Time To Celebrate The Recovery: Food Stamp Usage Hits Fresh Record

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That average monthly benefit of $133.24 for 44.199 million people will help with the purchase of one third of a very edible iPad. Food stamp participation chart presented without further commentary.

courtesy of John Lohman

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Ancona's picture

No soup for you....One Year!

mr_T's picture

How much for one rib? 

How much if you pour some soda in my hands?


The only change, is no change... suckaas....


mr_T's picture

How much for one rib? 

How much if you pour some soda in my hands?


The only change, is no change... suckaas....


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Barrack Hussein Obama, mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!

kridkrid's picture

Right... because if only we had a different president, things would be... well.... different.  You are being fed the words that you use to keep the false dichotomy alive.  The pendulum will swing back and forth as we circle the drain.

redpill's picture

Yep.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.  Does anyone think Mitt Romney or any of the other silly gaggle of "GOP Frontrunners" is going to do anything but follow whatever the Fed/Goldman tells them to?

They all can talk a mean game of fiscal responsibility.  But in the end they are all politicians at heart, and when they realize real fiscal maturity would mean they become the "bad guy" of history that cut off the slop from the government trough, they'll decide it's better to kick the can down the road some more.


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Even when austerity comes, it's still just part of the same evil system.  The purpose  of austerity isn't to pay down debt, rather maintain some level of debt servitude until the system completely unravels.  The oligarchs wishes are still being served. 

Not only are the final two candidates carefully vetted (final representative of each party), I believe almost all of the candidates in the respective primaries are vetted.  Elections are fixed, but not in the way many people think.  The fix is in waaaaaay before people go to polls.  It doesn't matter much from there.  All my opinion, of course.

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What you say about austerity needs to be shouted from the rooftops, it's frustrating to hear from convservative voters how we have to buckle down and balance the budget with austerity... that just keeps money funnelling to the banks and senior capital pools without the corresponding benefit of government services. We need to default and then prepare for war (a defensive war against debt collectors), or die as slaves. This sentiment will get more popular as the practical consequences of austerity begin to manifest themselves.

kridkrid's picture

Well... I guess that makes two of us.  Try having this conversation with a conservative and he looks at you as if you have 3 eyes.  The fact that this conversation isn't happening anywhere goes to show just how pervasive the control on information really is.  Even in the big "showdowns" between those for and against austerity, like the whole Wisconsin thing from a few months ago... the anti-austerity crowd never describes it for what it is.  At least it's never reported that they do.  The debate is driven towards "this is unfair vs. of course we need to live within our means"... and while both positions may be more or less correct, neither address what it is that underwrites our system... neither deal with reality.

Bob's picture

Three of us.  The virtual absence of that narrative, other than applied to the PIIGS and third world nations, reflects the conflicts the larger investment community suffers, imo, even its brilliant and irreverent representatives here at ZH.  On the merits, there really is no other worthwhile argument about public debt to be made at this point.  But people get caught up in applying the old ideas about markets that used to matter . . . an old habit that makes even more sense when you consider they're still playing the game. And their gain by cuts in "entitlements" and government services would be a hugely outsized benefit for them.  While it lasts.

Rather than talking around the obvious irrelevance of "fiscal responsibility," other than as a continued feeding program for the parasite class, it would be nice to hear our perspective more often. 

Keep talkin, I guess. 

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I am very interested in this, but do not have the economics background that many of you ZH'rs have.

Could you spell it out for me, in a way that I could explain to someone who knows even less than I do, how austerity would result in a huge (and unfair) benefit for the monied class?

ibjamming's picture

Rich business guys...not content with their wealth/power get their fellow rich and powerful business buddies to "place" them in office.

It IS much better than the other side of the coin...an unknown...

Hugh G Rection's picture



100% agree.  That's why we will never see a Kucinich or Ron Paul get nominated by either party.  The cartel controlled media works fervently to paint principled candidates as "fringe", no matter what initial precedes their name.

pirea's picture

and if by accident, somebody will come and dare do the right things, will be dead in no time

Don Birnam's picture

This Government "Of The People" is making dependent serfs of them. Alas, the electorate ultimately gets exactly what it voted for -- in this regard, SNAP cards.

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It's also very important to use his middle name when mentioning how bad he is, because Hussein is a bad guy name.

Parousia's picture

Much less so "Herbert."

If only Mondale used Reagan's full name...

DeadFred's picture

Anyone want to do the math, if you extrapolate that straight line into the future when will Warren Buffett start receiving food stamps?

mayhem_korner's picture

I was thinkin' the chart looks like a radioactive tsunami about to break.

(with a little sharky swimmin' away)

Bwahaha WAGFDSMB's picture

Looks like a slope of 5% per 3 years, so we'll hit 100% in 2062.

GoatETF's picture


LOL, that coffee really burns when coming out of the nose....

Cash_is_Trash's picture

Snap indeed.

This is once again the most BULLISH news to date.

That is of course until, we break even more food stamp usage.

Then the UBER BULLISH rally comes on.

Cdad's picture

You know, Tyler, you should include a link where we can all sign up.  

Henry Chinaski's picture

Sign up?  Everyone with an SSN should be enrolled automatically.  Get it over with.

Benefits bitchez!

FEDbuster's picture

Isn't this one run by Morgan Stanley?  I know the unemployment is handled by JP Morgan Chase.  Citi should get Medicare/Medicaid?  Goldman Sachs military spending and foreign aid?

Government Cheese, bitchez!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

On the public dole means the mob is somewhat sated............for now.

alien-IQ's picture

just more people who will soon be forced to add a new word to their vocabulary: Austerity.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Do it for the children bankstas.

Ben Fleeced's picture

Do it for the sick childlike bankstas.

FIFY. Tugs at the heart a little more?

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

What does food stamp volume (A.K.A.money printing) have to do with Austerity? Maybe austerity in U.S. would mean maintaining < 2500 calories a day?

Food Stamps, housing subsidies and whatever else will follow (fuels vouchers?) are all adding to the pool of fiat chasing fixed resources. ZH'ers know what that means for hard assets.

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Food stamps will represent austerity because (1) the only way to pay for food stamps and other government transfer payments is to run deficits (2) the only way to pay for deficits is through Fed monetization (3) Fed monetization creates commodity price inflation (4) food stamp payment amounts won't keep up with food price inflation.

So it will be a type of stealth austerity in that people will still get food stamps, but they just won't buy as much as they used to.

Bob's picture

Exactly.  The squeeze is well underway.

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When it's time to "tighten" spending...food stamp program will be cut back...hence...austerity for those on the program.

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the good news just keps on coming. this is shaping up to be a 300+ point gainer for the DOW today...because they roll like dat.

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Go long JP Morgan, they get their cut from EBT tards.

flacon's picture

What a compassionate country - see, socialism is working because we are "feeding the hungry" more and more! /s

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All ignored by the market. Because Greece is more important to our domestic market than our domestic market.

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Bring on the labor force participation rate/food stamp participation rate compression trade...

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Consumer confidence supports the fact that we are splitting into 2 nations.  Those making $50k and higher had confidence of 77.2...down from last month, but well above the low 40's average amongst those making less than $50k. 

RKDS's picture

The more the globalist elites do to destory the economy, the more they deserve to profit it seems.  Once this gap gets large enough, it'll be impossible to close.  On one side, the evil poor who have nothing to take, on the other, the saintly rich who deserve everything and then some.

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Is that you King Edward? May we have our guilded age back, please?

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That participation rate looks like it is per total population.  Total households as a denominator would give a more telling number.

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Avg people per household 2.59 (2010).  So households receiving foodstamps as a % of total households should be 2.59 X 14.4% (right scale on chart at top) or 37%.  Making some allowance for households where several members may be receiving foodstamps it still looks like it would be around 1/3 of total households.

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Just read that the 44.5M folks receiving SNAP are in 21M households.  So it works out to about 18% households on food stamps.

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Summer of Recovery Part 2?

TheMerryPrankster's picture

The canary in the coal mine has stopped singing. One in Seven on the stamps. Oh what  a wonderful vibrant recovery!! Battle Two of the war on poverty has begun, this time the troops are firing into  the crowds.

What happens when the cards don't get reloaded at the first of the month? Do they herd everybody into refugee camps like in Ethiopia? Strange days indeed.