TEPCO Stock Implodes As Radioactive Iodine In Fukushima Seawater Now 3,355 Above Limit

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Following the full day trading halt yesterday, a soon to be nationalized TEPCO decided to reopen. Instead it should not have passed go and gone straight to prison. The stock crashed 21% from yesterday's closing tick immediately at the open, 35% from Monday's close, and 79% in under three weeks. To all the major holders (which just happen to be Japan's largest insurance companies as disclosed previously) our condolences.

And while TEPCO continues to be the only shining beacon of the complete uncontrolled collapse of the rescue efforts in Fukushima, with global markets now having moved on, here are the latest and greatest headlines out of the worst radioactive disaster since Chernobyl:

  • IODINE IN SEAWATER SOUTH OF PLANT 3355 TIMES LIMIT (highest reading ever announced)
  • LOW PRESSURE IN REACTOR 2, 3 PRESSURE VESSELS COULD BE SIGN OF LEAKAGE (or it could be a sign that futures are about to surge: nobody knows for sure).

And the latest news from Asahi, which is precisely as we predicted from the very beginning: "giant shrould mulled over Fukushima 1 to cut radiation leak." Now if only here was a shroud for all the radioactive lava and seeping subsoil water radiation...

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Spalding_Smailes's picture

Got rice .... ?



Japan's radiation spreads in China, but no threat

Low levels of radioactive iodine-131 that have been detected in the air above seven more provinces and cities do not pose a threat to public health, just after southeast and northeast of China, the country's  National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) said on Tuesday.

These areas  are Shandong, Tianjin, Beijing, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi and Ningxia.

NNSA said they will continue to monitor the situation and  determine whether Japan's nuclear leak will affect China.


Bleeping Fed's picture

It won't affect China because the Chinese gov. says it won't.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

It is funny how China thinks that denying the inevitable will make it "not happen".

Number 156's picture

It is funny how China thinks that denying the inevitable will make it "not happen".

It seems that Japan thinks that denying the irrefutable will make it go away.

Dadoomsayer's picture

and it would be different here in the US?  We condemmed the Japanese for QE now we do it on a scale that makes Japan look like guppys.  If something similar happened here in the US don't think we wouldn't be doing the exact same thing except on a much larger scale.

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The stock crashed 21% from yesterday's closing tick immediately at the open, 35% from Monday's close, and 79% in under three weeks.

TEPCO just the first.




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This is probably much worse than it sounds.   Read between the lines:  If they're even considering the "shroud" approach, it means they're basically out of options in the near term.  Even developing the "shroud" will take time.  Enshroudment is a sign that the damaged area probably won't be fixable for quite a while, and this thing is going to keep spewing and spewing.  

All of these measurements they're taking are single-point-in-time measurements.  The real damage of course is cumulative.  When you start multiplying the escaping/emitted radiation times days, weeks and months, is when the really horrific picture emerges.   That's the picture that sees an abandoned Tokyo, 35% of Japan unliveable, and bouts of radioactive rain on the West Coast of the U.S.    Let's hope Japanese engineering skills can build that shroud quickly, or say a big "hello"  (or should I say "herro")  to our new post-apocalyptic sci-fi reality.



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"1.21 jigawatts...GREAT SCOTT!!!!

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This is heavy.

Good thing Doc stole that plutonium from the Libyans.  Otherwise, we might have another nuclear disaster on our hands if an errant cruise missile hit their plutonium depot...

Number 156's picture

Yes. Not to mention, the Japanese fishing industry will be in ruins, food prices in Japan will skyrocket as at least 1/4 of their domestic produce will be poisoned. Not a good time to live in Japan.

So they will hide and whitewash whatever damning piece of data they can, and watch as they raise the acceptable levels of radioactive contaminants in food air and water.The Japanese bureaucracy has never put human life over corporate wealth.

Spalding_Smailes's picture

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines has not yet decided what it will do with its container ship when it returns to Japan this week, a company official said on Tuesday, after China rejected the vessel for “abnormal” radiation levels. …

Chinese authorities detected a maximum of 3.5 microsieverts per hour on MOL’s ship when it arrived at the port of Xiamen in eastern Fujian province last week, the company spokeswoman said. …

The MOL Presence originated in California, stopping in Tokyo for only a few hours on March 17 before arriving in China four days later, port authorities said. …



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You see that where the US navy was smart. That the Nimitz class aircraft carrier G Washington bugged out right quick on 22nd March. No flys on them and a lot less radiation to keep the alarms from going Off.

They carry two reactors and the men need sleep.

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I think they are on the same page as Bernanke.

bankonzhongguo's picture

Right now the clouds of radioactive whatever are not hitting the shores of the USA en mass, however what if you are a shipping line/captain in the Pacific?

Try looking at a map of pacific shipping lanes and then take your KI.

That is a lot of shipping that is just not going to be interested in sailing within 500 miles of Japan.  Somehow, the shipping insurance policies just got exclusions for irradiated cargo, ship and crew.


Popo's picture

> "It is funny how China thinks that denying the inevitable will make it "not happen"."

Sort of like declaring our banks to be solvent?

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Ah, but e, what water are you going to cook said rice in?

And therein lies the rub and the hub. I've said it over and over and over, they've been saying look at the air, the jet stream, the patterns, because they wanted to distract us from the Water. Teh other stuff of life.

Hundreds of un"spent" rods, lying somewhere in shallow sand, leaking leaking.

If they had let it out back then, we'd have known (I sure did) that this was all funa nd games, sarcophagus my ass.

Don't be distracted with solutions. There are none. In fact, some genius is suggesting the old let's put a one kiloton "device" in each of these in a "controlled" fashion, with th edisclaimer that "containment" might be difficult. Sounds like a familiar refrain.

No need to get lose our cool though. We're scientists and engineers and doctors. 

It's all controllable, till it isn't.



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This has nothing to do with the 'spent' rods. Radioactive iodine has a short enough half-life to completely decayed from the spent fuel in a short time. If they detect iodine then it comes from the core(s) period. Please stop talking about fuel rods being blown all over the place when that has not happened.

I suspect they are desperately dumping seawater they filled the reactors with into the sea to get rid of it because all their storage tanks are now full of radiated water and they have no other place to put it. Not to mention they are stating over and over how coolant water is not mixing with radiated water. I say they are lying. Too much damage there.

If you get a chance to get a recent video of the site you will see the seawater outlets are flowing heavily and the pumps are running at 110%. If you look at the pictures of the site (before and after) you will see the seawater heat exchanger towers between the generator house and the ocean are gone!!!! Then if they have no exchangers then water straight out of the primary is being dumped...

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divide_by_zero's picture

OTOH, if anybody needs to do any venting, now's the time, solid cover.

jonjon831983's picture

Damn.... that's so.... true.... Not sure the weather almanac for that part of Japan.

Golden monkey's picture

What about California? I don't even see Arnold standing for the fight...

Golden monkey's picture

I bought a lot of rice, water, cans and powder milk 3 months ago.

Animals obey instinct only.

Mentaliusanything's picture

Whats not here is the bit where they say the level is OK as - and I quote "No one is fishing in the exclusion zone"

1-2-3- FUCK- don't piss down my shirt and tell me its raining. Brought to you by the humble protozoa, krill and other little people in the food chain who where not notified officially to get out of Dodge.

This ad is brought to you by .........every silent EPA in the World who are collectively dumbstruck that Gambling has been going on the the House - the house of the rising sun - no wait - thats just gamma rays stuuupid

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Level 8 - Major Clusterfuck!


russki standart's picture

Too bad the reactor wasn´t located in Washington DC... the cheers would be heard around the world.

Cistercian's picture

 We should put a graphite core reactor in the rotunda....that's the ticket!

10kby2k's picture

Those mutha fookers are never in attendance, so it would have no impact. You'd have better luck locating them in airport bathroom stalls tapping away.

Oh regional Indian's picture

10k, that is such a painful indictment of leaders today. All hail the leaders.

I had the opportunity of having a DC snake hit on me while I was at Eselean Institute, as I learned later in life, a CIA funded and controlled house. I've never felt more repulsed by any man/human/sub-human.

All "leaders" today are just favour re-distribution portals.




Jendrzejczyk's picture

Were you at Eselean for Charlie Manson's concert a few days before the murders?

Oh regional Indian's picture

A little before my time JenD, but a right free-k show the place was. Probably is too.

Were you?


Number 156's picture

The only shroud that comes to my mind is twelve feet thick and full of rebar, and they better make it Godzilla proof while they re at it.

Here's a question: I'm flying out to Taipei in September, probably right through the jetstream. if this thing is still smoking, should I wear a  lead groin shield and keep a respirator in my carry-on luggage? 

russki standart's picture

I can think of an even better use for the shroud, covering up the stench of capitol hill.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

I am thinking that would be "Yes".  Homeland security might steal your stuff when they find out that you have metal junk though.

Number 156's picture

Its going to be a lonely flight. I will probably have the whole row of seats to myself.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Right after 9/11 my flight to Hawaii was so sparse that people slept across the seats!  You will be fine.

Popo's picture

I keep picturing the "shroud" looking like a giant latex condom.

trav7777's picture

Good thing I131 has a short half-life lol.

Much much more concerned about Cs137

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Eventually everyone will be on free Levo-thyroxine to replace the missing thyroid hormone the Japanese burned out of everyone's necks.

That Peak Oil Guy's picture

Sounds bullish for Levo-thyroxine makers!  ;-)


Golden monkey's picture

Concerned? Do you mean you're hoarding water bottles or gas masks?

This time is different, and even silver won't help you.

thedrickster's picture

Yup, I wonder it is has been detected in any measurable quantity in the US.

The worst case scenario is too horrific to contemplate.

Mentaliusanything's picture

Trav can you do us all a big favor --- Change your handle to ---Trav I.o.dine131

We would appreciate your short half life (not lol but rolmfao)

PulauHantu29's picture

So let me ask again, if this melts a hole right through the Planet Earth's globe, what is on the other side? Cailfornia?

Sarkozy's living room?

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee Room?


Selah's picture


Thank you!

I have learned something today. This'll keep me busy for a while...


d_senti's picture

I'm hoping this is just a joke, but in case you're serious, the whole "china syndrome" business is a myth. Not even remotely possible. Even in a worst-case scenario, I doubt a melted core could get more than a few tens of meters down.

Even if it did somehow manage to get through the crust, it would just mix with the mantle and dissipate. And seeing as gravity would "reverse" for it at the core, even making it halfway would do no good.

Unless you were joking, like I hope. In which case feel free to ignore me.

Golden monkey's picture

Stop spreading the syndrome bullshit. The plant needs to be covered and shut down to save our planet.

People like you in the US now even believe that Talibans are a biggest threat. What a bunch of stupid ass.


Bleeping Fed's picture

If QE2 ends and stocks keep drifting up despite a mess that very well could end Japan as we know it, I'm going to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming (having a nightmare, that is).