TEPCO Releases Video Of Spent Fuel Rod Pool At Reactor 4

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And while everyone has forgotten about the terabequerels of radiation released on a daily basis out of Fukushima, even as the Japanese Center for Economic Research just revised March GDP massively lower (more shortly), TEPCO, nearly two months after the explosion, has released the following very brief video of the spent fuel rod pool at Reactor 4. The good news: it is submerged in water; the bad news: it is submerged in water, meaning nobody is even one step closer to safely removing the constantly leaking radioactive material.

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This is 'Reactor 4' modeled over at Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios.


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Exactly!  Could they get any faster than that?  Why so little what did they not want us to see with the rest of it?  Gotta watch again, I did blink.

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Things that make you go hummmm.

Posted on youtube minutes before Team Tyler posts a story about it? LoLz.

Hendron, VA.

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That's why ZH rocks.

The typical lag time for the msm to report is typically 2-3 days. So in 2-3 days you might see something on CNN.

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No-one cares, they watching the royal wedding and wanking over descriptions of clothing.

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We need an In-Trade contract on which we end quicker, the Fukushima nuclear fallout or this marriage. Also, another contract on whether William goes completely bald before Fukushima resolution. All circuses must serve bread.

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the clothing is fucking ridiculous -- da prince in bozo clown military regalia -- is anyone really watching this charivari of unconscious idiocy?


in other breaking news the planet is leaking radioactive sludge and more than half the population is suffering from accelerated mortality rate. Yipeeeee!

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WTF? Vast-D get a grip... William was drafted by the Raiders last night... Nothing is fucked Dude. the Clothes sealed the deal.. FOX is going to use him to replace that bullshit football robot guy that dances in the corner of the screen during commercials.

teehee... CB

Carpe Cesium Bythleezzz!

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You colonials just don't appreciate the magnificence of English royalty.

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he was a military officer.

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People care. But when you have issues, unconstitutional issues like the Kenyan once again producing a fake birth certificate, the priorities are set clearly,  between a nuclear disaster worse in magnitude than Chernobyl and one guy who is deluded enough to see he can persuade people who chose to ignore all kinds of evidences possible, you have to focus on the non natural born citizen at the head of the US country case.

Get your priorities right.

Those two Royals, they were so cute, their marriage ceremony so Christian, it makes you wish every nation has royals.

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You soon will.

As for the evidence bit Obama just learned from his predecessor that you can do or be whatever you want, the public will buy any explanation.

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 British Taxpayers footing the bill for 20M pounds while adjusting to austerity measures. Fucking hypocrisy at its height. Like Obama's trip to India costing us 100s of millions of dollars, his trip to the Oprah Winfrey show, Superbowl flyover by the air force which lasted 15 min. and was over a closed dome costing 450k.


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Awaiting Gunderson's detailed analysis, but there are some ugly looking objects when frozen at 0:02 in focus.

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that video shot could be from any pool at any time. not saying it's not from #4 at Fukushima, but no proof is no proof.

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This is true and why err on the side of trusting TEPCO or the government?

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A bit like Barry's long form certificate!


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Arnie Gunderson used to run a company that made spent fuel pools. See his commentary on the condition of the pool at #4 based on aerial photos. The thing is at least half-destroyed. It is not in pristine condition and full of water. This is either just a small corner of the pool or a total fake.

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Oh say can you see by the Cherenkov (blue) green light.


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Cuttlefish and asparagus, or vanilla paste?

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I see what you did there. Burrito derishous!

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fantastic progress by Tepco... in 2 months we've had a robot stare at the problem, a fire engine and Heli pissing on the problem and we've now got a polaroid pic of the problem

Zero solutions to the problem yet (trivial matter anyway given there was no Plan A, Plan B or Plan WTF either!) but you just have to stand back and admire the professionalism, safety regulations and organisational skill sets of the Nuclear Industry to come up with a ...photo!!!!

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You don't solve plutonium.

Plutonium solves you.

This isn't chernobyl. There's tons of it and they can't even seal it up. It's got a whole in the floor and it's leaking to ocean. It's hot as all get out will be radioactive for 20k years. Their island is sinking. If they could seal it up it would just crack and leak anyway in another 40 years. They'd have to seal it from now till kingdom not come.

They are trying to peer pressure people into staying saying your not real japanese if you leave. Because if they leave no people no government. No body to provide the resources and believable money to fix it.

But don't feel bad about the japanese all or nearly all dying. It'll get most of us too.


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i'm sure you've no need to worry on all counts.... the Japanese Govt, Tepco and Nuclear Industry are rammed with over-achievers ...the apparent lathergy and clueless vacant response is just a 7 week 'time out' while they decide which of their dozens of fantastic back-up plans and highly effective pieces of nuclear safety equipment they will use!

...just think of brilliant guys like GE's Jeff Immelt who sold these radioactive submarine power packs for dry land (amphibious nuclear power stations, fuking genius GE idea eh?). Sure to come up with a plan to sort this dry land gets a splash of water toxic amphibious mess out.

Just as GE makes profits, pays no taxes and is never liable for anything, they're sure to have similar masterful plans to get Govt-Tepco off the hook and out of this toxic responsibility too right?  

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No. They will water it and wet it down and try to cool it and stand there with thier dick in their hands until said dick falls off.

They'll freak the fuck out of everybody who will suddenly think it's some kind of brilliant idea to take this nasty shit and bury it someplace safe. Which will set of a massive transport of about 800 tons of the most vicous nasty element on the planet. Some of those transports will fuck up and spill shit all over. The earth lighting up like a christmas tree will freak everybody out as they wonder just what the hell everybody was planning to do with all this crap.

The elite will act more and more insane as they start figuring out that everybody hates thier own country and everybody elses country too and nobody wants to live here any more with a bunch of stupid fucking dicks in charge.


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Arnie Gunderson was talking about the fine uranium dust and the fine plutonium dust that was released from the explosion.  I think I feel a lung tumor growing in me as I type this.

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But don't feel bad about the japanese all or nearly all dying. It'll get most of us too.


Funny as a sea elephant. Japanese all dying from this event? Quite hyperbolic.

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yes Anonymous, the Japanese people will be just fine and dandy, afterall look how well the Japanese Govt has protected its people to date right?

...look how well the wheels of Justice and the safety regulators with 2,000 times breached safety regulations have kicked in ...we have dozens of politicians, Tepco Execs and regulators being arrested 'right now' in Japan don't we?

No surprise in a land where the authoritarian Jap Govt micro-manage every part of society right down to regulating taxi drivers on which white gloves to wear on health and safety grounds

Have the politicians and Tepco Execs been arrested yet for sighting the plant on a tsnuami coastline, not building a high enough tsnumai wall, regulators and Tepco staff in the slammer for ignoring back-up safety generators had no fuel, anyone in jail yet from the establishment for breeching all health and safety levels and turning villages and private property into toxic no-go hell holes???

I mean crash your car into a lampost and the Jap Govt will have you in court by Tuesday. 7 weeks in and in effect a nuclear bomb going off in a public-private partnership and there's fuk all arrests to date!!

Get caught pickpocketing in Tokyo and the State police will have you in the slammer in minutes. A public-private partnership turns peoples homes into toxic junk and 7 weeks after all the Japanese politcians and Tepco Execs are stil walking free shrugging their collectivism shoulders with the State Police, Safety Regulators and Judiciary sitting on their hands whistling Dixie 

How many arrests and prosecutions in Japan so far Anonymous?

Yes you can be sure to trust the Jap Govt to take the responsible course of action for its people!!!!


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Isn't this convenient


Japanese Satellite Shuts Down While Surveying Tsunami Damage

apan’s Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) is feared lost after abruptly powering down April 22 as it was carrying out a mapping mission of the nation’s earthquake- and tsunami-ravished coast line. Engineers at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) were struggling to find what caused the 5-year-old satellite to suddenly lose power shortly after dawn.

The satellite, known as Daichi, shifted from normal operations into a low-load mode around 7:30 a.m. local time and turned off all of its on-board observation devices, according to JAXA. The satellite’s power generation continued to deteriorate rapidly following the anomaly, which was detected through data relayed by Japan’s Kodama Data Relay Test Satellite. Hours after the incident, the satellite showed no signs that it was generating power.

“Daichi lost power this morning and there has been no change since then. We are still investigating the cause,” JAXA spokesman Eijiro Namura said April 22. “With the loss of power, after this [much] time, we don’t see much chance of a recovery.”

The satellite, built by NEC-Toshiba Space Systems to last at least three years, was launched aboard a Japanese H-2A rocket in January 2006.

At the time the power failure occurred, Daichi was mapping the eastern coast of Japan’s Tohoku region, which suffered severe and widespread damage after being hit by an enormous tsunami following the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that struck offshore March 11, leaving more than 27,000 people dead or missing.

Daichi carries three sensors: a stereoscopic mapping sensor that measures precise land elevation; a radiometer; and a phased-array radar used for mapping, precise regional land coverage observation, resource surveying and disaster monitoring.



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Clearly the aliens shut it down.... This is perfectly explainable... And if you keep asking questions we'll distract you with another royal wedding!

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No no, it goes royal wedding, royal pregnancy, royal 'trouble', royal divorce.

Plenty of circus left in this one for sure.

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And always a royal pain in the ass.

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You forgot the royal pregnancy by foreigner, and royal assasination attempt by 'auto accident', and the royal seriously injured driving around in an ambulance for hours until actually dead.

I hope what's her name is aware she's marrying into a family of murderers.

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The assemblies in that pool look suspiciously orderly for a building that had the top two stories blown off.

What about the other video, from the helicopter, that showed a green loading crane collapsed on top, and fuel assemblies strewn all over the building and surrounding buildings? How does this square with that, time-and-place-wise?

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Meanwhile, the good old boys at the NRC are actually questioning today how long of a power failure our stations could handle.


Hows'bout a case study?  Cat 5 Hurricane hits MA Pilgrim or NH Seabrook.  No power, and swamped diesel generators and batteries.  How do we stack up boys?  WHat should the evacuation zone be?  Boston?

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we've had since Fu1 two now where the shore power has been cut off by tornados and they've had to go to diesel.

I wonder if the NRC didn't force inspections and actual tests.  The difference between Fu1 and here is that our backup generators were able to work, otherwise we'd have been facing similar situations.  However, we are supposed to have adequate H2 venting capability.

No CAT5 is going that far north

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Yup, just like no 14 meter tsunami was going to hit Fukushima 1.

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Just like you can't have 76 tornado's in the south of america in a couple days.

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How did Entergy's New Orleans nuclear power plant weather Katrina? Maybe it is our NPP that should be most concerned now with hurricanes. The Gulf might not be vulnerable to tsunami but 20 plus foot hurricane storm surges and or failing levee's could accomplish the same thing as happened at Fukushima.

We've gotten notice so I hope the plant operators are bullet proofing their on site generators.