Thanks To 60 Minutes' Report On Fraudclosure, US GDP Is About To "Soar" By $50 Billion

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Several days ago, courtesy of an analysis by JPM's Michael Feroli, we quantified that the implied "rents" benefit to the US economy arising from squatters not paying mortgages is about $50 billion per year, or just about 0.4% of GDP. Today, thanks to 60 Minutes, this number is about to soar, because if anyone didn't know before that paying mortgages is for suckers, now virtually every single mortgage borrower, and there are about 48 million of them, will think long and hard before mailing out the next mortgage payment. And if not all, then certainly the 11.1 million underwater mortgages will be one step closer to throwing in the towel on feeding the mortgage monster. Considering that 4.6 million mortgages are currently delinquent for 30 days or more, look for this number to at least double as everyone who is underwater says no mas to a losing game. Which of course is precisely what the banks want: consider that the "rents" benefit is about to double to $100 billion per year, all of which will accrue to the banking system first, then one can see why a $20 billion settlement deal is not a bad investment for the bank to generate a 2.5x ROI in a few short months.

Full 60 Minutes clip on Fraudclosure:

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Who still watches 60 Minutos?

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Zero Hedge loves all its commentators, even those who now and then need to look up the definition of "fact",  "baseless allegation", and "how to Google stuff":

Final broadcast TV ratings for Sunday via Travis Yanan:

America’s Funniest Home Videos
- 7.493 million viewers
- 4.1/7 HH
- 1.6/5 A18-49

Secret Millionaire
- 10.631 million viewers
- 6.2/10 HH
- 2.7/8 A18-49

Desperate Housewives (R, 61 minutes)
- 4.024 million viewers
- 2.6/4 HH
- 0.9/2 A18-49

Brothers & Sisters (R, 59 minutes)
- 2.651 million viewers
- 1.8/3 HH
- 0.6/2 A18-49

NCAA Basketball (4:56pm, 141 minutes)
- 15.082 million viewers
- 8.9/18 HH
- 5.3/19 A18-49

60 Minutes (7:17pm)
- 14.811 million viewers
- 9.0/16 HH
- 3.1/10 A18-49

The Amazing Race (8:17pm)
- 10.957 million viewers
- 6.2/10 HH
- 3.2/9 A18-49

Undercover Boss (9:17pm)
- 11.871 million viewers
- 6.8/11 HH
- 3.2/9 A18-49

CSI: Miami (10:17pm)
- 11.193 million viewers
- 6.8/12 HH
- 2.7/8 A18-49

- 3.460 million viewers
- 2.4/4 HH
- 0.6/2 A18-49

America’s Next Great Restaurant
- 3.669 million viewers
- 2.3/4 HH
- 1.3/4 A18-49

The Simpsons (R, 7pm)
- 3.400 million viewers
- 1.9/3 HH
- 1.5/5 A18-49

American Dad (R, 7:30pm, 29 minutes)
- 3.824 million viewers
- 2.2/4 HH
- 1.7/5 A18-49

The Simpsons (7:59pm, 31 minutes)
- 6.047 million viewers
- 3.3/5 HH
- 2.8/8 A18-49

Bob’s Burgers
- 4.648 million viewers
- 2.6/4 HH
- 2.2/6 A18-49

Family Guy (R, 29 minutes)
- 5.518 million viewers
- 3.2/5 HH
- 2.7/7 A18-49

American Dad (9:29pm, 31 minutes)
- 4.993 million viewers
- 3.0/5 HH
- 2.5/7 A18-49's picture dropped those facts in 30 seconds.....

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What a fuckin' joke.  These asshole bankstas wanna' settle?  LMFAO

So the bankstas settle with the already broke / financially strained / overly stressed homeowner for the right to ownership claim for paper fiat that they know will be worth zero in a few years time.  LMFAO. 

All of those people standing in useless lines.  LMFAO.  The lady who's teary-eyed, sitting at the table to discuss a loan modification, about to get financially raped AGAIN by the same banksta rep / institution that's holding out a box of kleenex because they fucking care so much.  LMFAO.  Majority of American society really is that fuckin' stupid.  More so especially for the ones that take the banksta settlement.

Time to wake up people.  Many missed the train to use their "credit" to enter into long-term PM bullion positions prior to the bankstas decreasing credit lines on a whim or taking away the easy credit all together.   Here's your second chance.  Time to strategically default on your mortgages as many have been discussing this very topic easily for the past 1-1.5 years already.  Unfortunately for many citizens of the USSofA, they'll fuck this one up too.


obelisks's picture

keep you eyes on American Idol.....

You feeling dizzy... very dizzy just relax and dont fight

the banks( oops I meant dont fight the feeling ) ... you feeling sleepy......

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Fraudclosure = excuse for mass principle write-downs:


pemdas's picture

Franz, I think you've been dissed.

LowProfile's picture

The correct term is "p0wned"

franzpick's picture

No sweat; if I get dis-missed, break it to me gently.

Tater Salad's picture

"paying mortgages if for suckers"?


Tyler, you should run for Obama's cabinet, you'd make a nice addition!

Tyler Durden's picture

Only when the Ministry of Sarcasm is given primae noctis rights and privileges.

Hulk's picture

Nice job, but can you break those numbers out into non performing loan viewers???

edit: Hmm, now that I think about it, we would need to know who actually holds the mortgage to find that out. Big Emily Latella "never mind" from the hulkster here...

Hacksaw's picture

Yep, but just think about the exponential number of 14m telling 10 of their friends what they saw on 60 minutes. Then those folks telling 10 of their friends. Those kind of numbers would definitely put a pucker factor on the bankers. Don't worry corporate shills we know the unions caused all the problems. Bwahahaha

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If we can't get them out, we'll breed them out.  

chumbawamba's picture

I'd rather weed them out.  My only desire to have a societal breakdown is so that there is no more rule of law on the streets, and the banksters and "elites" that got us here will be fair game and open season.

I was talking to my brother tonight who is finally getting a loan modification, days before his house was to be put up for auction.  I don't know who has the first but Citi (formerly Countrywide) has the second, and that's the loan that my brother was in default.  Mother fuckers tried to buy out the first so that they could foreclose on it and sell it because he had equity in it (he bought in the 1990s way before all the suckers).

The nerve of these mother fuckers.

Like I said, I'm hoping for collapse for the sole purpose of open season on the people that do this to other people.  It is time to rid the Earth of this breed of human.

As the Illuminati so courteously do for us, you are warned.

I am Chumbawamba.

Michael's picture

I just thank God 200,000,000 fire arms are in the hands of ordinary US citizens.

FEDbuster's picture

and billions of rounds of ammunition, but no will to use them.

Michael's picture

60 Minutes (7:17pm)
- 14.811 million viewers
Add + 1 for me who saw it hear first at ZH.

I usually don't waste my time watching MSM 24/7 infomercial news garbage, so I got spoiled with MOX and ZH highlights of the stuff worthy of watching presented by Daily Paul and Zero Hedge at my viewing convenience. 

Thanks for the video Tyler. It Rocked!

Bay of Pigs's picture

The sarcasm here is pure genius....

Thanks for keeping it real.

luciusfargo's picture

"It may sound bizarre, but it turns out Wall Street cut corners when it created those mortgage backed investments that triggered the financial collapse."

You'll have some competition for that Ministry of Sarcasm position, by the looks of it.

Zerohedge fan's picture

Tyler, you are as good as me.

I just robbed them naked short of my $.2 mil worth of visas, mc's, amexes. That dough went into silver. You know that sweet Zug corporation?!?!?.

And, guuuuuuess what? I negotiated pay off with 10-20c on a buck. So my credit is clean, now. More those rats send me pre approvals, again. I am a good credit risk, I guess. What a bizarre world, we leave in?

What bus driver?

What bus driver?

Tyler, you, you complete me!

Founders Keeper's picture

[I just robbed them naked short of my $.2 mil worth of visas, mc's, amexes...]---Zerohedge fan

Congratulations! You've attained the moral equivalent of bankster. JPMorgan is hiring. You oughta fit right in.


Miss Expectations's picture

There must be a latin equivalent for sloppy seconds.  Sheila even said something about sloppy...

jkruffin's picture

You forgot Two and a Half Men  or did people stop watching since Charlie checked in to the Geisha House?

SparkyvonBellagio's picture

How many for 'An Idiot Abroad'?

Montgomery Burns's picture

Hmmm. I would have thought The Simpsons would be much higher.

max2205's picture

What time is that American Dead show on?

msamour's picture

Zing, Tyler scores an easy one here!

Cvillian's picture

So I sent a "where's the note" via certified mail to JPM several months ago but never heard anything. My condo complex is a short-sale/foreclosure-littered mess (going on 2.5 years now). I am frustrated with the bank for not formally acknowledging the absolute mess that is my community. At the end of the day, I would love to sell the property right now, at a short-sale price most likely, and have the opportunity to pay off the remaining loan balance over time (don't have enough cash to close). I don't live in the property anymore and don't want the hassle of keeping it up as a landlord. Amazingly, that "extended payoff" idea doesn't seem to be an option with any bank. So now I am back to idea of going after JPM for any mistakes they made at loan origination, in hopes that I might get some sort of leverage on a payoff plan.

Curious to know board thoughts on the type of attorney I should retain to do the follow-up on my documentation?

Twindrives's picture

Careless Whisper A.K.A. Irresponsible Flatuance

Pladizow's picture

To: Careless Whisper

Your post lives up to your name.


kaiserhoff's picture

Some in the ZH community need to learn how to say "welcome aboard."

Allies are where ever we find them.

and so on...'s picture

This was an excellent post!

Tyler, continue the good work - I appreciate it!

Doña K's picture

@ Careless Wispers

If you are not benefiting from this blog, why are you here so often?

Banks are criminal. Kill the poisonous snake or put it away from humans

pods's picture

Hey, venomous snakes aren't THAT bad.  I mean, they do keep the rodent population under control.

Hmmm, maybe they are the answers to banksters?


msamour's picture

A few thousands venomous snakes launched upon the various buildings of Wall Street would be an excellent idea. Let us be sure to strike the GoldMan Sack, and The JP Morgan first before they get their hands on the anti venom.

MsCreant's picture

Careless is good people. Tyler did it nice and gentle, this is fight club remember. I'm sure the blanket party has had it's intended effect.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Hey sweet girl, how's that silver price working for you?

MsCreant's picture

Real well Bay, thank you very much. I started buying at 15. My last buy in was at 27. I keep waiting for a dip, and when they happen, they are so short I don't have time to act on them (I will be at work or the dealer is closed). And it does keep going up. Gold the same way.

As you probably remember, you and Queen Bee and Mish are the reason I got started with Gold. I was so scared to buy in at 800 (plus 70 premium) my first 10 ounces. No regrets. I imagine you are beyond fine, been at this a lot longer. It just is what it is, isn't it? :-) Always happy to see you posting over here.

Golden monkey's picture

Don't buy bottles of water and canned food. Silver bullions are not for you too. Keep shorting metal, sucker.

Suckers like you need don't need ammos; what they need is to pay their mortgage first. When you will run out of water, just go see your bankster for a quick blow job.

Tell me, how does it feel to be a slave?

CH1's picture

Who watches? The "head in the sand" people. Hence, this was of some significance.'s picture

If you can afford to pay your mortgage don't you have the moral obligation to do so even if the values is less now then when you bought it?  No? 

ZackAttack's picture

It's a contact. There's language about offer, acceptance and consideration. It says fuck-all about morality.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Zack, morality is the untimate moving target, and is largely defined by teh culture and time it rests in.

The only morality I see in this case is the fear of prosecution/persecution based morality. Talk about a moving target eh? We will get away with what we can. And this is a global phenomenon. It's why you'll never hear the word morality in a judgement in the court of law (oxy-moronish as that is in and of itself in this current lwrod (that would be twisted world) we live in).


tmosley's picture

You can't be moral in an immoral system.  We'll have to settle for economical, for now.

SilverRhino's picture

I save my morality for flesh and blood and handshake deals.   Corporations, aka paper souless constructs deserve no morality since they exhibit none.

stollcri's picture

The golden rule says something like, "do onto others as they would do onto you." So, the question seems to be, "how would the bankers treat you?" Do they have any moral obligation to their "customers?"'s picture

I understand your side and at times agree...but aren't we bringing ourselves down to their level?  We need to take contol of the system from the top down...starting with the Federal Reserve....that will get their attention.....