Subprime Pipeline (a simple visual aid)

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The following diagram is self explanatory. All I will say is that the two processes are surprisingly similar.  Suggested improvements are welcome. Push the printer friendly button for full screen view.



Special thanks to CD for suggesting this project.


Link to large format image: Large Image

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actually you forgot the "we're from Washington and we're to help" box.  Thank God for Justice.

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You forgot to put in the part where they forge the documents so no one finds out how much bad debt the banks have on their books.  That's what this robosigning is all about.  The order came right from the top.  wait and see

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No, I think the doc mess requires another graphic. That is my next project.

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Love the diagram, appeals to the engineer in me.  Fitting facility, maybe with the "fixes" they put through, will need to change it to a hazardous waste management facility. 

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Look on my blog, I love doing these intricate diagrams

I hope you are not a financial engineer. ;-)

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Good diagram, pretty much explains the whole situation.  We are screwed and I think the world knows it.

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Unfortunately, in this day and age all out dirty laundry is hanging on the internet, which the Chinese read profusely.

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I would like to run Lloyd and Jaime through the TARP pressure vavle.

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this is what it is.  look here.

Nassau’s Cedar Creek Sewage Plant is a Time Bomb A Long Island Press investigation exposes the plant's disastrous conditions By Christopher Twarowski on April 29th, 2010


the current aim is to try and privatise the mess at pennies on the dollar

and then increase use fees exponentially to pay the interest on the borrowed

money to ,  i imagine, j.p. morgan and profits for the mob organization

that acquires this sorely neglected facility.  and intentionally neglected for

just this occasion and of course transfer of funds by politicos for fun and

profit.  something like that.

it is truly systemic this raping of the public.  ongoing.  both parties in their

own special way.

not subprime, prime in this case.  or used to be prime, the future has

it's own surprises, without saying....

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Funny...The first job I ever had was working as a lab rat in an environmental monitoring lab housed next to a sewage treatment plant near Jamaica Bay. Imagine what those skimmers would pull up from the NYC outflow.

I am not kidding, one day money started coming up on the skimmers and the guys that worked there went completely nuts...until the police arrived

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sheesh,  you can smell the palpable irony,

dirty laundry and linen.  i see it as multilingual scene with italian

subtitles.  oh, the felini years and to be back in the land of

coca cola.


thanks for the art

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Civil unrest is coming to a town near can bank on that & prepare the ammo too!!

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It has taken mankind 250,000 years to reach this subprime/holy shit level.The Crime of the century,the profits safely stashed in tax havens throughout the world and as we speak probably being transferred into Gold.How many Bankers,Regulators or Politicians are now doing bird for this systematic looting of savings,pensions, and now the futures of unborn generations as nations struggle beneath unpayable debt and deficits.I hope the Criminals are sleeping soundly in Switzerland,Belize,The Cayman Islands,Andorra,Lichtenstein,etc, nations who don,t care what you,ve done as long as you bring the cash,better make sure double locks are on the doors as more and more sheeple are affected.Austerity for the masses,huge profits for the untouchable few.

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bad link???  


Oops ... as stated press the PRINTER FRIENDLY button -- doh!


Thanks - great diagram 

Perhaps add the pressure valve outflow from the banks to campaign funds and congressional "incentives", just to show that Washington is in the loop somewhere.