Stocks Close Down For 6th Consecutive Day: Longest Red Streak Since February 2009, Just Before QE1

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The last time we had 6 consecutive down days was February 13-23, 2009. Which is before March 2009. Which is when the S&P hit 666. Which is when the Fed started Q1. As for the last time we had 5 down days in a row was in August of 2010, just when the Hindenburg Omen was spotted and threatened to undo the entire Centrally Planned house of cards... Which is when the Fed started QE2. Pattern emerging?

The Fed is saying no QE3. Ok. See the chart below...

... this is what it will happen (especially now that Wall Street is fuming the whole debit card interchange fee did not pass as it demanded).

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The correlation is so obvious....

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Oh my darling Clementine, Oh my darling QE!

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Aren't banks just the shit?  Banks give money to politicians, and politicians make sure banks get to make money. 

If any politician wants to make a difference, then treat banks as Andrew Jackson treated them, the vile serpents they are.  Sheeesh!  Grow a spine already.

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Well, it was a slow day today...

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The only problem is that the moving averages don't concurr. ;-)

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I've seen this pattern before - it's a simple problem of supply and command.


rocker's picture

Looks like a duck too me. LOL

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I do not see a black swan pattern, nor the famous 'duck' pattern, I see the zodiac constellation 'black hole' (30 Feb - 31 Feb)

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I'd say that's more of a duck...

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Which software on which OS did you use to produce the second screenshot?

asdasmos's picture

It is the same as the first one, just mirrored.

wandstrasse's picture

the second one was made by DaVinci, he foresaw it in the 15th century - or was it the 14th, too lazy to google.. long enough ago anyway.

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You need the newest enterprise version of photoshop running on Windows 8.

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I am pretty sure you can shave a few bucks off that purchase by using Windows Paint Pro v 7.6

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That second chart looks vaguely familiar.... lol

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But, SUM 6+ days up > 6+ days down. 

Whatever, waiting for the crash.

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Long term, the only direction the market can go is up. God wills it. 

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kito - for their sake i wish you are not gambling w/ others people money...but from your coolness it seems like you are....i hope my reading is not correct...

good luck trading...i know someday you will be right... :-)

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Ahhahahaha. Feed the troll.


GOD is long Cigs, Booze, & Halliburton.

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Hell yeah, Halliburton and DynCorp.


Child sex trafficking is recession proof.

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As predicted right here on ZH, for those of you just tuning in....

Wall Street is whining: I want my QE now! By mid summer it will become a full blown tantrum: If you don't give us QE we're gonna blow ourselves up and take the whole economy with us! By late summer, over-indulgent father Ben will announce ice cream for everybody! Yay!

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I would love for someone to call Wall Street's bluff.  Pop goes the Wall Street.

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Main st goes down with Wall St. Do the blue collars forget this?

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While the pain in letting poor investments to be liquidated would surely be a painful event for all involved, the price fixing of overvalued assets is a much longer, drawn-out pain.  Based on what I am seeing, the support for those holders of over priced assets is coming at the expense of those not repsonsible for the problems. 

The former, while painful, will lead to a much sounder foundation for our domestic economy.  The latter is simply robbing the 99.99999% of the population for the benefit of the few. 

My collar is brown actually.  Golf polo......ummmm more of a beige/tan thing going on. 

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I was never for the bank bailouts as that goes against the free market system which most of us have come to swear by, but i also can't fathom how the largest # of receivers of benefits (low and middle class) from the upper class can be so against the very rich that feed them.

All's good, brown collar = white.

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 "benefits" from the upper class: wars, poverty, and imprisonment, the destruction of society and nature. No comprendo? Try reading some Zerohedge articles like:

Will The Banksters And The Corpocracy Eventually Own It All?

“… our formerly great manufacturing cities are turning into hellholes. Handouts do not give people hope, dignity and a future, but jobs can.”


Also read elsewhere:


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Surely you jest.  The very rich feed them? I think you left out two words - The very rich feed off of them. I have nothing but the greatest respect for people who earned their wealth honestly, whether the work was even hard or not. Dont' ask for respect for savages and barbarians who use their power over the financial and political systems (instead of clubs and axes) to pillage, rape, and steal. Don't act like its base envy that causes people to revile their subhuman existence.

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Main st goes down with Wall St. Do the blue collars forget this?

The economic consequences will be great for both parties. Yes, the lower class will suffer more in the immediate term. However, if the death-grip of the corporatists can be broken, the little guy will have a MUCH better chance at "making it" thereafter. Not to mention the sweet sweet great justice that will be mercilessly handed out to the parasites.

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Poised for a buying opportunity.

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A long dirt nap.

The pause that refreshes.

augie's picture

pining for the fjords

This is how i feel. Every day of my life.

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The trend is(n't) your friend.

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Buried in the front lawn of Texan mass murderer .

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Rome has not been erected within 3 days... is this also an Angloamerican saying?

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Only costs $5/share to dig up SPY's.