TaLKin BouT THe PoNZi GeNeRaTioN!

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People try to write our assets d-down

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

Just cuz we like to fly Lear jets around

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

The economy does look awfully c-c-cold

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

I hope I don't die before I spend my Gold

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

This is my generation

PONZI BOOMER generation, baby

Why don't you all t-trade your 401(k) away

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

And dig the quantitative shit we shovel your way

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

I'm not just talking 'bout a derivative s-s-sensation

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

I'm talkin' 'bout asset bubble g-g-g-generation

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

This is my generation

This is the PONZI SCHEMING generation, baby


Why don't you all t-trade your 401(k) away

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

And d-dig the quantitative shit we shovel your way

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

I'm just trying to cause irrationally exuberant s-s-sensations

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

I'm talkin' 'bout fat assed fees and b-b-b-b bonus g-g-generation

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

This is my generation

This is the PONZI SCHEMING generation, baby

People try to write our assets d-down

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

Just cuz we ike to fly Lear jets around

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

The economy does look awfully c-c-cold

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

Yeah, I hope I don't die before I spend my Gold

(PONZI BOOMER generation)

This is my generation

This is the PONZI Scheming generation, baby!











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Miles Kendig's picture

Sloppy drums trump sloppy stage hands every time.  Especially in Oz

Trifecta Man's picture

The Who - Substitute

Substitute - the lies for facts     Substitute - your homes for shacks

Substitute - fi'at for gold    Substitute - the new pays old

Substitute - big bro for laws    Substitute - your fear for balls

Substitute - your bombs for peace   For you will toil, there is no ease.

Diamond Jim's picture

The Who also did other prophetic especially comes to mind....with lyrics..."we won't get fooled again"...and "meet the new boss the same as the old boss".

Boxed Merlot's picture

So was it wicked Uncle Bernie, Uncle Bennie or Uncle Barney that was fiddling about with the deaf, dumb and blind US citizen? 

rosiescenario's picture

Great....being a big Who fan, luv'd yeour lyrics....I also kept thinking of B-52 Ben and Pinball Wizard....maybe its the deaf, dumb, and blind part????

Kelly's picture

Love your stuff WB7. I always check it out. One suggestion as someone who also works with images. In the top image, the face is very sharp while the rest of the photo is soft-focus. De- focus Alan's face and that would look very natural, IMHO.  Thanks for your work!

jointhewave's picture

This is hilarious...Watch the video 'Chairman Ben Bernanke - National Recovery Hero!' at (

SwingForce's picture

Over the top, down the back wall, escape under the river, and Live To Tell, W-O-W !

trendybull459's picture

Well guys,i would like to surpirce you with thing which was happend back in the USSR,in 1989 the Soviet power(i really do not care who was at power then,i was just out from army like 2years,so i joined given back to me 2000rubbles used by my mom in time of my army service) and i was driving a car making taxi unlegal money,because to by one wheele rubber was about to work as taxi driver for about half month,prices was growing on the day basic and things disappear from shelfs, day it was declair reform of money,it was given one week to exchange appropriate amount of money,if i do not mistaken is like 30000rubbles.I remember how one waiter woman told me about evening she spend in restaurant due some azerbajdgan nation group partiing there was making salut with old money,she said to me that she was just collecting all this crap while everyone knew tomorrow this will be just paper.......hmmmmm,she was day it was announced about prolongation of the exchange process and some groups floor of limit was made much up,as you guess the waiter good her piece of "cheeeeeeeeeeeeese"

Why do i say it to you friends and freethinkers?Because before dollar really will be ingraved I expecting something same party,where the dollar will rise in pre-last move down or whatever,just expect oil collapse soon and all other currencies too,yes,everyone is tied to hear this,but......i believe all of you will be surpriced,say together :"Cheeeeeeeeeeessssssssse!" :)

Wakanda's picture

Da, good story is vetter wit accent.


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Interesting story. While reading this it works better if you mentally use a Russian accent. It helped me to understand what was being said. :>)

Iz good, no?

falak pema's picture

Tovarich, you are better than cheeeeese, you are pure vdka on the rocks. I will try and understand you after I've finished the bottle. Saluto! skol! Bolshoi bravta!

falak pema's picture

who's the other GIRLIE guy with Benocide in visual combat? Is it Q?

falak pema's picture

WB7... you have found the solution to the libyan problem!!! Just send Q Benocide wrapped in kool-aid and see him run all the way to Caracas! Caramba!! Who would want the plague of QE holding hands with him. Pronto! Ben to take the trail to Tripoli. Double whammy! No QE- forever and Q and he will live happily forever after in Caracas with Hugo, the three stooges of goo-goo Venezuelan Orenoque. A presidential order from O of Potomac and congress has no choice but to sing : "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, we love Ben on permanent duty".

velobabe's picture

banzai, good lyrics to embellish a greatest. hey, did i tell you i saw the WHO @ woodstock. we were sitting up front. i thought they played in the day. it really was a bit of a muddy mess. left early, didn't get to see jimmy, but got out with my life.

my generation. fuck these bastards don't deserve to be lumped in with this music evolution generation. these crooks for sure weren't digging the music scene. if they had been we wouldn't be in this mess today. these fck tards are ass ugly, deformed devils in disguise. look at their eyes, all satan no love. i guess this is the ying and yang of the 60's. they are just the true evil doers. we need to behead these bastards.

i don't know how much damage your visual combat is doing. seems kinda soothing to the eye to see these babes† is that your point. end the ugly men pics, with the soothing body babes of wonderland!

williambanzai7's picture

I don't like to over intellectualize about what I am doing, but there is a considerable amount of thought behind it. I am constantly looking at different methods employed by other artists.

On one level I try to scramble  and provoke emotions. By doing so I hope that the viewer will drop preconceived notions and consider what is being said. Humor has always been an ideal medium for doing this.

But on the most basic level, I am simply goofing and ranking on people I and other like minded people detest (in the true spirit of George Carlin and others). Humor is an elixir that saves morale.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

OMFG you are hysterical.

Do you post your actual trades anywhere?


Jasper M's picture

I consider the Who to be vastly overrated, and was all ready to pan this one. But strangely(?), the fine hand of Banzai7 was able to make the trite into something worthy. 

Kudos (yet) again, WB7. 

williambanzai7's picture

I know this will surprise you, but Townsend is actually a thinking man's musician. He is very good friends with Pat Martino. Although I understand the relationship has had its rough moments. What he does commercially is not the complete picture.

Guy Fawkes Mulder's picture

Not sure if this has been done yet, but there should be some good materal from a "Gangsta's Paradise" slash "Banksta's Paradise" meld.

I thought to tell you this after I saw an amateur British chap's production of "Bankster's Paradise":

Here's the Coolio original:

Cruel Aid's picture

'Ponzi Boomer Generation' - Neo classic

Hey WB7, did I see you just now at the Steve Vai, Guinness world record guitar lesson online at

It was good stuff.


williambanzai7's picture

You know what I respect most about Vai? He shares. He made a shit load as a rocker and now he is taking the money and supporting a very diverse group of very fine musicians. Kudos to him! 

Cruel Aid's picture

Vai, Good to know. He is silk on the axe and I will give some money for the lesson next time he plays within a days drive.

Thanks for the levity in light of the ongoing orderly $US demise.

Zero Govt's picture

"And d-dig the quantitative shit we shovel your way"

Fab ;))

 .....shovel the shit into bankrupt Big Banks and bankrupt Big Govt... 'Change you can Believe In'

williambanzai7's picture

Plenty of shit to go around ;-)

Dick Darlington's picture

Would love to hear this song with "kyle's mom" replaced by "uncle ben".

Misean's picture

Burned my thumb holding up my Bic.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Aha, a child of the 60's/70's I suspect. Nowadays you hold up your iPhone. :>)

williambanzai7's picture

If there is not an APP that does this, there will be by evening.

Weisbrot's picture

excellent graphics, as usual

Shameful's picture

That is excellent! Another song to add to the repertoire of Benny and the Ink Jets on the Infinite QE Tour.

williambanzai7's picture

I have the whole album ;-)

hugolp's picture

Great, as usual.

b_thunder's picture

Madoff should be between ponzi and Keynes, move Bernank to the front since he's in charge of the most prominent ponzi

web bot's picture

You are shortly going to be launching a new career with the exposure ZH is giving you.

Good for you.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

WB7 is experimenting with creating a Ponzi for artists. Instead of fiat currency each artist creates fiat art. I'm handling the IPO and ZH is providing the pool. :>)

The Visual Combat series is worth 1,000 fiats each. Still working out the exchange rate, but no matter what you're gonna loose. But WB7 wants you to be happy while loosing. I think that's honorable, don't you? :>)

williambanzai7's picture

This is what has been going on with the art scene in Manhattan for the last ten years. The Ponzi Art machine.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Watch the dollar f-fade away!

walküre's picture

"The Dollar is here to stay" Tim Geithner, March 3rd 2011

This will be a timeless classic.

covert's picture

this is what's wrong about fiat economics, it degenerates into ponzinomics.


dizzyfingers's picture

Is fiatonomics ever anything except ponzinomics?

SteveNYC's picture

Bernanke in "The Running Man", priceless.

The psychedelic Bernank/Greedspan also very good.....

Bartanist's picture

Isn't it that: "It is better to burn-out than fade away"?