Super Typhoon Songda Projected To Pass Over Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

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So far the only good news to accompany the Fukushima catastrophe has been that for all the fallout, the radiation has been mostly contained due to Northwesterly winds which have been blowing any radioactivity mostly out and into the Pacific (coupled with relatively little rainfall), as well as the dispersion of irradiated cooling water which promptly enters the Pacific after which it is never heard of or seen again (there is at least a several year period before 3 eyed tuna fish feature prominently in restaurants across the country). This may be changing soon now that Super Typhoon Songda, which according to Weather Underground will form shortly as a Category 5 storm with 156+ mph winds, will take a northeasterly direction and 2 days later will pass right above Fukushima. The good news: by the time it passes over Fukushima, Songda will be merely a Tropical storm. The bad news: by the time it passes over Fukushima, Songda will be a Tropical storm. As the latest dispersion projection from ZAMG shows, over the next two days the I-131 plume will be covering all of the mainland. Although judging by how prominent this whole topic is in the MSM lately, it seems that conventional wisdom now agrees with Ann Coulter that radioactivity is actually quite good for you.


And the latest plume projection:

h/t Dave Narby

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Well at least that will wash out the radiation.

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...and bring it to California

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It's been coming to Cali via the jetstream. This may reduce it for those of us on the west coast.

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I am vigorously attempting to summon Gamera, but so far no success!

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Mothra dropped a large foam boulder on his head. Gamera will never be heard from again.

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Well, that should stir things up a bit...

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Japan wrote the book on how to hide your nations bank debt obligations after their RE collapse, and the USA followed their program to the letter.

Japan deserves everything they get for coming up with that scam.


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Unfortunately, neither typhoons nor radiation are selectively targetted at only bankers and other scammers.

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very, very high levels in phoenix posted today at radnet... 160 beta, which was near our posted high.

No I do not believe radnet (or the EPA) but if they are posting 160 it probably is or has been recently very much worse!

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very, very high levels in phoenix posted today

gamma rays or immigrants...?

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++  LOL.. have to admit.. Thought that Palin article was better suited for the Huffington Post..

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+1 Palin sure does get progressive's panties to bunch tightly.

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Give me two cat 5s....please hold the Sarah.



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that is beyond a cat 5.. it is a super typhoon!

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Seriously - As long as it doesn't make it to a Radioactive Mutant Mega Super Typhoon it ought to be ok....


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Ann Coulter, what a cunt.


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M. Night Shamalan: Ann Coulter, what a twat!

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Talk slut.


Yours truly,

Ed Schlitz



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She ejactulates spider webbing when she orgasms. You just fear the x-men mutants. Timmy and Bernank can walk right through a vault wall and steal your dollars through inflation because they is mutants.

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Don't worry, as soon as they get that power line run to the reactors, they can put up the circus tent over it and protect it from the winds/rain.

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Wait, your story's incomplete, you forgot the damn garden hose to cool it down and the sawdust and newspapers to plug the leaks.  There, I fixed it for ya.

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OT: Stormed the Capitol building with Alex Jone's, and a couple of hundred more freedom lover's yesterday. My first time out of my comfort zone. Revolution try it, you just might like it..

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Revolution is never off topic.

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Wind, rain and Neutrino particles.

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we have just lost cabin pressure.

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AREVA, the French nuclear company now French water treatment company. Better use a geiger counter to check any French bottled water or Japanese bottled water...especially water bottled at Fukushima springs.

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Holy crap! Add this to 204 SIEVERTS of radiation/ hr now at reactor No. 1...and maybe those doomsdayers were right!

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I'm going to hazard a guess and say this means it is through the drywall. Either that or it magically burned iself out (doubtful).

Radioactive geyser from groundwater in 10...9...8..,

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It can drop. Plutonium is weird. It changes it's crystal structure at various temperatures. If it went through a a lattice change due to heating up some or getting some extra coolng it could very well drop that dramatically.

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Do they all use the MOX fuel (I thought only unit 3 used Plutonium)?

Also, look at the graph.  I'm no expert, but I recall the yellow graph being high (inside containment), up to 200 sv.  This then swapped to the drywall (200sv, now flat inside).  My interpretation is it melted through and was sitting on the drywall for 3 days, at that high level.

So what's it doing for 3 days on the drywall at 200?  It's probably eating through it right?

I guess it's hard to know definitively, we're in ambiguous and uncharted territory.  I agree that it could cool down for a variety of reasons, but we could also just be seeing the reading for material that is now 15 feet down from the sensor, buried in the earth.  Or is there something that indicates this is not happening?

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Yep. That's the thing. This thing is a dozen simultaneous equations with a couple more dozen unknowns.

Some say 650 tons of fuel in total with 40 tons of it being something like 90 percent moxed. Some say 800 tons in total with 40 tons of it being some really high moxed number. Plutonium is paramagentic if it takes a different shape on the pool floor it can drop radiation dramatically. Pluto bombs use ring cores so that the majority of excess neutrons focus out instead of back in on itself. So there's all sorts of things that could be going on. Their's excess neutrons even in the fuel level stuff so it could be slowly and surely buliding up the fuel towards plutonium. Most fuel grade is 3 excess neutrons on an an average time scale of 2 to 4 per decay event.

Lots of things could be happening. Support beams could be melting into the mix moving it around. It could be dripping out into the cracks. Who knows. Even though zero hedge talks about using robots that's a problem. You send in a robot with modern electronics and if you don't pack it in boron or cover it in  lead it's going to fry it's ass off or just compute up a bunch of nothings. Most things aren't radiation hardened and the stuff that is, is likely just cook book recipes without much in the way of real testing.

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Exactly, you put it very well. 

And I noticed that several MSM outlets are still trying to fly the idea that only part of the fuel has melted and exited the PVs.

That is nonsense, and here's why.

The fuel has ABLATED - not merely melted through - it VAPORIZED through ~6-inches of toughened stainless steel in a matter of hours, and almost all of that time it was still bathed in boiling water and steam.

People still don’t get that the actual melting occurs extremely quickly, and that it can quickly become much hotter than any blast furnace. This actual molten phase in the PV probably lasted no more than a couple of minutes, or even a few tens of seconds, before the vessel wall/base was simply gone.

Not merely heated and deformed, but converted to VAPOR - a gas creating froth in a white hot roiling froth of high-pressure partially fissionable metal.

There were many tones of liquid metal-froth when it finally jetted out, and probably did so near supersonic speed, downward, with incredible mechanical shock and thermal energy and it WILL have without a doubt have blown much of the drywell floor to gravel, in under a second.

i.e. a molten jet instantly dug itself into a pit of shattered concrete, like a high mass and high kinetic energy malleable slug that instantly created out-gassing and consumed a large areas of the concrete foundation.

This is TONNES of heavy incandescent metal, a dense froth is accelerated out under both extreme pressure, and also gravity.

Are we expected to believe some fuel-rods survived and remain in the PV?

Or that at least part of the concrete floor of the secondary containment was not pulverized to gravel and dust on impact of the molten jet's escape?

I'm sure some of you understand that modern Main Batle Tank's armor is penetrated via hitting it with a high-speed dense molten jet of metal froma shaped-charge.

That's basically what is getting shot out the base of the PV (many tonnes of it), only its more like a hose than a single explosive transient puncturing, so it can bore a deep hole into the foundation extremely quickly.

The extreme radiation flux will have 'activated' (made unstable and radioactive) the pressure vessel's remaining metal, plus pasted walls with fuel-goo that hardened after the core jetted out. The drywell wall was smashed by thermal and mechanical shock, and the interior of the secondary containment was splattered with incandescent goo. But most of it dug a deep cavity into the concrete, then 'stabilized' as a gassy metal pool that eats up concrete.

The time for the corium to deposit into the concrete probably took less than 1-second.

The whole idea that super-hot and super-pressurized corium dripped out over weeks is utter nonsense!

It's all a failure to appreciate the conditions necessary for rapid ablation of 6 inches of stainless steel.

This is NOT a relocating partial-melt like at TMI.

This is metal at much higher than 3,000K, and frothing white-hot.

Frothing lowers density and prevents or reduces near-critical explosion geometry, as the melt modifies its density, in this way, as the heat runs-up, to ablation/vaporization energy levels creating a boiling froth.

This froth and vapor is why we are seeing broken connective pipes and concrete debris around the plant with staggering levels of radioactivity on them.

Such conditions imply ZERO fuel rod remained solid in the now completely vaporized 'core'.

The 'cores' of the reactors are GONE.

The 'core' is just atomic vapor that was deposited all over Fukushima and the North Pacific, etc.

The residual radiation in the PV walls and remaining base is mostly the solidified goo, on the walls, and we are seeing secondary 'activation' radioactivity within the surrounding metals of the PV, and its connective apparatus.

So don’t be fooled by radiation readings from the PV - it is now irrelevant.

About 95% of that fuel is in the foundation base mat and the goo on outer containment walls.

And I guarantee, No.3 is going to be a big problem in coming months and years, as the fuel is much more reactive, and generates much more heat, and it will generate that heat for much longer than any of the other reactors.

And this is why I’m fairly sure we’re still not seeing the worst release Daiichi is going to serve up.

(and this ignores the SFP pools … which are also yet to do their worst)


The MSM are still being fed the hopey koolaide that none of the above has happened, that the drippy doggy-doo thesis is how the fuel pellets exited, ... and that they may not have even melted ... and that really is doggy-doo.

tom a taxpayer's picture

Thank you for the insight into man-made hell.

Cathartes Aura's picture

staggeringly visual, visceral description - thank you for taking the time to share it Element.

bookmarked to share with others. . .

Hephasteus's picture

Yes excellent analysis. I keep think of the reactor 1 that blew the top and it not being able to act in a pressurized manner. The others sure are free to do that and as you said #3 can bring the pain.

People don't understand how hot this stuff is. Or how fast it can work through any kind of material. Both with heat and by destroying it at a distance with neutron bombardment.





majia's picture

I'm sorry to ask but what happens next? Will that goo in the foundation base mat stay there? What happens to it? I need to know whether I should take my kids to Chile  :(

Hephasteus's picture

Whatever happens it's going to make chernobyl look like a cake walk.

A bit before 25 minutes in to see the empty pressure vessel and chernobyl and the discovery of where the fuel went.

PhattyBuoy's picture

@element - excellent !!!

I still say 1 of these 4 goes KA-boom in an unexpectedly epic fashion ... this is FAR from over.

goldfish1's picture

Now THAT I can understand. Kind of.

sschu's picture

Thank you and Element for your terrific posts on the nature of the problem we are dealing with, that is the near incomprehensible energy and forces at work in a nuclear reactor.

Some have postulated that the Unit #3 explosion was more than the SFP and a hydrogen buildup.  The theory is the top of the PV is now off and the reaction from the PV is exposed to the environment.  Kind of like Chernobyl.

If this is true, then it is a game changer IMHO as any chance (if there was one) of containing this situation is now moot and massive radioactive contamination of Japan and beyond is now assured.  Perhaps you guys could comment on these "Internet rumors"

Txs, sschu



dugorama's picture

yes, down to 40.  Now an emergency worker can survive for something like 7 minutes before puking to death.  and a robot will have time to wheel itself all the way through the doorway before the circuit boards catch fire.

HamyWanger's picture

Will a full nuclear fallout allow LULU or CMG to finally lose a few points? 

Not so sure... 

buzzsaw99's picture

The Jap oligarchs will get the underclass to clean up the radioactivity for ten cents a day.

Jim Cramer's picture

There is no radioactivity. They have it under control didn't you hear?????