TiTaNiC=HUBRIS=GeiTHneR (cubed)

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Brilliant, B7. I'd love to see that rewrite hit the pages of the WSJ. 

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LOL! Debt ceiling chiken. I love it. It totally evokes images of that old school video game Joust.

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Ironically, I was in Canada last week and found a one ounce silver maple leaf with a commemorative Titantic hallmark minted into the official design.

Price: $45.00

Correlation: Priceless

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williambanzai7, do you have anything along the theme of "Off with their heads" for the Execs of the TBTF Banks (JPM, GS, etc)? Would like to see something like that. Thanks,

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I have the Public Enemies poster. I have not lined them up at the guillotine. But I have a hope poster with the guillotine in the center.

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What's the over/under for how long it takes for you to be declared public enemy number one? They took Osama down, so now there's an open spot for you on the FBI's 10 most wanted list.

Actually they took his picture down and killed a patsy because Osama has been dead for at least the last 8 years, but that's another story entirely.

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One hell of a "there, fixed it" WB7!

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Debt ceiling chicken is awesome; worth framing, or at least putting on my desktop :)

Hey Banzai7, was the base photo for the last work of Debt Brother O on the planB wagon taken on the DC beltway?

Just curious, it looks familiar; and would be appropriate since it goes round and round, like the pinheads at both ends of Pennsylvania avenue...

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Hmmm that seems to be some what different than the op ed I read earlier. I can't quite put my finger on the difference,but this one seems a bit more on target.

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Fuk that's so funny ...Banzai for President

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Take it easy WB7, I'm getting too frequent Guru Meditations already..

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iNSaNiiTy: doiing the same things over and over and over and ov...and expecting a different result.

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It seemed to me that the orginal fiction was copied right off of Fearless Leader's teleprompter.

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OT, Bill : listening to HK radio the other night ("jo sun!") and they actually read a quote on air by Thoreau...in english.    i almost started crying.   wonder how many 'merikan radio stations ever quoted H.D.T.?

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I have noticed a great deal of interest here in Early American culture. It is starting with the young and hip who are borrowing ideas much like the Japanese did in the 60s and Seventies.

Jazz is starting to take off modestly.

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interesting...thanks for the heads-up.

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At least you'll have good tunes to go with the apocalypse :)

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To continue the Titanic metaphor, had the ship (the USA) crashed directly into the iceberg (dealing with the financial disaster naturally) instead of trying to veer off (all the bullshit programs that were put in effect) the ship would have had much more time to be rescued. Some say it would not have sank.

(By crashing into the iceberg head on, only the front compartments would have been flooded. By veering off, the iceberg sheared the living fuck out of a huge portion of the side of the hull, flooding more than the max allowable compartments.)


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To further continue your point, there were two contradictory orders given on the bridge that night:  engines full reverse, and rudder hard to port (Left).  Either of these moves might have saved the ship, but both together essentially put the ship into an uncontrolled "skid".  Rudders only work with water flowing smoothly in one direction or the other.  The "reverse engines" order caused turbulence around the rudder, and, therefore, no steering control.

The same situation exists with the government today... most of the new programs are contradictory to previous programs, and so now we have to contend with chaos, or turbulence in the seemingly calm but icy (and potentially deadly) waters of our fragile financial system.

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LMAO, it's possible you may have outdone yourself on this one.

Priceless, so all I can offer in return is my heartfelt thanks.

We need to spike their Vaseline with crushed glass shards.

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Excellent WB, its like crawling around inside this craven maniacs head.

I need a shower now.

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LOL...you are not craven ;-)

A sane person can act crazy with ease, an insane person cannot.

The wear on poor ole Timmah to keep up the facade is showing. Lizzy had a good find on this lying POS here;


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Talking about Timmah's facade here ya go nmewn, in case it slipped by ya.   Cheers


Perhaps you need to take Ben out for driving lessons as well  ;)

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It would be a great honor to give Benny a driving lesson ;-)

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Now that we're down in the hole (so to speak) I have to share this one with you on the squire.

We did our summer vacation at the beach.

He saved a kids life Monday afternoon...he was caught in a rip current and swam out and got him. It was over by the time I got to the waters edge and was yelling at him to get his butt out of the water.

He comes out, quizzically looking at me as the other family members start pointing towards us...LOL...I look at him and say whats going on.

Thats when he told me what had happened. Pretty wild.

Needless to say I was pretty puffed out & proud of him after that. He was more like, how should I (him) act about all this. I told him just as you are, you did a good thing son...but don't get a swelled head ;-)

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The genuine just is.

Congratulations on your part of the whole .. and for asking.  I'm sure the squire appreciates it  ;)

A salute to the lil brutha


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It seems, at times, I am just a stepping stone to a larger thing, a better thing, its a trip when I think about it.

He is not a clone of me, which is good, he's a clone of us.

A beautiful world awaits him ;-)

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Grow the crop, set the table in action ;)

Peace brutha nmewn

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That piece of garbage is obviously written by him under the guidance of his summer college intern.

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Plan B

You have almost outdone yourself on that one.

The Apple painting is also very clever.


Which reminds me, have you ever done and updated French Revolution theme?

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I did the Guillotine and the famous painting Viva Bailouts ;-)

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"financial sodomy" - you are so spot-on, Wllm.

It is a crying shame, the late 'United' States of America, home of the free & land of the brave, has become the home of the cowardly, traitorous con-gress, and MILLIONS of delusional Americans who believe that the 'Federal' Reserve Bank has ANYTHING to do with "free market" "capitalism."

p.s. - It is SIMPLE to explain the Federal Reserve very private banking cabal: It is just like THE BANK in the board-game, "MONOPOLY" - only instead of all players getting $200 every time they pass "Go", SOME players get $20,000 every time _they_ pass "Go."

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speaking of sodomy, "anal" has only one n

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Don't get retentive on us now...

Rewrite Geithner's WSJ article and generate 15 photoshops in three hours, then go back and count your typos.

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He is very much a dynamo. And it is clear that this is a full time "job" for him as well.

So may I suggest we purchase something from his store or spread his work and his blog around the web. Because if we don't feed the chickens they might just go elsewhere.



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I'm sending out links to his work every week.  I've downloaded some classics, too.  He's a brilliant guy and his work is driven by a passionate sense of outrage.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I didn't mean to imply you were not doing anything. I just saw an opportunity to speak out and I grabbed it.

I have the distinct pleasure of often hourly emails blurbs with Banzai7 and the man is driven. And prolific beyond imagination. He works at this 12, 14, even 18 hours a day. I think he gets less than 6 hours of sleep all together each day.

He has even shifted his sleep cycle to coincide with the Noth American world, meaning he is often up to 3, 4 even 5 AM his time just to be around until the 4 PM EDT market and news close. Then he hits the sack for 4 to 5 hours and is back up for the Asian market open that begins the next round of insanity. I suspect he cat naps here and there.

We really do need to support him. He certainly does support us.

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On Wm's schedule:  Wow!

Didn't mean to imply that you were implying!

We have some things in common, btw, do you have an e-mail that's public?


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zhcognitivedissonance at gmail dot com