Thomas Friedman On China And America

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Over the past twenty years, few people have been as discredited in their worldview as New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. The thorough fall from pedestalized grace of the Pulitzer Prize winner, whose latest book, "The World is Flat: A Brief History of the
21st Century," not at all surprisingly won the inaugural Goldman
/Financial Times Business Book of the Year award, can only be compared to that other New York Times columnist who will go down with the debt-leaking titanic, kicking and screaming, that no matter the impending global default, he is right. And as the premise of globalization goes through its own death rattle, just like the ridiculous Keynesian notion that only more debt can save us from record debt, globalization's biggest advocate is monetizing his last remaining ounces of credibility. Below, we present Fora TV's recently released Asia Society interview with Friedman who discusses at length his view on the parallels and differences between China and the US. Note: absolutely nothing of significance will be learned in this presentation, which is merely a rehash of stale, faulty and thoroughly discredited assumptions yet it is a good starting point to learn about all that is flawed in the prevailing view of how the two countries are supposed to coexist in the future. In other words: take verything Friemdna says and flip it 180 degress, and you will be on the right path.

Below is a representative segment in which Friedman notes how he envies China's Reaganism, not Maoism, whatever that means.

All segments in the full very rambling presentation:

01.    Introduction     01 min 05 sec
02.    Pace of Innovation in China vs. US    04 min 00 sec
03.    The Power of the Autocracy    05 min 33 sec
04.    Big, Hard, and Together    05 min 17 sec
05.    America's Values Breakdown    06 min 31 sec
06.    Yearning to Restore the Nation to Greatness    06 min 11 sec
07.    China As a Galvanizing Force    03 min 43 sec
08.    Influence of Media    04 min 12 sec
09.    What We Should Learn from China    06 min 25 sec
10.    Advice to Secretary Clinton    03 min 09 sec
11.    Demolishing Culture to Advance    07 min 01 sec
12.    What Will Shock the System?    02 min 38 sec
13.    Q1: Overestimating China's Growth    04 min 07 sec
14.    Q2: Political Learning from China    07 min 03 sec
15.    Q3: National Security and Trade    01 min 42 sec
16.    Q4: Broken Political System    06 min 16 sec
17.    Q5: Keeping R&D in US/Nurturing Leadership/Chinese Nobel Laureates    09 min 49 sec

Watch Full Program      01 hr 24 min 42 sec

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The FED just snuck in a MAJOR rule change that will prevent it from taking losses on its MBS holdings and, instead, assign those losses to....the Treasury!

Gotta love Banksters

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PIMPCO doin' the same thing on BAC--Billy and Mohammed front-running the FED again - Ned

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TF is a self-absorbed dildo. 

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I just want to point out that TF advocated invading Iraq.  How surprising is that?


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There is nothing about China for US to envy except for low labor cost and minimum regards for environment and human rights. 

It's natural to envy the magnificent pyramids, but do you envy the life of an Egyptian slave?

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Contrary to some popular depictions, the pyramid builders were not slaves or foreigners. Excavated skeletons show that they were Egyptians who lived in villages developed and overseen by the pharaoh's supervisors.

The builders' villages boasted bakers, butchers, brewers, granaries, houses, cemeteries, and probably even some sorts of health-care facilities—there is evidence of laborers surviving crushed or amputated limbs. Bakeries excavated near the Great Pyramids could have produced thousands of loaves of bread every week.

Some of the builders were permanent employees of the pharaoh. Others were conscripted for a limited time from local villages. Some may have been women: Although no depictions of women builders have been found, some female skeletons show wear that suggests they labored with heavy stone for long periods of time.

1984's picture

That's right.  Slave camps don't have cooks, butchers, bakers, because slaves don't need to eat.

Perhaps those useless self-important academics are right.  Being willing slaves would make them less slavish.

And all this time I've been thinking they are the same as the American debt slaves living pay check to pay check, thinking they're free, but all the while just slaving for the banks and big corporations.

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Collaborators tend to eat well...until they don't.

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You're one of those people who responds with a biology lesson when one of the guys on your pick-up basketball team says "Hey, sub in for me.  I'm too hot, and I'm sweating like a pig!"

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Speculatn: Looking for the "Like" button thinking I'm on FB.

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Krugman = Friedman = Idiotic Duo = Zero Credibility!

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Friedman is an idiot and his geopolitical views are tainted by his membership of the "tribe"

And Fukuyama was an even greater fool when he announced the end of history . The arrogance ....

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'tainted by his membership of the "tribe"' is a polite understatement. His views are straight from Oded Yinon's 1982 playbook, that is:

- Descrediting and destruction of all secular nationalists à la Assad, Arafat, Nassr, Kaddafi, Mossadegh, Saddam Hussein inter alia

- Promotion of religious strife in a broad radious around Israel as a precondition for civil war and the break up of potential resistance to the realization of Greater Israel

- Forcing US interventionism in the service of the tactics above, and with a view to realizing greater Israel

If you haven't read Yinon's zionist protocol, you have no basis for comprehending American foreign policy and domestic politics in the past 40 years.

Here it is, for your reference:

A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties
by Oded Yinon

Gigliola Cinquetti's picture

Yes , I was being polite . You do not have a clue just how polite . I do not need a primer on Israeli politics , the history of the middle East since biblical times , zionist terrorism since 1948 , the Balfour declaration and its roots   ,AIPAC , the ADL , neo conservative ideology and its roots in Chicago , all of the above and a lot more are familiar to me . But thx anyway , it's appreciated . And no , the protocols of Zion are a forgery . Conspiracies are wasted on me . The facts are sufficient and terrible enough .

Shylockracy's picture

Sorry, the "you" I mentioned above was not you, specifically. I should have rephrased on the lines of "one cannot understand.... if one hasn't read..."

btw, Oded's "protocol" is the real deal and the blueprint for PNAC and the infamous "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm" by the elders of Zion Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser, inter alia.

Gigliola Cinquetti's picture

No offense taken , I realized you meant well . No offense intended towards you either . I was aware that you were not referencing the "other protocols" . Anyway , for those who think I am an anti-semite , some of my best friends are jewish .  And some of my favourite authors ,musicians , composers  ....  are jewish . I am fully aware of PNAC .

My jewish heroes include Yehudi Menuhin , Noam Chomsky , Finkelstein , Gilad Atzmon , Avishai Cohen , all univesalists , not tribalists

New_Meat's picture

"My jewish heroes include Yehudi Menuhin , Noam Chomsky..."

lost you at Chomsky.  Please expand.

- Ned

Gigliola Cinquetti's picture

For revolutionizing linguistics with his theory of Universal Grammar for starters  . And for being a brave lonely critic and analyst of US foreign policy and having the courage to go against the prevailing opinion post 9/11 .

Rodent Freikorps's picture

You are kidding, right? Shitting on America is quite fashionable in those Ivy League tainted circles.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

Being able to see through the lies that take us to war and the wisdom to see that others don't "hate us for our freedoms" but hate us because of what we do to them via the corrupt governments we support and the bombs we drop isn't "Shitting on America."

Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism

"In this paradigm-shifting analysis, University of Chicago political scientist Robert Pape has collected groundbreaking evidence to explain the strategic, social, and individual factors responsible for this growing threat.

One of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject, Professor Pape has created the first comprehensive database of every suicide terrorist attack in the world from 1980 until today. With striking clarity and precision, Professor Pape uses this unprecedented research to debunk widely held misconceptions about the nature of suicide terrorism and provide a new lens that makes sense of the threat we face."

"FACT: Every suicide terrorist campaign has had a clear goal that is secular and political: to compel a modern democracy to withdraw military forces from the territory that the terrorists view as their homeland."

ILikeBoats's picture

Do you know about Milner and how he came to write the Balfour declaration?

Gigliola Cinquetti's picture

Does it really matter who took the pen and wrote it ? Not saying it's not , but we are drifting off topic . The geopolitics behind it relating to WWI and the US  just seem more important to me .

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The ONLY possible positive outcome of the economic meltdown (soon to end in another 20 to 30 years) was that the Friedman family (that's the family Thomas "three chins" Friedman married into) lost their billions in the CDO/MBS great disappearance.

(Holy S**t!!!   You mean those MBSes weren't actually based on M(ortgage)s?  So it was just BS? ---- Yup!)

God, how I hate and detest that cretinous half-witted, arithmetically-challenged scumbag.

SteveNYC's picture

I recall, about 6 years ago, I picked up a discarded copy of The World is Flat in my building's laundry. I read a few pages, and couldn't stomach it too well. Ra Ra raaaaabish if you ask me. Friedman is a clown.

darkaeye's picture

I'm sure clowns everywhere take great exception to that remark.

Hey Thomas.  The garage called.  Your brain is ready.

1223pm's picture

Another possible out come is mass exodos of Jews from United states. just like this happened 79 times in the history of jews before.

"Over the centuries, their behavior has caused their host populations to rise up and throw them bodily out. This has happened about 79 times. Now, elements of them have control of important and powerful parts of America and other white Nations, as well as having their own stolen country in the Mideast that we’re now completely beholden to — no matter what they do to us or what they make us do to the world for them. We are nothing but “Goyim” or cattle to them."

Segestan's picture

He misses the whole point... who gives a fuck about Chinas future??? Thats for them to worry about. How about worrying about America ??



benb's picture

“He misses the whole point...”

No, I think you miss the point. You’re not supposed to concern yourself with America’s future. We’re supposed to sit down and shut up and let the ‘experts’ take care of it for us.

You know you bring up the important point that the whole thing is rigged for the Chinese Commie Generals to take the advantage. Fifteen years ago when some lopsided deal was being made by our government/puppet traitors I remember hearing the talking heads say over and over to quell criticism  “ … we don’t want to offend U.S. China relations.” Sickening!

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Read Henry Ford. The elite in this country is International.

Paul E. Math's picture

I appreciate your posting this for us.  But I couldn't get past the introduction. 

"Um-uhh".  Pompous windbag, right off the bat.

It was pathetic that he pretended that his 'Maoism-Reaganism, Communism-Capitalism' series was off-the-cuff when he obviously rehearsed it.

spekulatn's picture

Agreed, Paul E. Math. 


DavidC's picture

Um-uhh, Paul E. Math, I see what you um-uhh, mean...


DaBernank's picture

Everything he wrote after "From Beirut to Jerusalem" was a waste of ink.

I enojoyed Matt Taibbi's review of "...Flat"

Paul E. Math's picture

Great review.  Thanks for the link.  I particularly like this little gem:

"On an ideological level, Friedman's new book is the worst, most boring kind of middlebrow horseshit."

Leave it to Matt Taibbi to tell it like it is.

Fred Hayek's picture

It's amazing what the passage of time can do. 

After the passage of just some 70 odd years, with Tom Friedman we now have our first Walter Duranty wannabe.

The Talmud Kid's picture

Another deranged jewish "expert" jewing, jewfully.  No shortage of those, unfortunately for the rest of us.

High Plains Drifter's picture

They always like to blather on about this and that, in their little self important worlds. They hate us  but they live among us and they have to pontificate to us, because their fellow tribal members would consider their bogus discussion and their bogus improper Nobel peace prize to be the bullshit that it in reality is. But what can a parasite do?  They live on the host. As Israeli historian Shlomo Sand has indicated, they have no history to speak of. Yet day in and day out, we are told about the holocaust and how bad they had it and how they suffered and how their legitimacy now must be appropriate now, since they are such a poor discriminated bunch of people, long suffering, and now since 1948, having their own homeland, located on Palestinian lands, which they stole and which they tell the stupid goy that, yes, we are the children of God and yes God told us that the land of ancient Israel is their land. Blah, blah, blah. Damn I sick of these thieves and scoundrels. Point of order from the children of Japeth and just a note to the children of Shem, we see you as you are and we know what you do.

Rusty Shorts's picture

The biggest lie of all,, is the idea that white English speaking peoples are "gentiles", when in reality, most white people are descendants of the house of Israel.


And not only the English, but French, German, Scandinavian, Norwegians Canadians, Australians, ect., etc. are of the House of Israel. It all started when Judah (father of the Jews) sold his own brother Joseph to the Ishmaelites...for 20 pieces of Silver.

High Plains Drifter's picture

After the great flood, Noah had  3 sons according to the table of nations. The oldest son was Japeth, the father of the Indo-European races. The middle east areas, at one time , used to be full of white people. Is it not strange how the Egyptian government has tried its best to hide the DNA results of the testing done on some of the some of  Pharoah mummies? Kind of pisses in the corn flakes of these people who call themselves modern day Egyptians , when in fact, they are a mixture of different peoples, and that they had absolutey nothing to do with the ancient Egyptian kingdoms of old. Also, it must be stated that the Phoenician peoples were also Indo European and were the world's first great ocean going sailers and it is interesting to note, that they used to go on long distance voyages lasting years at a time and they probably came to what  was much , much later, known as the "new world".

Rusty Shorts's picture

Yes indeed. Noah, from which we all descended. Noah's father, Lamech, who killed Cain ... and Cain was Lamech's Father ... Cain, who killed Abel, was Adams son.


 ... and the "new world", Roman (B.C.) artifacts have been recovered from the Appalachian Mountains, and the Native Americans made regular visits to Europe.

Rusty Shorts's picture

"If one searches long enough and hard enough, one can discover hints that just about any ancient culture you care to name set foot in the New World well before the Vikings and Columbus. Old coins, inscriptions, language concordances, and the like are taken by many as proofs that Egyptians visited Oklahoma, the Chinese moored along the Pacific coast, the Celts toured New England, and so on. Now, according to Professor V. Belfiglio, the ancient Romans had Texas on their itineraries."

Rusty Shorts's picture

"Egyptians visited Oklahoma" -- talk about your Sooners now, fucking aye! .. they were white boys btw.

Jay Gould Esq.'s picture

Not we Irish, of course.

We hail from the House of Jameson.

1223pm's picture

Hitler was a devil but he made some very wise decisions.

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you live on stolen native american land