TICK Violently Directionless

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It would appear an attempt at some upside breakout was promptly stifled, after 2 million SPY shares were eagerly absorbed, although not without 5 cent bid-ask spreads on a few occasions. Still, there are 55 minutes until After Hours.

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Goldman's job today is to run everybody out of the market.

Especially the Forex Robot gamers and the Channellingstocks.com Riverboaters.


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You - and your site - are amazing. I've stumbled through the forest into a sunlit clearing... 

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I agree.  We just need a similar site for stupid people so they can understand what's going on.  I might be one of them.  There's a lot on here I don't grasp.

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I too fall into this class, though I'm learning more each day. It gets easier the more you read.

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I see a letter soup sometimes too, can't afford a bloomberg.

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Check out: www.gamingthemarket.com for more in-depth explanations of market manipulation.

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I want a girlllll friend.

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TICK is so premitive in nature I would trust anything that thing prints

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AGGfarm (not verified) AI Aug 31, 2009 5:33 PM

I miss flag@whitehouse.gov - it's much harder rat out you capitalists.

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more SPY comparisons.... someday maybe someone will figure out 20,000,000 shares can be absorbed and have zero effect on the market. Until then I'll keep laughing at these posts

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You've got an extra zero in there, champ.

Anonymous's picture

That's correct. 20 million = 2,000,000 + an extra zero.

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Bonds going wild

Everyone is fleeing to gilt-edged, AAA-rated confetti.

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Other than bonds....

Genworth is today's favorite speculation.

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XLF appears to be immobilized, impervious to selling.

Must be that Bernanke, Geithner, LLP safety net.

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10 year broke below 3.40 which i find interesting.

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Yet another glorious nipple buy signal?

Hurry up and call your broker to buy stocks!!


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I too believe this is a buy signal

Anonymous's picture

i think its two buy signals..but i will wait for a more visible buy signal/s

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You never really can have too much nipple...

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AGGfarm (not verified) RobotTrader Aug 31, 2009 5:34 PM

ha ha that's right

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There it is!  Three minutes for the bots to push it green...

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My wife's tits are bigger and nicer AND she doesn't have a death camp tatoo on her right wrist.

And no, no one is invited to my house!

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