TEPCO Director Weeps After Disclosing Truth About Fukushima Disaster

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The Daily Mail has released a dramatic picture showing the emotional exhaustion of TEPCO managing director Akio Komori who is openly weeping as he leaves a conference to brief journalists on the true situation at Fukushima, following his acknowledgment that the radiation spewing from the over-heating reactors and fuel rods was enough to kill some citizens. "A senior Japanese minister also admitted that the country was overwhelmed by the scale of the tsunami and nuclear crisis. He said officials should have admitted earlier how serious the radiation leaks were. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said: 'The unprecedented scale of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, frankly speaking, were among many things that happened that had not been anticipated under our disaster management contingency plans." This is precisely as Zero Hedge had expected would happen all along, following our recurring allegations of a massive cover up by the Japanese government. And furthermore as we predicted a week ago when we said that continued government lies and subversions would make the situation untenable once the population loses faith in the government, this is precisely what has happened.

A contrite Komiri crying after he discloses the truth:

And for those who believe the lies that TEPCO and the government has any control over the situation we suggest you read the following:

Deputy director general of the NISA, Hideohiko Nishiyama, also admitted that they do not know if the reactors are coming under control.

He said: 'With the water-spraying operations, we are fighting a fire we cannot see. That fire is not spreading, but we cannot say yet that it is under control.'

And Yukiya Amano, the head of the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency said workers were in a 'race against the clock' to cool the reactor.

Attempts to quell the overheating plant with waterbombs from helicopters yesterday failed and despite the army pelting the site with water cannon, radiation levels rose higher.

Engineers are also working to restore power to the coolant pumping system knocked out by the tsunami.

Also, the Mail shows a dramatic photo of a crane used to move spent fuel rodes into a now empty storage pond.

pictures emerged showing overheating fuel rods exposed to the elements through a huge hole in the wall of a reactor building at the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant.

Radiation is streaming into the atmosphere from the used uranium rods at reactor number four, after a 45ft-deep storage pool designed to keep them stable boiled dry in a fire.

And some of the radioactive material could reach Britain within a fortnight, according to experts.

However they say it will not be dangerous when it reaches our shores while low levels of radiation have already hit Southern California.

And while we descrbed the worst case scenario, i.e., the Chernobyl Solution, earlier, there is still hope for a last ditch deux ex machina over the weekend.

There was a potential breakthrough when engineers succeeded in connecting a power line to Reactor 2. This should enable them to restore electricity to the cooling pumps needed to prevent meltdown.

But it is not certain the system will work after suffering extensive damage.

Unfortunately, judging by how horrendously the government and the utility have handled the crisis so far, we are extremely skeptical any further attempts to improve the situation with fail spectacularly. In the meantime, the Japanese economy is slowing grinding to a halt as more people leave Tokyo, as factories lie dormant, and as high tech supply chains are suddenly halted. Out estimate, unlike that of an increasingly less than credible Bloomberg, is that the adverse impact to 2011 world GDP will be well at least 2% when all is said and done just factoring the events to date. Should the situation continue to stagnate it will get far worse.

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There's no crying in nuclear power!

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From someone who has had the experience of working with Japanese Executives and Upper Management, for a Director (or someone in a high position as his) to start crying in shame is a big fucking deal. 

This incident alone is enough to tell me that this is one mega cRuster-FRUCK.

zakennayo bizunichusu!


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IQ145 and Mathman:  get on the phone and tell the poor bastard it's OK. 

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Hmm...no, it's not...he will burn for this.  And it is sad.

The careful text-books measure
    (Let all who build beware!)
The load, the shock, the pressure
    Material can bear.
So, when the buckled girder
    Lets down the grinding span,
The blame of loss, or murder,
    Is laid upon the man.
        Not of the Stuff - the Man!


- from Rudyard Kipling's 'The Hymn of Breaking Strain'

Oh regional Indian's picture

Brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Got me wondering what was the decade that literature died? Was it 1980? I cannot think of one seminal work that was produced/written after 1979. All that flashes on the inner eye, so to speak, is a half naked maddona, humping crosses and 'write-bytes" that went for books and "sound-bytes" that became music, ever more dissonant.

As evidenced below (and above, hallelujah), we truly are a-drift, no anchor, no keel and actually rudderless too.

The hymn of the breaking strain. Awesome.




Paul E. Math's picture

The name of the book is 'Infinite Jest' and it is a true work of genius in English Literature written by David Foster Wallace, published in 1996.  I warn you though: it makes War and Peace look like a haiku.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Thanks Paul. Will check it out.

Meanwhile, September last year, rather since July last year, I have had this fore-boding about Nuclear energy, and on September 20th, 2010, had written this:


It's been long known that "it" would come to "this".

We are in the twilight zone, for sure.


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Are you sure he's crying or did he just eat too much wasabi?

dick cheneys ghost's picture

when you get time check out the before and after satellite photos of the tsunami...unreal pictures



SilverRhino's picture

Wow, that's harsh.

+1 for the info

Misstrial's picture

What concerns me is not that a soccer field or airport has been demolished, but that agricultural fields nearby were destroyed.

I'm thinking that there are going to be food shortages, particularly rice.


krispkritter's picture

I've been thinking that for days now. Fields contaminated with salt, oils, gasoline, etc. not to mention the solid materials.  Stripping the top layer of soil to remove the contaminants will remove the best of the 'live' soil. The tsunami stripped the greenhouses, packing and shipping buildings, tractors and equipment, etc. Add to that the fact that a large portion of their seagoing fishing vessels, the docks and port facilities, processing centers, etc. are all gone or damaged.  With the world's food supply strained by other natural disasters, weather, etc. and governments trying to stockpile food to quell unrest, leaves a lot hanging out there about future food supplies and pricing. Japan will become a much larger importer of food to feed it's people and they(and we) will be paying the price...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I don't wish this to sound flippant, but I'm sure Japan's corporate argiculture is rubbing their hands in glee about the prospect of finally being able to come in and buy all those smaller and midsized lots for pennies on the dollar after their efforts to buy were rebuffed for several generations.

All those small farms that have been in the family for generations will now be stressed to the max to rebuild if there is any family left to rebuild. Think about this for a while and you will see why large corporations find "opportunity" in disaster.

I suspect that the Japanese government will pass laws that condem large tracks of farm land in the name of the national interest of getting that land back into food production. Guess who or what will be directing this operation from the back room and who will be ready with checkbook in hand? At the same time the corporations and government will conveniently ignore insurance companies who drag their feet paying claims on the family farm equipment and buildings. It's right out of the playbook.

Misstrial's picture


As someone who goes out of her way to purchase produce from non-corporate local sources and small family farms I completely get what you're posting. Surely this tragedy will exact a toll on Japanese farmers, many who've been doing this for generations on the same family-owned land held by their forebears.

A similar situation occurred in the Dust Bowl during the 1930's where small farms were bought up by single mega farms, which is how 25k+ acre farms of today originated.

My family on one side endured this loss, having come out to California in the aftermath.

Shout-out to San Luis Obispo Farmer's Market: http://www.slocountyfarmers.org


defn8Dog's picture

Crops will include "glow carrots" that can be peeled in the dark.

Misstrial's picture

krispkritter - Agree and also to mention nuclear fallout materials with various half-lifes. These radioactive materials will destroy beneficial soil bacteria and organisms for years to come.

Very tragic situation...


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666 comments and 666 new comments as I just opened this story. I'm just saying.

jomama's picture

great, you gonna go all godder on us again...?

(rolls eyes)

Michael's picture

I'm not obsessed with church and religion. Numerology is a very strange beast. I've had my fair share. I'm still trying to figure it out.

TomJoad's picture

Obviously, you didn't read the linked story OR the comments before posting, for that you get one official "Sock Puppet(TM)" junking from yours truly.

Big Ben's picture

I did read the article. It had no hard numbers, just an emotional outburst from a TEPCO employee who is probably a bit overstressed right now. Good theater, but no hard facts.

I think junking posts of people who disagree with you is a symptom of a narrow, closed mind. So I will not be returning your junk.

TomJoad's picture

Perhaps you should go back to school and learn to read before you are allowed to use something as powerful as a "Junk" button Benny Boy.

"...Later, six fire engines and a water cannon tried to spray the building with 9,000 gallons of water from high pressure hoses. However, radiation levels within the plant rose from 3,700 millisieverts to 4,000 millisieverts an hour immediately afterwards.

People exposed to such doses will suffer radiation sickness and many will die. Today Tokyo Electric Power, which owns the plant, will try to restart the reactor's cooling systems after workers connected a half mile long power cable from the national grid to Reactor 2...."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1367684/Nuclear-plant-chief-weeps-Japanese-finally-admit-radiation-leak-kill-people.html#ixzz1GzBJgl9Y


Not to mention the extensive discussion just below this dealing with the whole Sievert subject.

How's the crow today?

Big Ben's picture

It said that levels within the plant were 3,700 to 4,000 mSv/hour. The people spraying would probably have been outside the plant, so they were probably exposed to much less radiation. Also, it says the radiation levels rose an hour immediately afterwards, implying the people doing the spraying were gone by that time in any case. As I recall, the company pulled workers from around the plant for a short period when radiation levels spiked, and then sent them back when radiation levels went back down.

trav7777's picture

I just heard on NHK that levels inside plants 1 & 2 were in the 20-30 mSv/hr range IIRC.

It's simply critical to distinguish between micro and milli.  i have seen numerous examples of where these two were intermixed.  NHK has reliably used micro.

DaveyJones's picture
  • Radiation Levels

o      At 7:30PM on March 18, radiation level outside main office building (approximately 1,640 feet from Unit 2 reactor building) of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station: 3,699 micro Sv/h.

o      Measurement results of ambient dose rate around Fukushima Nuclear Power Station at 4:00PM and 7:00PM on March 18 are shown in the attached two PDF files respectively. [pdf1|pdf2]

New_Meat's picture

micros make such a large number.

<engineering-units-police-warning-light> is lit

and gets more confusing, since Sv is dose equivalent (instantaneous rate) but instead of integrating that dose over time (Sv(t) over time period t1..t2=total integrated dose for this instance) gets displayed as Sv/hr.


- Ned

{but it is only 14 thingiez of debt, why, I owe $23,000 on my credit card.  That's almost double!}

scratch_and_sniff's picture

So how many (micro's) before the average joe starts getting ill...really ill, like wearing a wig ill?

Jim in MN's picture

Basically at one sievert they start saying things like 'recovery is not assured' and 'more severe spleen damage'....

Spleen damage just means Bad in my book.

seek's picture

1 to 2 Sieverts is where you get radiation sickness (nausea, fever) a little while after exposure. Life expectancy at 1 Sv is considered 100%. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radiation_sickness for more details.

Microsieverts is 1/1000th of a Sievert, so 1000 microsieverts/hr = 1 Sv/hr. So they're saying 4,000 microsieverts per hour in the "hot" spots, so that means 15 minutes exposure gets you to a Sievert and you're looking at illness.

Scary as this sounds, relative to Chernobyl this is practically nothing. (This is one reason I am skeptical we're getting the real radiation measurements as well.) Chernobyl's hot spots were about 3600 Sv/hr. In other words, you'd get 60 Sv exposure in a single minute -- certain death and almost instantaneous incapacitation.

Wearing a wig ill is probably somewhere around 5-10 Sv. So maybe 1 to 3 hours. And likely cancer in the long term.

MSimon's picture

Micro = 1/1,000,000 = 1E-6.


Messing up micros and millies is likely to accelerate the acquisition of the willies.

BurningFuld's picture

µSv = micro    

µSv x 1000 = milli Sv or  mSv

SparkyvonBellagio's picture

The MontyPython-SimpleScale Nuclear Radiation Code =


1 - Tis' but a Scratch


2 - Your Arms Off


3 - I'll Have Your Other Arm


4 - I Don't Want to go On the Cart


5 - What behind the Rabbit? It is the Rabbit!


6 - Jesus Christ,,,,, that Rabbit's Dynamite!

Quixote2's picture


Old school basis:

1 Sv = 100 Rem

5 Sv = 500 Rem, 50% fatalities

The new limit of 250 milli Sv = 25 Rem = blood white cell count decrease

TomJoad's picture

Ben you said the article had "No hard numbers." I didn't give you the sock puppet junk for disagreeing. I junked you for not reading the article, and for not reading the article's ZH Comments section where there was already a discussion underway about the possibility that the Daily Mail article contained yet another significant milli vs. micro Sievert error.

You simply waltzed in and posted yet another MSM Puff Piece cut/paste as high up in the comments section as you could. The actions of a typical Troll. Those of us who have really been following this story are very well aware of what the BBC and NHK outlets have been saying. 

Your pathetic attempt at backpedalling just makes you look like even more of an ass, one with extremely poor reading comprehension skills.

45north's picture

I definitely will be making a contribution to the Japanese relief effort.

May God strengthen and guide the Japanese leaders in their efforts to control the nuclear plants.

Bob Sponge's picture

Donations can be made at:


Oh regional Indian's picture

Sadly, the Red Cross happens to be one of the Scariest "non-profit" organizations in the world. Its control is fought for between a host of vampires (figurative).

Think about it, they control the "ex-human" blood supply of the world.

Want to vector a disease somewhere? hmmmm. Introduce a new virus? 

Pretty scary stuff. 


dark pools of soros's picture

no, we junk you cuz you're fucking dumb

UninterestedObserver's picture

You're a fucking moron - do you work for TEPCO?

Big Ben's picture

Believe what you like. However I am a real person, not associated with the US government or the nuclear industry (and I never have been). I have no nuclear related investments, and haven't had any in the past ten years. At one time I did own a bit of stock in GE.

tmosley's picture

Then you've got more normalcy bias than Harry Wanger and RobotTrader put together.

You just keep telling yourself everything is fine, even as your world comes crashing in on your head.  No need to take a few quick and simple steps to protect yourself.  You go ahead and squawk like a chicken on the way to being slaughtered that they are just going to take a few of your eggs, nothing to worry about.

Big Ben's picture

Well if someone had spoken up at the Salem witch trials saying that things were being overblown and that there really was no danger from witches, he probably would have been burned at the stake.

However, I'll make you a deal. If you can ever provide me solid information that even one civilian (not a worker at the plant) has died from radiation exposure from Fukushima, I will stop posting forever. I want the name, date of death, and cause of death. Or if you can provide me with solid proof that more than 5 workers at the plant died from radiation exposure, I will stop posting on ZeroHedge forever. Of course, people may have died from the hydrogen explosions or the tsunami itself, or possibly from collapsing buildings, etc. These are not included in the deal. Only people who die from radiation exposure.

Until then, you will just have to put up with me! Sorry about that!