Things That Make You Go Hmmm - On Silver Conspiracy Theories And Other Oddities

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From Grant Williams: "There are many commentators for whom I have the utmost respect, who completely discount any silver conspiracy theories. They cite the fact that it would be impossible for the manipulation to be conducted in the way that the conspiracy theorists allege or that there are corresponding longs for every short, but yet answers from either the regulators or those supposedly involved in the manipulation are conspicuous by their absence. Let’s face it - if this were a simple case of a misunderstanding it wouldn’t take much in the way of  evidence to clear it up now, would it? Over the past several months, each time a futures contract has expired since the price break in silver began in earnest, the delivery situation has gotten progressively tighter until progressively closer to the wire and talk of a commercial signal failure has become progressively louder. The number of people opting to take warehouse receipts for delivery on first notice day has been climbing and stocks in the various warehouses have been declining to the point that it has been touch-and-go as to whether there would be enough physical silver on hand in the warehouses to satisfy demand for delivery. If, at some point in the (near?) future, time runs out and enough people stand for physical delivery, we will find out once and for all whether there is any truth to the manipulation/massive short position stories, and we will CERTAINLY discover how much physical metal there is available for delivery."

Full report:

Hmmm Mar 30 2011 (2)

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Buy Physical AU/AG until EVERYONE sees the naked emperor. 

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Silver rope around Dimon's neck.  Awesome.

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A chain of strikes at several silver mines is about to go viral.

With an already tight supply of the metal, this means the systemic collapse of silver price manipulation will be an event not even the most bullish silverbugs could have expected in their wildest dreams.

The endgame is within days of unfolding.

Deposed despots and soon-to-be on the interpol criminal list financial bigshots will be stuffing their private jets not with gold, but with SILVER!!

zaknick's picture

Fuck "interpol". Bankster thugs is all they are. Banksters love "international" (read:unaccountable) "institutions".

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Ahmeel, I agree completely. In fact, with war war looming/growing everywhere, silver will be declared a strategic asset right alongside oil. And will disappear much faster than gold.

I can see it happening here in India, where the "mania" for it is recent, unlike for gold, which has shone here for centuries.

It's a timeless battle or cycle, call it what you want.

Silver and oil. Cannot have physical oil, so the alter-native is clear. To all. I hope.

Good luck everyone. We might lose this forum soonish.



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This is a very good article about the Silver Price Suppression:


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You read that 21 page report in 3 minutes? YOU DA MAN!!!...
or maybe not.

I only got as far this part on top of page 2:

"Snoop Dogg leaned forward over.."

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Silver bears rock.  Mugabe can shove his March25th decree up his butt, and keep his platinum and chrome for his teeth.  Your neighbor(s) are defaulting on their mortgage, your bank is failing, and I didn't know I was going to receive a pop quiz, but should of known since everyone on this site calls you by  your name.... bitches!  Off to watch G Edward on Beck....

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Snoop Dog was preamble to a 3 paragraph section on silver manipulation. The report covered more than that. Other than stating the obvious (except to the CFTC), mostly pop journalism.

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Ted Butler has been talking about this for umpteen years, but no one bothered to listen. Guess they wanted us to buy silver at a discount?

Quantum Leaped Thinker's picture

Ted Butler has been talking about this for umpteen years, but no one bothered to listen. Guess they wanted us to buy silver at a discount?

iota's picture

As a speculator I'm gonna speculate that the post below will be widely ignored and this will get several hundred comments.

Silver and conspiracy in a single headline. ZeroHedge definitely knows its demographic.

NOTW777's picture

so you argue its all wild paranoia - just our imaginations?

and ZH only reports what its readers want to hear?????

long juan silver's picture

Yep. It's like the guy shared earlier about the rat punching the bar to get cocaine until it dies.

tmosley's picture

You need to punch the bar a few more times, it looks like.

long juan silver's picture

I punch u dickweed. Where u stay?>

Living_Stone's picture

Didn't you forget to dangle the preposition on that threat, homie?

A Nanny Moose's picture

I thought only participles dangled?

Hephasteus's picture

In the past they have. I don't know if present participles dangle or not.

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Hey you lot, quit your gerundmandering.

Richard Head's picture

Did you forget the password for your "william the bastard" login?  Jeezus, you are a pathetic douche.

tmosley's picture

God you sound like such a moron.

iota's picture

Actually I own some 'Sil'vah', but that's some excellent extrapolation.

Quantum Leaped Thinker's picture

The last refuge of scoundrels is ad hominem attacks. Guess Zero hedgies are a bunch of moron conspirators ...not an iota of truth in that

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Not one iota of a prob do I have with that comment! I love those types of comments! Bahhhhhhh! Sheeple....... You help me with my averaging into this market!

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11 junks.........11 ZHer's with no sense of humor

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Like I said, the easiest cure for the problem is to shut down the silver futures market, and/or make it 100% cash market (no leverage allowed).

If you want to buy physical or hedge, then it's COD only.

This will permanently eliminate the weak handed specs who are trying to "make a killing" on the long side.

And at the same time, make it virtually impossible to pile on infinite short positions in the futures market, because you have to come up with 100% cash to enter the trade.

So the cosmic joke is this:

The faster they raise margin requirements on silver, the faster the market will go up.

I'd vote for immediate elimination of all margin on silver contracts right now.

Then you will see a $10 upside move in silver in one day.

hambone's picture

Robo's my hero today.  Robo for...well... whatever position Robo wants!!! 

bigdumbnugly's picture

robo makes a decent point but failed to drive it home with an adjoining picture of a scantily clad babe rolling in silver coinage.

your slipping, RT !     ;-)

Rahm's picture

First time in a long time (maybe ever?) that I haven't seen RT get junked.  Almost good enough for me to say good post RT.... I said ALMOST! :)

rocker's picture

All good traders see the light when it is bright enough. Robo is no different. The trend and strength of this commodity is real. Good traders do not fight a powerful tape. Another thought, the more they raise the margin call means the less of a pull back when the phony stock market valuations goe in the tank. PE's are too high.

long juan silver's picture

Nope. It's called exchange fees.

baustibaustafa's picture

Brilliant points.  Makes too much sense to happen.  :(

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Just buy the physical. How novel.

Quantum Leaped Thinker's picture

$10 in a about $100 in a day when silver goes parabolic?

The problem with most folks is that they are deep in limited linear thinking about silver and finance..when the rogue wave hits.they will be partying on the beach. Zero Hedgies will possess the resources to rebuild real lasting prosperity for not only themselves but for the average person. Its not all about us folks its about being able to hold body and soul together to inspire hope on realistic basis after the tsumani hits.


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NO robo, don't take my crack stock AGQ away!  I will not stop twitching and blurting out expletives at random times like in church!  I need me my double leveraged option silver fix, it's my form of colloidal to maintain my sanity.  Damn you robo!lol

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I would tend to agree here.

Miners or physical, get the speculum's out of it.

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I only listen to the little bears, and its not because of the farting noises and the sheeple bear continually shitting his pants.  I just believe the insiders will talk to a bear before they talk to other humans.

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There's no sense of a short squeeze or any long side panic. Don't worry about JamiePeeM. JPShyster will get a deeper asspounding from REOs and CMO clawbacks than any mosquito bite PM pops. Besides, they are TBTF whatever the cause!!! HHAHAHAHAHA

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I'd only be upset with a conspiracy to keep the price down if I were selling.  as long as I'm buying, keep suppressing, thanks.

Hacked Economy's picture

Well, keep suppressing until I'm done buying, anyway.  ;-)

prophet's picture

Around here there does not seem to be as much bias against fiat securities as there are against fiat currencies. 

mynhair's picture

Nobody stupid enough around here to buy that Chinese shit.

Well, except Leo.  Anyone seen him lately?

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yes he's having a heavy lunch with the pension industry asking them some of his tough questions like "What are you having for main course?" ... "How many $billions do you need off the taxpayer to bailout your last mistakes ...what angle should i take to spin my article and snake oil over the systemic errors of big centralised incompetence in our imploding broken promises of an industry?" ..."I can't decide between the fillet steak and the chicken McNuggets on the childrens menu, what do you think?"

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I am sorry.  I can't keep up with all of this.  I am suffering from outrage fatigue.  I hope you will all carry on...'s picture

I love to follow investment insights that reference Snoop Dog...Maybe he can collaborate with Little John on a track titled...."Im the original OG slinging the AG all up in my Grill G.... YYYEEEEAAAAA" I will send this to my Wall Street buddies that think I am crazy for buying silver....I am sure they will see my logic now....YYYEEEEAAAA...

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faber bullish on America (sort of) video