Stunning New Dollar Bill Designs

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From The Daily Capitalist

I don't know about you, but this should be the new currency. These are designed by Dean Potter. For information see the Dollar ReDe$ign Project.

Of course, a gold certificate would be better, but if I'm going to carry around fiat money, this is it.

For those of you who would miss dead presidents on our currency, I say, why? In the days when we had real money, gold, our coins were decorated with the head of Miss Liberty which signifies the ideals of our Republic. If you go back in history, most coinage was decorated with the head of the sovereign. Miss Liberty was a radical decision to depart from the past. We have elevated our presidents to the level of kings and gods on our currency. I think they should be retired.

I like the idea of Dickinson, Ellington, and Twain because they've done a lot for me rather than to me.

If you want a dead president, there is always this:



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Any artists out there - here's an idea for a coin or gold or silver cert:

The Saint Gauden Walking Liberty and the Adolph Weinman Walking Liberty, in club outfits, making out.

And the motto is... wait for it...

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The estates of Duke Ellington, Emily Dickinson and Samuel Clemens should sue the Fed for defamation by virtue of being associated with the greatest counterfeit operation the world has ever known. Ponzi, Madoff, Schacht and Greenspan belong right up there, though. And Bermonkey, when he kicks it.

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I find these MUCH too Canadian-esque for my tastes.

But at least they don't all have the same ugly foreign figurehead bitch on each one.

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The $10 is for strippers? 

velobabe's picture

we shed our winter clothes for more sheer spring transparency.

it is fun, huh?

'cept don't think i get your picture? are they woman?

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It has a lovely Russian constructivist meets Paul Rand  with a touch of Martha Stewart feel to it.

Having attended the opening reception of the Emily Dickinson Garden Show at the Bronx Botanical garden today (where the lovely, elegant, and refined Sigourney Weaver did a poetry reading of Ms. Dickinson's work) I suppose I'd opt for the Emily Dickinson bill. I'd like this worked into it:


Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune--without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

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I hate how Monopoly money is only printed on one side.  The old monopoly cash was so much mo bettah.

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This redesign which has taken off is the start of making a new currency for the US.  I believe that when our currency implodes, the US will make a decision of having two currencies for the US.  One for America that is only used in the US and the other for international settlements and people who reside outside the US. 

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I dig the Duke Ellington but the whole thing just looks too Euro - which was probably the intention.  Not that it's going to matter soon but I kind of like having a unique looking currency.

Obama is going to get rid of (most) cash anyway. He certainly won't be printing a $500 bill (at least until $500 < $100 in today's value) so these guys are whistling Dixie.

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i wear a gold piece with juliana koningin der nederlanden, around my neck. never take it off, my lucky piece cause it is a female.

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How about a $500,000. with Greenspan, $1,000,000. with Bernanke and just leave some room to add more zeros?  After all they are not dollars, they are Federal Reserve IOUs.

DosZap's picture

Looks like Bahamian bills from the 80's...............

The ink is worth more than the currency.

Drop some acid, and look at the bills.the only trip you'll get off this shit.

dumpster's picture

a renaissance in money creation.. every one a hand held printer.  have the hand held unit programed for a million.

i wonder if jobs could sell that for 1000 bucks. lol

when you buy some thing .. $15.78 out comes a paper promise.

just think how much the fed would save not buying banknotes from the crane company '

and the promise of Nirvana would be every present.

a chicken in every pot

a car in every garage

a palm money machine in every hand.

infinite wealth.    




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Wouldnt it be easier to recycle monoply money?  Its worth just as much

UncleFurker's picture


Nixon actually wasn't that bad. He just got framed by the CIA.


And we all know which President had the best CIA connections.




GFORCE's picture

How about a $1000 bill with Bernie Madoff on the front? Chuck Prince? We're still dancin' baby!

mitack's picture

Just curios, do they include some kind of electronic circuit where the FED can add/remove zeros remotely ?

Been waiting for that feature...



SWRichmond's picture

Emily Dickenson???????

Sarah Connor, baby!:  "How's the leg, Doctor Bernanke?"

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These designs would be well embraced on Miami's South Beach and San Francisco - Hi Guys!

Rider's picture

Pladi are you a blog "porn-bot"? 


Rogerwilco's picture

Looks like the battle of sacred versus profane is over. We're all tramp stamps now.

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Where are the expiration dates on those bills?!

onlooker's picture

Looks light hearted and gay. Nice reflection of reality.

Blaise Pascal's picture

Why don't we get the credit card companies into the act, and allow you to upload your own pictures onto your very own customized currency?  Their Visa / MC logo certifies it is legal tender.

I'd put my daughters onto the $100, and frame it.

Blaise Pascal, Mathematician, Philosopher, Gambler


saladbarbeef's picture

Since Almighty God is a just and jealous God, it's little wonder that the petty tyrants of the District of Criminals would choose to deify themselves with monuments and temples among the cherry blossoms and their stern portraits, like Caesars before them, on the currency.

LeBalance's picture

The Nix Dick bill would be better with red eyes and fangs and the subtitle:

"Back to the Stone Age" because we going there.

or humorously "No Gold for You!"

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If our ruling elites are going to inflict paper currency on us (NOT paper "money" --- that is a contradiction in terms!), then I vote that they make the most INEFFICIENT denominations possible:  $1.37, $6.15, $13.88, $42.65, etc.  To be introduced along with 3, 9, 17, 41, and 63 cent coins.

Basic math skills will skyrocket.

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If they have the attention span to key in the right denomination, which many don't, either because of ADD or the drugs they take to treat it.


RockyRacoon's picture

Electronic cash registers have eliminated that problem.  Remember the days when the sales clerk would return your change by "counting up" to the denomination you had tendered?  Those days are gone.  Now it's all they can do to count the change out according to the amount on the digital display.

akak's picture

I do know exactly what you mean!

My first "real" job involved working a cash register at a local restaurant/soda fountain, and believe it or not kiddies, as was routine for that time (early 1980s), it did NOT show the change!  So one had to instantly, IN YOUR HEAD, calculate and determine which bills or coins to give in change --- something I became extremely proficient at, and am to this day.  But I used to drive my boss crazy by insisting on counting DOWN the change, not up as I later found out most other people did (and which still seems "backward" to me).

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I started working at the ripe old age of 14 at a poultry stand in a farmer's market, for $1.25 an hour (gas was 34 cents a gallon).  We had a register that had numbers on metal plates that were pushed up into the display area on top when you rang up a purchase.  Yeah, we made change by hand.

BTW, I can still cut up a whole chicken in less than a minute: back, two drumsticks, two thighs, two breast halves, two wings.  Marcella, if you're watching, you were the best first boss a guy could have had.  For real.

Seal's picture

I remember when the ‘checkout’ guy wrote all the item prices in long columns with a pencil stub on your paper bags and then tallied it all by hand!

dumpster's picture

flour  2.00 bucks

beans 1.50

coffee  2.00

sugar     .50

nails       .15

lard        .10

hard tack  .05

yard of cloth ,35

total  weekly $6.65    put on account lol

Marla And Me's picture


Thanks for that one akak.  Gave me a good belly laugh!

The Alarmist's picture

Let me guess, the Big O gets billing on the $1 Billion note that will invariably prove necessary.

BTW, is that a Treasury logo on those notes? Hmmm ... seems the Fed does go away in the New World Order, but it is scarier to think of Little Timmy with the power to create money rather than to simply steal it from the Folks.


Mad Max's picture

I want all my $300 tax prebate on a single Tricky Dick Fun Buck.

"One art, please."

aaronvelasquez's picture

How about Copper-backed money?. The anti gold-backed-currency argument is that there just isn't enough gold in the world.  There is some copper out there, I reckon.

Pladizow's picture

That'a a novice argument.

The M1 money supply is currently 5 times greater than the amount of gold available (Priced in today's $'s)

If you wanted every dollar to be backed by gold, you simply have to revalue gold at approx $5,500/oz.

If you want to use M3, fine, revalue gold to about $20,000/oz.

GFORCE's picture

History doesn't usually allow a structured revaluation of gold prices to meet a delusional standard of living.

SWRichmond's picture

It's not gold that's being revalued.  Hint: it's fiat bugs that are delusional.