Things That Make You Go Hmmm.... Like Silver Conspiracy Theories (Part 2)

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Grant Williams chimes in with another (first one is here) off the beaten path observation on the ongoing parabolic rise in silver (and for those confused no, silver is not tracking the CPI). "We have discussed at length in the various iterations of this publication going all"the way back to my BTIG days, the various ‘conspiracy theories’ surrounding alleged shorts in the silver futures market which are allegedly held by, amongst others, JP Morgan and HSBC. Initially, these theories were dismissed as the ramblings of the insane and, speaking as one who was called insane many times, even I have to admit that the stories were somewhat far-fetched. Far-fetched? Certainly. Impossible? Hardly. Implausible? Less so now. There have been all sorts of assertions about the fact that the short positions purported to be in place on the COMEX couldn’t, in fact, exist. These assertions, like the accusations which they attempt to answer, are all offered without proof - the general defence being along the lines of “it’s too preposterous to be true” which, to me at least, is an extremely weak offering. As silver has exploded higher, various estimates have been made at the potential losses being accumulated by those parties short of silver futures. The sums are astronomical. If we take JP Morgans alleged short position as an example, and we assume there is some truth to the assertions about the size of that position, a move to $50 could potentially cost JP Morgan upwards of $4 billion - or, as it’s still known, ‘real money’.

Full April 25 report:


Hmmm Apr 25 2011

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Hurry, lock in your prices, today!  (just got the same email :)

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WHOA I guess I better sell! APMEX is looking out for me! Seems theyre sure it will go down, so theyre offering me $3 over spot to ensure I dont take a loss in the coming huge drop, obviously they know $50 is the top!

Physical, bitchez.

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Got that email too. Very disconcerting.

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that youtube video is non functional...


try this one :)


1980's HUNTS' high physical - enjoy

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JPM will sucking my left sack to get a hold of my shiny to cover all the paper nothing they sold.  I will sell a little at $189...

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problem is they would have no qualms about hacking off your right one to get to it.

good thing you are a doctor.

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I'll sell it whenever I feel good about it and the world gets back in sane mode.


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I would sell/trade a bunch for 5 acres w/well good soil, a cabin, chicken coop in the middle of BFE. Location, location,location Bitches!

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Don't forget the harem.

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BFE? Didnt think anyone would't want to be in Egypt right now...

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How much you consider a bunch. I got 3.67ac 2 wells,electric cabin surrounded by 1&1/2 million acres of Ouachita national forest. How bigs your stack. 

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Even APMEX just sent out an email seeking to BUY American Mint Silver products...and at a healthy premium.  Items are disappearing of the shelf at warp speed.  Gotta LOVE supply shortages!

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I'm telling ya, they suck it good

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I think the coming of Nibiru is turning the producers mines into liquid molten irradiated spunkpots and you dare not extract any more silver until the winged planet passes or you will end up like the Fukushima 50.

Get it?! Buy the metal!

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Christ, you are such a moron.

Get the fuck out of here.  Garbage.

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Holy shit man. I mean, (hyperventilating)... holy shit.

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its always a good day to die

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Another metal post, really? Damn Tyler, it's only about page views now huh?

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Only 5000 more to go :)

Are you forced to visit ZH?


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Only ONE unified opinion counts.

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Yes, that would be MY opinion.


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Everyone - let's not feed the trolls...

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If I don't feed them then what do I do with all this dogshit I cleaned up in the yard?

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I like to fatten them up so they survive the bloodletting.

Troll blood is only slightly less delicious than that of unicorns, and a LOT easier to come by.

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Tastes great .... less shilling!

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Even trolls need love. Yeah, I know ... that makes me a troll lover ;)

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In the big picture of money and who controls it and its concomitant power, it has always been and will be in your life time, all about metals. Get past that and we may be able to look beyond the implications associated with your Christian name, Mr. Savant.

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What else is REALLY trading out there?

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Follow chicoms/China's lead.

  London Source - Asian Buyers Will Take Silver Over $100

Been accumulating monetary stores of value outside the dollar for 3 years. Chinese have nothing better to do than spend dollars buying physical gold/silver!  It will torpedo benron burnokio whom China can't stand and kill king dollar in the process.  

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That site needs a better graphic artist.

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Listening to Karl Denninger talk about silver on Blog Radio and he is a fuking Doucheinger.  And yes, Karl, everything is going just hunky-dory in Fukushima.

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careful now, according to the info posted the other day Market Ticker has a much higher number of grad degrees visiting it then Zerohedge :)


altho ZH wasn't too shabby

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Given that most grad degree holders are looking at a lifetime of inescapable debt while opportunities to earn a big enough salary to cover the debt service disappear daily, I don't give much credence to their ability to congregate rationally.

Besides, as a demographic group, they probably vote in higher proportions than any other group, except perhaps for the senile seniors.

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HEY! Us senile seniors resent that, you little snot.

NA, I mean. Not you, Sheepdog.

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It's obviously a higher class of poster over there, you can tell by the avatars. His radio rants are legendary for emotional irrationality. He is against silver because we are not buying it to make jewelry and electronics, but to get a leg up on our fellow man. Oh, and it's too unstable to be used as a currency except back in the olden days of yore. You know, pre-1964, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

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I thought it would cost JPM and HSBC much more than a few billion by the way they were leveraged on silver.

No matter, and whatever, buy physical everybody and enjoy it. Save yourselves as the exodus from the USD gets underway in earnest.

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Conspiracy, bitchez!