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lol good artwork there. Zuckerberg sure gets a lot of bother these days. Keep up the great work here at Zero Hedge, Ryan @ Work Accident Compensation

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WB...Do you think next time you could fit in a 

Squid Launcher!  OH YEAH!!...?



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"I don't even need to ask, what's that face behind that mask. Its no different than any other I've seen". Just another squid packaged wearing a caviar lid; sold out and bought

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Out of all of the ones in the link, that one is my favorite

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lol, looks like they need stilts for some reason.

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A 50 billion dollar FuckFace dot com bust rolled up in one picture. Priceless WB7.

Always enjoy your work.

It really boggles my mind on how perps can engage in data mining sites. Why sign up when you can spy on them and extract all the information you need.

Myspace = myshit = failed

Twitter = Twat = ?

Facebook = Fuckface = ?

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90% of those guests listed appear regularly on Alex Jones' radio show.  Interesting how 'progressive' is finally catching up with AJ...

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Now I ask you, would you buy a used car from young Lloyd?

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your best best best best work yet!! happy new year dude

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Thanks banzai,

This is hilarious.

I pity the fool who can't laugh at this.

MsCreant are you okay?

I believe on page 3299 0f the Talmud lets you laugh at Goy satire provided the rabbi first declares it kosher.

See what your rabbi says then have a good laugh, ok?

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I'm not Jewish, don't have a rabbi. I am okay. You seem to have stumbled into an ongoing conversation for which you lack context. Travis777 has been talking to me and others about his views on race for a while now. We get back to each other when we have the time and it crosses our minds to do so. He sees some of us as being unable to surpass our conditioning regarding race, sort of stuck in a political correctness groove. I am pressing him on this. 

If he ever reads this post or the one I left above, I'd really like to understand. Come to think of it, if you wanted to be more effective, you wouldn't attack, you would explain your stance. Can you do that? I know travis isn't a coward and has a brain. What about you?


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Hello MsCreant,

If you believe the jews are a race we really don't  have much to debate. I suggest you look into this religion and then perhaps we can discuss things further, or not

no offense intended

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Hilarious, really. 

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Love it! Thanks

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oh boy, oh boy...

nice tweek.  did i mention the dog chewed up my

carry silver eagle while i slept last night, right under the bed

while i slept,  i still love that dog though.  and did i mention

my son told me on christmas day that he knows i have a problem

with authority.  on some level that just put me back to square....


.  check this...
now , this one...sss


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oh how dare you insult time magazine man of the year.

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I was reading a US News article 'Why Baby Boomers are Bummed Out' today, and 

I came across this gem: 

'Headlines about America's decline may be overblown, since the United States still produces much of the world's innovation (think Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, and the iPad)'


And no, the author was not trying to be sarcastic....


Another fine piece of financial journalism from the MSM!

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In general I agree with your snipe.  Probably because I'm a sniping sarcastic blog troll who has not been encumbered with any shades of "normalcy bias" since about the time I campaigned for Ron Paul in the last Primary. 

Having said that and giving all due respect, the US is still a major innovator in business lines where it counts, for example in Energy.  (No I am not shaking the green stick)   While the French, Japanese (and a few others) certainly have some world-class technology of their own, I am impressed with some of the nuclear reactor technologies in the US, including the ones on the workbench (not ready for prime time).  There are also a number of electro-mechanical technologies that will be rolling out in the next years that are almost certain to be profit leaders in their respective verticals.

There are still a few small business folks doing the "asshole and elbow" work which will result in real innovative technology, and it will be interesting to see if we can afford to utilize it here in the crumbling FRN empire. 


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Actually I think Groupon is interesting. During a time when the economy is tanking, they offer local deals on goods and services. And I'm guessing that their business model is straight arbitrage: If we get X people to sign up at this price we get paid X + 1. I think it might work. Helps consumers save money on everything from restaurants to carpet cleaning. For small businesses ROI might be better than straight online advertising. And arbitrage ensures a regular stream of income for Groupon.

I signed up with them a few months ago for daily email offerings. I haven't bought into one of their local offers yet, but I'm guessing I will at some point because some of the savings are really good. 

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I think that face at the top of the ZH banner might be scaring off readers, just saying. ;-)

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Scares me every time I come back!

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lol... and I just now noticed the Bernank with the dollars in his crack! awesome!

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Great work! For some "unknown" reason, seeing Blankfein's face always makes me want to punch him. But you've given me something to laugh about instead. Thanks for that.

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Guffaw Kun Do, humor as martial art ;-)

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amazing how well the tribe's faces fit on each other

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What mixed bag you are. Tell me, and I ask this with an open mind, tell me, do you hate jews when you write posts like this? I think that is my core concern with how you slice and dice up the world. I would like to know how you feel about them, not what you think. I respect you as a thinker. I want to know where your heart is. 

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TD, please take that picture down from the three story isolation at the top. It scares me everytime I click back to ZH. It reminds me of a 70s lounge lizard prowling the bars of NYC looking for young models to intice into the back alley in order to rape, murder and suck their blood.

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Using the powers of the Vulcan mind-meld you have combined shit and Shinola with that rendering of "Squidface".  Thank you for truth in advertising.

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This one is your best one yet.  3 Cheers and 666K "likes."


Glad Jesus is on our side too.

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there's even a squidface video



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There is my answer...its a hemmroid (sp) cushion

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would make a great portable shitter for backpacking

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or an, orange home depot 5 gallon bucket, used by females.

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Gotta get one of those.

Thanks Bill!!

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actually a company trade marked "Squidface"


"Comfort Facedown Anywhere"



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Only in America. Squidface, meet Lynn. Lynn, meet squidface.

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damn americans buy anything they can sink their fat face into, bitchez!

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Keep sticking it to them WB!

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That is the idea ;-) Nice Icon!

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Is it just me or does that bald picture of Zuckerberg look like Jeff Van Gundy:


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Either way, I suspect it would take more than a few billion min. to agree to wake up with that in your bed 15 years from now

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Well played, WB. Well played.

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This is one of your best. Kudos! My ribs hurt...