Step Aside "Too Big To Fail" - Morgan Stanley Comes Up With The New Catchphrase; Calls Recovery "Too Young To Die"

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Asked about the fate of the economic "recovery", which incidentally is nothing more than a $2 trillion dollar dilution-funded blip on the depressionary downtrend commenced in December 2007, Greg Peters, the head of fixed income research, at Morgan Stanley, the firm whose other fixed income strategist Jim Caron will now have been proven wrong three years in a row following his annual broadly bullish call for a jump in rates (not based on bearish considerations such as those postulated by Bill Gross... bullish), tells Tom Keene that the recovery is "Too Young To Die." Yep. That's the justification. Alas there was no mention that the 98 year old ponzi scheme perpetrated by the Fed since 1913 is now "Too Obvious To All." And when that fails, many of the same people who get paid huge sums of recycled taxpayer money to come up with catchy four word slogans while spouting flawed economic projections will suddenly find themselves "Too Pitchforked To Fly (Away To Non Extradition Countries)"

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3.7.77's picture

"Too Pitchforked To Fly Away To Non Extradition Countries"


Love it....

Popo's picture

Is it just me, or does this guy look like American Psycho?

economessed's picture

Looks like a drunken Will Farrell to me.

Thomas's picture

The pod people got Cliggott. That sounded like dribble coming out of his mouth.

nmewn's picture

Only on Wall Street and academic circles can +/- 25% revisions be an acceptable norm.

The rest of us are berated as incompetents for being off 3% in our projections...simply amazing.

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Ah, Bateman....where is he when we need him?

chet's picture

He does.  And a grade-A douche.  I guess that's the same.

Michael's picture

An artificial recovery spiked by trillions of dollars of money printing is not a real recovery. It's artificial!

Idiocracy's picture

With those hyperactive eylids, is he typing out some sort of message in Morse code like a Vietnam POW??  

"I'm lying my ass off, STOP.  Morgan is paing me to say this, STOP"  

mr. mirbach's picture

My old lady said he looks like "winkie" the talking schlong... 

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Time to invent likewise sayings.


To <blank> to <blank>.


Allow me to add in.


To Pretty to Congeal.

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it'd be cheaper for the FED to distill gin and hand it to one and all  than to print money to infinite numbers...therefor, my phrase entry is:


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too broke to pay attention.

MachoMan's picture

Too fat to fuck

Too manipulated to believe

Too idealized to succeed



Hugh G Rection's picture

Too Corrupt To Live


Too Greedy To Breathe


Too Evil To Exist



TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Too tarred and feathered to preen and strut.

Too hanged to parrot talking points.


bankonzhongguo's picture

Line every one of these mutha-truckers up and shoot'em.

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did they have that "recovery" while I was out getting beer and cigarettes? because I TOTALLY missed it:-(

MachoMan's picture

kinda like the conclusion of prom night...

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How the hell can you still afford beer and cigarettes?

Antarctico's picture

Nice!  My favorite line from the article: The unspoken agenda is to "redefine the 'cheap' in 'cheap drunk.'"

blunderdog's picture

Oh, pshaw.  Spend the extra two bits per can and just get the Coors or Miller 24oz tallboys.

If $0.25 is pushing those out of reach, you should probably switch up to TILT or bum-wines.

A $2.50 TILT or two will level ya.

alien-IQ's picture

I've simply allocated a portion of my hooker and cocaine money towards my beer and cigarette fund. it was a sacrifice but life is a series of sacrifices...and I felt this one was worth it.

Antarctico's picture

You are made of stern stuff sir, a true iron man we should all hold up as a high example of the manly virtues of prudence and sacrifice.

Smiddywesson's picture

You sir, are the Horatio Alger of the 21'st century.

Franken_Stein's picture


You can't make this stuff up !

The utterances of these higly paid MBAs get ever more shrill and ridiculous.


As for the real world, here is a nice video of James Turk interviewing GATAs Bill Murphy:


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Allegorical exposition of the fat of the land being screwed by the banksters.

fallst's picture

Yes, we are the Baby Monkeys holding on for Dear Life whilst the Pigs Run Wild...

fallst's picture

Whew, the Baby Monkey just cost me an hour....

When I heard..


"Baby Monkey   Baby Monkey, riding backwards on a pig, Baby Monkey",


I became suspicious that this song was written specifically for this video.


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That poor pig is just a baby himself but he's stuck in the monkeys needs.

Monkeys generally get several months of nearly uninterupted clinging to mother.

This is going to get about as wierd as bird imprinting when they grow up.

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Yet too fast to live?

Welcome to the James Dean economy.

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Ha ha.
Q. What do you call 5,000 young investment bankers at the bottom of the ocean.
A. Not "Too Young To Die."

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Hate IT ..................................................

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No Greg this is a case where only the good (intentions) die young...

Well, they [loaded you with debt], told you to pray
They built you a temple and locked you away
Aw, but they never told you the price that you pay
For things that you might have done.....
Only the good die young…

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+1 for the Peter Sarstedt reference.

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Was an aborted fetus ever alive?

No idea, but the current set of oligarchs sure do love that aborted fetus flavor.  Tastes like more money.