TEPCO Chimes In With News On The Powerline, NRC's Jaczko Warns Japan Radiation Levels "Very High", As AP Says No More Water In Spent Fuel Plant

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The "powerline" meme which suddenly everyone is talking about, may be a little premature according to TEPCO:


And in the meantime the NRC's Chairman Jaczko comes out swinging with some more bull in china shop statements:


And the worst news comes from AP:


To all trading this headline driven market, our sincerest condolences.

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I've got a 250 ft. in the garage if they're a little short.

HardwoodAg's picture

I have a BFH they can bust apart the molten rods!

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Powerline issues!


I told you guys last night not to over-think the issue.  It really is just a matter of unplugging the reactor and flippin' on the coolers. 

WTF?  Why am I always right?

All you pseudo-nuclear physicists with your fancy degrees are useless.  I went to ITT Tech and got my vocational diploma using nothing but their night and weekend courses.  

Now I'm on the fast track to smartsville and solving nuclear disasters.  



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Mark McGoldrick wrote:

"Powerline issues! ... It really is just a matter of unplugging the reactor and flippin' on the coolers."

Yes!  This should be a lesson to all nuclear reactor personnel that they should always have a spare powerline and/or extension cord.  A good extension cord can solve all problems ... even a total nuclear meltdown.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I bet they haven't tried Ducttape yet.  I fix everything with that shit.

Chris Jusset's picture

Extension cord, duct tape, and a Swiss army knife ... McGyver would be proud!

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In idiocracy, after they used water to grow plants instead of Brawndo.....

They then wanted to use it on guess what? A broken, leaking nuclear plant in florida. (Horatio Sanz said it). 

After all this destruction, a power line (that they can't even confirm is 'almost done') probably can't do as much now, after all the explosions ripped through the structures.  Perhaps with the unexploded ones, but who knows?  A simple power line that may be connected (whenever?) does not instill confidence in me.

Above all we cannot forget what really started this.  The interaction of hubris and the ring of fire.  Once things get calmed down THAT should be the focus.

Lots of weird things happening with the ring, and we got a possible magnetic pole shift (not south america becomes north, just magnetic) reversal that we don't exactly know what will happen as an effect on the geology OR people.  These things may make vulnerable areas, disastrous in the times ahead and we'd be fools not to take heed of the lessons of Japan (and everybody's) hubris on such matters.  Time is of the essence.  The ring of fire is a well known danger zone, regardless of anything else. 

I still cannot get over the fact they put nuclear plants in a known earthquake AND tsunami zone...and put it on the front lines of it. (and put all the spent rods above the or one reactor) It's a bit like putting a Ming vase outside your house on a pedestal, next to the bird feeder, with tree branches swinging ever so close to it when there is a small breeze.  Put these things in their proper place, and tell your neighbors, to take their Ming vases down.  Because anyone situated around the ring of fire, has now seen their neighbors vase break and should be taking the proper precautions.

We can't be afraid of our shadow, but we also have to look where we leap.  Lots of things are unsafe when used idiotically.  Bug spray, ibuprofen, a fifteen year old with a drivers permit, and yes Nuclear power plants.  We will find a way for safer nuclear power, unless we don't want to, and if we were to choose that, we may find and equal or greater horror (but different) going another route. 


dark pools of soros's picture

how many amps they going to pump through that cord???  and just because the power is shot, do they really think that is the only thing shot?? like those pumps aren't totally fucked anyway??


sad - Japan has made this Earth a hell of lot more enjoyable than most other countries..  let's give them Israel and ship the complainers to the melting island

the middle east will instanly become a better place



Fish Gone Bad's picture

Don't forget the paperclips!  They helped Houdini get out of a lot of scrapes.  Maybe they should get Blackstone the magician to help.  Oh wait, he's dead.  Ummmmm, I guess you are on your own.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Maybe they should go into the basement and check the circuit breaker panel...

miker's picture

Where are the mutant Japanese monsters when you need them?  Godzilla could clean this mess up!

MonsterZero's picture

Godzilla is actually the source of a considerable amount of radiation, I however came from space and am here to help you!

plocequ1's picture

Yes, Godzilla was actually created from the Atomic bomb that was dropped on Japan. Its Japans version of King Kong. Great movie. I don't recommend the Hack sequels. The 1954 version Godzilla, King of monsters w/ Raymond Burr is where its at.

The Axe's picture

You look like Raymond Burr with a cod stuck in your throat.

John Law Lives's picture

That image is of Luca Brasi.

Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

Don Birnam's picture

When entertaining at his home, Raymond Burr would answer his door in a muumuu.

Convolved Man's picture


The great quake roused Godzilla from his deep sea slumber off the coast of Fukushima.  Angered, he made his way toward shore, prepared to lay waste to man's structures and stomp those annoying humans scurrying about.  But as he surveyed the incredible damage, smoldering buildings, clouds of radioactive smoke and steam, he realized his actions would be redundant and that it was too dangerous to wade ashore amongst the chaos.  He slowly submerged and decided to attack easier prey -- maybe a cruise ship.

LFMayor's picture

Bring out the Godzilla.

He's sleepin.

Well I guess you best bust an a bomb and wake him up.

defn8Dog's picture

Pausing for a moment, Godzilla returned to shore to make a big monster poo on the reactors, snuffing out the fires and encasing the nuclear fuel.  And that children, is how the story ends.  Cue the Japanese cheering as Godzilla swims out to sea. 

Convolved Man's picture



They'll make a Saturday morning children's program having Godzilla perform acts of kindness, virtue and civility.

Move aside Barney.


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I hope Obama is enjoying the sun down in Rio.  What a bitch.

Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.'s picture

no, no, no.  he's filling out march madness brackets.  he's in rio in a few days, which is good.  That way he's farther from the radiation and there will be fewer video monitors distracting him with death and mayhem in the middle east.

RockyRacoon's picture

Look, if he's not doing anything anyhow, why does it matter where he's not doing it.  Perhaps it's better that's he's not anywhere that he can do damage.

You're just pissed that the gig as a steward on AF1 didn't pan out.  R&R in Rio would have been great.

Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.'s picture

agreed, now if we could just get congress to go to rio with him then we would have spontaneous job creation in the millions. 


oh hey, did you see that special on bullying in school?  that was both timely and awesome.

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Was it you that mentioned back in Feb that one could purchase the US Mint 2010 5 Quarter Silver Set for $32.95 plus shipping? I think it was.

Anyway I purchased.......well, a lot of sets that same day and they were sold out the next day. But even though I have bought a lot from the mint over the past 5 years they mailed me two written confirms with short response dates before they would ship. Finally received the packages today by overnight air no less. The UPS man wanted to know what was going on. :>)

Thought you should know.   

RockyRacoon's picture

Yep.  That was me.  I got my 25 sets pronto.  Already sold a few on eBay at a nice profit.  Think I'll just keep the rest.  Shoulda ordered 100 sets....

resipsaloquacious's picture

I love this argument.  Actually it is not an argument, just a statement with no congent thought behind it, so to call it an argument is giving you to much credit.  

What should he do?  Cancel a diplomatic mission, not see the sights and the rest of the BS that heads of state do when they visit another country?   What would this do?  Nothing.  Furthermore, I bet you would then attack him for cancelling the trip as it was nothing more than a symbolic gesture and that he cannot effect what is going on in Japan.

Better yet, what can he do in Japan?  Moreover, how the hell do you know what Japan has requested from the US or what Obama has offered in aid?  

Oh let me guess, he should start handing out iodine pills along the West Coast?  Gotcha. 

Simply put, you are desperately trying to blame Obama for a national disaster and nuclear meltdown that is occurring in Japan -- half the fucking world away.  


Dr. Porkchop's picture

According to CNN it's all about the housing numbers, the doomsday event over in Japan is just something to keep an eye on.

Motorhead's picture

And I was getting tired of hearing about the unrest in the Middle East/Northern Africa.  CNN is on it!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Over the last 3 days I have unfortunately switched on CNN at 7 AM EDT to pick up on any Fukushima news.

Who ARE those two female airheads on CNN in the morning. I really can only take them for more than 5 minutes, afterwards Becky Quick begins to sound like a genie-ass.

Convolved Man's picture


The dark haired woman is Kiran Chetry --

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiran_Chetry

On September 24, 2007, on American Morning, CNN's medical correspondent, Elizabeth Cohen, used Kiran's photo to illustrate a study on the biological reasons that people gaze longer at attractive individuals: the segment on an American Morning was entitled, "Who's Hot to You? Why You Can't Look Away." A mere month later, Kiran was featured in Esquire's "Women We Love: The Newsgirls." As to the attention to her physical beauty, Kiran stated, "It's not my primary focus." She added, "It's nice, it's a compliment, [and] sometimes, it's a little out of control." [Kirthana Ramisetti, "Kiran Chetry: A Ray of Light in Morning News," East West Magazine, June 15, 2007]


Eye candy and pleasant personality to capture viewer's attention and ease their consumption of discomforting news.


Arch Duke Ferdinand's picture

""And I was getting tired of hearing about the unrest in the Middle East/Northern Africa.  CNN is on it!""

When Does Mt Fuji Blow It's Top?...


Henry Chinaski's picture

Powerline got lost in translation.

kaiserhoff's picture

I'm sure your right.  This would be funny if it weren't so fucked up. 

Spalding_Smailes's picture

1924: US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has said it is too early to say what effect the disasters in Japan could have on the US economy. "It's a hard judgement to make at this stage," he told a Congressional committee. "Our focus now is, as it should be, on trying to do as much as we can to help them mitigate the humanitarian costs of the catastrophe there and we'll offer them every assistance we can."

Duuude's picture

Here's yer Paulsonspawn


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A comprehensive settlement between U.S. authorities and banks over alleged mortgage servicing abuses needs to be reached quickly to help the housing market heal, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Tuesday...



dark pools of soros's picture

so is Timmy trying to bribe the Authorities so they take a bribe from the banks?

I thought they were just on payroll with no bonuses


bob_dabolina's picture

I can't fucking comprehend this...

A god damned power cord?

This has got to be lies...did they not see the photos of those plants post-blast? They are telling us the cooling systems are operable?

Holy fuck.

passive_lurker's picture

Those plants are toast.  Seriously?

1) run a power cord through that rubble to a working pump

2) Turn on the pump and (hope) the pipes leading to the pool are working

3)  Hope another quake or tsunami doesn't wipe out the cord

On the bright side, there's plenty of holes they can run the cord through.

RockyRacoon's picture

Who is the lucky sombitch that gets to plug it in?

dark pools of soros's picture

i guess the robots are all too busy doing youtube vids

Cursive's picture

I read "powerline" to mean the high voltage overheads that supply the plant.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

AC DC Baby!

By the way what makes anyone think the step down transformers on site are still working. I believe they are next to the reactors. Time to pull up one of those hi res DigitalGlobe images and have another look see.

Martha, where's my magnifying glasses?

Misean's picture

Someone looted the copper already?

potatomafia's picture

I smell another buying opportunity!  Or is that the smell of radiation? 


Who cares, BTFD!!