Theatrical Vote To Raise Debt Ceiling By $2.4 Trillion Begins; Does Not Pass

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Update: As expected, debt ceiling does not pass.  Final roll call:

  • Nay (Republicans 236, Democrats 82), total: 318
  • Yea (Republicans 0, Democrats 97), total: 97
  • Not Voting (Republicans 3; Democrats 6); 9

As we reported first today, any minute now the Congress will pretend to vote on HR1954, a clean debt ceiling increase of $2.4 trillion to $16.7 trillion. This will not pass. Why Congress is doing this bullshit, and why the US debt ceiling is now nothing but a farce, is a question voters should ask themselves next time they vote for their representatives. Watch the tragicomedy live at C-Span below.



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jal's picture

It's the best show in town.

DaveyJones's picture

If you like really dark comedies

AR15AU's picture

How is this bad? This is a necessary step to change the status quo.  Lets wait and see who switches from "No" to "Yes" and then by all means... call them out...

Michael's picture

Sons of bitches. I need those congress critters to raise the debt ceiling to as high as possible. I want the complete and total economic collapse of the USA to be absolutely spectacular. I want it to be an epic failure of biblical proportions.

It's not like anyone is assuming the American people can ever possibly pay for the national debt at this point. It's a mathematical certainty the US will have a complete and total economic collapse, so why not make the failure as epic as possible?

The dot-com and the housing busts weren't shit, I need an epic catastrophic financial failure for my fix. Please.

Janestool's picture

While your at it....put on a coat and run the air conditioner in the winter...donate money from your excess fund to Exxon and the other oil majors...and promote the use of isotope soap so we can get on with it....oh, play mail box baseball as often as you can...but instead of targeting mail boxes--target solar panels....

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Sorry, Michael. The Fed is not the root of all evil. That honor belongs to the corrupt desire of the human heart to live at someone else's expense, to have others sweat and struggle so that you can live in comfort off their toils--see Blankfein, Lloyd.

Without this evil inclination, the Fed could accomplish none of its thefts. Congress would be unrecognizable. We would be living within our means and militaries would be small and idle, since war is primarily about stealing the wealth of other nations.

The actual practical result of having to switch from living high on Fed credit to living low on what you actually produce will be jarring enough that you will not be celebrating the event. Public roads with crater-size potholes, empty store shelves, stunningly high prices and social chaos everywhere you look. Yeah, quite a party.

I've been to Haiti twice, and it's not a vacation on Ka'anapali.

New World Chaos's picture

The longer they keep reality bottled up, the more spectacular the collapse when reality inevitably explodes into the wild.  The more spectacular the collapse, the more burning federal institutions, heads on sticks, and horror stories for the grandkids.  Ultimately, the more spectacular the collapse, the more freedom for the grandkids.  I'm with you.

DaveyJones's picture

you guessed it, I'm skipping to the last act. The Cliff Note version

Yen Cross's picture

Finnaly! Mis spel intended!

    It will pass the house. Worthless people will  run away from the press!

   DO NOT RAISE the debt ceiling!!!

Island_Dweller's picture

And the lone Republican is?

mynhair's picture

I_D, he got slapped into going NV.

A_MacLaren's picture

Crashed and burned like an asteroid entering the atmosphere

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I added some more USO puts today.  Any chance the market could drop similarly to the 2008 "omg TARP might not pass" fall?  Or is all this just going to push stocks ever higher and oil/silver/gold to the moon? 

I think we're due for a margin increase on crude.  Come on CME, get on it so I can cash in!  Volatility is too high!!

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Nope everything is bullish.

When the fed puts the teats away next month maybe...

nah's picture

we should really liquidate and restructure the banks then try to run the nation regardless of tax crybaby camp... maybe embezlement shouldnt be easy

bob_dabolina's picture

Voting needs to be changed. 

-If you can stay on your parents healthcare plan 'till 26; 26 should be the legal age to vote. 

-If you don't have at least a minimum wage don't get to vote yourself gifts from the public treasury. 

This is how it should be. 

LRC Fan's picture

This post is an epic, epic fail. 

I'm not against voting in theory, as long as I'm able to opt out and not suffer the consequences of other people's decisions.  So go ahead and vote for Bush or Obama but don't make me use your fiat money or don't force me to use your schools/roads/police etc etc.  But that would lead to actually paying for what you use, or having others help you out via charity, which we cannot have here in America. 

bob_dabolina's picture

I'm not sure what angle you're coming from. 

LasVegasDave's picture

Sounds like another bitter objectivist.

love the ideas.  hate the followers.



Hephasteus's picture

Yes bitter people shouldn't be allowed to complain about what works for other people. They should just be legally allowed to slaughter the parents that mistakenly bore them and shoot the cops who come to punish them for not fitting in.

Oh but they shouldn't be allowed to live outside the system. Cause they have to fit in but any attempt to fit in results in cruelty.

You are the weakest mindfuck.

ColonelCooper's picture

Your post and Bob's are an apples to grapefruit comparison.  One can argue about the nature of a society, but you are asking to opt out of society completely.  I challenge you to try. It is virtually impossible today.  Either you are a big talker and have little experience, or you are genuine, and unfortunate: born a couple of hundred years too late.

I am all for your ideal.  We just have a couple billion too many people on the face of the Earth to pull it off.  You answer that problem, and I'll help you raise walls on your cabin.

blunderdog's picture

That's silly.  The voters don't have anything to do with the crimes of our government.  The country's run by a few thousand rich folks.

You could give the vote to household pets and not a damn thing would change.  That's the beauty of every decision being phrased/made/executed by fewer than 1000 corrupt "representatives."

bob_dabolina's picture

Citizens whom don't pay taxes are pets. 

That's why they shouldn't have a vote.

If you don't pay should NOT have a right to vote.

If you are collecting welfare with NO should NOT have the right to vote.

What gives you the right to vote entitlements with other peoples money if you have no money to put up yourself? 

downwiththebanks's picture

Everyone pays sales tax, Banker-Gangster.

If you rob people blind with lies and brigandage, do you deserve a right to vote?

What about the Capitalist ratfuckers responsible for the Depression?  Should they be allowed to vote?

bob_dabolina's picture

If you don't pay income tax, you should not be eligible to vote. 


downwiththebanks's picture

If you don't pay turnover tax on derivatives, you should be shot.

Dr. No's picture

Since I dont vote, can I not pay taxes?

bob_dabolina's picture

If you pay income tax, and don't vote, I'll tell you what you can do....

Shut the fuck up.

Dr. No's picture

Your goal should be the elimination of taxes, not controlling votes for people who pay.  Treat the disease not the symptom.  Another thing, I believe in free speech (as well as other rights) regardless of how much i pay in taxes.

bob_dabolina's picture

I'm not even going to entertain this comment.

Dr. No's picture

Thats because you do not challenge yourself with thought.

bob_dabolina's picture

I don't want to insult you. Don't put me in that position.

Dr. No's picture

This country existed longer without income tax than with it.  So your argument about not having the ability to vote if you do not pay income tax does not make sense.

bob_dabolina's picture

During that time period how much welfare did we have? 

How many wars were we involved in? 

Dr. No's picture

Once again, the symptoms of the desease.  Cut the tax rather than worry about who votes.

bob_dabolina's picture

Are you a fucking idiot? 

If you have more people leaching from the system than contributing to it, it's going to fail. 

That's precisely what we have RIGHT NOW. 

Why should anyone work if the government promises us all food/clothing/shelter? 

Where is the need to do it yourself? When everyone gets on that paige, than who builds the shelter, produces the food, and manufactures the clothes?

I'll give you the last word. I'm done with this argument. 

ColonelCooper's picture

Bob, you're both right.  The difference is that he's amputating what you're cauterizing. 

bob_dabolina's picture

I hear ya. But....

If you can vote yourself gifts from the public treasury in perpetuity than there is no incentive not to. If you pay taxes than you are obviously more attune to making prudent descions. 

I just don't see how a vote paying $100,000 a year in taxes is equivalent to a vote collecting welfare receiving an equal vote is just or equal in descsion making.

Dr. No's picture

I actually believe voting should be based upon iq. Neither of will have our way.

BillyBoy22's picture

This argument implies that voting matters.  It doesnt

cranky-old-geezer's picture










Nobody fucking cares what you think moron.

And dammit I hate comments crowding up against the right margin like this.

GreenSideUp's picture

Your goal should be the elimination of taxes



blunderdog's picture

You really don't get it.  The people you love to hate DON'T vote themselves entitlements.  That's not how our government works.  The folks you want to prevent from voting don't vote in the first place, and if they did, most of them would be dumb enough to vote for the same guy you prefer.

Wake up.

bob_dabolina's picture

If you don't pay income tax you shouldn't have a vote. 


knowless's picture

no man who contributes to society should pay an income tax.

bob_dabolina's picture

What's the dollar doing? 

How does the world look at us? 

....and you're calling me a moron? 

Ok....let's continue on your path. It appears to be the path towards prosperity. With 1 in 6 on food stamps your plan is working pretty well.