From "Sovereign Liability Management Exercise" To "Reprofiling" To "Muddling Through": The Many Faces Of The Greek Bankruptcy

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but,'s just so pretty it HAS to mean something. Thank you Bank of Lynch, Merrill, and Whatfuckingever Global Research

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As much as I hate to admit it, part of my job is making pretty and completely useless graphics, charts, and slides. Its just artwork.

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I have no idea what this is about but it seems to point to the inevitable solution for Greek insolvency

Ontario Rat 3 - Testing after re-profiling

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Saw another site with news of a soft restructuring. Please, just quit the foreplay and default.

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I think "consensual restructuring" is more like legal sodomy, IMF-EU style.

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I hope the irony of the statement "Greece is history" is understood by everyone. The history of the western world will be history too. It is after all the home to most under-pinnings of western thought.

As goes Greece so goes the west.

Sobering thought, I think.


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Yes lets cut off the: nose, eyebrows, lips, ears and buff the skin down to the muscle and call it 'reprofiling.'

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Guess this chart is made before DSK ended in jail - now likelihood & probabilities for some options look very much different! Miracle happened!

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Greece default is INEVITABLE!!! I don't care how many bailouts they try to come up with, it doesn't help. The rest of the PIIGS are in the same boat. Run for the hills.

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It's a political game. If the EU want Greece has never to go bankrupt (it's very small in comaprison to the whole EU).

But is this in the interest of common Greek citizens? Nobody asks?

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Soft restructuring is very popular way of presenting the bankruptcy today it seems. Well, lovechild has many names. =)


OT: FT writes an interesting article abt Spain and the "hidden" debt they have.

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Yep Dick, Spain is the big un. When it blows, goombye EU and Brazil.

Santander, the Square of London's Spanish enforcer. And portugese too I guess! 


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"(And speaking of simple profiiling, perhaps someone can tell us why the Rikers island inmate directory is still down, now for almost 12 hours, and since the time of DSK's admission)"  Answer - The Rikers inmate directory is down as Rikers officials must approve final wording of this OFFICIAL press release on directory website:

Rikers Jail Inmates Welcome Committee: PRESS (Arrrgh!) RELEASE (Ahhhhh!!!!!)

"We wish to reASSure the NYC CorRECTAL Authority that we inCANcerated jail MEMBERS will give DSK the respect he deserves. First, we know how DIS-TASTE-FULL it is for the Frenchie to wear jail JUMPsuits. So us inmates have taken up a collERECTION and bought French maid lingerie for DSK.  Second, we plan an OPEN HOUSE where DSK will be WELL-COMED in every jail cell. Third, we plan to make the Frog feel COME-FORTH-A-BULL by playing frog games, like JUMPing the Frog and playing leap frog all night long. Fourth, we will make sure DSK never goes HUNGgry as we stuff him every day with a variety of MUSTHARD-filled HOT and JUICY saucisson (LE HOT-DOG).  Yeah, we gonna give the International MuthaFucha every inch of respect he deserves."


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+ 1000 tonnes of gold at the IMF

That was very funny, well done tom!

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They are waiting to see how "reprofiling" DSK works out, then they tackle Greece.

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Reprofiling would be illegal in US because you cant even profile - so re profiliing impossible.

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Your friend that lives in Ala. E. B.

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However, after Zero Hedge proposed the unpopular acronym SLiME to capture the essence of this idea, the latest appellation of the current Greek metamorphosis stage from solvency to bankruptcy appears to be "reprofiling."

Jeez, first Bill Gross has to "clarify" his position re: Treasuries on TV and now Greece has to put a different spin on their bankruptcy. 

 Libel can usually be successfully deflected upon presentation the right data but Zero Hedge is getting to be a real pain in the ass, blatantly committing journalism like this...

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Nah, not "getting to be a real pain in the ass"...BUT is a "complete pain in the ass".

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lets spell it "compleat".....'cause it's just ....classy.  We can raise our pinky and talk about
The Hedge" ...classiest PITA in history :)  Go Tyler :)

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"(And speaking of simple profiiling, perhaps someone can tell us why the Rikers island inmate directory is still down, now for almost 12 hours, and since the time of DSK's admission)."

DOS for DSK...oh the irony ;-)

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We are building toward a crescendo. I think most people believe that and yet are a little flat in the market of choice. You have been screaming blue murder now for a few years and yet here we are. Spreads are being replaced with Corellations. Almost all activity across the (sum) / (sum) are in line with a major event. The tin hat crowd are still buying. The end game is ON HOLD for now. I cannot see the bets being placed as yet. I just see the de-facto trade in place. Prices are full of shit on all asset classes. I've made great money this last 6 quarters. I am not long stocks and havent been at any point. How is that possible? Dont say phisical silver. LOL. I was short silver over 49 and still am.

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Good ? BWD.. From down South (Mex) we see all has converted to One Trade. Globally, One Trade. All asset classes are now either long the USD or Short. If butterfly flaps and dollar rises then One Trade is be in any asset as long as it's long the USD. It's a One Trade world now. Regards CI

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The inmate site isn't down. Your link had a double whack in it. 
here's the his booking ID 09132366L

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How about we discuss our own insolvency here in the US. 

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I can see another euro hatchet job today...lots of jostling going on up to now, its looking well shakey. 

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Random meanderings...

The Bigger Fool has gone completely global.  The MSM straw-grasping is beyond feeble.

The EU reminds me of a Loony Toons scene where Foghorn, Chicken Hawk and the Hound are playing hot potato with a lit stick of TNT...

Sovereignty is preserved only by mass void of information.  Ignorance may be bliss in the short run, but it's The Plague in the long run...

About the IMF: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villiany.  We must be cautious. 

- in my sopwith camel

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i wonder what the IMF, EU and the ECB would make of the Duck Billed


Sorry greece. If it looks like restructuring, sounds like

restructuring, it ain't anything else. Doesn't matter what the

Squid says!!

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How do you help someone too indebted? You lend him more! That's restructuring european-style :)

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Monty Python Norwegian Blue is coming to mind....

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How do you help someone too indebted? You lend him more! That's restructuring european-style :)

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After they default, they need a new name for their currency.  Something catchy - with worldwide appeal, like "the gyro".  Its got that special cache that so many currencies lack. 

SYMBOL: GYRO, gyo:usd, 1.3884

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EURUSD has further to fall, already having broken support zones multiple times:

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why me, tyler?  ok: 

tyler writes:  Of course, when that fails, there is always the last case definition: the "muddling through" one, which is the one known as the "rolloff" where reality finally meats the can in the street,...

so, don't bend over around zeroHedge, and keep yer soap on a rope!  i did get a kick outa GATA's "release" yest:  IMF to sell gold to raise bail for Strauss-Kahn | Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

good one!  Hahaha!   GATA will be on comedy central, soon!  with the arrest of Strauss-Kahn, i fear there may no longer be any hope for tyler, tho.