There's A Very Nasty Storm Brewing in Euroland and Umbrellas Are Selling At Premiums With Insolvent Counterparties Attached - Prepare For It to Get Ugly!

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What's the skinny on Iceland?  Have they been nuked out of existence because they told the bankers "NO, F********* WAY).  Or have they just dropped off the radar because the world didn't collapse when they went down.


Any insights

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They are just chilling. We're all going to default together.

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So the smart kids are finally waiting for us dummies to catch up. It's about time.

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Excellent question!

But far from the first time, I note once again that our terminally ADD-afflicted corporate media is chronically unable to engage in any follow-up to the major stories of just the prior few months.

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"I have been bearish on European banks since the UK mortgage banks collapsed several years ago."

Oh of course you have reggie. You are the most accurate financial clairvoyant in this world. Why you have to peddle subscriptions to a web site is beyond me. You should be making trillions with your spot on predictions.

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The guys research is beyond good. I'm not sure where you can get a product more polished and refined than Reggie's. Have you ever considered that he's parlayed the blog into a viable business? What have you got against promting a business, making money? Something against capitalism or what.....................?

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Slightly OT but have you ever posted anything even remotely intelligent?

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I'm rubber and you are glue. Crazy kitty. Nice little pussy.

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You mean you haven't sufficiently embarrassed yourself YET?

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Speak for yourself... I'll take the compliment!

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Ugly. What's the expression when a guy is beyond ugly. He's a "Monster"!!!

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when should i start looking at olive groves reggie?

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I miss Al Greenspan's jibberish.. A true master!

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Portugal Ireland Greece Spain Hungary ITaly


 - comment on EC.

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Portugal Ireland Greece Spain Hungary ITaly



Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Poland

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France Ukraine China Korea Malaysia Ethiopia!... someone is getting funny here!

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Yemen Oman Uruguay Andorra Namibia Djibouti Israel Algeria Rwanda Egypt Bulgaria Ukraine Turkey Tunisia France Uzbehkistan Croatia Kyrghizstan Eritrea Denmark

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You got that right.

Best laugh of the day 

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India Namibia Denmark Equador England Djibouti!

(Nice work by the way!)

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This acronym was predicted by the prophets.  It has been unspeakable until now. 

We have been anticipating its arrival for sometime now.

Thank you, Rusty.  Your role in this matter is unspeakably huge.

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+1000... Niiice!

(Note to self... must visit PIGSHItaly some day!)

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(Note to self... must visit PIGSHItaly some day!)

Double NICE.

Kudos to both of you for your very active imaginations. Your sex lives must be very healthy.

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The Palm sisters are not complaining!

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Oh!  I always thought it was Rosie Palm and her 5 little daughters...

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Wow, I just had a thought. Yes, I know, that's always dangerous. But here goes.

Is there such a thing as a left handed or right handed cat, present company excluded?

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Oh the tangled threads we weave.

Both of the felines that dominate my world are of the right-handed variety.  How do I know this?

Simple.  Just ask them.

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kitler... i just should NOT be laughing this hard...


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God, you ask a simple question and all the maniac cats come out of their various (mouse) holes with paws raised. :>)

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No, because cats don't have hands. Imagine the trouble if they did. Oh, it might start off innocently enough, with them learning to operate the can opener and overindulging. But who knows what terrible feline ambitions would ensue next?

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Wow I never throught of that. Humans spend more time learning how to control our hands than we spend learning to walk and talk. I guess if a cat spends alot of time playing they could end up favoring one hand over the other for jabbing and taunting moves.

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Unfortunately the U.S. already played those cards and the stink is here...


Doubt Britain or the E.U. is going to get away with any "stress test" BS primarily due to the fact almost EVERYBODY already knows they have lied about their balance sheets in the first place...

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Gotta love the central bankers and their sycophants in government and the Press. We're told today that Bernanke "calmed" the markets with "reassurances" that nothing bad is coming to the good ol' USA. Just like the numerous reassurances he offered in 2007 and 2008? I suppose if you are the CEO of BAC or WFC, those pats on the head mean something, for everyone else, not so much.

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Stress tests for the European banks are in the making

and are almost completed, announced Trichet last

Saturday ( see Reuters ) and will be made public,

and made not by Timay's team but by the

Committee regrouping the 27 national regulators.

Obviously 'haircuts' are under way, look out for

the German and French banks to take the biggest

blows imho







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"Stress Test" is a semiotic, cognitive dissonance moniker: full of sound and fury, signifying nothing; a tale told by an idiot. The assumptions involved in such  "stress tests" define out all the real problems and count pure trash as solid gold.

What a fool wants to see, a fool believes.

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"....a semiotic, cognitive dissonance moniker: full of sound and fury, signifying nothing; a tale told by an idiot."

You rang?

BTW, only my wife can call me an idiot. :>)

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

You rang?


Even funnier if somehow you could have conveyed (projected) the unison voices of Lenny and Squiggy saying "Heellloooo."  Kind of tricky though...

Still -- a 95th percentile joke IMHO.

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I bet the test results are similar to the ones we saw for the US banks.

What the hell is that smell??????