Super Rich Indians Abandon Super Cars En Masse To Avoid Arrest In Massive Smuggling And Tax Fraud Crack Down

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One of the benefits of living in a developing country is discovering that pretty much nothing is ever as it seems. The latest news out of the Telegraph confirms that, by reporting on a crack down in a massive stolen-car scam which has seen the country's millionaires abandon their supercars, among them Bentleys and Aston Martins, literally on the streets of New Delhi in droves: up to 400 cars are suspected of being part of the tax-scam and theft ring. It turns out that these same cars, which were sold to top Bollywood film stars, and a couple of Indian international cricket players, were stolen from around the world, then resold by the top car dealer as second hand and falsely claimed the cars were being supplied tax-free to diplomats in order to avoid India's double taxation of luxury vehicles. "More than 40 cars are now impounded in a government car park. Models parked in the lot include Porsche Panameras, sold in India for £250,000, a Bentley Continental Supersport, costing £350,000, several Aston Martin Rapides, with a price tag of £290,000 and a Maserati, costing £170,000." But while the dealers were merely providing an unmet, if illegal, service, the ultimate enabler of this behavior is naturally the Indian Central Bank, which despite attempts to cool inflation, has created massive pockets of wealth in a society that only compares to China (and the US of course), in the schism between the few uberwealthy, and the masses of less than privileged lower classes.

From the Telegraph:

According to officials from India's Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, the alleged scheme to cheat its tax authority out of millions of pounds centres on a British-Indian car dealer in Britain who is accused of arranging shipments to India where demand for luxury cars is insatiable. In some Indian cities businessmen have formed groups to bulk buy Mercedes cars direct from the manufacturer because they are too far from an official dealer.

Detectives are now seeking permission to take their investigation to London where a number of Britons are suspected of involvement. They are also preparing to approach North Korea and Vietnam to uncover more information about the roles played by their diplomats in New Delhi.

Investigators believe they were lured into the scheme by dealers to exploit diplomatic tax concessions. Duties on imported luxury cars are 100 per cent of their import value – doubling their price.

A New Delhi-based car dealer, named as Sumit Walia, was arrested earlier this month and charged with importing luxury cars on forged invoices. Detectives claim he has defrauded the customs authorities by passing off new cars as second-hand to save 40 per cent on import duties.

They suspect some of the cars may have been stolen in Britain, France, Singapore and Japan before being imported to India.

One businessman bought a Bentley Continental Supersports from an employee of New Delhi's North Korean embassy, which is not known for its high-paid diplomats or luxury fleet. The deal was allegedly brokered by Mr Walia, one Directorate of Revenue Intelligence official told The Daily Telegraph. Another was imported by a Vietnamese diplomat and sold to a different businessman. "Our investigators suspect around
300 to 400 luxury cars have been imported on fake papers and sold in all
major cities across India using the same modus-operandi," said the
revenue intelligence official.

And in other news, we are confident that if the data were actually collected, the number of Indians on foodstamps would be currently at a record. Just like in the US.

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LFMayor's picture

For real Gone in 60 seconds, bitchez.  Maybe BollyWood will do a third cut of the film, that would be freakin awesome.

Harlequin001's picture

you mean like 'Gone in 60 seconds dog millionaire'...

3.7.77's picture

Following in our footsteps, yay.

sun tzu's picture

India has been that way forever. Talk to any Indian person and they will shake their head at the pervasive corruption there. Our corrupt bastards simply think bigger and try to steal more

falak pema's picture

The black hole of Calcutta was created by the East India company...the first wave of global kleptocrats of the neo-industrial age...They created a tradition of rip offs that would make the 'Thugs' was so efficient...They left a plunder trail...that local Indian entrepreneurs have tried to match and never achieved...But they've tried very hard...these new thugs of the NWO of plutocrats parachuted into hyper solvency on the back of "outsourcing"; that has made them fat, uber-corrupt and short term sleight of hand shit-bags. Who have nothing to envy to their older brothers; members of the five families of NY...Its a viral disease, this brand of American exported plutocracy...which will come home to roost one WS and the City where it all began. Its called global capitalism of the most predatory type.

monkeys.pick.bottoms's picture

Honestly, I believe this is just the beginning of surprises. Every day brings more and more of the unusual. I am waiting for Germany to build 22 coal-powered power plants and Al Gore to be arrested for a global warming swindle.

deepakshenoy's picture

Indians on foodstamps? We don't have no stinkin' foodstamps.You get NOTHING if you're unemployed.

In the guise of fighting inflation, our central bank is still flooding us with liquidity by purchasing dollars and increasing reserves. Impound them, we'll just pay for more aston martins.

Gene Parmesan's picture

Investigators believe they were lured into the scheme by dealers to exploit diplomatic tax concessions. Duties on imported luxury cars are 100 per cent of their import value – doubling their price.

Really? You think so? The government was demanding the full purchase price as a tax and people were trying to get around it? What a fucking joke.  

Harlequin001's picture

That's cheap, for Asia. Try Singapore...

buzzsaw99's picture

they are pikers when compared with usa CONgreff.

Mercury's picture

The intersection of state controlled, crony capitalism and stupid tax policy...

IdiotInvestor2's picture

India is actually 3 countries in 1. One segment is very small, but extra-super-rich. Another is a US sized segment that can be truely called "developing". A much bigger portion is really really poor, malnourished and ignored by main-stream media here and by most Indians themselves.

NidStyles's picture

Every country is like that. Even the US. I could show you some places here in the grand ole' US of A that would embarass you. We have starving and malnourishment as well. The difference is that the US Government is great at hiding that little detail.

LFMayor's picture

True, probably some of my tweeker cousin's houses you're talking about.  That being said, I have yet to see anyone in the US that results to huffing scrap wood smoke through a gourd and blowing it into rat holes for their evening meal. 
Saw it on NatGeo.  And if you think those cocoa-paste smokers down south got it bad, you ain't seen shit.  These poor bastards get BORN into this job.

sun tzu's picture

Starving Americans with their cell phones and cable TV. Yeah, sure. Don't even compare US "poverty" with the third world. Those places might embarass you, but they would be a huge step up for most Chinese and Indians who have no electricity and indoor plumbing in their little huts.

Nom de Guerre's picture

It seems rather strange that the so-called "poor" in the U.S. are the most morbidly obese.  Most proles in the U.S. have no concept of what poverty is.

anony's picture

Depends on the Clintonian definition of, "poverty".

Poverty for anyone in the disUnited States is upper middle class to the sub-Sahara Africans, Ethiopians, Haitians, and Indians.

augie's picture

faber is a genius.

AldoHux_IV's picture

The imbalances continue to grow and only benefit those who have no right to be benefitting what so ever-- the problem with crony capitalism is that natural selection becomes retarded.

Corduroy's picture

What freaks me is that countries like the UK give AID to india...

India should not get any 'general purpose' aid as it does not need it.

Western powers trying to peddle influence by peddling aid gets up my ring piece

Parth's picture

The aidfrom developed countries is not significant. And there is a whole segment of India that could use trillions in aid but nobody really can help. Its just overpopulated and underdeveloped. 

Gene Parmesan's picture

Have they tried hope? Change?

Parth's picture

Hope? Change? Yep 25% of the permenantly ignored have joined a Maoist movement to inflict change they can believe in. Few people know, but the greatest threat to India is not Pakistan, or China or pollution - its the Maoist movement. Its huge. Whats funny is the Maoist leaders behave just like all elites- they want big cars too. Humanity is so predictable. LOL.

Corduroy's picture

Its not the level of aid given, it is that there is any given at all.

India already gets enough aid from the developed world via job relocation

Parth's picture

True. Our elites need Bentleys and Maseratis too. The American middle class is truly abandoned.

doomandbloom's picture

cmon guys..give these elites a break...after all that they have done for ya..

ColonelCooper's picture

ORI - Since you are recently finding yourself on foot, I have an '86 Ford Escort I'll sell you.

ColonelCooper's picture

Hw about a '72 Vega?  It's got Keystone Klassic rims, a bitchin Pioneer Supertuner w/carpeted 6x9's in the back, and a set of Tune Ups velcroed to the dash.

This is the "Party On" car Wayne and Garth wished they could have afforded.  I'll even throw in the dyed feather roach clips on the visors.

Hephasteus's picture

Bullshit colonel. Hot rodders snatch up 72 vega's like horny aliens snatch up anal probe victims.

ColonelCooper's picture

I hope you're kidding, cause I just made it up.  Tell me you're kidding.

Hephasteus's picture

Nope. They put big block 454 and 427's and mountain motors in them but no i'm not kidding.

Drag racing is all about apply x amount of horsepower to y amount of weight. The don't have a long enough wheel base to be stable at 8 and 9 second brackets but most people go for 10 second bracket cars.

ColonelCooper's picture

I'll be damned.  Good tidbit.  Thanks.

Parth's picture

You got to really appreciate the ridiculousness of India's evolution to a Maserati or Bentley or Ferrari on the street.

In 1947 Gandhi won independence for India with not even tailored clothing and proclaimed a new ideal for the country. There were but 3 or 4 car models available since then- an Austin Morris, fiat & jeep and something called a Standard-herald. Thats it 3  or 4 models of cars. And the superich went in a chauffered Austin Morris (a bigger one). Change came with a Suzuki mass produced and then opening slowly to international car companies everyone jumped in the last 10 years. Whats amusing is that the roads are still the same. Imagine driving a Maserati on a crowded street at no more than 20mph for 80% of the useful life of the car. That too chauffer driven. Check youtube for some Indian traffic vids. What is the point?

HungrySeagull's picture

20 mph stop and go can be accomodated by a 6 hp briggs and stratton engine for about a gallon of gas per day.

Manny's picture

The big car was not based on Austin Morris but on Morris Oxford model III. And in India it  was called the Ambassador. And for decades on end there were not more that a few choices. But things have changes in last 15 years. And now as far as automobile manufacturing is concerned India has moved far ahead of even its own expectations.

The speeds are awful in city traffic. Its better to have a 2 wheeler than any kind of sedan. And that goes for any city in India. But the infrastructure for inter-city travel has improved  greatly over the past decade. And although the entire road network is still not upto US standards.

These cars are usually bought not for their speed but purely as a status symbol!The more renowned the car the more likely people will flock to it. So when BMW X1 was recently introduced in India the first 3 months production was sold out in the pre-bookings itself.

Oh regional Indian's picture

For the foreigners...not you Parth, try this:


It's all nuts here. India and western technology do not mix!


Hephasteus's picture

It's not working out so good for japan and the rest of the world either. OH MY god I can't believe you drove around all those motorcycle gangs. Don't you know indian people are violent!!! LOL

falak pema's picture

the indian rope trick is for the local elites...that's for sure... but outsourcing is giving a new twist to this "rope trick"...

lamont cranston's picture

Let us not forget the venerable Tata Truck being driven at breakneck speed with its horn employed as the main safety device.

reddweb's picture

foodstamps ? f the poor - no foodstamps in india. There is ration, and thats about it. You have to earn to feed yourself or beg (very lucrative in some temple towns...millonaires are made from begging i kid u not).

Thank god they dont do free handouts in india...cant imagine what that would do (probably will bankrupt india a day or two)



_Alekhine_'s picture

Technically the rural employment guarantee schemes are a form of welfare. 


They've also have had waiver of farmer's loans a few years ago. Not to mention the  generous farm subsidies. 


It's the Congress party's way of buying votes as well.

reddweb's picture

no free handouts - like in US. They have to work/earn in india. Buying votes ? agree India doesn't have the sophistification as US (foodstamps, pork barrel etc) - but believe me, the ponzi financial schemes(FED, Wall.St), the defense/pharma/oil industry corruption (with politicians) etc that happens in US are so grand, mind-numbing -that people cant comprehend it. You only hear small-time corruption. What did in last two/three years - Indian corruption couldn't have done combined in 1000 years. Hmmm, let me see...can you compute trillion dollars in rupees - good luck ever india seeing that kind of money anytime soon?

Corduroy's picture

I figure you have not read about the Commonwealth Games in India last year. A pure example of government / corporate curruption at its very finest.

camoes's picture


Parth's picture

I do not understand curry jokes. Be honest isn't curry flavor delicious and addictive? Here in Silicon Valley its all the rage on any Farmers Market- curry chicken. Many of my Native born Americans have switched from pot roast to curry chicken. Thats culinary evolution. Now only if you give up your SUV.....and drive the Indica!

camoes's picture

I have some very good Indian friends, but they stink of curry, it's like curry is pouring from their skin and they add curry in all food, everything has curry! I like curry chicken once in a while but's like jalapeños and mexicans

fiddler_on_the_roof's picture

you are right. But see spice is addictive - others will probably have to recalibrate their noses to lower sensitivity.

Parth's picture

curry smell at lunch is an aphrodisiac for ur apetite. Plz curry rules!!!!

falak pema's picture

the trick is to have a shower after cooking curry! If you don't you smell of tumeric for sure! If you have indian friends who take showers they will smell fresh as will their curries!

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

If they want cars that bad ill steal the cars, the boat and make my way to India.

All payments must be met with 24k gold and by weight.

Each car gets its weight in gold ( ill pay for gas ).