Summary IMF Org Chart

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With much interest focusing on the organizational structure of the IMF, today Reuters has compiled a useful org chart summarizing the complete flow of executive power at the Washington D.C.-based (for now) developing world (and PIIGS, soon everyone else) rescue organization.

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I Could See Myself Becoming The Victim Of A "Honey Trap" -Strauss Kahn

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They forgot the top box with Beezlebub. 

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and Tim-back of Massive Debt as his deformed minion

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how can the U.S. fund the IMF in any bailout now that we have hit the debt ceiling?

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easy as that: off-balance sheet ;- )

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Easy.  You just take money that would otherwise have been spent on US citizens and divert it to the IMF.  That shouldn't be a difficult line to spin politically in these financially challenged times, should it?

Of course, now with the issues around DSK, maybe Timmay will reconsider further funding to the IMF until all this unpleasantness is resolved.  What convenient timing that the IMF should be put under a cloud the same day the US runs out of money.  Hmmmm....hey, wait a minute....

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The world's most dangerous terrorist is supposedly getting killed in his "compound" in a prestigious Pakistani neighborhood, the body gets dumped into the ocean and the entire world media is repeating the lie over and over again. Everyone is supposed to swallow the lie hook, line and sinker.

Then the head of the IMF gets dragged off a plane in NY because he allegedly raped a maid in his NY hotel room but he says he was having lunch with his daughter at the time.

US debt ceiling gets breached today.

Expect nukes to fly soon.

We've been here before and it wasn't pretty.

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They were trying get him "Spizter'ed"  But the plan was not well thought out.

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"they" ?

Who has a motive to take out this overlord of international finance? Then again, who doesn't?

It happened in NY. The NY police department got involved. He is in US custody.

Qui bono?

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'They were trying get him "Spizter'ed"  But the plan was not well thought out.'

Ha. I had to read this twice as I first thought you said someone was bound to spit in his jail food.

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Doomed to fail.  An org chart full of "advise", "elects", "appoints", "reviews", and nowhere do you see "does".

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Good observation. Where is "responsible for." And because all of the arrows go in circles, needless to say, nobody can be blammed for anything. To include rape.

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They actually do things but, in their infinite wisdom, they are always late to the party and they do more harm than good.

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They "do things"

Like assassinating any heads of state that do not accept their evil, twisted "help".

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That's what the CIA and other agencies do, not the IMF.

IMF is just your average evil banker,  just on a global level.

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It’s all about dollar loosing reserve status struggling to maintain its position.

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+1.4236 EURUSD +0.01260 (0.893%)

Arresting DSK was supposed to deal a blow to the EURUSD pair.


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time for a new Capo di tutti capi?


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Chart is bullshit. There is no arrow labeled 'Rapes' pointing to a box titled "Commoners (maids and such)". Or is that supposed to be some kind of well known sekret?

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The incest continues.

"What is quite shocking is how inadequate the world's regulatory supervisors were in curbing the lax lending standards at the heart of the housing and credit bubbles.”—John Lipsky, first deputy managing director of the IMF, named acting managing director yesterday.

Different player, same club, same game plan for a one world government with a global currency and a global bank - all funded in part by the American people for their own self-destruction and  loss of identity and liberty.  

Lipsky is a former Vice Chairman of the JPMorgan Investment Bank where he advised the firm's principal market risk takers, former director of Salomon Brothers' European Economic and Market Analysis Group, and former manager of the IMF’s exchange rate surveillance for a decade until 1984.

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DSK to star in "Maid in Manhattan 2: austerity comes to America"

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DSK to star in "Made In Manhattan 2": the sexual proclivities of French International Banksters in the New York prison system.

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This just in from Joe Weisenthal... The dow turns positive

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The countries with the highest voting quotas are NOT based on GDP as it says in the chart. The voting system of the IMF relies on a convoluted weighted recognition of political stability, GDP, BOP, and "intangibles" ("Openness" and "Economic variability"), which give the USA almost 3 times more voting power than its nearest rival (Was 17.3%, now 16.5% post reform - which DSK managed), and on super majority decisions that require 85% majority, that is tantamount to absolute control (Through veto power) of the IMF. 


I call it a convoluted system because, despite the common (mis)perception by Americans that the USA contributes too much to the IMF, countries that contribute far more than the USA often have little voting rights at all. 

IMF Balance of Payments Stats:

Post reform voting rights of member states

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I'm in a state of shock (again) .   I read that BUSINESS INSIDER article :

& this quote from DSK caught my eye :    

"The money, women and my Jewishness."       .......... I am in shock, no lie.   I thought he was FRENCH !   So, this man is also Jewish ?    What the hell is going on, why are there so many Jewish people in banking & goverment !?

& I'm sure I'll get junked for this comment, but, then, I'm not the one who said it, I'm quoting DSK.  ........ he's a horrible person.    no wonder we're in such a damn mess.

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hhmmmm...sounds like this man has a persecution complex?

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I've got eleventy three brazillion dollars that says this wont end with one claimant. I'm guessing this lothario has been down this road before - probably in some $3,000 a night Parisian suite

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Tried inserting photo, didnt work.  Tristane Banon is her name, she is saying that DSK acting like a gorilla in heat when he attacked her.