The Spec EUR Herd Falls Into The Trap, As 10 Year UST Longs Peak, Flattening Bets Reappear

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Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.'s picture

i'm long 'lies from leaders' from 400.  i'm short 'objections from the plebes'. 

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Dollar looks good here for a while. Not betting against it yet. Great charts Tyler. Thanks, as always. We are closing at the lows. Monday going to be interesting. And, if another PIGG blows up this weekend a rush to the worthless dollar will continue.

What a crock this all is but protect your capital if you do not short.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

The USD may be trash, but the Euro smells even worst. The movements out the USD are speculators going to oversees markets. The carry trade will quickly reverse.

monopoly's picture

Break downs every where. Tough to keep up,.

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Finally.  Commence heavy drinking. 

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You stopped? Heck, this is an awesome event for shorts.....celebratory drinking time.

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Awesome only if you didn't have a trailing stop.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Haven't you learned that lesson by now?

mynhair's picture

At least a '+' resulted.  Jumped into TZA afterwards.

Tracking error is only bad if held for 2 or more days - that I learned.

JohnG's picture

No stops got hit...yet.  Prolly Monday?  Dunno.

SPXU had a fine week though.

Just don't like shorting all that much.  Have to get used to it or get out I guess.

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Nothing like global risk aversion to let Beranklecide try and deftly tip toe out of the treasury auctions.

Boston's picture

Treasury chart legend is cut off?

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today was an absolute BLAST! I love days like this...MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!

"it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh..."

wombats's picture

Is this good news for PM investors?

mynhair's picture

Of course, it's now more cheeper than Weiner!  (bursts into song)

Jeepers, cheepers, where'd you get those Spys?

buzzsaw99's picture

Weiner had an unfortunate shmelting accident.

itsy bitsy spyder climbed up the liquidity spout. Along came reality and washed the spyder out...

HungrySeagull's picture

Itsy bitsy spider builds a web in the house closet only to be smashed by the levithan bullion as it drops from the big sky.

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I can't remember, is Goldman positive or negative on the Euro?  Or both?

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NatGas very interesting indeed. Its been a dead asset since the crash, but some smart money believes after this summer is over it'll finally break out as the glut of supply is finally starting to go in the opposite direction of demand!

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Interesting how net EUR spec positions should be USD supportive. Where in the world has ZEROHEDGE learnt this interpretation? Primary school? Maybe some members should go back to school - again ;=)