Something Broke: Containment Cap Removed From BP Oil Leak After Problems Encountered; Massive Increase In Spill Rate

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This is bad to very bad. Coast guard reports two deaths have occurred in the containment effort. Not all is lost - in what probably shouldn't pass for an attempt at humor yet achieves precisely that, the US coast guard said the oil flow is not completely unrestrcited, and some oil was being burned off on the surface. Nothing like a little oil rain for the already happy happy gulf region.

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Watch live streaming video from wkrg_oil_spill at

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Time for Obama to chip while the Gulf churns. We don't need a stressed prez.

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You assume HE cares?,he welcomes's a BIG Plus for the AGENDA.

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Oil rain is happening:

Oh, and CNBC reporting potential blackouts around GoM:

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We are idiotic chimps, racing about, politicing, lawing, buying, selling, while our sea dies. Ass holes.

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Yes Ms.

"Coast guard reports two deaths". Only 2? They only focus on human death.

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Evolutionarily speaking, real change occurs following a disaster.  Between this and Chernobyl, I am thinking we are certainly getting real change.

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Would that be "Change we can believe in"?

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More like "Change we can bereave in."

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hell no that's change we can BREATHE IN!

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As time passes, we won't be able to hide from this reality anymore. Yesterday I watched a video of people playing in the oil at the beach. They were operating on the assumption that you can trust the MSM when it tells you there is no risk to swimming in a little bit of oil/dispersant water. We can't pretend forever, no matter how fun it might be to do so.

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What's going to happen when we quit pretending everything is sustainable?

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see my icon


(Hint: it's an ambigram of the word "Chaos")

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Shut your whiney mouth and boot and scoot down there to them clean and white Florida beachs and throw your kids right out there into the corexit 9500.....uh, I mean pure gulf waters.  Gots to keep them there Florida RE prices high.

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Yes'm a bunch of bald monkeys running around in funny hats and declaring war on things. At least you and I see the truth.

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A-ha...MsCreant - there you are - my favorite commenter :-)

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Next stop, "Soylent Green is people!!!!"

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and it's "raining" oil in Louisiana and I'm sure the surrounding areas as well. Rain,oil, lightning .. fire.. hmm. 

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Goldman: buy BP now! Lol

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Workers overcome by methane gas?

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One guy was shot in the head with a glock an apparent suicide and the other died in a swimming pool accident -Idk but what are the chances 2 ?

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It's up.

After this news.



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I noticed while watching the live feed that it appeared they were pumping mud into the BOP choke line because the color changed, as evident in the photo above. It's a shame more have died from this insanity.

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Click the link below for all the BP feeds. Just be warned that if you have a weak/old video card and/or a slow connection, it might crash your computer. But you'll get to see all 12 feeds, though most of them are blank. It's also higher quality video. Then you will get to see both sides of the oil plume and see that one side shows the darker oil while the backside shows the lighter color of mud. I suspect they're pumping in mud while the collection cap is off to limit as much as possible the "spill", also know as the disaster. You can also see the ROV spraying the Corexit into the plume. Or at least it was.
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This link should work regardless of video card/connection; just select the feed you want and it will open in WMP.



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All I was saying was that some older computers on slow connections might have trouble viewing all the feeds at the same time. Click on my link and they are all live, at least the ROVs that are transmitting. No choices to make, see them all at once.

(CNN) -- BP's containment cap over a ruptured Gulf of Mexico well was removed Wednesday after a robotic vehicle apparently bumped into a cap vent and closed it, raising the possibility of hydrates forming, said Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, the government's response manager.

Allen also said that two oil recovery workers in the Gulf of Mexico have died. One died in a swimming accident; the other was an operator of a boat, he said.

Also Wednesday, the embattled oil giant tapped its managing director to lead a new and permanent oil disaster organization in the Gulf.

Dudley was appointed president and chief executive officer of BP's Gulf Coast Restoration Organization, BP said in a statement.

Dudley said the new organization was designed to enable BP to push more of the company's resources toward the overall recovery effort and to make sure the claims process is transferred smoothly to Kenneth Feinberg, the independent director of BP's $20 billion compensation fund.

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A swimming accident?  A gun shot wound?  Same person or different?

Smells oily to me . . .

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Thanks CD, I knew what you meant.  My computer crashes everytime I go to a page that has all the feeds going live; the one I linked to solves that by showing all the feeds but they are just click the one you want and it opens up live.  Bottom line, mission accomplished.  Keep up the good contributions btw :)

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It's always nice to know about another link. Thanks.

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What's up with the gun shot wound? Is the gun guilty of misconduct or was there someone actually handling the gun? Death by gun is either murder or suicide. It's rarely an act of errant gun.

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Nothing like a wide open 16" crude oil pipe with 30,000 psi of pressure in it...

Straight to the moon Alice.

With the cap on it the pressure really builds and must have a negative impact on the sub-surface damage that was reported by BP on the 12th.

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Completely unrelated, but thought you might like the madness exhibited in this video:

The Japanese are an odd and fascinating culture.  The amount of disconnect and their love of robots is mind boggling to me.  It's almost like human interaction isn't good enough.  Thought you might appreciate.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I watched the video and something said by the "repeater" blew my mind. "The robot will trigger human emotions, making them want to have babies." Wow. Let that sink in for a second. It takes a robot to trigger our innate reproductive instincts.


thesapein's picture

You never played with dolls either?

Ah, you're insane for thinking robots are just for other robots.

StychoKiller's picture

We're on the road to an "Idiocracy."

thesapein's picture

Oh, like you never played with dolls?

You just sound so old fashioned. To me, you're more odd than "them" since you believe humans shouldn't be building robots.

Marla And Me's picture

I never said that thesapein.  I played with dolls plenty, and now play with them for the kids to amuse them.  I have no problem with robots, at least as long as they are not Boston Dynamics robots...  However, that being said, you couldn't pay may enough to take care of an inanimate object, although to be fair, it is comparable to people who keep up religiously with online avatars - i.e. second life, World of Warcraft, The Sims, etc. - which I also don't do.

I've always been fascinated by some of the sub-cultures in Japan - the dakimakura, the Tamagotchi, the male and female "host" culture, animated porn, etc.  What I'm curious about is what is it about Japanese culture that makes them susceptible to what appears to me, as an outsider, to this extreme human disconnect where people would prefer to take care of a robot or pillows instead of a real person, or that a robot baby would be needed to make you want to have real ones.

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M&M : try some butoh?

kazuo ohno (who died this month at 102) in the dead sea:


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It just might be what I posted the other day - trashed by THE DEGREED EXPERT, like no one else is degreed - that the subsurface casing has eroded further and support of the BOP is in jeopardy, as it appeared to be leaning.

I can theorize that this was done to relieve pressure at or below the BOP.


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I, for one, agree with you. I'm no expert, but observation leads me to conclude that they're covering up the worst case scenario. 

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"observation leads me to conclude that they're covering up the worst case scenario."


Of course they are, this is ZH. ;-0

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Which is WAY the f*** better than being NYT, WaPo, WSJ etc. etc.

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I still think Methane might be the worst case scenario! What if the well head is getting ready to pop?

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You shouldn't have been trashed for saying that.

The expert opinion over at theoildrum is that the subsurface casing is toasted, maybe all the way down.

The 450 ton BOP could be falling over as the casing (which holds it up) turns to something like cardboard. If the BOP breaks off and the casing fails, then the game is completely over. They would either have to nuke it or just let it go, I guess. I don't think anyone has even hazarded a guess what would/could be done if the BOP caves. At the very least, the fleet would have to get the hell away, and right now.

They couldn't actually stop the leak because the pressure below grade would blow the casing. Maybe they had to take the cap off because even that was too much back pressure.

Christ, I just thought of something. If the bore hole is caving in and they are getting ready to bug out then they would have to pull the cap.

Oh Fuck isn't even the word for this.

[edit] Some news that they were worried about gas in the lines at the BOP, so they pulled the cap. Maybe. I don't know what to believe, these guys spin everything.

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The casing is not turning into cardboard.  the BOP is not going to blow off, even if the nutter Matt Simmons has said that it already has.

The flow lines to the surface were plugged some way.  The capture system is getting cleaned out.  It will be back soon.