So Much For The Whole Stock Bonus Theater: Citigroup Employees Can Sell Their Bonus Shares In The Open Market... In APRIL

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The Treasury will probably hold our 34% for.......ever.

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here is the free version of the Bloomberg clip from earlier today where Shiller discusses the prospects for a Double Dip

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So we just load up on puts a little further out then the employee lock-ups.

Thanks for the heads up 



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One can only hope C will be a penny come April

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Yea that would be poetic justice

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Here's another kicker...the price where Citi employees can sell in April is already locked in! They have no markey risk.

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Well, knock me over with a freakin' feather.

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LOL, sort of like security theater at the airport!

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3-month restrictive stock = long-term incentive???

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All liquidity courtesy of the US Taxpayer.

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Citigroup employees can sell stock received as part of their bonuses as early as April.......................and they will.


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Information directly from friends of mine

employed at Citi who were informed a week or so

ago of their compensation, unless they did not understand what they were told, I would recheck your

facts including that 100,000 cash number. Even if they could sell stock in the

open market in April why would they sell at the lows? Because

they believe the company is worth zero as an ongoing enterprise plus it's asset liquidation value and the stock price is going to zero?

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