Soaring With the Eagles

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Thu, 12/23/2010 - 04:44 | 825747 BigDuke6
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i like to hear the bulls argue their case and mostly enjoy mhft but i there are a couple of things that piss me off here...

" I think Bill and his cohorts, Mohamed El-Erian and Paul McCulley, are one of a tiny handful of people who have nailed it with their understanding of the global economy...'

that's bollocks.

'I could see this easily leading to a round of competitive upgrades of forecasts by other financial institutions as we run into year end.'

Aye, and we know why.

Time to short then.

Thu, 12/23/2010 - 03:23 | 825683 alexwest
alexwest's picture

again... stupid one as usual

#expecting the move to cool economic growth by the Chinese economic juggernaut. This is why silver (SLV), (AGQ) dove from $30.60 to $28 in recent days, and gold (GLD) backtracked from $1,430 to $1,374.


really is it why ??????? but why OIL is up,, probably 12 month high... is it supposed to be most sensitive.. if you might know CHINA imports lots of oil...

anyway.. please go away..  even without you there's bunch of idiots here

here 's new one Kaznelzon-guy and with his super duper idea of side ways market..

HEY VICTOR... ITS sideways market since 2000..seems you were born that year and dont remember..



Wed, 12/22/2010 - 16:07 | 824627 Canucklehead
Canucklehead's picture

I was wondering if, in your dream, you were able to talk to the CEO of Hasbro.  Maybe he can explain to you how Thinkertoys work...

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