A Squeeze Or A Rally? Goldman Increasingly Doubting Its Bullishness (Time To Buy?)

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BUY! buy buy!!!




Still trying to outsmart me,
aren't you, mule skinner?

You want me to think that
you don't want me to go down there,...

...but the subtle truth is you really
don't want me to go down there.



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come on guys who still listens to theses crooks ???

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apparently they're having problems with the bp unsecured bond offering. delayed because they're still working on the prospectus. puhhleeze.

and since its a rather slow trading day, i bring you this news item:



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why did you send me a picture of naked boys with two pounds of make up on each nipple, it is not because i am europeen that i suck cock


and if you are bored by this slow trading day , may i sugest you to this instead



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Could Goldman be right this time?

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Shit, closing out my shorts and going long.

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Well, volume has disappeared...so I guess it's off to the races for the SPY

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Wow GS is getting really desparate.....

Stating the obvious "after the fact".....

And for sure one knows that the trading facility which never loses must be looked at with a slightly larger legal magnifying glass.....

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It's a poker game, they know that no one believes them anymore so they're putting in a bluff for their prop desks. We think they won't follow the advice so they choose the direction they want to push it. Watch AAPL (crumbling today) and USD...

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ignore what gs says ... in fact ignore what everybody says and just take a look at the data


my 2 cents on the highly debated issue of 'low volume': even with roughly equal volume in down as well as up days, the fact that in spot markets hft can only take advantage of the positive spread and up to 70% of volume on todays stock markets is hft, how should one look at the actual volume on the down days vs up days ?!

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After studying GS analyst calls for years, this means sell.  It is not the normal contrarion type release we usually see. Expect market to go much lower.

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When will it become apparent to everybody that there is no such thing as a "Goldman Sachs view"?  Goldman Sachs is comprised of litterally thousands of "businesses", and each one forms their own "view".  This desk likes this, this analyst dislikes that, that desk dislikes this, that analyst likes that.

Dominc Wilson has a point of view.  Big deal.  Jan Hatzius has a view.  So what.  David Kostin has a view.  OK, whatever, who cares.

Goldman Sachs does not have a "firm view" and it does not need one because it does not take large directional positions, as a firm.  Individual "businesses" may take directional positions, but the firm does not.


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Finally a good argument!

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We all want to win
Cause nobody likes losers
We’ll do anything to win
Not to be losers

But what about the children?

When you look deep into their eyes
How will you explain all your prevarication and lethal lies?
The way you clamoured for the top
Your shit smeared shoes bending the nose
Of the poor sod beneath you
Your quest for Gold
Desperate to stay ahead of the pace
By any means
To win
Because nobody likes losers
Not to be a loser

Cause in the end we’re better than that
Better than lazy welfare bums
The petty criminals
The stoopid and the fat
Let them watch television
Surf Facebook and Twitter
There’ll be so much noise
The small people won’t even fight back
As self righteous arbiters
Of moral and financial right
Fleece the nation’s wealth
Hoard it,
Love it,
Drink it,
Smoke it,
Fuck it,

To a billionaire
Cash is not King.

Cash is Crack.

Why keep avarice in check
When consequences become
When governments have your back
Ready to print whatever money is necessary
At the expense of the non-voting taxpayers
Underwritten by threats of military attack

Cause we all have to win
Losing is for loser
Better to kill everyone and everything
Than loosen our grip on power
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Even a modicum of dignity
For they are human waste
Good for nothing but to ingest
The lies that we feed them

Fucking losers.

Laugh as they come to realize just how much we don’t care about their puny lives.

We all want to win
We all want to win
We all wnt to win


It is the meaning of LIFE.

Until there is nothing left to DESTROY.

Then fulfilled we will DIE

Earth will be cured of its flesh eating disease.
Cosmic heartbeat
Earth swallowed by the Sun.
Then the Sun will EXPLODE

Seeding the stars with the dust of our imagination.

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target entry point on s&P for me isabout 1083

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Patience may get you in at 1070, ES

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Hmm, sort of looks as though the bots might be in this afternoon...

Cook a lobster or a frog from cold and they don't realise what's going on...