Things That Make You Go Hmmm: "My Name Is Grant Williams And I’m a Precious Metals Bug"

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Remember when...

Remember way back when... if you spoke your mind and said something crazy like "Gold really should be trading at $600 or more" people would just laugh or roll their eyes.

$50 Silver was a whole other story while trading for so many years between $4 and $7, a new high in Silver? $50? Never, not possible, can I give you the name of a good shrink?

Now trading a new highs (albeit suppressed) prices for both Gold and Silver that even 2-3 years ago were thought to NEVER be possible!

But there is a kicker, the Dollar although quite weak has still not totally collapsed and is still being propped up artificially to continue the facade of functionality.

What do you suppose Gold and Silver will do once the artificial support to the dollar gives way?

Again, many many smart people have been putting "Dollar price" forecasts out of $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 and more. Whatever the highest number is that you have EVER read is flat out wrong because, as Jim Sinclair says, "QE to infinity" is where we are headed. I completely agree with this concept as mathematically the U.S. (and the entire world for that matter) MUST inflate and print at rates ever greater and in an exponential fashion!

"Infinity". Think about this concept for a moment, "infinity". What does it really mean? Can it ever really be attained? Doesn't it really mean that something "goes on forever and has no end"?

Of course it does but the Treasury and Fed cannot borrow and print forever because markets will balk long before the "exponential stage" really gets going. The opposite of infinity is "0" or in other words NOTHING which is exactly where the Dollar is headed no matter what policy response is chosen from here.

"Remember when"... in the future people will look back $50 Silver and $1,500 Gold as if they were FREE.

These levels in the future will look far cheaper than $4 Silver and $250 Gold does now! This entire episode is all about the end of a financial and monetary system with no foundation.

"This is for all the marbles", it truly is. Wealth in paper has been created and believed in for nearly 100 years now, once we make the "jump" to the next monetary system, those holding real money assets will be the ones who accrue ALL THE MARBLES!

ALL of the paper wealth will accrue back to where it always belonged, into real money!

$100 days, $1,000 days $10,000 days will be commonplace IF they don't evaporate the Dollar for another currency. The future will be entirely about "revaluation". It is happening now but once the process goes exponential it will be too late.

Many many people believe it is already "too late" and Gold is "too high". It is not and you can still purchase Gold and Silver for paper currency. The day will come when physical metal will not be offered and paper not accepted, THAT is when it will be "too late"!

 Call it the "infinity zone" when no amount of paper currency will bring physical metal out of it's deep dark sleep and onto the market.

 Scary concept this "infinity thing"!

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Isn't it interesting how all the other metals rose about 2% on Friday. Yet silver was down. Seems as though the powrz diverted all power to the silver deflector shields in order to keep it under $50.

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let me get back to you on that construct

Holy mother of pearl

It is different this time - LOL


It seems the Huffington Post lost anotehr reader just now



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Today is's silver bull market is way behind the bull of the 1970s.



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Vote Sarah Palin, bitchez?


Personally, I'm still long pitchforks and torches.

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and boiling vats of tar and dead geese. 

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"... confirmed by my coin dealer - he knows everything and is also a man of deep Christian faith."  hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  and ha!

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I'm just a simple texan christian..... With a price projection on silver.

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Your price projection is missing one simple attribute - time. When will silver hit your projection? Two months. EOY? next millenium?

I have a price projection too. Silver to infinity within 20 years when priced in dollars/euros/yen/pounds..., and probably much, much sooner but gold will be Infinity x 50.

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Hey Tex, Is your coin dealer J Noble Dagett?

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Poof.  I think Tex and the dealer just a magic carpet ride to the twilight zone.   Gone 

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Swagger for Christ, yo!  Honestly, I'm likin' it. 

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Hey!  I figured it out.


I used to get his silver emails but couldn't stomach the bible thumping.


Jason Hommel's Bible Prophecy Study on the Pre Tribulation Rapture
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Can I suggest something to you, do some reading here. Meaning, just spend some time reading through all post on topic's that are interesting to you. Not everyone here is an atheist at all.

Not to be blunt or rude to you, but most people here have been following the world economic situation for a long time very very closely. I personally have built many company's from scratch. I personally have gained great knowledge from just reading what other's here on ZH have to say. Hope that you follow what I'm saying there, if not let me be a little clearer. It is very wize to learn from other's that are expert's or have vast knowledge in certain area's.

There is a simple old saying that goes a long way, "sometimes you need to just listen to what others are saying."

Take it for what it's worth TG.

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Sage advice from a wiseman !

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one needn't distinguish plural from possessive when building companies from scratch.

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once saw the word knife pluralized as knife's. awesome.

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Thanks for your contributions, 3 a-holes above.

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Now you got one below as well.

We've got you surrounded.


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Well said, TC and quite patiently as well, ur a better man than I. Texasgunslinger, it cant be clearer or more reasonably presented than that. Maybe you will realize Tex that coming on this site prosthetizing and trying to "save" members is like me walking into your church in the middle of a mass and shouting "so who thinks silver goes to 50 next week?" It just wont get you the love you are clearly missing.

  And have you considered that that son of a bitch coin dealer sent you here to soak up some pro PM (precious metals) sentiment so that....why, so that you will buy more coins from the bastard! But unfortunately for you its alot more than what you or that SOB knew about here and you are in way over your head for now, so STFU (shut the fuck up) and read without commenting for a really bitchin long time. May God give you the strength to keep your yapper shut and maybe learn a thing or 2.

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How do you kick an internet god botherer off your porch? Is there a "Do Not Post" register we can send these interlopers to?

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Kick 'em lightly where it hurts.

Sorry for the spam, folks, but the people cannot eat iPad:

Land Investments / Farmland in Panama

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The best way to predict the future is to create it, and you can create any life you want when Jesus is in your heart.

When asked why he refused from the prize of one million dollars, Perelman responded: "I know how to control the Universe. Why would I run to get a million, tell me?"

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Seriously? I yam a person of deep Christian faith and I say he has no idea what he is talking about. Silver should actually be called Mistress Silver (dibs!) since Dr. Copper is already taken. Silver reflects nothing so much as factory orders and here we have factory orders going belly up in the wake (or should we be saying, the smoke?) of Japan.

Also, with the marriage of Prince William over the weekend, should any of you have taken a peak, you would have noticed a distinct and complete lack of bling showing up. No Beckham bling. No Queenly bling. Nice tiara, but not overly blingy. 

As to dollars going to infinity, pa shaw! There have been "replacement" dollars to keep some circulation going, but "new" dollars...not really. To say that you would have to say there is more money in US currency than ever before, and yet when we see the housing market, speaking of US currency in the broadest sense, all those cashed out digits that went into bank accounts and then were trasferred around to buy big screens and paved walkways, are also "new" dollars,and they be gone.

Silver. Sell in May and go go go away!.Gold too. Just saying. 

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To interpret the sayings, first one must understand them.

The things of the Spirit are not , nor ever will be understood by the natural man.

Some read the scriptures, and fail to ask, Who,What,Where,When,Why.( they are are all not for every Christian).

To comprehend,or gain wisdom about ANY subject ,one must put much effort into it.

All declarations made by Christ were not meant for every Christian, and esp for all times, until time is no more.

Sites like that,tend to be on the Web for many reasons.

None are for your benefit, in eternity.This subject matter is not appropriate on this Forum IMHO, but before check out time, one best know & have made a decision.

There are no second chances.


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Absolutely shilltastic!  FYI, if he has no faith, he could hardly be your brother.  Did Jesus create any life he wanted?  How about Peter, upside down.  Or John, boiled in oil?  Sorry for responding to religious bait.  Care to swing again?

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I know many of you out there don't like The Bible thumping type, but 41 junks, have a heart people. I personally think a lot of you have faith but are afraid of being pigeon holed as some holier than thou type. I am a Christian and attend church regularly and am proud of it. There is no better way to raise your children with good morals and caring for others. Faith is not embarrassing, it is strength and the sooner you figure that out the better off you will be. I have a feeling we'll all be doing a lot more praying before long. Be thankful He will accept you unconditionally.
Junk away, cowards.

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My most humble apologies to all more prescient ZH'ers for my defense of this idiot Troll the other day.  I was wrong, yet again.  And for the record, I happen to love Jesus; He is my savior...junk me if you want...I only point this out to emphasize that it is not Gunslinger's religious poit of view...he is just plain STUPID and not even an interesting Troll trying to pull our chains like RT, the departed HarryW and others.  IMHO, this is NOT a forum to discuss religious views.  It is also not a site where "cocktail party etiquete" is followed.  Political views are intrinsic to fully understanding the root of this insanity. 

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I am a spiritual person.  When I bought my silver, I felt nothing. WHen I see my value of holdings go, I still feel nothing.

It is a hedge for a bad ending.

No wonder why there are so many atheist, with someone's "faith" prediction for the price of silver.

"it will easier for a wealthy man to go thru an eye of a needle than into the kingdom of heaven", or something like that.

Oh, except us silver holders?

There is no celebration for the rise of silver and gold. It is only confirmation of worse things to come. Our holdings might barely protect wealth,let alone our lifes.

"pay off my house with one gold coin"

Yep, that's so fucking funny I shit and pissed my pants at the same time.

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There was lots of swaps from silver to gold,thats why the silver went a bit lower on Friday,People are changing their silver contracts to gold.

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If people wake up at 4 in the morning to watch a bunch of fake monarchs get married and believe that somehow these fools have an effect on the world, then they will believe in anything and anyone so why not tell them that gold is going to $20,000 and silver is going to $10,000 and that the bank of america adds where they claim to help the average joe reach his dream are all true.  Bottom line is that feed people enough crap and they are gonna believe it until one day when they wake up.  Remember the internet days when companies were valued based on the number of hits or eye balls to a web site.  That is where we are with gold and silver.  Its not over valued because we have all been told so.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and government is in the hand of the corrupt and since the hand is quicker than they eye, just be careful when the hand decides to stop playing three card monty.  For now, Bernanke is the best three card monty player in new york and you should take advantage of the fact that every card reads buy precious metals.

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Oh, they're quite real, and they affect the world more than you know.

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The Four Horsemen have interlocking directorates with the international mega-banks.  Exxon Mobil shares board members with JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Canada and Prudential.  Chevron Texaco has interlocks with Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase.  BP Amoco shares directors with JP Morgan Chase.  RD/Shell has ties with Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, N. M. Rothschild & Sons and Bank of England.

Former Citibank chairman Walter Shipley sat on Exxon Mobil’s board, as did Wayne Calloway of Citigroup and Allen Murray of JP Morgan Chase.  Willard Butcher of Chase sat on the board of Chevron Texaco.  Former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan came from Morgan Guaranty Trust and served on the board of Mobil.  BP Amoco director Lewis Preston went on to become president of the World Bank. 

Other BP Amoco directors have included Sir Eric Drake, the #2 man at the world’s largest port operator P&O Nedlloyd and a director at Hudson Bay Company and Kleinwort Benson.  William Johnston Keswick, whose family controls Hong Kong powerhouse Jardine Matheson, also sat on the board of BP Amoco.  Keswick’s son is a director at HSBC.  The Hong Kong connection is even stronger at Royal Dutch/Shell.

Lord Armstrong of Ilminster sat on the boards of Royal Dutch/Shell, N. M. Rothschild & Sons, Rio Tinto and Inchcape.  Cathay Pacific Airlines owner and HSBC insider Sir John Swire was a director at Shell, as was Sir Peter Orr, who joins Armstrong on Inchape’s board.  Shell director Sir Peter Baxendell joins Armstrong on the board of Rio Tinto, while Shell’s Sir Robert Clark sits on the board of the Bank of England.

As a result of the deregulation craze in the US companies no longer have to report their top shareholders to the SEC.  According to 1993 10K reports filed by the Four Horsemen, the Rothschild, Rockefeller and Warburg banking combines still control Big Oil.  The Rockefellers exert control through New York mega-banks and Banker’s Trust, which in 1999 was purchased by Warburg-controlled Deutsche Bank in its bid to become the largest bank in the world. 

As of 1993 Banker’s Trust was #1 shareholder in Exxon.  Chemical Bank was #4 and J.P. Morgan was #5.  Both are now part of JP Morgan Chase.  Banker’s Trust was also leading shareholder at Mobil.  BP listed Morgan Guaranty as its biggest owner in 1993, while Amoco listed Banker’s Trust as its #2 shareholder.  Chevron listed Banker’s Trust as its #5 shareholder, while Texaco listed J.P. Morgan as its #4 owner and Banker’s Trust as #9. 

Thus, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase – the banks of Warburg and Rockefeller – have increased shares in Exxon Mobil, BP Amoco and Chevron Texaco.  Rothschild-controlled Bank of America and Wells Fargo exert West Coast control over Big Oil, while Mellon Bank also remains a big player.  Wells Fargo and Mellon Bank were both top 10 shareholders of Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco and BP Amoco as of 1993.

Information on Royal Dutch/Shell is even harder to obtain since they are registered in the UK and Hollandand are not required to file 10K reports.  It is 60% owned by Royal Dutch Petroleum of Holland and 40% owned by Shell Trading & Transport of the UK.  The company has only 14,000 stockholders and few directors.  The consensus from researchers is that Royal Dutch/Shell is still controlled by the Rothschild, Oppenheimer, Nobel and Samuel families along with the British House of Windsor and the Dutch House of Orange. 

Queen Beatrix of the Dutch House of Orangeand Lord Victor Rothschild are the two largest shareholders.  Queen Beatix’ mother Juliana was once the richest woman in the world and a patroness of the right-wing occult movement.  Prince Bernhard, who married Juliana in 1937, was a member of the Hitler Youth Movement, the Nazi SS and an employee of Nazi combine I.G. Farben.  He sits on the boards of over 300 European companies and founded the Bilderbergers.

When you’re being robbed, it’s always a good idea to be able to identify the perp.  Now if only we could get the cops to bring em’ in…

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Agreed.  Just terrific stuff Zaknick.  It is important to realize how we got where we are and might go.

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I love Ben Bernanke, and it seems that I spend a lot of time defending him. Let him who wishes to throw a stone at Bernanke answer the following questions:

1. Do you now or have you ever lived in a house that was payed for with a zero down (or zero plus extra monies to have fun with! yee haw!) loan?

2. Do you now or have you ever wanted to go to the store and have the cash registers working so you can buy your kiddies milk?

3. Do you now or have you ever created a financial system, complete and totally working in all manners, that can totally replace todays? 

One little bearded man attempting to clean up the mess of a bunch of putzes who decided to play poker with the future's chips. 

If you have children, or grandchildren, this should tick you off immensely.

blunderdog's picture

It's cute, and for sure it has no effect whatsoever on someone here who doesn't have kids.

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Hey Intelectual Chaos you stole my avatar!

owensdrillin's picture


Excellent post David. Best I've seen in a while.

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 The Great Silver Debate...

I would love to know where the silver market sentiment data is coming from. It seems every widely circulated commentary on silver these days is extremely bearish. The silver stocks have been selling down for most of the month and it is hard to find an investor that thinks silver can sustain this price range.

However there is a disconnect that is underway that has been have expected for a long time. All of those who are bearish point to the spot silver price to support their case.

I question the term 'mania' to discuss silver because hardly anyone actually owns any silver and the silver stocks are trending lower for the short term.

Nothing but quotes from such luminaries as Nitwit Nadler and poor old Ned Schmidt who have been screaming the silver bubble story since it traded at $30, and even clueless Chris Ecclestone get repeated to suggest the fair value of silver is only $30.

Do not take anything these clowns have to say seriously.

Since when silver was below $10 the commentary stated that the market is never wrong and that the low price is a sign of abundance. Well now that silver has moved up to more reasonable levels, the same guys are all calling a bubble.

I thought the market was never wrong? None of the discussion even considers the possibility of a short squeeze in the futures market, or a real shortage of the metal.

None of these bozos that point to wild speculation ever discuss the wild shorting spree that has contained the metal.

All the time about irrational spec buyers but is it not even more irrational to be wrong about the trend of a metal and still pile on more shorts as the position blows up by hundreds of millions of dollars?

The price level that silver has reached seems high in the context of the lows that were endured at the bottom of the bear market. However, why should silver be the only commodity that has NOT broken to new all time highs in this bull market?

And on a fundamental level, I doubt that the $50 range is going to suddenly be the magnet to increase supply. Every silver miner was running flat out when silver broke above $25. There is not one silver producer on the planet that can easily increase production just on the basis of the price rise. On the contrary, some producers have been hedging forward sales into this rising price, which does not produce one single ounce of new silver.

And on a related topic, corrupt Mexican cops have all been hired by the SEC!

Mexico has a tradition of cops that are paid not to see things and so they are ideal for the job. How else to explain the failure to investigate obvious market rigging operations.

It does not take a genius to spot that silver stocks have been hammered the day before every COMEX margin increase. Every time, and usually when silver is rising strongly prior to this action, the silver stocks are hit hard. THEN the news comes out about increased margin, usually followed by downside pressure on silver itself, allowing the new shorts to cover easily on high volume trading.

This scam is so easy to spot and one need only pull the trading tickets on the larger silver stocks on those specific dates prior to margin increases to identify and prosecute the criminals. I doubt anything will ever be done to protect investors on this or any other scam in the PM sector. So much for the free and fair markets.

At the end of the day, the fundamentals are going to determine the longer term trend for silver.

Those who believe there is abundant supply and irrational speculation on the long side will have sold and gone short. Those who believe there is an acute shortage of the metal will continue to accumulate and will await a resolution to the counter trend sell off in the silver stocks. The rhetoric flying around has certainly attracted the attention of the market but if there is indeed a silver shortage, then the price of silver will run much higher before all is settled. There is plenty of silver bullion still around, but not for sale below $50 and those who have been shorting against this move may find it the most costly mistake they ever make.

jeff montanye's picture

there are the unparalleled (on a global level) fundamentals of the first time "modern central banks" oppose a deflationary depression combined with the inflation adjusted six hundred fifty year price range of silver:  $800 in the late 1400's (high) to $5 in the late 1900's (low).  nice to know one is getting in near the low. 

StychoKiller's picture

Pertinent market fundamentals:

1. US Govt spending cuts -- virtually non-existent!

2. Fed continuing to expand the # of FRNs via QE -- check

3. Housing prices STILL trending lower -- check

4. Dollar Index still going spelunking -- check

5. Price of Oil and other necessary commodities talking in a funny, helium-affected voice -- check

But somehow, we're SUPPOSED to believe that Au & Ag are in a bubble!  I was born in the morning, but it wasn't this morning!

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At the end of the day,holding either will be a major plus.

Both, or one...............will beat the hades out of neither.

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let it blow up...  I'll sell an oz of gold when it pays off my house...