Technical Observations On An Extremely Overbought Market With 123 Consecutive Closes Above The 55 DMA

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terminal meltup is the endgame

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I'm not sure of the relevance of technical analysis in the context of a rigged market fed by endless supplies of newly created $

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Agree. The whole meltup proved it. Nobody did or even could trade of technicals because the signals operative under free market conditions never occurred. The Bernanke put and $7 billion liquidity per day was the only technical anybody needed to know. Fibo who??

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Indeed we have seen a tendency to pull back at the last second from breaking critical support but the fact also still remains that volume comes back on the downside.  Big volume and prices drop hard, that much hasn't changed.

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Increasing Oil Prices is the game changer.  POMO and QE cannot take up the slack when the final oil issues surface.  If you fo to any oil blog they are all talking about the "Great Bull Oil market of 2011.  These guys are goig to be bidding up the price as speculation takes hold in the face of actual reduction of oil production because of the spreading contagion of rioting in the oil states.

Benny is now screwed, because all the increase in oil is taking out all the winding up he has been doing.  Gas hits the $3.50 average and this market slows considerably and all those Small Busniess change their positins, change their business plans, layoff a few more and the rest.  This all in the face of muni bond collapse, and the cities, states laying off hundreds of teachers and public servants.  Last I checked the total number of teachers proposed across the US for cuts between now and June is somewhere in the range of 200,000-300,000.  That is a big dent and will put the risk off trade into permanent in the numtual funds.  Add in the reduction of consumer spending brought on by gas increases and the perfect storm for the GD II.

Technical analysis is ccrewed, but the markets now cannot continue on this as the "new normal".  It is now the same as 2008, and the speculators will drive the oil up this time to $180 in the opinion of the oil speculator blogs.

Game over!


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The TA rule as of late, and what I got out of it, is that the 55 day is sacrosanct. Thru June AKA: QEIII. 

The 55 day rule is being tested right now and looks to have passed.

Self ass kicking is also in play here, as Ben is saying 'what are you waiting for, leverage up'.

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...I am not sure of the relevance of any form of analysis under the current bogus market conditions.

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on the topic of technical analysis -for weather geeks out there Bastardi left Accuweather but is still posting on twitter

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Did they fire him for not being a shill for global warming or did he leave on his own?

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The latter. Perhaps he sensed that being the Glenn Beck of weather was a tired routine.

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"But the most notable observation is what may happen to stocks now that the 55 Day Moving Average is in danger of being breached for the first time in 123 days . . ."


Seriously?  The Fed will just buy more stocks.  Get over it.  The market is NEVER going down, at least not in nominal/significant terms.  NEVER.  The entire ponzi and the safety and power of the Powers That Be is tied into the markets.


The days of this market behaving anything like it has in the past ARE OVER.

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+ Manipulation is THE game. Our masters will continue to consolidate power and wealth. That is the driver, that is what is painting the charts.

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we wont be at "the top" until ZH starts frequently posting articles bullish on stocks

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Permabears are not necessarily reliable contrary indicators.

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Brilliant insight. Of course for that to happen, it would mean we believe central planning and market manipulation are viable strategies.

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If Tyler changes his tune we can be assured space aliens sucked his brains out and replaced them with Federal Reserve Jello.

(Lime) Green is good.

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Gee, thanks, CD.   Now I gotta clean my keyboard.

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if tyler changes his tune, i'll probably move to the sidelines.   i'm sure there are other record setters out there but for me i've never known anyone to fight the tape longer than he has.

let the junks begin, all i can say is if you haven't cleaned up in the market lately then you too might be a 'zero' hedger

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I disagree.. what didn't you understand about BTFD or PMs? It has worked very well for me.. and unlike the rest here, I happen to enjoy the technological iBoom that Apple has given to us tech geeks. Certainly has helped my income and I even like the 70/30 cut from the store. Sooo easy for us small timers.

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oh heck, i've been a total silver bull.  i'm pretty sure most of the posts i've made reflect that.   just saying that in the future there will be a lot of zero hedge posts today that will look brilliant, but the advice and conclusions won't be very profitable.

take your aapl for instance, i'm pretty sure tyler's done nothing but ridicule it all the way up.  he's a brilliant mind that completely missed that one too.  or at the very least, caused others to miss it.

tyler's a very rich source of information with just one major flaw.


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Tyler hasn't "missed" anything because Tyler doesn't proffer stock buying tips or suggestions. He has consistently and repeated dismissed the basis for the run-up in stock prices as nothing more than manipulation and Ponzi economics. He has never said you can't take advantage of the insanity other than to say those who wish to play in this market are taking on much more risk than they are bargaining for.

His most direct observation has been that it's insane to think you can safely play in an insanely manipulated market. He never said you couldn't make money, only that the game is rigged and you can loose very quickly in a rigged game. His advice was to stay out of any game you know to be rigged. He has also said large profits can be made if you are nimble and reckless. The ultimate question he has posed is how to you keep those profits?

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It seems to be official policy of TPTB to halt all American consumption by crashing the USD and redirecting global resources for Asian growth for the next century. 

The stock market is masking the quiet looting on Wall Street and the coming disaster. Open secret.

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Where are you guys ordering your gold and silver from these days? Anyone care to give a recomendation based on experience? Thanks!

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Apmex does it for me.  If I get lucky on a pull back will add to all. In order of dollar % over-weight. Silver, Gold, Palladium, then Platinum.   They are honest and you get a nice gift at Christmas.

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Just received my first order from Tulving.  His minimum order sizes are high but I think he has the lowest margins.  Have also used Apmex - good experiences with them also. 

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Thanks you guys! Appreciate it!

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To understand this chart one needs a comparable chart of money creation under QE-2, to see if there is any correlation, as professed by all the proponents of FED induced asset inflation since june 2010. Maybe the author could provide some inputs.

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We post updates to the Fed's balance sheet, to bank excess reserves, to M2 and MZM, and to the Adjusted Monetary Base every week. We also post an update to Shadow Banking liabilities (much more comprehensive than M3) every quarter.

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Don't mind falak pema. He's still trying to find the "reply" button.

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lol, thought I'd found it. I got the message. TY, TD. Will check out next update.


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Overbought? Technicals? I thought it was because of that POMO operation being performed everyday by those 4 dudes  with their Bloomberg terminals. Technicals? We dont need no steenking technicals.

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Retail getting back in big time, after having missed the runup since 09. Just in time to get sheared again. The top is in...

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I havent seen much evidence of greater participation unless you are talking etf's. What are you looking at to say greater retail participation?

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Less than a month's worth of positive mutual fund flows. Not much broad participation. But those lemmings who got in are already getting ulcers. 

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Yes, its the rate they are getting back in, about $30B since the beginning of the year into mutuals and etf's...

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Will remain overbought for quite some time to come, nobody to sell to since retail investors are not joining the party.

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Nobody to sell to is usually the time the market falls. I dont understand your logic

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insiders wiil know beforehand when this thing comes down. they'll make a fortune shorting, and at the abyss, will buy everything on the cheap, owning everything, enslaving all!

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I guess my last yen years or so was random luck. I cant call shit anymore.

When I gave up my silver short that is when we had the correction. I have closed out all my bearish options positions and sold spxu. That means an intermediate top is just about in. I am just an ordinary contrary troll.

Now I am just living off past successes like the 40 year old high school quarterback.

However I am not going to be like jesse livermore. I know when to quit while I am ahead.

Balanced portfolio with a slight overweight to precious metals, emerging markets, small and mid caps, an emphasis on dividend payers, and a slight underweight to bonds. I got 20 more years until I need it.

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The Mkt is stretched lika a balloon, the Money that was pumped into it can be Gone Much faster than it went in..

The decline is going to be swift falling thru 50 dma.. 100.. a runway elevator.


Maybe they just close the great stock markets like they did in Eqypt.. hasn't opened in a Month. You know those fabuloz Emerging Mkts.

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NIFTY Updates both LONG term and very SHORT TERM::::


A bearish Picture for INDIA.......NIFTY would be good BUY at 3500 area:::



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Yep. I would definitely buy in at 3500 assuming the fall was due to ordinary turmoil.