands of the nextphase of their game which is a gold backed currency.  There are other metals that have performed better than gold.  How a person of reason would aid and abet the central banks in their next phase of tyranny is beyond me especially when Silver has kicked Gold's ass for over 10 years.  Go ahead and keep buying Gold.  In the end you will regret your decision to do so as Woodrow Wilson regretted in helping to establish the Federal Reserve. 

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:46 | 1256110 ThisIsBob
ThisIsBob's picture

Peak gold.  Like oil, all the easy gold has been found.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:47 | 1256120 SWRichmond
SWRichmond's picture

Nice to know I'm not the only one looking at juniors.  Wish I had a couple of staff geologists in Vancouver to figure out which explorers to buy....

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:43 | 1256357 Bay of Pigs
Bay of Pigs's picture

Come to the gold show. Plenty of those guys to talk to there.


Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:51 | 1256137 Franken_Stein
Franken_Stein's picture



Isn't risk aversion by going into the dollar an oxymoron ?


Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:51 | 1256145 eurusdog
eurusdog's picture

His play though keeps him out throughout the summer though. He sees more downside in Gold before it takes on new highs.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 13:57 | 1256174 Roger Knights
Roger Knights's picture

Typo in the article; "topic" should be "top" in:

"Burbank refutes all the skeptics who think the topic of gold is here,..."

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:20 | 1256278 au_bayitch
au_bayitch's picture

Also in the last sentence of first paragraph in the quoted section. It should read "I CAN imagine gold not being very strong until then."

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:11 | 1256230 Caviar Emptor
Caviar Emptor's picture

Keep in mind that countries, states and now even universities envision an end game where only those with gold survive. 


Got gold?

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:13 | 1256258 MachoMan
MachoMan's picture

Survival isn't guaranteed, that's for sure...  but, at the very least, I think they contemplate it becoming the ringer of the currency special olympics race.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:11 | 1256231 MsCreant
MsCreant's picture

Retracement even as I type! It's still on like Donkey Kong. Do not be distracted by the smoke and mirrors from the day traitors...

Buy and hold. Hell, my knuckles ain't even white during these drops any more. Used to be, but not now.

If I did not desperately need my cash (some of ya'll know I am homeless and fighting with my insurance company), I would be BUYING THE FUCKING DIP!!! There, spelled it out.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:36 | 1256332 Jendrzejczyk
Jendrzejczyk's picture

If you need help rebuilding, just ask. Hope you're holding up alright. You sound as  FIESTY as ever

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:53 | 1256388 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

More evidence of the high quality of people here at ZH.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 15:01 | 1256418 Bay of Pigs
Bay of Pigs's picture

Yes, I remember getting laughed at on Mish's board in Oct 2008 for even suggesting the correction was over ($1000 to $690) in gold. Most said $400-500 was coming next and that the top was in. Boy, times have changed since then.

Best wishes to you MsCreant...

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 15:55 | 1256650 MsCreant
MsCreant's picture

;-) Thanks Bay. I remember all that too. It was the moment I had the courage to make my first physical gold buy (800). Never regretted it either. Nothing is getting better. As long as we all know that, the rest is squiggles on a short term chart.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 16:04 | 1256691 MsCreant
MsCreant's picture

This is my third time trying to post to you, hope it is the charm!

I saw your generous offer when you made it and I am so glad to see you here to tell you so and to thank you for it. I thought to leave a message there, but I waited so long that I did not think you would look there.

I have been going back and forth on the rebuild vs. walk away and buy a new house. I am going to talk to a contractor who is into green design tomorrow morning and it may be the case I rebuild with him (doomstead?). Talking to him on the phone and hearing others praise him makes me feel more hopeful regarding my situation than I have been in a while (I know too much and don't hardly trust anyone. Buying a new house, how will you convince me to trust the titling process. But then again, I don't want Chinese drywall dammit). There is no doubt that I was under insured for this particular disaster and I will lose money. It cost $16,000 just to get the tree off my house, that comes off the top of my rebuild money, then they depreciate the value of the house due to age and I have to remember everything I ever did to improve the house to get the value up. It has been hard and it isn't over, but the outlook is getting better. Thanks again. Just the gesture is a real upper.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 17:33 | 1257038 Jendrzejczyk
Jendrzejczyk's picture

So sorry I missed your other replies, posts fly by so quickly and get buried here.

That must have been one hell of a tree!

Fighting with the insurance company (or any large corporation for that matter) is a maddening and frustrating experience isn't it? Hold your ground and try to remain calm, but show them you will fight if pushed into a corner (as I know you will).

Glad to hear you are getting recommendations from friends to find your builder. That is the best way to find a good contractor.

"Green builder" raises a few $ sign warnings for me, just be sure the return on investment in the green stuff doesn't take too long. Forty years to get back your investment in a $2000 LED light fixture might be a mistake ;).

You picked that house/property for a reason in the first place. A decent contractor can fix it back better than ever if it makes economic sense for you to do it. Renovations are never fun while you are going through the process, but the end result usually makes all the pain worthwhile.

My offer stands, and I know you will make it through this.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 18:46 | 1257242 Jendrzejczyk
Jendrzejczyk's picture


I hope you kept that tree for firewood. Burning that fucker next winter would be some sweet revenge.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 23:27 | 1257969 Hulk
Hulk's picture

16k to get a frickin tree off your house? Shit MsCreant, had you supplied the chainsaws, beer, pressure bandages and tourniquets, the Colonel and I could have had that sucker off in a few days!

Tue, 05/10/2011 - 08:21 | 1258596 SWRichmond
SWRichmond's picture

I'm sure your inclusion of "tourniquets" inspired the level of confidence you wanted...


Mon, 05/09/2011 - 15:32 | 1256562 SWRichmond
SWRichmond's picture

Hell, my knuckles ain't even white during these drops any more.

Likewise, I am at peace with my PM holdings.  Searching juniors right now; my idea here is that we've had a nice runup, so we have a chance to see who performs and who doesn't under conditions good for PMs.  The longer-term charts are very revealing.  Factor in a look at the corporate stock structure, executive compensation, resources, cash, who's already producing, who's sold product forward, who's organized and who's lying their asses off, and you have the structure for a screening process.

Trying to buy some right now and no one will effin' sell it to me.  Some kind of thinly-traded thing.  Dammit.  Who's providing liquidity in this market, anyway?


Mon, 05/09/2011 - 16:02 | 1256680 MsCreant
MsCreant's picture

I feel overwhelmed by the idea of buying miners so I stick with the physical. I would need a lot of time to do it right (though I do think it is probably a good investment). I guess you don't worry about nationalization...

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 18:37 | 1256797 SWRichmond
SWRichmond's picture

Nationalization is always a consideration. 

Edit: one of the companies I'm looking at is in California, for example.  Permits, EPA, state meddling...will they ever be allowed to produce anything?  De facto nationalization.

The rest of my plan is diabolically simple: wait for the correction, apply for and become a Bank Holding Company, borrow hundreds of $Billions from the Discount Window, and load the boat with juniors.


Mon, 05/09/2011 - 19:19 | 1257337 Al Gorerhythm
Al Gorerhythm's picture

It would enhance your returns if you naked short the companies that you have in mind first. Don't wait for the dip, create one with a short hedged position in physical. Start the waterfall and THEN buy the dip. You're just too honest.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:16 | 1256259 Silver Bug
Silver Bug's picture

The hate campaign that was commenced last week on Gold and Silver, is quickly being dismissed this week. It is not the first time, and surely won't be the last.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 16:44 | 1256842 Thunder Dome
Thunder Dome's picture

I'm still hating and I will be back when it's time for another culling of silver bugs.  As for now, the smokehouse is FULL.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:17 | 1256264 Quinvarius
Quinvarius's picture

Not to sound contrarian or cliche about what gold will do short term, but I know that when gold really starts moving, the big guys will all be out of their long trades.  I like hearing that they have found reasons to be short term bearish because they think they can trade gold for seasonal or other factors.  They can't trade it.  No one can.  Their machines and models flip it to the market at a discount until suddenly there isn't any left.  The ability of technicals to forecast prices in gold will diminish quickly in forward duration as a violent re-pricing approaches.  What happened to silver moving from 15 to 50 is coming to gold.  The hard part will be not selling it at the base of the move.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:58 | 1256407 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I do not know ANYONE who has sold their physical gold.  OK, I only know 3 people who own investment gold (other than myself).

I have read either very few (or NONE) here at ZH who have sold their physical gold.

Physical gold is being held by VERY STRONG HANDS.

Mine will be GIVEN away at the proper time.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 16:03 | 1256688 trav7777
trav7777's picture

nobody ever should sell gold.

it's a transgenerational wealth asset.

You trade gold, for something else.  Or else pledge it as collateral for something.  Or you hold it.

Trying to transfer it back and forth to and from paper is a fool's errand

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 17:12 | 1256923 Quinvarius
Quinvarius's picture

I stand corrected.  The hard part will be not spending it too soon.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:33 | 1256323 jimmerfredette
jimmerfredette's picture

I'd be interested in hearing specific metals predictions for the summer, I don't think it will be a typical "sell in may" year.  I'm inclined to think a slow rise till end of June, then down for most of July and August, then from Sept to the end of the year I see new highs. 




Mon, 05/09/2011 - 15:24 | 1256522 Hephasteus
Hephasteus's picture

I predict they will got ape shit crazy and only buy and holders will be spared.

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 19:22 | 1257347 Al Gorerhythm
Al Gorerhythm's picture

They will go up, then down, then up, etc.

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