Tepco: Meltdown at Reactor 1 HOURS After Earthquake ... Reactors 2 and 3 Have Likely Melted Down As Well

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Tepco - the operator of the stricken Japanese nuclear complex - is
finally admitting what independent experts have been saying for months.

Initially, Tepco now admits that reactor number 1 melted down hours after the earthquake. As NHK notes:

Electric Power Company, the operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear
power plant, says most of the fuel rods in the No.1 reactor had dropped
to the bottom of the pressure vessel within 16 hours of the earthquake on March 11th.

The utility revealed its study on the subject on Sunday.

said it analyzed the data and calculated a timeline for the
developments in the No. 1 reactor on the assumption that the reactor
lost its cooling system as soon as it was hit by the tsunami.

The firm said that within about 3 hours after the reactor automatically shut down, the cooling water had evaporated to a level at the top of the rods.

In the next hour and a half, parts of the fuel rods are believed to have begun melting.


Almost of all the fuel rods melted and dropped to the bottom of the pressure vessel by 6:50 am on March 12th.


The firm says the melted rods created small holes on the bottom of the vessel...

Tepco has also admitted that reactors 2 and 3 have likely melted down as well. As reported in a separate article from NHK:

also says the gauges at the No.2 and 3 reactors might not be showing
the actual water levels and that both reactors are likely to have
undergone meltdowns.

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German magazine Spiegel online has gotten the opinion of unnamed nuclear experts claiming that the Fukushima catastrophe was faulty design. According to a study every 35 years a tsunami of over 10 meters is to be expected and the japanese authorities should have demanded a design withstanding those waves.

Since the Design is American and in the US there is no Tsunami risk the reactors were not designed to withstand one.

Tuesday (tomorrow) is a meeting of german nuclear scientists "Kerntechnischen Jahrestagung" where a paper discussing the differences between german and japanese nuclear power plants will be discussed.
Here is the webpage (english)

source (german)

IQ 101's picture

On a long enought time line..............,

My parents grew up in bombshelters from the ages of 10 to 15ish,

The Luftwaffe wanted them dead, the severe food rationing that resulted from the war

was met by thousands of British children being 'Treated' for malnutrition with the new medical wonder, Radium treatments,

By the 1950's they were watching Mushroom clouds from a Las Vegas hotel balcony.

Fukushima is 8000+ miles away?

My point being that, No one here get's out alive. (J.Morrison).

Living in fear is doom, If the Tornadoes,Volcanoes,Earthquakes and cell phone drivers don't get you, the Terrorists,chem trails, swat team or drunken spouse will off you,

and if you wiggle through all that, time will kick your ass, sooner or later.

I wil be eating my downwind vegitables in Washington state, and if necessary I will mutate into a time travelling tumor with a tail, just to piss off the clan Parasitico.

The US economy can and will crumble, but I am starting another Business now and as long as i can make it out to my truck I will move forward.

The Fleas and Ticks Will be eliminated, the USA is still exceptional and I am still proud to be a US citizen. Hens.

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In lieu of a re-criticality explosive event, and maybe within a few months, the rising radioactivity levels will no longer be deniable when shown on the long-ago-ordered, late arriving detectors soon to be delivered into private hands.

Will this be the proof that reveals the charade and forces authorities into decisive action?

Or will reporting, printing and broadcasting the rising levels of the atmosphere, ocean, soil, crops, animal and marine life, not to mention exported items, be made into a crime?

Seems to me the authorities are soon coming up against it, and draconian methods of suppression may be met with affected residents expressing their concern for local contamination using their feet.

Wonder what will be the sequence of official responces to a developing mass abandonment of affected areas where the true contamination is clearly revealed on 1000s of privately-owned instruments?


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I knew this from day one, that meltdowns had happened.  And them acting as if number 2 and 3 reactors COULD be meltdown is a farce.  If all of them lost the ability to cool then it goes to figure that all of them boiled away the water in the core leaving the reactor there to cook and burn through the contaiment.

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Without checking material of contruction the probes work at a practical design temperature range of -452 to +1100°F (-269 to +593°C). The platinum RTD has the best accuracy.

As for, "or all the measuring equipment malfunctioned"

Would be a probable event given the Hydrogen Explosion. Depends if structual blow panel's are incorporated into structual design. From what I seen the roof acted as such. Are they running totaly blind? I would see if any technicians are alive to ask them. Chris worked Corporate so the validity is probable in his opinion. When we had a organic chemical explosion many years ago we lost sensors of course, but fail safe is normally open valve position on loss of utility hence the "connect power" issue we seen. Overall IMO we are past event status. Wish them well since wormwood comes to mind.

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Ah, what matters to some, is irrelevant to most.

The history shows us that the govts do not care about human fatalities because maybe they know something bigger and more destructive is in the wings. Perhaps they do not want to panic the nations like what was happening as this radiation story broke out. Look at the rush for Potassium Iodide across the country as an example of how people reacted to the initial reports from all the lame-stream-press.

So, here gathered are many great opinions and thoughts about the continuing and ONGOING Events at Fukushima. Much gratitude for all your contributions.

The food systems continue to be contaminated:


What are the real priorities?

So far, there are about four or five and now, maybe as many as six incoming celestial objects to be concerned about. Could be more. It appears there are many reports to cover up which incoming object or objects may or may not cause some kind of catastrophe. These Events and history are cyclic. Impacts have happened before. If the people freak out about radiation, imagine how they would REACT if they actually knew something was going to impact the planet or significantly change it.

Here is yet another incoming object.:

2009 BD:


Some of the Mob:


45P Honda:


2005 GO21:


If it were in fact true that one of these many incoming objects were to impact the planet to create an ELE type Event, wouldn't that pretty much make EVERYTHING ELSE moot?

Meanwhile, the govt insiders burrow deeper into thier underground shelters knowing something is coming.

False flag attack for yet more distractions? More war??

Dam, that Chaos is such a well played card.

The Heart says, one day at a time in grace, service, appreciation for the little things in life, and gratitude, for this is what feeds the wheel of good fortune come hell or high water.

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actually, this might be bad news for 5 & 6, especially the spent fuel pools.

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Third worker dies -- this latest death came after working at the plant less than one day.



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plutonium found 30 miles away in farmland by owners doing their own research and detection. i sure hope whoever was doing the research was equipped with radiation suits etc.......it is in their food supplies now and these people say that government wants them to keep quiet about it........how nice...so, how much plutonium does it take to kill a man?

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what has happened is catastrophic  but MSM doesn't have time to waste so on to the next story.....like it never happened.  How much of this island will no longer be inhabitable?   How far out is the no entry zone and off limits for inhabitation?  how has this effected sea life and the food chain in present time and for the future?


all thinks we don't see being talked about.

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"The firm said that within about 3 hours after the reactor automatically shut down, the cooling water had evaporated to a level at the top of the rods."
That means that the cooling system stopped working directly after the quake;  the back-up batteries or another part of the cooling system failed. That points to bigger flaws in the design then admitted. For the Fukushima power plants it does not matter anymore, but for the similar designs out over the world it does matter.
Those reactors urgently need a safety check.

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Why did they think there was any nuclear fuel in the reactor pressure vessels after the earthquake?  Just think about it - they were recording low water, low pressure and low temperature. Obviously these are signs that something has "popped out" of the RPV.  

Just think of the molten core (or corium) and the Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) as a big zit.  When the pressure got too high and all the molten uranium liquefies, the minute it breaches even a small hole it squirts out with great force - just like when you pop a big zit.  

In short, there is very little uranium left in the RPV.  Just like Elvis, its left the building - but who knows where it is?



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Does this mean that we will see TEPCO executives, politicians and US scumbags that have been lying to the world start crying to get out of it now.  Maybe Immelt can cry as GE was ultimately responsible for this mess.  He should have a half hour crying interview on prime time TV.

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I hope someone can explain what happens when nuclear fuel melts into containment vessels that are ruptured. Will the fuel melt until it hits water? What happens then? Will there be an explosion or simply high amounts of radioactive steam released? Does it matter?

Arnie warned that another hydrogen explosion was possible at unit 3 because the reactor has no water or steam inside of it.

I wish someone with expertise in this area would spell out possible scenarios for people like me who would like some sense of what this all means.

The data are not encouraging:

UC Berkeley’s nuclear engineering lab is reporting continued findings of cesium in milk and soil http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/1870

Radnet data for Phoenix and much of Southern California have been "under review" for 3 days now. "Under review" has emerged as a code phrase for "radiation too high to report.

Radiation Safety Philippines blogspot is reporting today on large amounts of seawater found in yet another reactor at yet another plant in Japan

By the way, those youtube clips are unbelievably scary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSIPs_5gMp4

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RadNet is showing the following readings for milk in Hilo Hawaii on the following dates:

4/20/11: Cs-134: 11 pCi/L, Cs-137: 10 pCi/L

4/10/11: Cs-134: 24 pCi/L, Cs-137: 19 pCi/L, I-131 18 pCi/L


Anyone know what the EPA considers "safe"? 

majia's picture

EPA does not regulate radiation in milk. The FDA does.

The EPA adopts the no threshold of radiation "precautionary principle" when regulating water.

In contrast, the FDA adopts a cost-benefit analysis that figures some people dying from radiated milk is ok.

A good discussion is available here. The comments are helpful also



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Japan began evacuating people from outside the official exclusion zone around the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant after it was revealed fuel rods there probably melted hours after March's devastating earthquake.

With radiation levels remaining high, small children and pregnant women were the first to be moved, with thousands more to be shifted into shelters and temporary housing.

More details have emerged about the meltdown in Fukushima's No. 1 reactor, with revelations the fuel rods were likely exposed to the air for as long as 14 hours - a fact not discovered until last week.

It appears the rods melted just hours after the earthquake and tsunami struck, dropping to the bottom of the pressure vessel at the core.

It was the news the people of Iitate village had been dreading.

A touch further than 30 kilometres from the Fukushima plant, Iitate was outside the evacuation zone until now.

Because of wind patterns, Iitate and nearby communities have been swathed in high radiation and authorities are not willing to let people stay any longer.

"I'm sure most of you have lived in this village all your lives and have never planned on moving," mayor Norio Kanno told residents.

"To those of you that I now have to ask to pack up and leave your homes, I am deeply sorry."

After the plant's operator, TEPCO, told the Japanese people that things were stabilising at Fukushima, it is now clear they knew far less about the situation than they were willing to admit.

About 8,000 Iitate residents and those in the nearby village of Kawamata are being asked to move, joining the tens of thousands who have already been forced out of their homes by the nuclear crisis.

They will be put up in hotels, public housing and evacuation shelters, and no-one knows when they will be allowed to return.

"It's such an incredible shame to have to leave the house I've lived in for so long," one elderly resident said.

"I can't express it in words."


Laddie's picture

Obama didn't act when he could have, the MSM ignores the nuclear toxins spewing over America.

Australia's landmass has been spared radiation but the ocean that surrounds it is radioactive.

The worst thing is that America's agricultural land and all related to it and its potable water is now contaminated.



Dr. Gonzo's picture

Is this why all the billionaires were fleeing the country on their private jets as fast as they could as they instructed their captured media to report all was well to the masses? You can't get any reliable info on TV or radio any more. The whole system is a giant propaganda organ. In order to get anything beneficial out of CNN,  FOX, CNBC or the networks you almost need to take an advaced course on filtering state sponsored propaganda.

RichardENixon's picture

I can give you a general rule of thumb. Don't believe anything they say is so, and believe anything they say isn't so.


Milestones's picture

I was a youngster when I was hoeing in a victory garden and then the phrase was " believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear". Sad to say ; it still applies today.   Milestones

Reptil's picture

Wow this is surreal: Don't these people realise the reactors are OUT OF CONTROL? :-/


Fukushima companies want nuke plant scrapped

Companies operating near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant have demanded that its operator permanently shut down the damaged facility as its radiation leaks are harming their business.

About 120 business people attended a briefing by Tokyo Electric Power Company in Iwaki City on Monday to hear how the utility is addressing the accident at the plant.

Iwaki is more than 30 kilometers away from the nuclear plant and so outside the evacuation zone.

But manufacturers in the city say clients are demanding radiation checks for their products. Sales of local farm produce have fallen.

TEPCO officials said the utility will have to revise its strategy to stabilize Reactor No. 1, where nuclear fuel rods are believed to have melted.

But they said the initial plan for stabilizing the No.1 and other reactors by January next year remains unchanged.

The officials declined to say when the plant will be decommissioned, on the grounds that TEPCO does not know what is taking place inside the reactors and so cannot give timelines.

Monday, May 16, 2011 19:49 +0900 (JST)

richsob's picture

I've got a bad feeling about something.  Goldman Sachs was a huge player in the destruction of the world's economy and now GE is smack dab in the middle of the nuclear reactor questions in Japan and around the world.  Both companies have CEO's who are extremely chummy with the Obama administration and both of them have led the charge to create tax laws that permit them to shelter a vast amount of their income.  Is the Obama administration stupid or criminally negligent when they look past not just one train wreck but TWO of them?  Something is seriously messed up, folks.

blindman's picture

@ .."Is the Obama administration stupid or criminally negligent when they look past ...."
criminally negligent, aka politics.

Pitchman's picture
MOST EVIL: TEPCO Admits Meltdown Of Reactor No. 1 Occurred On Day One

Further, the firm says the melted rods created small holes on the bottom of the vessel, but that no major problems are developing there. It believes that the amount of radioactive substances that could spread from the reactor will be limited.

BP by a nose.  TEPCO coming up on the rail.  Its BP, TEPCO, BP...


In a statement that may be as tragic as the death itself; Tokyo Electric Power Co. says the cause of the death remains unknown and the worker’s body showed no sign of radiation overexposure.  With TEPCO's  history of duplicitous  statements who are we to question their latest?

In an effort to limit leaking radiation authorities plan to pitch a Godzilla Sized Tent over reactor one and invite Rodan over to roast weenies. - Inflection Point
blindman's picture

and... it's the IMF, out of nowhere,
by a head.

skepticCarl's picture

I tend to look at the bright side. The Fukushima site can now be used as a geothermal plant.

Arch Duke Ferdinand's picture

20 Signs that a Horrific Food Crisis is Coming...


Why Canada's four Western Provinces are the safest Quadrant on our Planet...


bob_dabolina's picture

Love how the USA has stopped monitoring radiation because according to them radiation levels are going down even though 3 reactors are in full meltdown and who knows the true status of the other 3.

trav7777's picture

they need to flow the cores somewhere they can cool them off and solidify.  As long as they sit in containment, they continue to belch radionuclides.

Go AGAINST the effing "common sense"...meltdown is your friend.  They have no closed coolant loop.  If these things are still fissioning sporadically, this means pour in water, have it evaporate off with I131 and Cs137, vent that to the world, and then flow water into the ocean.  Not a good solution.

Get the goddamned fuel out of the places it's in and encase it within lead or tin so at LEAST the heat and fission situation abates.  YES the fucking site will be hot forever like Chernobyl; it already is!!

cranky-old-geezer's picture

Good point. 

Chernobyl meltdown "lava flow" cooled and solidified in spaces below the reactor after mixing with large amounts of sand from reactor shielding and concrete substructure, diluting fissionable material below criticality.  It never breached the structure into subsoil. They got lucky.

When they eventually gained visual access inside the reactor they were surprised to find it empty except for graphite and control rod fragments.  

They went looking for the fissionable contents, soon finding it solidified in spaces underneath the reactor, radiating thousands of rems / hr.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Everything is fine.

The radiation from Fukushima will ensure produce has a much longer shelf life.

PulauHantu29's picture

I'm guessing Wall Street analysts will once again call this event,"Very, Very Bullish for the Japan GDP."

Am I right?

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Yes.  And soon everyone will be rich..... and dead.

Old Poor Richard's picture

Since other credible parties agree with the assessment, I'm not going to doubt it.  It does conveniently absolve them for sitting on their hands for a week--"it was melted down already so who cares."


When I was in the Navy, we had SCRAM & FILL.  These junk/shit reactors don't have a Reactor Fill System, evidently.  They depend on the primary coolant system neither rupturing nor losing electricity--provided by Diesel generators and fuel tanks exposed to flood waters.


Can we assume that US plants are just as easily stricken--if not by a tsunami, then by ordinary flooding, or a terrorist flying a Gulfstream into the vulnerable structures outside the containment?

I realize this isn't ALL GE's fault, GE made naval reactors, too, and they don't fucking suck so bad.  The NRC and the customers share the blame. Everybody should be held liable.  Liable for the Japanese disaster, and liable for retrofitting US reactors to have better protection of the reactors and of the spent fuel pools.



Joebloinvestor's picture

The US needs to review immigration policy for the Japanese who have to leave and want to come here.

The question is how much of Japan is going to be un-inhabitable.

Everyone is LYING about how bad it really is.

apberusdisvet's picture

No news in the MSM as yet but the radiation levels in North America are most likely above safe levels.  20 years after Chernobyl, 40% of Europe still has unsafe levels and lambs in Britain are inedible due to cancer causing levels of radiation found in their bodies.  I would imagine that European cheeses would also pose significant risk.

Since Fukushima is now acknowledged to be at least 10x greater than Chernobyl, we are all in deep shit.

Btw, GW should check out the stories from Fallujah in Iraq about the spike in deformed babies due to the depleted uranium weapons used during the surge.


The Heart's picture

Hey, sure like your avatar and that you are copying this one. Honored indeed.

Thank you!

falak pema's picture

the china syndrome is equivalent to what with Fuku? The hole to the bottom takes us where...looks like somewhere in USA...

Rhodin's picture

Roughly somewhere in Brazil, or just offshore depending on which globe i use, 'course once it hits magma its terminated :-)

silvertrain's picture

Het GW , did you see this? I posted it once and thought I would put it up one more time for those who havent seen it...


Dagny Taggart's picture

and there is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuTceCawWdw

I can access the zardoz nilu database, but it usually crashes my browser.