Thomas Friedman On China And America

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Over the past twenty years, few people have been as discredited in their worldview as New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. The thorough fall from pedestalized grace of the Pulitzer Prize winner, whose latest book, "The World is Flat: A Brief History of the
21st Century," not at all surprisingly won the inaugural Goldman
/Financial Times Business Book of the Year award, can only be compared to that other New York Times columnist who will go down with the debt-leaking titanic, kicking and screaming, that no matter the impending global default, he is right. And as the premise of globalization goes through its own death rattle, just like the ridiculous Keynesian notion that only more debt can save us from record debt, globalization's biggest advocate is monetizing his last remaining ounces of credibility. Below, we present Fora TV's recently released Asia Society interview with Friedman who discusses at length his view on the parallels and differences between China and the US. Note: absolutely nothing of significance will be learned in this presentation, which is merely a rehash of stale, faulty and thoroughly discredited assumptions yet it is a good starting point to learn about all that is flawed in the prevailing view of how the two countries are supposed to coexist in the future. In other words: take verything Friemdna says and flip it 180 degress, and you will be on the right path.

Below is a representative segment in which Friedman notes how he envies China's Reaganism, not Maoism, whatever that means.

All segments in the full very rambling presentation:

01.    Introduction     01 min 05 sec
02.    Pace of Innovation in China vs. US    04 min 00 sec
03.    The Power of the Autocracy    05 min 33 sec
04.    Big, Hard, and Together    05 min 17 sec
05.    America's Values Breakdown    06 min 31 sec
06.    Yearning to Restore the Nation to Greatness    06 min 11 sec
07.    China As a Galvanizing Force    03 min 43 sec
08.    Influence of Media    04 min 12 sec
09.    What We Should Learn from China    06 min 25 sec
10.    Advice to Secretary Clinton    03 min 09 sec
11.    Demolishing Culture to Advance    07 min 01 sec
12.    What Will Shock the System?    02 min 38 sec
13.    Q1: Overestimating China's Growth    04 min 07 sec
14.    Q2: Political Learning from China    07 min 03 sec
15.    Q3: National Security and Trade    01 min 42 sec
16.    Q4: Broken Political System    06 min 16 sec
17.    Q5: Keeping R&D in US/Nurturing Leadership/Chinese Nobel Laureates    09 min 49 sec

Watch Full Program      01 hr 24 min 42 sec

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New_Meat's picture

heph--psst dude: C130=Hercules,  C5=Galaxy

Big brothering people?

SEIU folks be in your direction.

- Ned

Hephasteus's picture

Well it's just too weird. Have you ever seen that movie fabled enemies. It's just playing out too much like that.

All it takes is a mention of the jews and it bring out a horde of posters. It can't be consequence. These people are not sitting at home thinking. I never post on zerohedge I never read zerohege I think I'll go pop by and read it. They just show up and start crowd controlling.

It's kind of the perfect chess move. You want to controll the world so 2nd world controller abuses shit out of one kind of people. Those people deserve so much protection that it allows a huge safety net from which to operate secretely behind. It's like the jews slaughtered their ownself to become a "legitimate" monster that is going to slaughter everyone. For all that to be hidden so well for so long during wwII it had to have been for some future purpose. It just feels like a sympathy magician move to me.

Somebody better explain all this and soon.

Hephasteus's picture

Yep I just checked serveral of cap's read list and most of them contain the keyword "jew".  It looks like we know now what the information technology revolution was about. They are going to 'cop' the entire ideosphere.

Hephasteus's picture

You make serveral good points but how are they going to do this.

Well I'm glad you asked. There's an odd computer out there named "apple" and it uses a program that is deeply entrenched and embedded in it's operating system named "python". Python is wonderful at parsing phrases and numbers and codes. This could explain apple pumpers. And some willingness to support and contribute to linux. Of course they won't do shit for lnux video but they'll just throw fucking people at python. They keep updating it and updating it and recently moved it to take of the sysinit v with a multiprocessor version. That way they can parse and spy on one of your cores constantly.

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Hephasteus's picture

Brilliant retort. I know when my ass is kicked.


ebworthen's picture


Friedman's basic assumption is that I could go home to his Wife and family, eat his dinner, watch a movie with his kids, make love to his Wife, then next morning get up and go to work and everything will be hunky-dory.

Human beings do not fit his fantasy; never have, never will.  

Jay Gould Esq.'s picture

Any woman who would have Friedman...I think I'll pass on her. Hirsute chicks aren't my bag.

QQQBall's picture

Look at that pensive pose with his chin in his hand, BFFT indeed.

Problem Is's picture

Fried-man is just constipated...
As for his endless, self aggrandizing, moronic, anal pontificating...

If I am sent to hell... I will have to watch that ass hole Charlie Rose interview Fried-man for eternity...

Fried-man's Qualifications To Be an Expert on Everything?
Expert on everything from technology to economics...

Mediterranean Studies? No, really?

Fried-man is a jack off of no trades and a master-bater bar none...

High Plains Drifter's picture

Speaking of people called Friedman. Just another blast from the past, a time when I listened to this man and thought he was on our side, but of course I was completely wrong. An analysis of the theories and life of our dear departed dual citizen twit, none other than Milton Friedman, by a former Israeli jew, Gilad Atzmon. Free enerprize and Laissez Faire economics has allowed jews to steal and rob and run rampant over our society and its cultural ,financial and religious structures without fear of retribution( so far). Our government and its regulatory agencies are under deep capture and these institutions must be reclaimed or it is finished and this has to happen very, very soon.

....But it goes further -- it is also plainly clear that the bailout schemes are there to amend a colossal disaster caused by the endorsement of Friedman’s own ideology. We are all paying a very heavy price for free enterprise, hard capitalism, or, in general, the ideologies Friedman was so enthusiastic about.....

Dick Buttkiss's picture

"...paying a very heavy price for free enterprise"?

Jesus, what planet are you living on? We live under a regime of fascialism that has as much to do with freedom as rape has to do with love-making:

Dick Buttkiss's picture

Flagged by someone who is either an apologist for coercion (state action in any and all its forms) or doesn't understand the inextricable link between freedom and free enterprise.

Dick Buttkiss's picture

Ah, there you are! Thanks for the quick comeback! You've convinced me how wrong I was! 

FatFingered's picture

"Free enerprize and Laissez Faire economics has allowed jews to steal and rob and run rampant over our society and its cultural ,financial and religious structures without fear of retribution( so far). Our government and its regulatory agencies are under deep capture and these institutions must be reclaimed or it is finished and this has to happen very, very soon."


HPD, do you have any idea what free enerprize[sic] or laissez faire mean?


High Plains Drifter's picture

Is that kind of like free trade and Nafta of 1994? Is that like repeal of Glass Steagall in 1998 helped along by that great conservative, Phil Gram? Is that like most favored nation status for the Chi coms in 1994 while that great conservative Newt Gingrich was speaker of the house during the Republican revolution? Yes sir, I understand the usage of the terminolgy and I understand what it means. I studied at the feet of the harmless little fuzz ball much too long during these dark ages of my ignorance.

benb's picture

“…In other words: take everything Friedman says and flip it 180 degrees and you will be on the right path.” TD

 Good advice not to even bother watching the video. On occasion I almost paid attention to this Thomas Friedman jackass until he went around in 2003 selling how great the Iraq war was for the Middle East and his a new day had dawned presentation. Total dis-info B.S. Friedman is heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune and an obvious NWO propagandist. From what I’ve heard guys like Friedman and Klugman get paid to pump out the propaganda along with a very extensive list of other media figures.

nmewn's picture

Friedman, a statist leftwinger, who adores the authoritarian Chinese government, projecting that everyone in the USA also envies it...I made it 30 seconds...LOL.

Skipping through the comments, we find other leftists, placing their copy of Mao's little red book on the side table and jumping to the keyboard to deflect the simple fact that he (Friedman) is, in fact, a statist leftist enamoured with with Chinese authoritarian rule by screeching zionist lackey jooo!!!...when in fact there are very few joos in China.

Amazing...simply amazing.

weinerdog43's picture

Wrong.  Again.  As usual.  Christ, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  


Friedman is not a 'left winger'.  But keep thinking that if it will keep your tiny brain from exploding from learning about actual facts. 

seenod2010's picture

In my opinion, The summary article "It's a Flat World, after All" by Thomas Friedman The New York Times April 3, 2005 and Annual Editions "Global Issues" 26th Ed McGraw-Hill 2011 (82-86) suggests that Thomas Friedman's sense of geopolitics are delusional and dangerous. I suspect that someday soon; the US will be forced into conducting balance of power politics, which according to Kissinger's work "Diplomacy", the US wants to avoid conducting in balance of power politics, yet globalization essentially ensures conducting balance of power politics.'s picture

The most unimpressive Pulitzer winner ever. Mr. Obvious...thank you. Your presentations are "flat".

Die Weiße Rose's picture

just buy the fucking dip,that's all you ever need to know !

Sad Sufi's picture

Yes, he was a tireless, mindless War promoter, backing up his murderous plans with half-baked "smarty pants" logic.  The elites love him because he dupes the liberals into believing that war is good and globalization is "the only answer."

Fun to see a nice long thread beating up on this dangerous windbag!

gwar5's picture

You had me at the first sentence...

Friedman may have a master's on Middle East, but he's just another idiot married to a strip mall billionairess on everything else. It's easy for him to say we should be like China, as long as he thinks he'll be spared his property rights for towing the commie line.

Leftover stock of Thomas Friedman Christmas dolls still available...


Tom Friedman Talking Doll Won’t Stop Talking!






FatFingered's picture


"It’s the Talking Thomas Friedman Doll, direct from a business-class flight from some exotic foreign destination with Pizza Huts and golf courses! He’s so full of shit, your dogs will try to eat him!"

Dr. Porkchop's picture

Put Thomas on with Matt Taibbi and let him be ripped to shreds.

swmnguy's picture

I remember maybe a decade ago, I read one of Friedman's columns about China.  He was talking about how China was making progress by leaps and bounds, because he had stayed in a hotel considered quite deluxe in Beijing in the early 1990's and he got shitty service and orange juice that tasted like Tang.  Now, in the early 2000's, he was getting great service and fabulous fresh-squeezed orange juice.

I have been to Beijing 3 times, and stayed in 3 different hotels.  Twice I got shitty service.  Twice I got OJ that tasted like Tang.  By the way, at only one hotel did I get both; the others were mix-and-match.

And the conclusion I drew from my experience, that I could extrapolate out from to write a best-seller?  Not a fucking thing.  Bupkes.  I once got terrible OJ at a spendy hotel in Florida.  And another time, shitty service at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC.

In his classic work on Lebanon, Robert Fisk says that Thomas Friedman was at one time a top-notch reporter on the Middle East.  Out of respect for Fisk's work I'll grant Friedman that.

But now, and for at least the past 20 years, as he has become a pillar of establishment wisdom and married a billionairess, Thomas Friedman is a dildo, at best.

Hedgetard55's picture

Friedman: one more self loathing Jewish libtard who can't think his way out of a paper bag.

lindaamick's picture

thomas friedman is a disgrace to the human race.  he is a lower life form.

Amish Hacker's picture

It really doesn't matter how flat Thomas Friedman thinks the world is. What's harder to forgive is that he was such a fervent supporter of the Project for a New American Century (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, et al.), and he advocated so eagerly on behalf of paranoid delusion as a foreign policy.

Remember the Friedman Unit? It was a unit of time, usually calculated as "another 6 months," during which the carnage in Iraq would be magically transformed into peace and stability, thanks to an American policy that was as brilliant as it was infallible. The Friedman Unit was self-renewing, it goes without saying.

blunderdog's picture

Yeah, I think it's pretty safe to re-peg the Friedman Unit on "decade," and we can apply it both to the wars and to our economic recovery.

FatFingered's picture

I just threw up in my mouth before I could get my cursor over the pause button in part one.

Friedman is the lowest kind of scum.  At least his assholes masters make a shitload of money making the wars he sells.

no cnbc cretin's picture
Thomas Friedman, is fucking douche bag. I don't what hear what he has to say about anything. He's a tool and a sell out.
lynnybee's picture

  " Over the past twenty years, few people have been as discredited in their worldview as New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. "    ....then why does he still have a platform & a job !  ...... I'm asking truthfully, is it because he is Jewish ?   so, if he's Jewish then, we don't dare criticize him because people will call US racist ! ?   For years I didn't have a clue about how many Jewish people were in our government pulling strings........ i wasn't political, didn't even know that Henry Kissinger was Jewish, & I thought Rahm Emanuel was LATINO !!! ........ now that I'm doing so much reading up on politics, it's just damn obvious that our government sure does have a lot of Jewish people running this country !  WHY ?  someone tell me why .   something sure does seem fishy to me, something just isn't right with this & yet, if I speak out I get junked !! 

Alienated Serf's picture

no one would deny there are a lot of jews in finance and politics.  its when people think there is a worldwide conspiracy that the junks start to fly

gwar5's picture

Friedman is jewish but not that into it. He's a beer stein jew, not Goldstein jew. 

New_Meat's picture


"....then why does he still have a platform & a job ! "

I'm guessing that is a question, even though is is absolutely unbelievable in any real sense.  Sad truth--he's not writing for you or me.  He's writing for a small group of the ruling class.  They believe his nostrums about almost anything.

How are those NYT Class B shares working out?;ran...

Sulzbergers have a lock on the corporation; Pinch has other like interests that are like diverting his attention, y'know?  Allows them to lose millions of OPM and continue on their way.  See e.g. and the Atlantic article (no cesspool of rightist conservatism there):

- Ned


lynnybee's picture

but, why ?  when i was a kid no one even knew who worked in Washington !   we led our lives basically oblivious to who was in Washington .   something isn't the same as when i was a kid & it's bothering me, i don't understand !   I'll ask the same question again:   Why are so many Jewish people involved in the U.S. GOVERNMENT ?   Like in CLINTON & OBAMA administration, these administrations seems like there's an unusually large amount of Jewish people ?   If anyone can answer, let me know.     I'm of Dutch heritage & what if lots of DUTCH people were running this country ?  .......... would anyone say anything ?

Alienated Serf's picture

why are there so many blacks in the nba?

Ham Wallet's picture

Jews have an extra bone in their ankle.

knukles's picture

Sometimes I get an extra bone in my undies.

lynnybee's picture

alright, I just finished listening to the whole thing.   I should have kept my comments to myself until AFTER I listened to this FORA.TV lecture.    He sounds like he's got a hidden agenda for the NEW WORLD ORDER/WORLD GOVERNMENT/ CENTRAL BANK of CENTRAL BANKS ............ basically, HE SOUNDS LIKE ANOTHER DAMN LIBERAL ASSHOLE who doesn't care a shit about America, but, he sure does sound like he cares about an authoritarian agenda for American Citizens .......... I don't care whether he's JEWISH, IRISH, GERMAN or DUTCH...........HE'S AN ASS & needs to leave the country if he doesn't like it here.

Alienated Serf's picture

spot on lynny.  globalist nwo types come in all flavors.  greed and control is their creedo, it is not based on anything else.  these types often use distraction techniques to get people to focus anywhere else.  i find it sad when i see people falling for their smokescreens.  a globalist blue blood has more in common with a globalist gypsy then he would have in common with a libertarian blue blood.  for many years i worked in a DC based law firm and interacted with these types.  the firm had a blue team and a red team. one team rotated out of government (cabinet level positions) and back into the firm when clinton was out and W was in.  the other team rolled right into W's admin.  the same happened when Obama got in.  all these people play for the same team.  ethnicity, political persuasion, geographic location, gender, none of it means shit.  they are amoral monsters who are ONLY interested in power and wealth. its all GREED GREED GREED.  it was so disgusting i quit and took a 75% pay cut so i wouldn't lose my mind.  these fuckers have more or less succeeded in a global coup d'etat to center power in supranational corporations.   

zaknick's picture

Wow, alienated !!  That must have been one heck of an experience. Talk about cognitive dissonance. You should have stayed on the inside and collected evidence to help bring them down one day.

Alienated Serf's picture

zak, i truly regret that i haven't done that.  however, unlike like our military, these corps. and law firms are meticulous with electronic records.  once i walked down a stairwell because the elevator was taking too long, and passed by sensors on the way down.  the next day i got a call from security "what were you doing on the 14th floor?"  so pulling a wikileaks move would have been hard.  

i have worked on investigations for almost every type scandal and scam that has appeared on this blog, which is why i started reading it.  MBS, GSEs, lehman, options backdating, "war on terror," etc etc etc.  one reason i know at least one of the tylers knows what is up is the constant mocking of fed employees not having bloomberg, most don't, and the ones that do can't even use it!!! its a constant joke.  

but fuck it, you want a little tidbit, seems the FSA stumbled on some very bad things the BOE was doing, then this was announced:

George Osborne moved to redress what he described as the spectacular regulatory failure of the City, announcing the abolition of the Financial Services Authority and a sweeping increase in the Bank of England’s powers.

Mervyn King, the Bank’s governor, will become one of the most powerful central bankers in the world, with a new remit to prevent the build--up of risk in the financial system in addition to his monetary policy role.


i almost puked when i read that, and got out of the game.  

Hephasteus's picture

Yep and it's too much trouble to try to beat them down and get them back under control. Nothing to do but leave from my view. Never return never continue with this stupid so called genetic experiment. Just gotta perfect my cocktail of fuck off or I'll kill, mixed with one part drown in a tub of I don't give a shit till you stop kicking energy drink.

Jay Gould Esq.'s picture

Supranational corporations, in a symbiotic relationship with Government.

The definition of fascism, is it not ?

New_Meat's picture

just figuring this out?

chindit13's picture

I think Friedman nailed it.  Spot on.  The world is flat, just like the smartest people on the planet believed two millennia ago.

Problem is, the US is on the bottom side and falling, just as those in the real Flat Earth Society feared.

I must be on the bottom side, too, at least the side opposite what Friedman is on, because I fly all over the world as I know it and I've never found the world of which he speaks.  Maybe if I dig me a really deep hole.....