Step Aside US: Pakistan's New "Best Friend" China, To Provide Karachi With 50 New JF-17 Fighter Jets On Expedited Basis

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There was a time when a young Mujahideen commander named Osama bin Laden was a core ally of the US in the fight against Soviet communism and central planning. Well, that particular affair did not end too well for either Osama, nor for the USSR (although one may argue that "communism and central planning" are experiencing a second renaissance courtesy of capitalist central banking). Along the same lines, Pakistan which as recently as 3 weeks ago was considered a core US ally, has very promptly fallen out of favor following the death of that other abovementioned former ally. Yet Pakistan is not wasting time. Two days after Pakistani PM Yousuf Raza Gilani took a direct stab at deteriorating US-Paki relations by saying that China is now his country's "best friend",  China has retorted in kind by announcing it will provide another 50 JF-17 fighter jets to Pakistan on an "expedited" basis. The WSJ reports that "the agreement to accelerate supply of the jointly developed jets, the first 50 of which are being assembled in Pakistan, came as Pakistan's Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani held talks in Beijing during a visit that he has used to portray China as an alternative source of military and civilian aid. "We're getting the 50 jets, on top of the ones we already have. Something has been agreed in Beijing, so they'll be expedited" he said." In other words: step aside US, here comes China. As for those billions in USD aid which somehow never ended up being used to buy US Treasurys (Pakistan is nowhere in the listing of US Treasury holders) , it is now clear into whose pocket they are going (at $15 million a pop, those are big pockets). Lastly, this is more than just posturing by China: the country is clearly indicating its latest and greatest sphere of influence. As a reminder, "It was reported in 2008 that Azerbaijan and Zimbabwe had placed orders for the aircraft and nine other countries, including Bangladesh, Myanmar, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Algeria were showing interest."

More from the WSJ:

China is Pakistan's biggest arms supplier and its third-biggest trading partner.

The JF-17 is a potent symbol of the two countries' friendship, and a key part of Pakistan's plans to upgrade its aging fleet of American-supplied F-16s and French-made Mirages and to try to match the air power of neighboring India—its arch rival.

The U.S. has repeatedly delayed delivery of F-16s to Pakistan, and has insisted that they not be used against India, with which Washington is now cultivating a strategic partnership to counterbalance Beijing's clout in Asia.

China and Pakistan began developing the relatively cheap multipurpose fighter in 1999 and Pakistan, which has said it wants 250 of them altogether, inducted its first squadron of JF-17s last year, and a second earlier this year.

The air-force spokesman said he did not know whether the second batch of 50 jets would be assembled in Pakistan or delivered whole from China.

He also declined to discuss whether they would be the basic so-calledBlock I models, like the first batch, or an upgraded Block II version, which military aviation experts say could include radar-evading stealth technology—potentially giving Pakistan that capability for the first time.

Questions also remain over the new jets' engines. The first batch were all fitted with Russian ones, but Russian officials have expressed reservations about supplying more of those engines as Pakistan and China have been marketing the JF-17 in many of Russia's traditional markets.

Meanwhile back in the US, the politicos are stunned that after being shunned by the US, Pakistan dares to allign itself with America's natural opposite.

Pakistan's efforts to showcase its close ties with China are causing consternation in the U.S.

During a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Tuesday, Republican Senator Jim Risch of Idaho expressed frustration at Mr. Gilani's statement that China was Pakistan's "best friend" despite billions of dollars of U.S. aid over the last decade.

"It just—it just doesn't make sense...Because, frankly, I'm—I'm getting tired of it, and I think Americans are getting tired of it as far as shoveling money in there [to] people who just flat don't like us," he said, according to a transcript.

At a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee last week, Congressman Michael McCaul (R) of Texas raised particular concern about whether U.S. military aid had been diverted into the JF-17 program.

Yes. It has.

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Hard1's picture

Expedited bitchezz!!!!

kengland's picture

There's nothing new here. They've been supplying the paks with these for years

BigJim's picture

I hope their fighters are better engineered than all the other crap they export.

trav7777's picture

yes...4 year old news.

Clone of the Mirage 5.  Garbage plane.

Will make more targets for India's superb Su30MKI to blow out of the skies.

Siding with Pukistan against India was among the worst strategic blunders ever.

Dejean Splicer's picture

Yes, yes, but if it's anti-China Tyler will feed it to the ZHeeple. And anything pro-israli gets top billing also.

Another ZH article for the dustbin.


NotApplicable's picture

Care to give any reasons to be pro-China? Or pro any government, for that matter?

I can't recall ever seeing Tyler promote any of these criminal syndicates, but hey, I'm biased, so I could be blind.

Dejean Splicer's picture

"Care to give any reasons to be pro-China?"

Ha! Caught you! Openly admitting to having a negative bias against China. I will proceed with my tenure at ZH with this in mind.

No need to be pro-China rah rah rah, how about neutral? Let's give it a try for a month and see how it works out. Ok, team?


Canucklehead's picture

Man, you have a hard time picking winners.

nufio's picture

Its only because india is more of an economic threat to the US than pakistan is.

China is still late at the global geopolitical game. Now if they could begin to forment US-Canada discord that would be something.

Now that China-Pak ties are being cemented, i can bet that US will increase support to india in terms of technology, and arms and loans to buy the arms.

The indian sheeple have been "conditioned" to hate the pakistanis just like the US politicians have done with the US sheeple about the arabs. This will help them welcome the "loans" to buy the previous generation of planes from lockheed that the US will generously allow india to buy. I guess people deserve what is coming to them for not seeing through this whole thing.

rocker's picture

That's pretty good logic. My thought. Who's left after they blow up Pakistan, India, Iran, Israel and us. China and Russia.!?!

Oh regional Indian's picture

It's all already happening. For decades the US was Pakistan's best friend and totally India neutral. Then, when the outsourcing boom was needed, it all shifted.

Now, India is best friend (they are selling us civilian nuke tech, all kinds of technology importation barriers are being dropped, cultural invasion like you will not believe)....

And of course, India's largest or second largest defense partner is Israel.

Enough said.


Bull_Dragon's picture

Guess what India flat out rejected the Lockheed &  Boeing orders for supplying the Indian Airforce with 126 new fighter jets. I guess people do see through this whole thing in some part of the world. Also, kindly proceed to reading more international news to improve your knowledge of current affairs. 

nufio's picture

but they did try and will keep trying. so now india is buying french war planes. as far as the average indian is concerned he still has to pay the debt for the goddamned fighter jets. India needs to seriously cut down on defense spending and resolve issues with Pak and China.

falak pema's picture

Well it began in 1956...with US aid institutionalized to kill the independent India of Nehru JF Dulles...the man who hated third world dominoes which wanted to be INDEPENDENT (aka Bandung conference 1955). So he bought the rival country of Pakistan thanks to USA's military complex. Now, years later,  the chickens are coming home to roost ...after fifty five years of butt bashing of the Pakistan military complex, and of the PAk people,  by the USA MIC! 

What is now a killer for the USA and the west is that these hegemonic, DC world order "assholes", who thought every body and every body's brother was their surrogate bitch for always, now get goose pimples at realising that these "shit-head third world losers" now HAVE obtained through stealth the NUCLEAR device. It now makes their predatory blood go cold...As they cannot even manage a feudal Afghanistan...their ability to manage a 130 million hornet's nest called a fundamentalist inclined Pakistan, engineered in benign imperial, arrogant neglect by good ole USA, now deep shit in debt, and  with a credit rich China breathing down their necks, it becomes a true nightmare...Oh, Ronald where are you...

XPolemic's picture

Siding with Pukistan against India was among the worst strategic blunders ever.

Good lord you are an idiot.

TheTmfreak's picture

I remember reading that in something like 5 years, interest payments to China will pay for their entire military budget. How nice would that be? Not only do we pay our own grossly huge military budget but we pay for China too.

LowProfile's picture

I think that assumed less than parabolic growth in commodities.

NotApplicable's picture

Ceteris paribus, FTW!

After all, who needs the clutter of variables in their models? They're so passe.

legal eagle's picture

Yes, China believing they will get those interest payments is similar to an 18 year old relying on his social security payments.

If the government stopped spending today and instead paid $100B a month toward the national debt, it would take 370 years to pay.

The debt cannot be paid back unless it is paid back in seriously dilluted monopoly FRNs, and maybe China will be able to buy one jet with their $870B in US treasuries at that point.

TheTmfreak's picture

Nobody said anything about paying off the debt. We are paying interest payments to China...

Fukushima Sam's picture

Funny how when you don't have debt service payments you can actually invest in your future.

TheTmfreak's picture

I wouldn't use the word "invest in your future." I'd rather say be ABLE to cut taxes so private citizens can do what they will with their money.

Less debt service payments in reality just means more debt the government can accrue by spending more than it takes in.

legal eagle's picture

Arent we talking about interest on the debt?  When we default on one, the other goes away by logical necessity. 

TheTmfreak's picture

We make constant interest payments. Thats built into the deficit every year. A default means not being able to have enough money to pay back interest (and generally some principle) on loans. We take out new loans all the time to have enough money to pay back those interest payments to the chinese and elsewhere.

Eventually the only debt America will have is with itself. (if it keeps buying its bonds and paying everyone else off).

NotApplicable's picture

Welcome to Hell, where dollars come home to roost.

morkov's picture

how about a gas pipe iran-pakistan-china? isn't that ironic? oh, i forget china has oil and gas from russia now...traded in "another" currency also...

/sarc off

Cash_is_Trash's picture

War at the top of the world, coming to a tv screen near you.

Chris Jusset's picture

So when can we expect WW III ?

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Iran chose their fate.

Our Muslim president tried to give them all they could want, and it is not enough.

The only question is whether it benefits the bankers/socialists more to kill Iran's allies, or Iran itself.

Bet the answer to that question.

BigJim's picture

And exactly what did our 'muslim' president give Iran?

Did he pressure Israel to stop (let alone dismantle) its settlements? Did he cut Israel's aid? Did he stop vetoing every UN sanction against Israel? Did he cut sanctions on Iran's (perfectly legal) nuclear power industry?

Do tell.

BigJim's picture

That's all they could want?

Not very demanding, these modern-day Xerxeses.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Can you say Nuclear Blackmail? I knew you could.

Explain why you muddy the waters instead of champion the truth.

BigJim's picture

Explain how Iran having a couple of nukes (compared with our thousands, and Israel's 300+) will do anything other than make them harder to push around - that is, if they are actually going for nuclear weapons, which is by no means clear, except in the zionosphere where it's bandied about like established fact.

Oh, and tell me - did Ah-me-dinner-jacket really threaten to wipe Israel off the map?

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Don't worry. Christians are wrong.

Iran will keep getting a pass until it is too late. Hell, maybe they are right, maybe God is on their side. The election of Obama would signal that.

A doomsday cult with nukes is the last thing the world needs.

We'll see. I only know what has happened before when the world appeased a tyrant.

Maybe this time will be different.

I would bet not, but I'm not a prophet.

Stax Edwards's picture

Nope, you are not.

But a rodent, That I'll buy.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Squirrels plan for the future better than half of humans. I am a proud rodent.

Come and eradicate me.

You might be shocked how many rodents there are.

crazyjsmith's picture

Ok Big Jim, I get your point, and it has SOME validity to it, but you lose all credibility with statements like...

"if they are actually going for nuclear weapons, which is by no means clear"

Don't be an ignorant fool.  You HAVE to know their intention is to get nuclear weapons.  To even pretend anything else is total lunacy and ignorance.  The way they taunt their new self developed weapons, including the names they choose for their weapons, is all the evidence you need.  The day they go Nuclear, will be a national holiday, quote me on that.  All you have to do is look at how Pakistan reacted once they went Nuclear.  If you have paid any attention to what comes out of their mouths, you will know this with absolute certainty.  Now, do they deserve to pursue those weapons on their own?  That is an entirely different and valid argument to have. 

BigJim's picture

If I were running Iran, I would certainly want nukes. But then... if I'd been Saddam, I'd have wanted nukes too; and we know how that turned out.

Everytime I see an article 'proving' that Iran is attempting to enrich Uranium to sufficient purity for bomb-making, I can read another article debunking it. And the latter sources seem considerably more credible. So I'm not sure I'm the one who should be tagged as the ignorant fool here.

We've already had the WMD shtick pulled on us with Iraq, complete with Colin Powell perjuring himself in the UN. And it was all a crock of sh*t. And yet you purport to believe the same kind of info about Iran? When our MSM and administration are happy to repeat the lie that Ah-me-dinner-jacket threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the map? Why would you believe anything they say?

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice ...

falak pema's picture

Hey Rodent, your grasp of history hasn't improved at ZH...

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Really? What did I get wrong?

falak pema's picture

Iran has a 5000 year history, the USA 250 years. Learn to count and you'll understand which way the world will move in this century...It goes downhill for those who pretend that trees never stop growing and up hill to for those who've had their noses rubbed into shit. 

The wheel  turns...and hubris blinds even the most intelligent. 

NotApplicable's picture

As opposed to those who falsely believe that trees do stop growing while they are still alive?

Sorry to pick nits, but you forgot the phrase "to the sky," and thus made a false statement.

AFAIK, every tree grows a new ring every year of its life.

falak pema's picture

point taken ! Jack...of the bean stalk!

Rodent Freikorps's picture

The Persians were once a power in the world.

Just like Constantinople, the Ottomans, and the USSR.

If you are not capable of truly opposing the big boys, you are foolish to play.

They will stray past the line that even Obama cannot ignore, and the missiles will fly. If O will not authorize release, his successor most certainly will. A matter of time.

Less than 600 days now.

You all mouth off about a US empire. You ain't seen nothing yet. And you will have helped bring it about. Good luck when the US no longer acts even kinda PC.

Idiots. You -- and I -- will mourn the death of the Republic and the birth of the real empire.

I will not mourn you useful idiots. I will obey the orders of the empire, because you are not worth defending.

BigJim's picture

It seems to me you're saying that the US will say 'no more Mr. Nice Guy', and become a proper empire, and that will serve all of us right because we're saying that the US isn't a particularly 'Nice Guy' now; and that you will obey the new empire, presumably to let us die, because we are not worth defending.... because we said the US isn't playing 'Mr. Nice Guy'.

Er... what?

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Don't blame me, I voted for the Republic. I will make future decisions based on what I think is best for the US, not anyone else.

You had your chance, you voted for totalitarianism. Live with it.

BigJim's picture

Ah, so now you know how I voted? That's impressive. Please remind me how I voted for totalitarianism; I can't seem to quite remember it myself.