Spanish Police Brutality Multiple Choice Time

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When is the best time to attack a woman if you are a Spanish policeman?

a) When she is non-threatening

b) When she is defenseless

c) When you are caught on tape

d) Anytime really

e) All of the above

This Spanish upholder of the law has just passed with flying colors: fast forward to 30 seconds in.

h/t Moritz

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Sons of Franco.

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"Hello, Lincoln Brigade?!?"

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The very unlucky Spanish Anarchists, during the Civil War, were murdered en masse by both the Nationalists (Franco) and the Republicans (Spanish Communist Party/Stalin).  In Barcelona, the Anarchist groups were the most genuinely popular among ordinary citizens.  That didn't stop the NKVD, with American Communists in the Lincoln Brigades, from killing their leadership and foot soldiers.  The history of Spain may be turning from the sunny post-1975 narrative to what it was from the time of Napoleon to the time of Franco.  Vaya con Dios, Espana.

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Dear Sir, the Spanish Communist party was not supported by Stalin on account of his links to France at the time.  Therefore Stalin's communist party actually supported the right-wing fascists and Franco.


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That is false.  Period.

Spanish Civil War

During the Spanish Civil War, NKVD agents, acting in conjunction with the Communist Party of Spain, exercised substantial control over the Republican government, using Soviet military aid to help further Soviet influence. The NKVD established numerous secret prisons around Madrid, which were used to detain, torture, and kill hundreds of the NKVD's enemies, at first focusing on Spanish Nationalists and Spanish Catholics, while from late 1938 increasingly anarchists and Trotskyists were the objects of persecution. In June, 1937 Andres Nin, the secretary of the anti-Stalinist Marxist POUM, was tortured and killed in an NKVD prison.

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Frankly, fascists and communists are two different but closely related flavors of socialism. The fascists allow free markets and companies favored by the state while commies do not. Both believe in centralized heavy handed states. They often compete because totalitarians never like competition. Both are ruthless and believe any means are justified on the way to achieving their ends. Both are nearly identical with single party rule, reeducation camps/death camps and ideological empires.

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Junk away, Comrade Koba.  Come over here to the U.S.A., we have a very special gift for the likes of you.  Act now!

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A nicer video perhaps.

Disclaimer. My work....


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Splendid stuff, I watched that and woke up 2 hours later having flushed all thoughts of my impending visit to Spain and being caught up in Civil War. I'm off to assess some failures in one of their desalination plants and I plan to avoid getting my head kicked in by the STASI.


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You couldn't be so stupid. Stop lying to yourself.

Hitler supported Franco Nationalists. Stalin supported the Republican Socialist/Communist Party. 

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Gives new meaning to the term 'running with the bulls'

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To think that there won't be brutality is naive. The select few who have everything have just that: everything to lose. They won't go down without a fight. Even the paid thugs in this video are protecting their families. Gotta put food on the table somehow.

Imagine if the crowd were really pissed. Five to one, baby/ One in five/ No one here gets out alive...

Math never lies. We got the numbers.

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... and they got the weapons, training, and communications infrastructure.

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Then invest in kneepads because you'll be kneeling your entire life.

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Kneepads, shinpads, elbow pads, kidney pads, Ileotibial-Tract pads, arm pads, head pads... it's all good.

The police are dressed for war... maybe the protestors should be, too.

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... but we guard them while they sleep. They should not fuck with us.

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The problem is... who are 'they'? A bunch of anonymised thugs granted the monopoly on violence. If you recognise one of them beating up a defenceless woman and happen to live next door to him, then great. Feel free to make your feelings known.

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If she were my sister, he would be "visited" in the dark and when his army is away, mano a mano.  I would quietly explain the reason for my visit.

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+1000   What a fucking shame. My jaw drops to watch such police brutality.  Going to the Gun shop tonight.

            Need bigger and faster products.   No explanations needed. They better not even think of it here.

            Just what are the police pissed off about. Who do they serve. They are attacking citizens. Eh.

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All totalitarian regimes depend completely upon a relatively loyal police force (which they often purge). I hope most Western countries could not count on that if an authoritarian leader emerged.

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Women have endured this brutality from men all over the world for eons now. This is nothing new. In some countries, she is blamed for the beastality of men, in most others, a small percentage of men are even prosecuted. Try living in a country where homicide, robbery and burglary are not prosecuted, or in others where only 3% to 6%  are prosecuted and convicted.

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most importantly: they have a monopoly on the "legal" use of force.

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Everyone say hi to the new Wanger.

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Made in the USA

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Whoever junked you doesn't know diddly squat about the arms trade.

To date, there are over 45,000 expandables in service throughout Spain and over 3 million in
use by police agencies
around the world.

Document contains manufacturer's details for Spanish batons [expandable].


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Whoever junked you doesn't know diddly squat about the arms trade.

Right, so, those who make batons and tear gas are responsible for all the ways in which they're used.  Suuuuuuure.

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They probably thought they'd use them to grind paprika and elicit tears in street musicals. No culpibility there.

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So who's more to blame?  The seller of an inanimate object, or the user of the inanimate object?  When in doubt, blame America!  When it rains, blame America!  When the police in a foreign country brutalize, blame America!  Well, I guess the Europeans just can't stomach the fact that their "cultured, civilized" police are clubbing young, small women with American batons.  So blame America, I guess. Ugh.

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For the Blame America First crowd, they'd claim any rocks used were imported from the US.

Commie baby seals, club them while they are fresh.

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Right on.  Take a look at "Dutch Treat" @ 1316396 , at the top of the thread, he's a GENUINE Stalinist!  Not just a commie, but a hard-core capital-C Commie! -- denying historical facts!  Man, Europe is an F'ing swamp, what a nightmare.  I'm just about ready to give up on ZH, the problem is, all these A-holes (sort of) know English.... 

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Heh, check YOU out: it's 2011 and you still think Stalinism=Communism, how dumb is that?
And you're right, all this 'blame america' stuff is just plain redundant. I mean the US can't afford UHC but they spend a trillion dollars a year on making war on anyone poor enough not to be able to properly defend themselves but having lots of oil (or other valuable assets) to exchange for repairing the infrastructure destroyed by the war started by the US, is anybody really surprised when their weapons get used to stomp out the righteous?

Like the guy says, guns don't kill people, people kill people. It's kind of like blaming the US just because they created the first nuclear weapon; that doesn't mean they are responsible for those who first used it on civilian populationS.... erm, nm, scratch that last part.

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My point was, that during the Spanish Civil War, Communist agents, under the direction of Stalin, killed Spanish Anarchists, in the thousands.  That is a historical fact.  Read some history, friend, there is much about the '30s (what Orwell called the Low, Dishonest Decade with good reason) that has been over-simplified, airbrushed, "sweetened."  FYI I am not a jingoist, I am an American patriot, there are still a few dozen of us left.

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Patriot? Hunh, I never had you pegged for someone who voted for Ralph Nader in 2008; live and learn.

Do you agree with the following quote,
"Patriotism doesn't mean simply going along with what your gov't says, patriotism means supporting the principles for which your gov't is supposed to stand"?

SoNH80's picture

Ralph Nader?  That washed-up, clueless wheel-spinner?  He is the DEFINITION of someone rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, Waiting For Godot, or shall I say, Waiting for FDR.  Begging the banksters to stop pounding up quite so hard, lol, good luck with that.  If you haven't learned the futility of conventional politics on ZH, well.....

GoinFawr's picture

'Futile'? Hardly. Sheesh, you can misnome with the best of 'em:
Freedom of Information Act, Clean Drinking water Act.... Ralph Nader's list of contributions goes on for awhile regardless of your wilful ignorance. Pretty useful four (count em: 4) decades of service to mainstreet america, successful without even making it to POTUS, despite giving you four chances at it. It's not Ralph's fault you're too duped to recognize that he is the only one who would actually stand behind that constitution you allegedly hold in such high regard.

No problems with the quote, then?

But yeah, he's really really really old, now. Still got some 'fire in his belly', I've heard. Not so great in an O'Reilly bark-out these days, I know. Though he's never shied away from the opportunity, as far as his health allows...

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He is anti-gun ownership, and pro-nanny state, so I oppose his politics, despite the fact that he is less reptilian than the average pol.

GoinFawr's picture

And your typical `All or nothing`, no compromise position, is exactly why the US will never escape the plutocracy that has captured it.

The 'Nanny state' talking point is such a tired overstatement; Ronald Reagan Rote. A trillion fiatscos plus annually go to changing the filthiest type of diapers daily on the 'bottle fed' military: Ralph as POTUS, if he survived long enough, would take care of that in a very 'anti-Nanny' sort of way. Even today that 'money' would buy a helluva lot of bandaids. RN would also undoubtedly abruptly wean corporations from the public's nipples, which would help set a lot of broken bones. IE you need to realize that you are IN a nanny state right now, and Ralph's actual goal is to get you out of it; the very opposite of your misapprehension.

One question to ask yourself when it comes to Ralph Nader: Do you really think he would have bailed out the banks before mainstreet in 2008, and everyday since?

IMO the probable answer to that question alone should have directed your voting the last 4 elections.

Thank you for automatically summarizing a couple of the more serious problems plaguing the American psyche, and the success of those propagating them.

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Damn those Swedish batons and Italian Berettas. The Europeons are savages

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Isn't baton a French word?

Lots of dodgy stuff is still in the original French.


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Guns are used for self defense and freedom. Guns are used for aggression and oppression. The problem is not the gun. Those who don't have them are usually doomed to oppression. That why the first thing all totalitarians do is to remove the right of ownership. It is always job one to maintain the oppression.

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I think I understand your name now.  You are missing the links between your brain cells. 

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That was an incredibly weak insult. I expect better on ZH.

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Speaking of Amde in some of this guys work.

Shows how close we are to a Police State

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'Right, so, those who make batons and tear gas are responsible for all the ways in which they're used.  Suuuuuuure."


Yes, moron.



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Which is just a paper weight until a Spanish policeman picks it up.

But, carry on with bashing the US for any conceivable sin, however ridiculous.

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LOL...yeah, I just got done cleaning my Berreta here, reloaded it and laid it down on the patio table my amazement it jumped up and starting shooting randomly.

Damnedest thing I ever saw ;-)