Is There Any SNB Out There? Eurostoxx' Head Deep In Koolaid

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And good luck to you, Nic!!


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Due to the hammering of GDX and GDXJ today, I blew out about 75% of my long positions a half hour ago.

Gold stocks might be telegraphing a big correction in the SPY within days.

We are up 5 days in a row, and up 15 out of the last 17 days.

It's been a killer year so far, so it is time for me to relax and enjoy the holidays and roll the risk way back.....

Now I'm just playing with some chump change, just for kicks.

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Gold stocks might be telegraphing a big correction in the SPY within days.


Pretty funny that you're still got junks, despite you posted your first bearish opinion on equities in months...

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Yeah, that's because amongst the many great thinking minds in here, there are plenty who have slowly forgotten to think for themselves and will carry on junking the same people over and over, even when those people make a valid point and (shock and horror) also happen to be correct.

This is definitely a development within ZH that isn't great but it had to be expected: give people a voice and allow them full annonimity and some will quickly revert to a level not that different from the moronic remarks posted on youtube

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It's the end of the year, kids gotta eat and get their presents. People are closing out their gains.

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RoboTrader, I am missing your chiquitas bonitas photographs...:=) You certainly have one hidden on your desktop...:=)

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Black Dynamite: I'd like to take the credit, but dig, mama, there's no "i" in "revolutio...", in "team."

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Not that it could happen...but if you were a major bank and you knew that the CHF would become the temporary reserve, you might get what you see now, as well as a volatile dollar. -just bouncing.

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Oh, man...that German guy snuck in and got his I knew he would.  This is embarrassing.  Little Miss Euro is in the dry heaves part of it now...standing there by the railing...her hair

It looks to me like Miss Euro has hit blood toxicity levels that would confirm that we probably open tomorrow to the up skirt shot appearing on the front page of der spiegel tomorrow morning.


But I don't trade what do I know?

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USDCHF will be an epic long.


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Gold - Chinese floor

Silver - Industrial + monetary demand

Copper - JPM monopoly


They all look good to me.

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Anybody ever buy NSRGY for proxy of CHF? 

Diverse global Swiss food conglomerate, pricing power, and makes really good instant hot chocolate with the little marshmellows?

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Good luck with those SPY shorts Nic.

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"We also observe that Copper is on an interesting resistance daily"

You can analyse the charts all you want...but if a single player does indeed control 90% of the LME copper,  you might as well flip a coin....

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gold can be only understood when looking at fundamentals:

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Terrific read all year.  Thanks Nic

Churn potential in commodities, especially metals, still looks quite sweet.  Those darn correlations keep popping up.  Nice charting

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The Euro won't be around to long, but the dollar won't be either.  What will happen is that the EU will break apart.  The poorer economies used the EU to subsidize their spending and the wealther economies used it to make the poorer economies buy most of their stuff from them by hook or by crook.

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Very best wishes, Nic. Thanks for all of your insightful articles.

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Where is uncle Hildebrand from SNB? Time for an intervention. Everybody on Christmas vacation gives you some opportunity to jumpstart EUR/CHF, Hildi !