The Tax-Payers' Tab: a Cool $9 Trillion and Then Some

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Christ wasn't a Jew, judaism wasn't even a concept back then it is a modern invention. If anything Jesus more represented the modern day Palestinian, the nation which those loving; God fearing jews seem hell bent on destroying.

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funny, the guy i replied to either deleted his comment, or zerohedge deleted it. i guess they finally realized that there were too many racists and anti-semites posting venomous messaged on this site. i somehow doubt it was the former.

 i'm an avid zerohedge reader and i don't post much, but i have been getting absolutely sick and tired of the continous and growing stream of racist comments on this site. 


so thanks. 

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I cannot agree more that the spreading of myopic, infantile neo-Nazi propaganda on ZH takes away and adds nothing to the bankster debate.

These banking criminals should answer for their deeds, not their religion/race/creed.

Once the Nazis could print and borrow no more, they indulged themselves with theft and plunder.   

German citizens received stolen goods from the murder of German Jews (the same German Jews that fought on the side of greater Germany barely a decade earlier), and reaped the harvest of the plunder and murder in the rest of Europe.

Some bloody "miracle". You would have to be observing history through Coke-bottle glasses to believe such Nazi bullshit.  

First they came for my neighbor, and I did nothing.... 

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I am so sick of reading posts about "Jews" being this that or the other....  It is Christmas can't you give it a "rest"...........

If I recall correctly Jesus was a Jew...


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So let me get this straight:  the TBTF banks deposited stocks as collateral for taxpayer money from the Government so that the FED, Treasury, and taxpayers or their mutual/pension funds could buy said stocks from the banks?

33 months of consecutive outflows from equities, hmmmm.

But, never fear, the Government will be sure and blow more of our future for us for the sake of a happy banker today.

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Save the Parasite, Kill the Host. That is U.S. policy.

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Rubin was rewarded for his economic mayhem, he is current Co-Chair of the CFR. Glass-Seagall and Citi and LTCM were his. Nice work.

He stopped Brooksley Borne from ratting out the derivatives chaos at the CFTC back in 1998. (along with Summers, Greenspan, Geithner in 1998 - "The Warning" PBS online) Greenspan told her "Some fraud is acceptable"

They ganged up on her and used congress's authorityy over her to run her out of Washington. Just 8 weeks later, the $1 Trillion LTCM SHTF. They shit their pants!

Rubin got rid of Glass-Seagall -- then jumped immediately to Citi to plunder. 


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Yep, spot on.

And not 1 in a million "Americans" know or can understand such a simple truth.

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i'm a jew. i'm not a banker. i know some jews like money. but i don't make a lot of money. i also know that i have a knife in my pocket waiting for any of you anti-semites that want to pick up a weapon to back up your senseless anti-semitism. we jews have been rounded up like and animals and slaughtered before. i have a picture of my grandfathers entire clan ( a family of butchers ) in poland. they were all slaughtered and tossed into the graves they were forced to dig for themselves. i'm certain cycles of hatred and violence repeat themselves, just as certainly as do economic cycles. and i'm equally as certain that when this cycle comes for me and my people, all 10 million or so of them, i will make all you anti-semites bleed even as i am trodden under your boots.

I know you anti-semites out there. and i know that not only aren't your more reasonable compatriots unable to disuade you from your baseless hatred, but that most of them are too scared and initimidated by your violence to physically stop you. and so i promise that like sampson before me, i will bring the pillars down upon your entire house as I am crushed beneath it. 


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"jews" aren't semites.

They're a race cult of nation wrecking sociopaths masquerading as a religion.

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"they were all slaughtered and tossed into the graves they were forced to dig for themselves", I bet that was the one time in their lives they did honest work

"and so i promise that like sampson before me, i will bring the pillars down upon your entire house as I am crushed beneath it. " Isn't this what the Financial Crisis is all about, Jews destroying what's left of their system of usury ?

You could paraphrase it like

"and so i promise that like Bernie Madoff(a jew) before me, i will take all your money and burn it in a giant ponzi scheme as I am crushed beneath it. "

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Jews aren't alone in believing in the one big angry guy in the sky. Muslims and Christians do too.

I think the only penalty that the likes of Madoff understand is when one of their children takes their own life because of the pressure, guilt and shame.

Please let me know when you are ready to do honest work.  I would love to attend your burial.

What a fucking retard.

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I read somewhere that one of the popes forebade Jews from doing regular work so they had to take up another profession. Talk about a huge chip on their shoulders?

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Christopher Columbus was a jew, Christ was a jew, therefore his father God is a jew. he's gonna kick you little goy butt right to hell where there is no ZH!

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Jewish identity passes through the mother, not the father.  A child of a Jewish mother and gentile father is automatically considered a Jew.  The child of a Jewish father and gentile mother is not automatically considered a Jew.  Jesus' jewish heritage is  traced through his mother Mary, not his father.

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$9T in debt no problem. just watch the public wealth flow into private billionaire and sovereign fund hands once our politicians suddenly feign surprise and acknowledges government debt is actually a problem.

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Oh they've started, those dodgey politicians, talking about "Austerity" and how since I'm supposed to live until 78 I can work two more years to get what I've paid into for thirty years even though they promised me five years less when I started.

"Come along Donkey, keep walking and you will get to that carrot."


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Socialism for Fraud St./DoC, tax collection at the end of gun for the rest...

Book it!

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I swap wortless paper for gold and silver

does I qualify as a Jew.Jews where not

allowed to gildes in middle age europe,

that ment they where not allowed to work

in order to survive They had to trade and

became very good at what??Every

people has it's own talents as long as it

is not misused.Bankingpeople sure abusing

their powers;most of them non Jews fore sure.

Happy hollydays(Jewes people included)

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Meanwhile much of America's engineering workforce is chronically under/unemployed and the physical infrastructure has been allowed to rot into nothing.

Don't see how this ends well.  Rubin and Weill didn't add even a dime of value to the US economy and participated in the destruction of trillions of wealth.  Yet they run off with all the wealth while engineers and producers get to queue up for food stamps.

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"Yet they run off with all the wealth while engineers and producers get to queue up for food stamps."

That's the whole idea.  Once you fully grasp that notion, and then understand the funds stolen by these thugs and hoodlums are used to bribe our CONgress and regulators,  you now understand for whom the system is run, and who it benefits. 

Time for revolution, but not tonight, there's a good show on TV. 

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US Treasury motto for 2011:  The Looting will continue until morale improves!

P.S.  Keep voting for DemoRATs and/or GOPhers for that "Change you can bleed in", it's worked out great so far!

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That's what "jews" do.  They swap worthless paper for labor, savings and assets while undermining the culture and morals of any country unfortunate enough to host them.

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Bwarney Fwank resembles that remark!

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Right on the money!

.."The Jews have been expelled from every nation in Europe at least once. Spain expelled the Jews in 1492. The Spanish people then enjoyed a Golden Age of exploration and discovery once the Jews were gone. Germany removed the Jews from power in 1933. Germany then enjoyed a great cultural renaissance and was the first White nation to pull itself out of the Great Depression." ..

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"And it proved sound. It worked. In less than ten years Germany became easily the most powerful state in Europe. It worked so magically and magnificently that it sounded the death knell of the entire (Zionist) Jewish money system. World Jewry knew that they had to destroy Hitler's system, by whatever means might prove necessary, or their own [system of usury] would necessarily die. And if it died, with it must die their dream and their hope of making themselves masters of the world. The primary issue over which World War II was fought was to determine which money system was to survive. At bottom it was not a war between Germany and the so-called allies. Primarily it was war to the death between Germany and the International Money Power."   - William Gayley Simpson

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lib sod

Your belief in the magic of the Nazi economic "miracle" is akin to Virginia's belief in Santa Claus.

Go read a book on Nazi Finance. First the Nazis put people to work by running deficits and printing money; when the "miracle" started sputtering, they confiscated German Jewish property that the Nazis sold (most non-Jewish buyers got a great "deal") for cash to continue with their economic charade.

In order to finance the growing expectations (full employment and dear leader, etc.) invading their neighbors was impossible to resist.

Financing an economy through murder and plunder isn't something I would be bragging about if I were you.

And, tell me, how is that 1000 year Reich thing going for you ?  Oh yeah, it barely lasted 12 fucking years.

Why don't you take your Jew baiting pea brain and start you own blog.

I hate the criminal bankers but by lumping everyone into the Jew pot is pathetic even for a mental midget like you.

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The Jews have been expelled from every nation in Europe at least once...

Proving what? Only that there have always been fuckwads like you looking for a scapegoat to make themselves feel better. I will admist Germany did have an economic boom from 1933-1939. The Golden Age? Zeig Heil!

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I hear the interview process at Goldman is quite lengthy, don't let that stop you...

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Lets use the word 'bankers' instead of 'jews'.  Even though they are often one in the same.