Summary Of Key Events In The Upcoming Week

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The economy will collapse this week.

chump666's picture might just.  huge CDS and Bond bubble in Asia, BS in Europe and the US economy going into double dip

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May just be hubris but the boys at the LHC got lucky,  we have a violation of CPT symmetry,  we won't need thermonuclear energy to keep the world on edge in a year or two. Got something better than better.,2817,2386429,00.asp

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Now the Vulcans will be arriving.

There goes the neighborhood.

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Someone remember to bring the beer!

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Chalk one up to the Good Guys:

Then again, on the other hand:

"The US government sure has an interesting way of defining war these days. Just a few months after the Obama administration played word games with the public by insisting that air strikes in Libya were just "kinetic military action," not acts of war, the Pentagon has now come on the record stating that it will treat all acts of cyber-hacking against the US as "acts of war.""

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f*ck goldman ball sacks

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The financial markets have lost the plot, so we gonna see some massive volatility coming weeks.  Swing trades all over the place.

All we need is a HFT going nuts as we say in May 2010.   Albert Edwards may see the slaughter on the 10ry yield. Maybe, just maybe the market will discount QE 1 and 2 has a HUGE failure. ANd we get a deflation/deleverage trade

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We are at the pivot point, in which the politicians & O'Bama administration will begin their doom campaign; in efforts to raise the debt ceiling and pass new economic recovery taxes.

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One thing I have learned since 2008 is never underestimate the power of the printing presses.


Never !

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Printing press?

They have a macro on the FED keyboard.  Press F3 for 100 billion dollars at your leisure.

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A real snewser week ahead. Summer doldrums setting in?

Arguably it was the encouraging production plans which accompanied Japanese IP...

Everything to do with production in Japan will look good when compared with March. Rule #1: Always set the bar low initially.

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Japan the biggest market manipulators and govt stats fudges (China a close second).  I just follow their stocks, market is saying Japan is FUBAR.  even if they print, oil inflation will kill them

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Comrade President Obama has ordered higher production at state auto plants.

Obama praises workers' councils at state factories for adopting the Kiev Tractor Works' production model.


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dawn of the dead(78) streaming, sorry if thats illegal.

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Inflation sees silver goes up, deflation sees silver .... goes up.

And COMEX with see all of their 30MN of registered silver gone by the end of July.