Summary June Hedge Fund Performance

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Hedge fund numbers though just before the last week of June when everything ripped. Looking at these it is not difficult to see why stocks were in dire need of a vapor volume ramp: Millennium: +0.16; Tewksbury: -0.40%; Cantillon: -3.99%; Silverpoint: -0.20%; Davidson Kempner: -0.56%; King Street: -1.07%; Owl Creek: -4.8%; Perry: -3.72%; Pershing Square: -3.7%; York Capital: -3.47%, Avenue: -1.9%; Bluemountain: -0.67%; SABA (aka negative basis implosion-in-waiting): 0.46%; Viking Global: -1.09%; Maverick: -4.25%; Highbridge Long/Short: -6.37% (oops), REIF B: -0.75%; Cobalt: -0.88%; Tudor: -2.83%; Moore Global: -2.35%; Moore Macro: -0.64%; Hutchin Hill: -0.30%; and so on.


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You are cherry picking some of the worst hedge fund performers.

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all the data is there.....big stars...down big money...

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Actually just presenting the biggest names. If they also happen to be the worst performers, well, then...

Popo's picture

I skipped through the entire document and did not see what looked like a majority of losing funds.  Saying "and so on..." is misleading imho.

SheepDog-One's picture

OK well then why dont you present us your list of great performance funds then.

Popo's picture

Heh... come on SD1.  Nice straw man argument.  At no point did I ever insist there was a list of "great performance funds".  (And nor would I ...  I'm extremely bearish).

But anyone who actually reads through the attached document,  and not just Tyler's summary can see that there's a relatively even distribution of winners and losers listed there.

In my humble opinion, Tyler's title/post is misleading to the bearish side in describing the report.   While I'm extremely bearish -- I didn't see much supporting evidence in the attached doc.

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I think the point is that on an asset (AUM) weighted basis, the well known funds (where the recent money has been flowing) got crushed, while the by the number of funds, the returns were fairly evenly distributed

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You did notice that most of the "winning" funds had a last reporting date of May 31, yes?

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Where is Hendry's Eclectica? Cause bad things are happening...

snowball777's picture

Someone accidentally parked on him in his little car, but seriously...he should be dancing jigs as his thesis is playing out.


knukles's picture

Oh you mean those leveraged beta funds trying to sell themselves as alpha players?  Them folk?  The one and the sames talk about good returns respective of market conditions?  Same ones who confuse leverage in rising markets with insightful, intellectual investment decision making.

Oh, that's not fair.
To the few who are really like that.  But then again, even the piano player goes to jail....
A rising tide lifts all boats...
A falling tide reveals who's got no swimsuit...

slaughterer's picture

The question is if the worst hedge fund performers benefitted somehow from last week's rally.    

SheepDog-One's picture

Wait a second I thought conventional wisdom said hedge funds are raking it in hand over fist?

Cthonic's picture

Conventional wisdom faces aft.  Mighty slim returns this year compared to when the Fed first fired up the rocket engine back in 2009 (page 3).  Sort of like an ICBM that's reached zenith, perhaps?

Manzilla's picture

Many of them aren't down that much. Speaking from experience it just takes a good month to be up relative the market. Now some of these guys with massive funds will have a much harder time doing that but screw them.

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Would be interesting to also see how the real money accounts are doing YTD.