As South Korea Proceeds With Joint US Military Exercises, North Korea Vows Retaliation

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The latest Korean escalation continues to refuse to be relegated to the annals of history. Various demonstrations on Saturday in the two countries confirmed that people on both sides of the the DMZ are demanding far more than just rhetorical placation. And now that the USS George Washington has symbolically entered the fray, the escalation has become about far more than just Korean nationalist pride, but is about Chinese and US spheres of influence. Which is precisely why most were speculating that a reversion to the mean was imminent: after all neither China, nor the US would benefit from a regional conflict. However as the AP reports, events may soon be spiralling out of control: "As protesters in Seoul demanded their government
take sterner action against North Korea, the North issued new warnings
against the war games scheduled to start Sunday with a U.S.
nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the Yellow Sea. The North called the games an "unpardonable
provocation" and warning of retaliatory attacks creating a "sea of fire"
if its own territory is violated. The comments ran on North Korea's
state-run Uriminzokkiri website a day after the North's warnings that
the peninsula was on the "brink of war." China, under pressure from the U.S. and South
Korea to rein in its ally Pyongyang, urged both sides to show restraint
while Washington played down the belligerent rhetoric, noting that the
weekend war games were routine and planned well before last week's
attack." That said - there is probably no reason to worry.... After all now Hillary Clinton is involved.

"The pressing task now is to put the situation under control and prevent
a recurrence of similar incidents," Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi told U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton by phone, according to the ministry's website.

Or not: contrary to repeated warnings that joint military exercises will only further antagonize the locals and certainly bring the situation to the brink of war, we now read that "South Korea has warned its army to be on guard for further attacks from Pyongyang ahead of joint military exercises between the US and Seoul." At this point the conventional wisdom is that North Korea is acting like a rabid dog (which as has recently been disclosed has nuclear capabilities). Yet the US continues to provoke it. In the global game theory game, who is therefore to blame?

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak told ministers and aides to be ready for "provocation" by the North - and the country's Marine commander vowed "thousand-fold" revenge for the attacks this week that killed two servicemen and two civilians.

The US and Seoul will begin joint exercises on Sunday in the Yellow Sea.

North Korea said any civilian deaths were "very regrettable" but accused South Korea of using members of the public as a human shield.

It also said the US should be blamed for "orchestrating" the whole sequence of events to justify sending in a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to join the military exercises.

"If the US brings its carrier to the West Sea of Korea at last, no one can predict the ensuing consequences," North Korea's KCNA news agency said.

North Korea has warned it will continue to launch attacks if the South violates its disputed sea border.

China says it is determined to prevent an escalation of the violence but warned against military acts near its coast.

Since festivities will continue well through the night on Sunday (EDT), look for geopolitical risk to be well bid heading into Monday morning.

Below is a more exhaustive analysis of the geopolitic of the region via Stratfor.

U.S. Carrier Strike Group Embarks for the Yellow Sea


Just as both sides seemed to be nearing a resumption of talks, North Korea shelled South Korean positions on an island in disputed western waters, and a U.S. carrier strike group was dispatched to the Yellow Sea for exercises with South Korean forces. Since the sinking of the South Korean ChonAn in March, the United States had said it would deploy the USS George Washington to the Yellow Sea but had balked, in part because of objections from China. Now that North Korea has ratcheted up tensions again, Washington is sending a message to Beijing as well as Pyongyang: Rein in North Korea in order to better manage relations with the United States.


U.S. Forces Korea announced Nov. 24 that the USS George Washington carrier strike group (CVN 73) left Yokohama, Japan, on Nov. 24 to join South Korean forces for naval exercises Nov. 28-Dec. 1 in the Yellow Sea/West Sea. The group includes the guided missile cruisers USS Cowpens (CG 63) and USS Shiloh (CG 67) as well as the guided missile destroyers USS Stethem (DDG 63) and USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62), and it may also include a nuclear-powered attack submarine

The announcement comes one day after North Korea fired artillery at Yeonpyeong Island,
which lies in disputed waters off the west coast of the Korean
Peninsula, killing two South Korean soldiers and two civilians and
damaging property. The United States had previously committed to sending
the carrier to participate in the Yellow Sea exercises as a show of
strength following the March sinking of the ChonAn (772), a South Korean
naval corvette, and had formally maintained its intention to do so in
the months since.

But the United States wavered in part due to objections from China,
which raised an outcry this summer about exercises so close to its
political capital and heartland. Instead, the United States opted to
send the carrier to participate in drills in the Sea of Japan, on the
opposite side of the Korean Peninsula from China, and continually
delayed posting the carrier group to the Yellow Sea. The U.S.
hesitations gave rise to considerable doubt in South Korea about the
American commitment to the alliance and drew attention across the region
as the United States seemed to balk in response to China’s bold
diplomatic stand.

Military Drills and Six-Party Talks

Before the North Korean artillery attack on Nov. 23, the United
States still seemed hesitant to undertake military drills with South
Korea that could upset regional sensitivities. At essentially the last
minute, Washington backed out of participating in South Korea’s Hoguk
Exercise, which began Nov. 21 and which North Korea blamed in part for
its attack on Yeonpyeong Island. The exercise would have involved
sending U.S. Marines stationed in Okinawa, Japan, to stage a mock
amphibious invasion of a small South Korean island, and while U.S.
intentions were not clear, the United States may have resisted such a
drill at a time when tensions throughout the region had intensified over
island sovereignty. Japan was calling for a similar drill as a way to
send a message to China over their island disputes (and holding
amphibious exercises with South Korea may have obligated the United
States to do the same with Japan, likely to the detriment of relations
with China).

Also prior to the artillery attack, it seemed that all parties
involved on the Korean Peninsula were moving closer to a resumption of
international talks. China began campaigning to resume six-party talks
on denuclearization back in September. Though the United States and its
allies had not committed to new talks, setting a prerequisite that North
Korea take “concrete steps” to show its sincerity, there were numerous
diplomatic meetings between the players and an opening for inter-Korean
negotiations. Stephen Bosworth, U.S. special envoy on the Korean nuclear
issue, is currently on an Asian tour for just such a purpose. Even
North Korea’s revelation of its ongoing uranium enrichment activities to
a visiting American scientist last week was a signal that talks could
resume (the information was couched in North Korean comments that it was
willing to trade away at least one of its nuclear programs, possibly
both, if the United States would give it new assurances). And while the
outcome would not likely have been the end of all North Korean nuclear
activity, it may well have served to give momentum to a new round of

The Yeonpyeongdo Attack

All of this was upended, however, when North Korea upped the ante by
shelling Yeonpyeongdo. North Korea often springs a surprise on the world
before negotiations, and over the past two decades this has been a
fairly predictable method of winning initiative in talks. But the latest
action, coupled with the ChonAn sinking, pushes the envelope further.
It could still fall within the same rubric, with Pyongyang seeking to
get a better position in negotiations or to insist that the United
States join it in direct talks. But it also raises the question
whether North Korea is trying to do something completely different or
even whether it is losing a degree of internal control amid its ongoing power transition.

Either way, the United States has decided that it must now
demonstrate to the world, without equivocation, that it is committed to
its alliance with South Korea. This demonstration has begun by sending
the George Washington to the region for exercises in the Yellow Sea, but
it will undoubtedly involve other actions to bolster the alliance and
the U.S. military presence in the region (for instance, the George
Washington will also participate in annual exercises with the Japanese
in December, which the Japanese still claim will focus on the theme of
defending the islands against invasion, a veiled signal to China). This
is not the first time the United States has sent carriers to the area
for drills, but Beijing’s resistance to the idea throughout the year has
made it a more controversial action. Now the United States believes it
must send the strike group to maintain credibility in the region, not
only for South Korea but for its other allies as well, and to deter its
opponents. It simply cannot afford to lose credibility by not supporting
allies when they are attacked. Moreover, it cannot afford to be seen as
backing down due to Chinese pressure.

China’s Options

In particular, the United States is sending a message to China to
rein in North Korea. China is by far the largest economic and military
partner of North Korea, last year providing about 79 percent of the
North’s total foreign investment, 90 percent of its crude oil and 80
percent of its consumer goods. China also sells arms to North Korea and
offers irreplaceable political and diplomatic assistance to Pyongyang
for its confrontations with the outside world. China was able to stymie any attempt to force a meaningful response to the ChonAn incident,
has shot down the idea of new U.N. sanctions, and has deflected
pressure and criticism of the North Korean regime on numerous occasions.

But while China will bluster in reaction to the U.S. carrier
exercises and other U.S. moves to solidify the alliance, there are
limitations on its actions following North Korea’s unpredictable attack.
China will have difficulty plausibly denying North Korean culpability
this time, as it managed to do with the ChonAn (where very little
evidence was recovered from the wreckage, and China could get away with
claiming the international investigation team was biased). However,
China has already emphasized that the North Koreans claim their
artillery barrage was a response to shells that landed in their
territorial waters during South Korean military exercises, and Russia
has said that military drills by South Korea and its allies (i.e., the
United States) are destabilizing the region. Nevertheless, seeing that
North Korea’s actions will inevitably elicit a U.S. response, China has
the option of demonstrating its sway over North Korea in order to work
with the United States and retain some ability to shape the U.S.
response. Otherwise it risks provoking the United States and losing
control over when, where and how the United States decides to respond.

All of this comes at an awkward time, with both the United States and
China striving to smooth over disagreements ahead of Chinese President
Hu Jintao’s visit to Washington in January. Because Beijing will have
difficulty abetting Pyongyang in this latest incident, it may well
become a test of Beijing’s willingness to practice a bolder foreign
policy in relation to the United States and other outside powers.



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China Warns U.S. as Korea Tensions Rise

DANDONG, China—Beijing on Friday lodged its first official protest of a joint U.S.-South Korean military exercise planned for Sunday, even as the aircraft carrier USS George Washington steamed toward the region.

North Korea also responded angrily. "The situation on the Korean peninsula is inching closer to the brink of war," the state controlled Korean Central News Agency responded Friday to the maneuvers, which are set to take place in the Yellow Sea between the Koreas and northeastern China.

The strong talk was the latest fallout from North Korea's hour-long artillery attack of a South Korean island on Tuesday that killed four people. The next day, the U.S. and South Korea said planned joint exercises would go ahead over the weekend, heightening fears in some quarters that already-tense relations between North and South Korea—and their respective international protectors, China and the U.S.—could be heading for a showdown.

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

America needs to protect our North Korean allies, as Sarah Palin suggested two days ago.

I don't understand why the Republicans are always wanting to invade the wrong country. They seemed endlessly confused about so many different matters.


Oracle of Kypseli's picture

Some of you do know that this is a big game but, most of you don't.

Cynical or not, it is true.

These incidents are bilateral (China-USA) preparations so that the pretext for war is in place when "the-natives-are-restless" in both countries and storming the palaces is imminent.

Batten down the hatches. Food, gold, silver, water, guns, med's & .....(fill the gaps)

Richard Weed's picture

Restive, Dude... Restive.

The natives are restive.

you are way too quick to show your ignorance... about all of the other stuff, too.

[but what do I know... I am just a Dick Weed]


Oracle of Kypseli's picture

My comment above preceded the following ZH post by 17 hours:

I am also aware of the magnitude of my ignorance.

"North Korea is one of the very few nations left in the world in which total control over the populace is wielded by the government. It is a one-party military dictatorship whose leadership has been handed down literally from father to son ever since it was created out of the Soviet occupied part of Korea in 1948. It is a creation of the “cold war” and the only nation that remains intact and unchanged almost 20 years after President Reagan’s “Evil Empire” - the USSR and its bloc - collapsed in 1991. If there is a nation on earth in which the people are totally innocent in the actions of their government, that nation is North Korea. It is kept intact by both China and the US for one simple reason. It is a “bogeyman”. "

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Read it and weep....!/notes/sarah-palin/a-thanksgiving-message-to-all-57-states/463364218434

But then again ObamaCrazies don't read they just follow their leader, that lazy, golf playing, vacation taking, not interested, has better things to do - grand leader.

I can't wait to vote for Palin, if I was a Democrat I'd vote twice..



MarketTruth's picture

Vote for Palin? The light at the end of that tunnel is a train... The USA needs a qualified President with a strong background and strong backbone, not some clueless and mindless woman who is being propped up by TPTB.

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Palin would not make the cut if we simply required that a Presidential candidate be able to demonstrate the ability to  play think several moves ahead without a teleprompter.

tallystick's picture

We need a President who can hang with Putin in chess.

Zero Debt's picture

Chess is a slaughterhouse. It can only refine your skills in how to slay a large squad of 16 medieval enemy soldiers.

If you want to learn strategic skills and conquer territory in co-existence, learn to play the game of Go.


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Oh, them damn Chineses, again........... ya mean we might have to actually learn how they think? My head hurts....

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

lazy, golf playing, vacation taking, not interested, has better things to do - grand leader.

Double Question Jeopardy:

Answer:  This is where the head of J.B. Books is located.

Question:  What is up his Tater Hole, Alex?

Second Bonus Round:

Answer:  This President took more vacation days than any American leader in Presidential history - nearly 33% of his term in office.

Question: Who is George Bush, who spend 487 days at Camp David and 490 days in Crawford on his ranch, for a grand total of 977 vacation days? 

It's rather amazing that a President could take 33% of his time off, and still find time to fully transform America into a war mongering, fascist plutocracy.  That demonstrates some stunning time management skills.

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Are you really in love with Democrats, or are you irritating just for the hell of it?  I don't like any of our corrupt politicos, but to think they laze around the ol' Camp or ranch or wherever is either naive or stupid.   Unless, of course, you do not believe there really is email, phones of any sort, and god knows what kind of telecommunications available to a prez.  So work only happens behind a desk, in this case, the one in the oval office.  Vacation days my ass.

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Has the community organizer released his college transcripts yet?  Perhaps he will soon release all the articles he wrote for the Harvard law review as the editor.

No, neither one forthcoming, even the dunce GWB released his grades, beat Al Goreacle as I remember..  Repugnicant your certainly repugnant, hope your truly a Democrat as you harden hearts against your commie creed.

Calmyourself's picture

"Has the community organizer released his college transcripts yet?  Perhaps he will soon release all the articles he wrote for the Harvard law review as the editor."

Junk away as you cannot answer those simple questions, your community organizer is an empty suit who cannot even play basketball.  The rumor is Michelle gave him that split lip and the Secret Service set up a game quick to cover the injury..

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Its important to protect the 57 states!

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Yep, and the one left to go.  Of course, that excludes Alaska and Hawaii, since "his staff" didn't permit him to go there.

Capcha: 57+1+2=___

- Ned

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All your base are belong to us!

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BY the time that carrier gets there you could probably walk from island to island while barely getting your feet wet by merely stepping on all the submarines...

johngaltfla's picture
Workers recalled as North Korea prepares for war

By Shaun Walker in Moscow
Saturday, 27 November 2010

A mass exodus of North Korean workers from the Far East of Russia is under way, according to reports coming out of the region.

As the two Koreas edged towards the brink of war this week, it appears that the workers in Russia have been called back to aid potential military operations.

Vladnews agency, based in Vladivostok, reported that North Korean workers had left the town of Nakhodka en masse shortly after the escalation of tension on the Korean peninsula earlier this week. "Traders have left the kiosks and markets, workers have abandoned building sites, and North Korean secret service employees working in the region have joined them and left," the agency reported.

SWRichmond's picture

It must be really sad to have to leave a job where you get enough to eat to go back to NK where they're starving....

Real Estate Geek's picture

You know NK's bad when its people prefer to stay in Siberia.

Howard_Beale's picture

If you escape from NK, your family and extended family are usually are put in prison camps for life or killed. We have no idea what living in that regime is like. In the National Geographic show I referenced above, a surgeon went in and performed 1000 lens replacements for blind people. When they could see, they thanked Kim Yung Il, their God. They are taught from day one that he is their God and leader. When an elderly woman before the surgery was asked why she wanted to see again it was so she could kneel before his picture. Think it was staged? As each person got had their bandages taken off and could see again--man, woman, or child--they praised their mighty leader for giving them their sight back.

The generation after the famine is 7 inches shorter than their SK ilk. Children get cataracts there due to malnutrition. People are put in concentration camps for reasons they never are made aware of. There is huge anti-American sentiment due to the war 1/2 a century ago and it's not going anywhere since they are completely cut off from the rest of the world.

And we complain. Kind of makes you grateful you can fight with your ZH buds, doesn't it?

Here's more:

revenue_anticipation_believer's picture

Its all stagecraft, by lower level functionaries...ignore THEIR behaviour, watch "China/Japan" which ARE 'imaginary' .... watch the individuals, who really CONTROL, who are in the Main Control Room... everything clockwork chaotic correct...Alice's Teaparty, all perfectly organized by a Professor of Logic...Louis Carroll...obfuscated? but of course....

Lets, just pretend, for a moment...


1) dec7 attempt to pull-down the banking system....ha ha 'cute', like the failed TSA thanksgiving boycott/strike...Banks, by law, don't have to give your full cash demand, in hand been that way since about 1988, S&L USA crisis...'Junked'

2) "We are about to embark on World War 3 and its starts with N. Korea" another 'false-fear mongerer....' who's book/scam, hey, anyway??

What we are about to start is a peaceful**.....

Political/economic Consolidation of the Entire Far East...This time, the 'great game players are impotent to screw it up, and Far East populations TOO sophisticated to allow a repeat of 1925-1945 mutual destruction, intendedly CAUSED by the European Players.... 

1904, those Japanese learned quickly, after 1867 American 'power-demo visitation'

......starting with the Japanese component of the Far East Asian Block...a new conciousness, a new seeded/attitude of anti-colonialism...including a New China, recognizing the British Opium War, British Economic understanding of never again....

Yes, the Japanese, were the British/USA Morgan Bank conspiracy (the Fed..), along with Germany....1940 tricked into total 'desouling-submission' destroy Korea and China....and even cleverer, yet, application of the 300AD christian/love management tools,  and McArthur PERFECT PERFECT...still deeper Japanese self-hate, and total soul-destruction, loss of National Identity 1945-1989 (perhaps some questioning....were WE Japanese screwed ONCE AGAIN?...)

Just now, finally...the Far East has matured, evolved, is unstoppable, and the West Crippled by its own inherent culturally ingrained self/others destructive cruelty....Roman Law being the essential meta-framework...the cultural 'unconscious mind' finally coming to its own self emolation...

Nope, no war,

and the USA needs to get its ass 'out of there'...the Korean Issue is a local issue,

Do Trust China to NOT allow that N.Korea too far...great manpower source, market, too...

any further USA/British/European attempts to play 'the great game'.....

Hum, for instance, the East India Company, Maltus the mouthpiece from 1801-30, the East India preparatory school he ran...the Indian civil service, Indian Law virtually written from scratch, by Bentham...he fully aware of the concept of 'legal fictions' knowly employing self-same 'fictions' in that Indian/Pakistani law...



the great game is finished


**PEACEFUL, here meaning occasional Klauswitzian application of force supplemental to diplomatic agreements...FYI, mostly along the line of China surfacing a properly competently militarily engineered SUBMARINE right in the middle of a so called 'Modern USA Aircraft carrier Task Force...including its accompanyment of attack submarines....WHO MISSED TOTALLY..'  

E.G. as below noted: China doing a 'Demo' analogous to Russo-Japanese 1904...or the USA Hiroshima/Nagasaki diplomatic 'demo'....



'WHO REALLY MATTERS" .... Aussie/NZ fiat is pure 'commodity money' nothing 'long term' about them...the ONLY moneys that count, and upon which 'long term' is applicable is $USD, Yen/Yuan

Not the EURO.....EURO is pure lets pretend, make believe,=> fiat based on fiat, =>based on the $USD......WHICH $USD, along with phasing-in Yen/Yua..combination..a compacted foundation of sand.......

..THAT $USD, "looking forward..." nominal 0-2% stable for 20 ++ years...and 10-30 year bonds holding at <3% entirely analogous to the 1873-1895 gold/silver hard-money era, long term REAL Interest rate rates holding at 5%, railroads going bankrupt, and the 'best time, ever' for the monied RICH, coupon-clipping class of England/Northeastern USA, and San Francisco..the Gilted Age....

leave the 'commodity-moneys/fiat to the FOREX experts, Citi, Goldman, Morgan-Stanley...not for 'Retail Traders'  ONLY the Yen/Yuan/USD matter regards long term trends, regards Retail Traders .......


Paul Bogdanich's picture

All this is baloney.  The North's shelling of the South already achieved it's objective which was to reverse the spreads on the USD:JPY and squelch the hot dollar trade.  That's been accomplished.  A further escalation is not in the United States interest as it would be the beginning of our military defeat by attrition.  We would win the action but be very depleted in the process. Further action is not in China's interest as they have already made their point that they can't be pushed around and have options.  So it goes nowhere from here other than to remember that is a war economic or otherwise does start beween China and the US this is one of their possible opening moves. 

Careless Whisper's picture

...after all neither China, nor the US would benefit from a regional conflict.

that's a pretty big assumption, don't you think.

Tyler Durden's picture

Probably should have added "out of control"

Howard_Beale's picture

National Geographic: Inside North Korea
It's very enlightening to say the least. If you have Netflix, it's 50 minutes long and worth the time.

Commander Cody's picture

I say all involved should just get together, hold hands, roast of few marshmellows, smoke 'em if you got 'um, and then engage in a rousing chorus of Kumbaya.  All will be fine.

smeagol's picture

Nah, sod that kumbaya crap, a few more shells thrown around the DMZ will do my gold $1352 position bought Friday no end of good, and it makes for interesting tv.

Oh regional Indian's picture

If only CC, if only, eh?

I'd be in on that party, banging on my djembe!


dnarby's picture

And we all wondered how they were going to herd people back into treasuries...

Spalding_Smailes's picture

The hot money rushing out of China/Asia would ..... ?

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ICAP Completes First Voice Brokered OTC CNH Trade

Hong Kong, 22nd November - ICAP plc (IAP.L), the world’s premier interdealer broker, announced today it has executed the first ever voice brokered OTC Option trade in the CNH market between HSBC and BNP Paribas, to further support effective trading of the newly tradable Hong Kong delivered Chinese Yuan (CNH).

Gordon French, Head of Global Markets, Asia Pacific, HSBC, said:
"It is very promising to see another RMB derivative product to be settled in RMB in Hong Kong. Last month, HSBC traded first offshore RMB deliverable SHIBOR Interest Rate Swap. With extensive knowledge in local markets, HSBC is dedicated to developing the RMB interest rate derivative market and continuing to be a major market maker in all RMB products. The development expands our trading potential and leads to a broader range of RMB products, which will assist us in providing risk management, investment and hedging solutions for our clients."

Pierre Themiot, Head of IR and LTFX options trading, Asia ex-Japan, BNP Paribas commented:
"BNP Paribas is very pleased to have closed this landmark CNH swaption deal. BNP Paribas' leadership in derivatives, and its extensive presence in Asia, means we are involved in every stage of the RMB internationalisation process. This first option trade is a reflection of our ambitions to grow our RMB product offerings for the benefit of our clients."

Hugh Gallagher, CEO, ICAP Asia Pacific, said:
"The completion of this first option trade is a further development in the internationalization journey of Chinese Yuan. We look forward to continuing to work with our bank customers to further grow and cultivate a dynamic CNH market place."

Earlier in November, ICAP announced the launch of four new CNH currency pairs on the EBS spot FX platform. ICAP also landed Asia Risk Magazine’s Interdealer Broker of the Year award 2010, for the fourth consecutive year.

JW n FL's picture

Rare Earths U.S.A. 1901 - 2005.

Rare Earths CHN 2005 - present.

snowball777's picture

"...and turbine makers will have to wonder whether companies like China's Goldwing will be first in line at the mine."

JW n FL's picture

Nice Grab... I mean other than its a strong buy... I am designing a micro hydro power production unit for a mountain side (hill) home... but this is great a whole bunch of ways for me... so a sincere Thank You!

more info for those who might want it.

doolittlegeorge's picture

actually i've never seen a better time to short them.  "in celebration of our imminent victory" of course....

Kayman's picture

So exactly what did our political whores expect by creating and continuing the one-way "trade" deal with China, that has bled this country dry of jobs ??

Do not think for 5 milliseconds that Beijing's hand isn't firmly placed behind Dear Leader II.

This is all about China mercantilism using Dear Leader as a distraction and bargaining chip.

snowball777's picture

Several trillion dollars worth of weaponry, for a start.


A whole mess of medical care for the people who fought in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, Gulf 1, Iraq, AfPak, etc


Some farm subsidies, if your agro-biz was big enough.

Any number of last-minute, under-the-table, stealth-amendment porklets in your district (and maybe even a photo-op with <asshole here>, let's say Tom DeLay for openers, since he's gonna get his cherry popped shortly for the mob he used to be a capo in, or Chollie Wrinkles if you're a red-stater).

Was there something specific we could tempt you with?

We could have our lobbyist write up a proposal, if that would help.

Just send us your money...for the children.

$2000, would be fine, yes, write there, in ink.

Yeah, you don't want that one to get elected, do you?

Smiley's picture

Why do I have a funny feeling that cutting edge defense contractor toys-of-supreme-nastiness manufactured by American defense contractors and their Chinese counterparts will have some extensive field trials at the expense of North and South Koreans getting turned into hamburger?  I don't feel a great conflict is coming but I think a few gruesome examples will certainly be made.  This isn't a war, its an arms expo with live fire demonstrations:  "Check out the area of lethality, it is a 28% increase from out previous models; how many units can I put you down for sir?"

Spalding_Smailes's picture


Controlled flip 2 minutes into video.... Can't be seen on enemy radar ....

Smiley's picture

That is one bad-ass plane.  I'd be more worried about these though:


Supersonic, stealthy, maneuverable, and no pilot rescue.  A couple hundered of those could decimate a country's infrastructure in a matter of hours and set em back decades.


Then you would send in these


To clean up the mess.


I tell ya, even if the next big war isn't nuclear it may end up starting and ending in less than a week and possibly kill more people than WWI and WWII combined.

OldTrooper's picture

even if the next big war isn't nuclear it may end up starting and ending in less than a week

Isn't that kind of like what the North's newspapers were saying just before the first battle of Bull Run?

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

That's the manned version ... you should see the drone.

Segestan's picture

contractors??   people will use sticks, stones and knifes they dont need electronic crap. Get real.

Kali's picture

Hee!  Actually Smiley's explanation makes sense.  Live fire demonstration.  Why the hell else would the world put up with the loony "Kims" and an impoverished population that can't feed itself or even keep their own asses warm?  At first, I thought this was just another NK yearly ploy for free food and oil to make it through the winter.  But really, this is getting so ridiculous.