TEPCO Finally Seeks Outside Help, As Pot Calls Kettle Radioactive - Government Says Not To Trust Greenpeace Radiation Data

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It only took TEPCO about two weeks to realize what had been so glaringly obviously to many - namely that the company is largely unprepared to deal successfully with the Fukushima catastrophe on its own. Reuters reports that TEPCO, which has conceded it faces a protracted
and uncertain operation to contain the crisis, sought outside help,
asking help from French firms including Electricite de France SA and
Areva SA. The question now arises whether it is too late for any help to come, and how fast before the sudden inlfux of new cooks spoils the radioactive broth. The news comes
after TEPCO announced highly radioactive water has leaked from a reactor
at Japan's crippled nuclear complex, as environmental group Greenpeace said it had detected high
levels of radiation outside an exclusion zone.

From Reuters:

Reflecting growing unease about efforts to control the six-reactor Fukushima Daiichi complex, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) had appealed to French companies for help, the Kyodo news agency said.

The plant, 240 km (150 miles) north of Tokyo, was damaged in a March 11 earthquake and tsunami that left more than 27,000 people dead or missing across northeast Japan.

Fires, explosions and radiation leaks have repeatedly forced engineers to suspend efforts to stabilise the plant, including on Sunday when radiation levels spiked to 100,000 times above normal in water inside reactor No. 2.

Apparently one can have a partial meltdown, which is comparable to being only partially pregnant:

 A partial meltdown of fuel rods inside the reactor vessel was responsible for the high levels of radiation at that reactor although Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said the radiation had mainly been contained in the reactor building.

TEPCO later said radiation above 1,000 millisieverts per hour was found in water in tunnels used for piping outside the reactor.

That is the same as the level discovered on Sunday. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says a single dose of 1,000 millisieverts is enough to cause haemorrhaging.

TEPCO officials said the underground tunnels did not flow into the sea but the possibility of radioactive water seeping into the ground could not be ruled out.

And now that Greenpeace is there, things are about to get much worse, as the environmental group is certain to announce radioactivity levels far worse than the government's "conservative" estimates. 

Greenpeace said its experts had confirmed radiation levels of up to 10 microsieverts per hour in a village 40 km (25 miles) northwest of the plant. It called for the extension of a 20-km (12-mile) evacuation zone.

"It is clearly not safe for people to remain in Iitate, especially children and pregnant women, when it could mean receiving the maximum allowed annual dose of radiation in only a few days," Greenpeace said in a statement, referring to the village where the radiation reading was taken.

The hilarious thing is that it took just a few hours for the first attempt at discredicitng Greenpeace to arrive: Reuters notes that the Japan Nuclear Agency says Greenpeace's radiation measurements outside evacuation zone can't be considered reliable. As for those uber-reliable measurements from the government:

Residents there have been repeatedly rattled by aftershocks from the strongest earthquake in Japanese history, including a magnitude 6.5 tremor on Monday that triggered a tsunami warning.

"I lived through World War Two, when there was nothing to eat and no clothes to wear. I'll live through this," said Mitsuharu Watanobe, sitting cross-legged on a blanket in an evacuation centre in Fukushima city.

"But the scary thing is the radiation. There is a gap between what the newspapers write and what the government is saying. I want the government to tell the truth more."

So as the pot calls the kettle radioactive it is now glaringly obvious that the strategy here is to stupefy and obfuscate for as long as possible, while it becomes even more obvious that there is absolutely no strategy on how to deal with the biggest nuclear catastrophe since Chernobyl. In the meantime BTFD.

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seems bullish

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S+P Futures up 0.2%. BTFD.

How I feel right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WINDtlPXmmE

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I believe Greenpeace...

Republican Lackey's picture

Do you believe them when they say global warming is man made?

Harlequin001's picture

Not entirely, but 7.5 billion people all breathing out at the same time is a lot of CO2, and not something the planet is historically used to.

I believe global warming to be cyclical, and in many ways beyond our control, but I also believe it foolish to think we don't have any impact either.

Question is, why would Greenpeace lie about this?

Republican Lackey's picture

"I believe global warming to be cyclical, and in many ways beyond our control, "

So are you saying you believe in the science that supports your view point and don't believe in the science that does not? I'm just confused by your willingness to accept Greenpeace's findings on nuclear sciences but not on earth sciences.




writingsonthewall's picture

If I am faced with a choice about who to believe - EVERY SINGLE SCIENTIST in the world....or oil backed republican NEO con-liberals who are are stupid as they are sunburnt - I'll take the scientists thanks.


....or can any Neo-con produce a scientist who disagrees with the consensus that global warming is man made and we need to control it?


....just one - I'm not fussy now...

chumbawamba's picture

Dude, it's the neocons who are behind the global warming bullshit.

I am Chumbawamba.

In Fed We Trust's picture

Yes in deed the global warming stuff is made up.

As I conspiracist, I believe the motive is a new system of control, as the elitist know that the fed can't go on forever, or maybe it's the oil giants waking up to the idea of fossil fuels are adead industry.

So one of these groups, either the fed or the oil cartel, have been plotting now for a number of years, this climate change bullshit.

Or maybe they are working together. The new system of control: Carbon Credits. The science is much to complicated for us. Well just have to trust the gov or the exchanges on how much individual pollution insurance we should all purchase to be responsible or law abiding citizens. Suckers.

Dont be surprised if these elitest, set about causing havoc on the Earth, to fasttrack the process and make us all believers.

Things like the oil spill really helps fasttrack the process. Not to mention making the insiders rich. The thing in Japan, I would no t be surprised if the banks are behind it.

Billions to be made crashing the Japanese markets. If it was a natural disaster, and not Goldman Sachs placing a bomb in some offshore oil wel off the coast of Japan, then there is a think tank somewhere, saying Damn, I wish I would of thought of that! One little bomb, in an oil well, causes Earthqauke, country collaspes. 

This is the new warfare. Crash the country. Collect in the stock market. 

All it took was 911, to make you all believers in terror.

A simillar incident will make you all believers in Carbon Creidits. 

Whatever dramatic weather 2012 brings with it, and along the way, along with the increasing occurance of man made disasters; I fully expect the media to spin in a way that makes us believers in Carbon Credits.

It is quite possible that Carbon Credits will become the backbone of the one world currency, once the dollar collappses.

1-2 years, tops. 



Reptil's picture

Oh hell yes Global Climate Change is a man influenced phenomenon. Because of Global dimming.

Watch this: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2058273530743771382#

Then reason; if you take out all the contrails (and other causes of global dimming) out of the equasion, what are you left with? That's right, a significant warming effect. Take it one step further and directed manipulation (silver iodine anyone) are not such remote conceptions.

Big question: WHY?


Stormdancer's picture

Not one scientist, but over 31,000 of them...over 9000 with PhD's.


Your "scientific consensus" doesn't exist anywhere outside the minds of propagandists.

In Fed We Trust's picture

As we have learned from hi finance.

Statistics, along with mathamathical theories can all be concocted to for alterior motives.


imaginalis's picture

Belief has become a useless commodity, a real door shutter to further understanding.

Arkadaba's picture

Harlequin 001 comes in early to obfuscate.

I'm open regarding global warming but haven't been convinced yet and don't find Harlequin's post particularly illuminating.

Harlequin001's picture

Arkadaba: My comment was that I would rather believe Greenpeace than TEPCO or the government of Japan when taking a Geiger counter reading. I don't intend to right the wrongs of this world or start a debate about global warming.

i-dog's picture

Greenpeace -- like TEPCO and the guv -- is just another data point with an agenda. Crowdsourced data can be similarly skewed from the truth.

Truth is a perception.

Harlequin001's picture

Republican: Common sense dictates that you can't have an ice age without a 'warm' age, and we have had many ice ages, ergo global warming just like global cooling is cyclical. Do I need a scientist to tell me that?

Whilst I stand to be corrected I have been told that when the Petronas Twin Towers were built in Malaysia the surface temperature on the concrete at ground level increased by 3 degrees C.

Global warming is always with us but not for a minute do I think that we don't make a difference. If the world was in a cooling cycle then pumping out all kinds of shit into the atmosphere to warm it up would be perceived as a good thing.

I accept neither one side or the other, I think I have worked it out for myself already.

jmc8888's picture

That's not global warming...it's heat island effect.

Two completely different things.

Harlequin001's picture

so what is it if it's not getting hotter...

Bastiat's picture

"but 7.5 billion people all breathing out at the same time is a lot of CO2"

It's all the farting . .


Thomas's picture

Passing radioactive gas

boooyaaaah's picture

Why are there no trees above the tree line?

Because there is no co2 above the tree line.

i-dog's picture

"but 7.5 billion people all breathing out at the same time is a lot of CO2"

... and 75 billion (or 750 billion or whatever the number) trees and plants all breathing  out oxygen at the same time is a lot of O2. The more CO2 there is, the happier the plants (and crops) are. It has been like that for eons.

Harlequin001's picture

Yes but we are cutting down the trees aren't we...

i-dog's picture

Indeed, we are ... but ... we are also killing off all the other CO2 breathing animals to counteract that. Call it a 'carbon offset'. :p

alexanderstollznow's picture

to the question "why would Greenpeace lie about this?"

answer: because Greenpeace is ideologically opposed to nuclear anything, and therefore a motive for exaggerating, it has no legal duty to be truthful, there are no potential sanctions of any sort being otherwise, it has no transparency, and has a history of exaggerating nuclear risks. 

Harlequin001's picture

Ok Alex but I believe TEPCO has a pretty big incentive to understate it as well.

No one can tell for certain yet. Still in this matter I prefer to believe Greenpeace...

jmc8888's picture

Yep this is classic dark arts. Greenpeace is a FASCIST organization. That's a fact. (not opinion).  All you have to do is look at their stated philosophy and know ANYTHING about fascism to make the appropriate connections.

Now, they don't need to obfuscate the truth, because they were handed a bad situation and are running with it.  Make use of any disaster. Dipshit TEPCO.

So can you dispute their (Fascistpieceofshit) numbers? Perhaps.  But they'd have to be dumb as dogshit to fuck with the data given how bad reality is regarding the situation.

So they'll jump onto this, get people to believe in their crap, and then find a more willing heart for their complete neanderthal fascist backwards, kill everyone off, bullshit non-thinking ideology created by banksters FOR banksters.

This is why Japan should tell the truth, otherwise the charlatans can actually tell the truth for ONCE, about ONE ASPECT of the situation, and regain 'credibility' when really they shouldn't have any. (and wouldn't have the chance to have any, if Japan would do the right thing in the first place).  So they'll spout truer numbers, but then their explanation, or directions forward will be a load of crap.

Carbon Credits are wall street, monetary, fascist, bullshit.  Anti-nuclear power people are dumb shits, because they're new bankster army, or one of them.  There is no other way until fusion, NONE! 

We just have to take the $$$$ aspect out of the nuclear power plants.  Change the amitorization, fund it with federal dollars, as uttered CREDIT, not borrowed MONETARY dollars.  (if they find a problem or need to shut down the plant...THERE'S NO BANK LOAN you have to reconcile)

There's always enough money to do ANYTHING needed, as long as you are running a CREDIT system, not a monetary system.  (so in a sense, you COULD realistically say that the situations regarding these plants were monetary caused, and even fed caused).  Because in a credit system, any flaw, or location error, internal improvements, whatever can be done, and would be done, because money would NOT be THE issue.  Right NOW, they ARE.  There's the backside of monetarism biting at you. AGAIN!!!

We have to use 4th generation and beyond, and retire the 1st and 2nd generation.  Sad thing is, without the (basically the effect) shutting down of the industry DECADES ago, it's doubtful any of these would still be in service, as they'd have been replaced with newer, safer designs.

Nuclear power can't be controlled? Well gee, an old reactor with design flaws, right next to a subduction zone, got hit with a 9.0 earthquake, and a tsunami, with its pumps in the basement, with dipshits running the scene, and monetarism ruling the roost, in THE extreme case of cases, THE black swan nuclear event, happened. 

Appropriate measures have to be taken.  Monetarism MUST be ended.  Do the RIGHT thing, not the MONETARY thing, and nuclear power disasters will be much rarer.  Besides, we only need it for a few more decades.  But only dipshits would say this was a normal event.  That we should stop using nuclear power because of this weird ass event.  Whatever the cost, mankind is worth it to survive and get to fusion.  Without nuclear power, we'll never get there.  That's something Greenpeace, ignores in their fantasy utopia ideal that is really the recipe for a new dark age, which would be anything but utopia.

They are 'right' here (most likely) in the numbers, but what their commentary is about it afterwards, is complete dogshit.  Learn to separate it out.  If you don't, then you're still an easy mark for the banksters.

Yep the one thing TEPCO is surely doing, is making the fascists' job easier to innudate mankind with its fascist ideology into WANTING to destroy themselves.  How fucking sad it that? 

Reptil's picture

Carbon Credits a compromised system? Yes, no doubt.

Greenpeace a fascist organisation? I read a lot of words in your post, but no substance. Anyone with a highschool background can write a lot of words.

Carbon Credits is a EU/UN initiative. Now if those are fascists? That could very well be. I trust Van Rompuy as far as I can throw him. (couple meters tops)

boooyaaaah's picture



I think we should drop a Nuclear Bomb of low magnitude on the site

That way all the radioactive juice that is seeping into the atmosphere will

be incinerated.


Sort of like cauterizing a wound.


Hiroshima a thriving city, now, can be used as an example

It may be a premature suggestion, but, hey, with that first shot of coffee on Monday morning--- anything seems possible.


The medical practice or technique of cauterization is the burning of part of a body to remove or close off a part of it in a process called cautery, which destroys some tissue,[1] in an attempt to mitigate damage, remove an undesired growth, or minimize other potential medical harmful possibilities such as infections, when antibiotics are not available. The practice was once widespread for treatment of wounds. Its utility before the advent of antibiotics was effective on several levels:

  • useful in stopping severe blood-loss,
  • to close amputations,
  • useful in preventing infections, including complications from septicaemia




tallen's picture

You can't incinerate radioactive material. Burning something is simply when it reacts with oxygen, it's still in the same form, just with a few oxygens added. Radioactivity is where the atom splits into a more stable form by a certain decay, alpha, beta or gamma. Alpha=helium nuclei, beta=electron gamma= Electromagnetic radiation

THere is no way to get rid of them. Nuking it would add even more radioactivity.

They're in a dilemma, keep cooling it with the risk of heaps of radiation being emmited over a long time period or concrete it with the chance it explodes and releases a large amount over a short time period.

There is no easy solution.

FatFingered's picture

The Soviets threw lead on their reactor.  It slowed the process but, of course, who can say what unintended consequences were realized.

Bob Dobbs's picture

The soviets threw Pb onto a burning core, and produced Pb isotopes that were measured a few days later in Sweden.  This is a very different situation.

sushi's picture

But dropping 100 megatons would be very, very bullish.

johnQpublic's picture

as long as we are at it, we could do that in the GOM too, because apparently its still leaking oil





i hope you arent serious booyah

Harlequin001's picture

can't we just raise sea level by about 40 feet?

or lower Japan...

mick_richfield's picture

Boo --

The biggest problem with this sort of idea is that the weapon would cause large amounts of the nuclear fuel of the reactors to be blown into the stratosphere.  From there it would settle -- wherever the jet stream would take it.

The Hiroshima weapon contained something like 130 pounds of nuclear fuel.  The Fukushima reactors contain something like 2000 or 3000 tons.  If your weapon vaporized one third of that material and pumped it into the stratosphere, it would represent ... I think the term is "an extinction-level event."


Fed delenda est.

Stormdancer's picture

In the medical field cauterization doesn't usually involve a quarter stick of dynamite.

gilligan's picture

It amazes me that people this ignorant can operate a computer...or even breathe for that matter.

knukles's picture

or even operate nuclear reactors!

mick_richfield's picture

If somebody comes and says "I'm ignorant, teach me!" the best thing to do is just -- to teach them.

Shame will only help to maintain ignorance.


Fed delenda est.

writingsonthewall's picture

Serious...and stupid.


All that will achieve is blowing the spent fuel rods across the country and into the sea.


Now who's going to clear all that shit up? At least the Soviets had 'liquidators' - which were 'army volunteers' who were ordered to undertake some of the ridiculously dangerous tasks needed to be done in order to stem the tide.


Democratic countries have to rely on real volunteers - I don't think the rest of Japan will be as quick to die for Nuclear power as the Fukushima 50 have.


I'm feeling rather relieved that I live on the opposite side of the world - although the trade winds take away a lot of that comfort - I wouldn't want to be on the west coast of the US right now....

goldfish1's picture

I wouldn't want to be on the west coast of the US

right now

I feel sick about that and the rest of the US. How bad is it? Can someone give me a definitive minimal projected level?

i-dog's picture

"That way all the radioactive juice that is seeping into the atmosphere will be incinerated."

You are a fucking moron!! With so few brain cells, how do you even manage to breathe?

goldfish1's picture

What it seems like, based upon the rising clamor on some blogs, is they already made up their minds about nuking the place. They are waiting for the "important" people like bankers and corporate head honchos to evacuate with their goods and allowing events like raised radiation levels to build consensus and others events (war in Iran etc) to escalate before publically  "deciding" to nuke it. They give a fukk about the people and radiation contamination except how it impacts their plans.


sullymandias's picture

How about we just attach the whole nuclear plant, plus the surrounding 10km or so, to a space ship, and shoot it off towards the no-longer planet Pluto?

curbyourrisk's picture

EVERYTHING is bullish, so long as The Bernank is at the helm........


Full speed ahead......never mind that little jagged piece of ice sticking out of the water.

Careless Whisper's picture

Bill Cummings, Investivative Reporter: Connecticut Nuke Plant On Long Island Sound (19 nautical miles from East Hampton) Has No More Room For Spent Fuel Rods. Plant Operator, Saves Money, And "Stuffs Them". Engineers Say "Not Safe".