Tepco Dumps 11,500 Tons of Radioactive Water Into the Pacific

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Kyodo news reports:

Electric Power Co. on Monday took the unprecedented measure of dumping
10,000 tons of low-level radioactive water in the Pacific Ocean from a
facility at its crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex to
make room for the storage of more highly contaminated water, which is
hampering restoration work at the plant.



Nishiyama also
said that it had become necessary to release 1,500 tons of
groundwater, also containing radioactive materials, found near the Nos.
5 and 6 reactor turbine buildings out of concern that the water could
drown safety-related equipment.

Of course, the government said there was "no major health risk", even though:

The level of radioactive substances in the water is up to 500 times the legal limit permitted for release in the environment.

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Live for today! Don't plan for future generations...we'll probably nuke each other by the time the Fukushima radioactivity has a measurable impact. Keep the party going.....its 1999 again!!!!!!!!

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sabra1 - it's called the Japan Current. Google it - and then pray. It flows north along the east coast of Japan, then on around the Gulf of Alaska, then down the west coast of Canada and the US. It is a very fast-moving and powerful current, and it hangs together quite nicely - not a lot of dispersion, which means that it will transport all this radioactive waste very efficiently ( with probably not as much dilution as the experts keep assuring us will occur) to Alaska, British Colombia, and the US West Coast.

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Poison...poison...TASTEY FISH!

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No big deal.  There are about 187 quintillion gallons or 187,189,915,062 billion gallons of water in the Pacific Ocean.  TEPCO's released, per the above, 2,761,105 gallons of radioactive wastewater into it.  All we need is a big General Electric eggbeater-thingee to stir it all up. Fast.

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 It stirs itself; the process, known as diffusion, is part of junior high school science class; "All solutions become isotonic"; in addition the fact that are a very small quantity of radionuclides involved, and the most common one becomes non-radioactive very quickly, explains why there is nothing to talk aboutl and no problem of anykind; but of course if you have to sell google adverts, and make page clicks you will have the most emotionally stimulating nonsense available at all times. There's nothing going on; it's all one hundred percent bullshit; very similar to Y2K, for instance.

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Can we buy an insurance ploicy from Aflac on Precious?

She can be swimming in the non toxic pool adjacent to Fukushima.

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True, but Japanese officials said,"it's only a tiny leak."

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Can we teach em to swim to Bahrain?

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What a great new weapon for the peace prizer, radioactive fish!

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The ocean option was there from the start and will continue to be used as a last resort.

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They could use large rubber bladders placed in ocean-going steel containers [looks like their exports are going to drop any way] to contain the water, they could also use kevlar sandbags with a sand/boron mixture to build collecting pools from which the water can be pumped - nuclear plants should never be built in a country with a cultural bias such as Japan.  In Japan, I was crossing an intersection, there were no cars to be seen in either direction, yet a group of about 10 Japanese were waiting for the light to change - nothing against the Japanese, I happen to like them very much, but they do have this thing...

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This mess is far from under control. Until Total Containment is reached, the continuous flow of contaminants into the air, ground, sea, and othe fluvial environments will continue to make the situation worse.

Many blog owners are now retreating from the obvious truth that the effects in the US and other countries are just beginning to be visible, much less announced by governments now too araid to tell the truth.


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does anyone know which direction the ocean currents are flowing? 

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You people commenting are amazing.  What an ignorant mob.  Led by chief mob leader Tyler.  Just like the mania about tulips.  You actually know nothing about that which you speak.  And because of your ignorance, you will be always going with the conventional wisdom, and losing your asses.

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"Precious" appropriate screen handle.


Malcolm Ritter AP Science Writer

Published April 4, 2011

NEW YORK — Releases of radioactive water into the ocean near Japan's stricken nuclear complex shouldn't pose a widespread danger to sea animals or people who might eat them, experts say.

"It's a very large ocean," noted William Burnett of Florida State University.

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I always found that at moments just such as these, where I couldn't tear myself away from continuing to read something which I thought to be absolutely awful and decided to bitch to somebody else about my own shortcoming, that a Thorazine and Ativan enema worked wonders.

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We know nothing.

We forgot more than you will ever learn just this morning.


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didn't tepco give you a five minute break?

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"low-level radioactive water in the Pacific Ocean", now how would they kow low-level from high level in all that water.  If the water was used to cool spent fuel rods and also the reactor core itself, that doesn't make that water low-level, it makes it high.  Also they have been dumping nuclear wastes in the ocean (I'll post a link) but they have been placing it deep in the water and such.  This irradiated water is warm and will be released into the surface water of the ocean.  This destroys the basis of delution because even though the ocean is big, it's staying close to the surface of the ocean.  And with that will follow the currents and wildlife will be going through this radioactive layer of ocean.  So schools of fishes and such will slowly accumulate radioactivity and once caught and eaten you will have it inside you.  And them saying that they ar releasing the water, what have the've been doing for the past three weeks trying to cool it down.  Water has been leaking any way and it's not low radiation.

If it's so okay and the delution of the ocean will scatter the radiation, why don't all reactors do this instead of using an elaborate containment system of the same water being boiled and condensed over and over again.  It's because they know that on any land mass the current will move the wastes right along the shore, in essence irradiating the countries beaches and food.



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"why don't all reactors do this instead of using an elaborate containment system"

Well, because the elaborate containment system usually works.

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If Tepco, Japan's construction companies and the world nuclear resources don't soon start building a mile square 50' high seawall / landwall around Daiichi to contain the runoff while they bring in the 5 concrete pumping cranes and get the mix on site, my 10 cases of pre-Fukushima tuna and salmon may go to $5 plus per can.

Maybe a warehouse full could be exported back to Japanese fish lovers, who soon may also be out of vegetables and local beef.

At the rate the authorities are not solving the radiation problem, which will spread across Japan with changing winds and rain, and around the islands in the ocean currents, will this debacle possibly create a Japanese national food shortage, and is there a business for pre-April '11 canned meats and vegetables?

Couldn't be that bad, could it ?


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Desalination plants will now be retrofitted with...what?

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Oh nothing much to see, move along. Fucked ! Throwing shit into the ocean to be replaced by more toxic shit. Morons...


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Oh nothing much to see, move along. Fucked ! Throwing shit into the ocean to be replaced by more toxic shit. Morons...


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well shit they are going to put the class 1, 2 and 3 landfills out of business.....just dump 'er in the ocean---its a free class AAA landfill----no toxicity tests required or permits needed

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Oh nothing much to see, move along. Fucked ! Throwing shit into the ocean to be replaced by more toxic shit. Morons...


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Earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster, volcano eruption. Now we've seen everything.. no.. wait!


A radioactive typhoon?!

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Excellent point on the plankton!  Maybe it's just round 3 trials of TEPCO's new process of superplank that eat 1000X their normal C-dioxide.  See it's just a winning-winning moment.

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We have e-coli that eats radiation...maybe we can start pumping pig s*** into the San Francisco bay...



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Excellent, now we will finally have that viable "biodiesel from algae" bug.  Sweet!!!

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this is all good for global GDP, right?  well, maybe per capita GDP, as the denominator will soon be dropping rapidly


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The tide that broke the camel's back made him drop his dirty load back into the ocean...goodbye fish and fawn...for 20000 years.

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TEPCO is now posting their fence line monitoring network data.  They got it back on line a few days ago but still have to drive out in trucks to collect the data.  It's on the last page of these monitoring reports.

Also note wind speed and direction is on here.


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J-pan' where the fish are fish and the men are scared

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Where the fish aren't fish.

Fixed it.

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and both glow in the dark.

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so my beachfront on bikini atoll is appreciating?

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radioactive cloud is blowing twoards Tokyo and all south Japan. Forecast till 8th April:


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Oil in the Atlantic, radioactives in the Pacific.

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Fun fact, most of the world's oxygen is created by plankton...this can't be good for our "carbon footprint" if we kill off the main carbon scrubber on the planet. Is it too early for cigars?

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If we hear the words "carbon footprint" one more time we're going to need all those FEMA coffin liners in ATL.


Simple: No CO2, NO life on the planet.

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Radioactive plankton, eaten by, well, everything else on up the food chain.  Sweet, sushi that glows in the dark.

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Coming now to a dystopia near you.

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Oh, that's no problem dude, it's only what.........a little over 3 million gallons?  That should worth about another 400 points on the DOW.