Stunning Video Of Reactor 3 Explosion

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This is what a hydrogen explosion looks like. There a several other reactors that are seeing a build up of hydrogen.

And another view. Hopefully the thing dropping from the explosion was not the containment dome.

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US Military is being evacuated right now from Japan.  The Two Carriers on the east coast are booking out of dodge as fast as possible to deep sea.

Probably because the core of engineers know exactly what's going to happen next.  Chain reaction. 


I should also warn everyone that internet services everywhere are going to go into the shitter in the next couple of weeks, months.  Japan is a major internet traffic hub and the primary central site for akamai appliances that cache the internet to shot gun DNS requests and data around the planet.  So hopfully OSPF works as intended and the internet self heals but it's doubtful.  I expect market feeds to be pretty fucked up tommorrow morning at open.

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It's just a little steam.  I wouldn't worry about it.  I'm going to back the truck up tomorrow and BTFD.

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Must agree with Harry on this one. 

This is just water steam caused by the cooling system.

I wouldn't worry about this "explosion" which isn't one. 

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Tokyo Electric Power Co. says three workers have been injured and seven are missing after an explosion at the stricken Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant.

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West coast jet stream predictions here and here


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Jet stream predictions will not help really. What are needed is surface winds due to the low altitude of the event. What's more, I see what looks like a high pressure system off the east coast of Japan, that means the low level winds within it will be traveling in a clockwise circle around the system. That brings any fallout right back to Japan with some risk on the Korean peninsula/northeastern China. No wonder the US navy is leaving town.

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 The first, #1, did looik like a hydrogen explosion. This one , #3, is quite different and instead of a big 'pop' which threw the pannels from the building all over it went straight up from the center and appeared to be stronger all over.

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There is add-on missile directly shield over reactor on nuke pwr plants in US.

If unit 3 had one installed, that may have been the large ejected object that fell back down...abt 25 tons.

The overall ejected mass and multiple impulses suggests large contamination mass in plume. Not like unit #1.

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I don't know how you cool down a nuclear reactor in a couple days when it took them 8 weeks to cool down the 9/11 ground zero site.

WTC Ground Zero Molten Steel (Part One)

9/11 - Ground Zero Molten Metal Confirmed

9/11 Experiments: The Mysterious Eutectic Steel

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Possibly because burning office towers don't have their own specially-engineered coolant systems. Genius.

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Most building code do require sprinkler systems. Whether or not it would extinguish a jet fuel fire is a different argument. But the wtc7 collapse looks like the sprinklers may have been spraying jet fuel in stradegery located places. Im just saying.
If tptb will enslave multiple generations with debt money and send soldiers to die for WMD that "we" gave them, what's a few thou is civilian life in exchange for a healthy war or 2?

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WTC Ground Zero Molten Steel

- - - - - - -

That old saw again? Isn't that about worn out?


Say, can you riddle me how the temperatures got so hot to 'melt steel' on office furniture and paper as the combustibles?

Oh, words please, no linking to obscure incomprehensible videos by high-schoolers on YouTube pls ..




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Professional debunkers are so much fun to play with.

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No answer ... figures; you're just a pass-though. I need to be speaking to the head conspiracy theorist.

Take me to your leader.




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Just off the top of my head.

450 tonnes of aluminium from the 747 combining with iron oxide on the girders and rebar to kick off a redox reaction. i,e,  Thermite.


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What 747? There were 2 B767s involved. At least get this minor detail correct.

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Maybe you're the head conspiracy theorist I should be directing my questions to ...

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Yes, I've seen H explosions, and the #1 had that 'clean' look. These were different. Maybe they are hydrogen mixed with something else, but it wasn't just H.

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"it wasn't just H"

How about MOX?

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Whether caused by hydrogen or steam, the explosion at both units was significant and resulted in much damage to the plants' equipment as well as the spent fuel pools.  The official story is that these were explosions caused by hydrogen.  If so, then that means that there is core damage.  By design, any steam or hydrogen in the reactor vessel is vented to the suppression pool or drywell (together they comprise the primary containment), not the reactor building surrounding primary containment.

Without power there is no cooling and so pressure builds from steam releases to the primary containment.  The operators should be able to vent the containment to relieve the pressure, but the vent system may rely on AC power, which was lost.  If the vent valves could not be opened to relieve the pressure, then the containment will ultimately fail.  That is what I believe has occurred due to the violent nature of the explosions.

What is possible, but not most likely, is a catastrophic failure of the reactor vessel due to a molten core penetrating the vessel wall.  This would result in an instantaneous overpressure of the primary containment.

Without power there is no pumping ability in the plants.  They are not designed to cope with decay heat from the reactors for an extended period without the ability to remove heat and add coolant.  These reactors were in that very situation and the results have been dire.  With the amount of damage from the explosions it is unlikely that plant equipment can be restored, especially if radiation levels at the plants is high, which is likely.

Pray for the operators.  They need all the help they can get.  If the control rooms are destroyed or are uninhabitable due to radiation, then the only thing that can be done is pump water into the primary containments and spent fuel pools with external hoses.  This also would require personnel to work in close proximity to the open and damaged containments.  Not good.

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These are older units. Would a long service life result in embrittlement or other degradation of the cement in the primary and secondary containment structures?

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You're changing the subject and that's insulting.

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Wanqer -- Wanker -- Wanger -- what's the difference?  Better yet, who cares?

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Lets go hunting rocky. I'm 5 hours off of west coast time. I'm well fed and in the mood for some left wingers!

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Wangers don't taste good in a soup. Got to feed em to the ravens to bait something worth eating.


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but right wingers eat better than left. Me thinks right wingers make a better meal.

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On a long enough comment thread

the authenticty rate for

everyone drops to zero.

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Banzai7, who is in Hong Kong, told me his broadband was been very slow since the tsunami. Another contact on the mainland told me the same thing. The assumption was just heavy traffic, but maybe it's more than that.

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It's a major hub.  Same thing would happen if Denver, Chicago, Liverpool, Paris, Amesterdam, etc.  Went up in smoke.


the guy that runs is in Japan and managed to get a post up mentioning that there is only three hours of power a day...even then.

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Region Current Index Avg. Response Time (ms) Avg. Packet Loss (%) Asia 58 407 26 % Australia 85 149 0 % Europe 74 251 11 % North America 78 215 16 % South America 85 144 0 %
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From your sleep.

Before your father hears us.


We escape.


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I'm in Canada, mine's shite to begin with!

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Connection is Korea is still as fast as a bullet.

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You might want a little more real world knowledge before you go offering predictions..

#1:  The "Internet" is based on BGP (both EBGP and IBGP)..  OSPF is only acting as the IGP within a individual provider, and yes, it works fine.  It's well tested.

#2: Akamai, by design, is distributed.  That's the entire point of it, put the content well out into the network and closer to the content consumer..

#3: DNS is local with the local servers checking in with DISTRIBUTED TLDs (Top Level Domain) servers.

You can "doubt it" all you want, just like a bunch of bunker digging "experts" predicted all of our microwaves were going to stop working on 1/1/2000....

Japan will have some issues related to power outages and fiber damage, but that will be localized.  The other possibilities are overloaded video servers with so many people trying to see what is going on, but that too will be localized to the websites hosting the videos..

In short, the Internet will be fine..

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Perhaps "Anonymous" should delay the release of the BOA docs - who can compete with a nuclear meltdown?

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No that's still happening.  LOIC and IRC are online.  Anonymous is getting feeds from sailors on the boats that they are getting out of Japan for a little while.

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Do you have the IRC feed address?

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go to to /b/ and tell them you are a newfag and need LOIC.  Someone will help you out. lol

you'll need Tor setup to talk on the channel

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Looks like Anonymous server can't handle the load - or it's a DOS attack:



Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Apache Server at Port 80"

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load...the irc channel is up though, LOIC bots are running just fine.   Same thing happened with Wikileaks.  Apache shits the bed and needs to be restarted.  Crapped out around the same time last time too, 100k of traffic contected to the IRC server and the web service dies.

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Wow ...


Military Crew Said to Be Exposed to Radiation, but Officials Call Risk in U.S. Slight

The Pentagon was expected to announce that the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, which is sailing in the Pacific, passed through a radioactive cloud from stricken nuclear reactors in Japan, causing crew members on deck to receive a month’s worth of radiation in about an hour, government officials said Sunday.

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Another sneak attack to get our aircraft carriers?

Those sly Japanese, luring us into a radioactive dirty bomb cloud.

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rules 1 and 2 there big guy



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Futures almost green.

Holy fuck

/es -4? Something is wrong.

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Dow futures are down 43 points.